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Covert Front 1 Walkthrough

Covert Front 1

Covert Front Episode 1 WalkthroughCovert Front Episode 1 - All Quiet on the Covert Front is a point and click spy game, where you become an agent code-named Kara and investigate the disappearance of general Karl von Toten. The plot takes place in 1904 but in a different reality-line, where the first world war has already begun due to earlier technical revolution that took place in the mid 19th century. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm finished. Nice game.

How did you get the key in the cellar?

done. first ever "escape the room" i finished without the help of a walkthrough...yay-a thing to be happy about when ure 25 :)

Please help me with that key...

My english is no so good. I'm find the garden hose outside the house and i'm connected it with small machine in cellar.

Thank you, I think I can make it now

u also need to find a crowbar,open the manhole in the garden,and shut the valve before u can start pumpin'

Thanks, got it!

kann mir einer bitte helfen.wie ist die kombination bei der uhr? so ds das fach rechts aufgeht,habe schon alles versucht?

Schau dir alle Bilder genau an

danke habs schon aber wo waren die streichhölzer?,mußte leider neu anfangen udn nun finde ich die nicht.brauch mann ja leider

ah ahbe sie gefunden im ofen in küche
aber wozu brauch mann dann nun die kugeln und ds papier,bin dank ring hinter einer tür und komem da nicht weiter

hmm bin entkommen denke ich aber im keller unten nach 1 mal licht anmachen steht continue also ende oder? komisches ende

This comment has been removed by the author.

to be continued.... hihi

someone help! i have crowbar, matches, signet ring, plans & 3ball thing

plz plz plz a walkthrough am rubbish at these

all i have is sum matches and an ice pick i used the hose and cut the wires and i got a book but now am stuck

plz just da crow bar plz

Not too bad. Not sure what the unrecognised thing is for though, guess we'll have to wait for part 2.

use the pick on the padlock

- scissors in the box
- garden hose under branches
- use scissors at the electrics box in branches (on the left)

Go inside
- middle DRAWER - take ice pick
- matches in the FIREPLACE
then use ice pick on the padlock - -get crowbar

Go outside
use crowbar, open the manhole in the garden, and shut the valve

Go inside:
- go to cellar
- turn on the light
- connect garden hose with small machine
turn on this machine
-take the key

go to room near kitchen
- clock - 13:35 ( this time is on the picture with woman)
- take small key

Go upstairs
- first roomon the left - take book (behind the bed)
- use key on the right door
- put book to BOOKSHELF
- pull two books with "eagle"

the door on the right is open
-go inside
- use clock key on the CABINET
- take signet ring
- take blue unrecognize thing
- take plans (on the table)

Go downstairs
- put signet ring to the hole near picture
- go downstairs
- use matches on the lamp
- take fuse
go right twice
- use the fuse on the machine
- pull the holder in the machine
go right
- use crowbar on the grid
go left
use matchbox

to be cntinued .....

(sorry for my english)

I'm very sorry, but I seem to be missing the padlock. Is it in the kitchen ?

padlock is in corridor on the door (right side). Sorry for a little mistake.

Padlock is on the door below the stairs.

help me :( in the celler I ` -turn on the light
- connect garden hose with small machine
turn on this machine`
but can`t find the key :(

lol i`m finished :)))))) cool

Hi I cannot find electric box in branches?

Electric box is on the left side, outside the house.

On this side, where the manhole is.

that game was kinda fun

how come it just stops like that?? i lit a match way down at the bottom after u use the crowbar and go down that hole. the match floated in the air and then it stopped. y did it do that?? oh well. thanks for the walkthru megipoland!!

ooh nevermind! i got it... but how do i do the stupid clock!?!

I think there has to be a solution like "in the house the nazis are dead". It is scary because of that not 'cause of the darkness and so on. Nevertheless I think it's one of the nice games....

theres another mistake, on the part of the clock the right hour is 2:35

Where can you find the ring??

       Anonymous  1/9/08, 8:24 PM  

haha i was soooo scared there was going to be a dead body or something pop out and give me a fright lmao

where is the firplace?

aghhh the time isnt working!!!!!!!!!!1someone help please!

where is the celler?

This comment has been removed by the author.

where is the matches i can't find it at the fire place...

I cant find the signet ring. pleez help.

Love the intro!:)
1.You will see yourself outside a house.Move to the right and pick up the garden hose under the bushes and a scissor in the box.Move to the right and use the scissors to the electric box to open the door.Go back where the door is and click the doorknob.

2.Go in and go to the first door on the left and pick up the ice pick from the second cabinet and the matches on the fireplace.Go back to the hall and click the door near the stairs and use the ice pick on the padlock.

3.Open the door.Click the crowbar and return to the kitchen.Then go to the place near
the fireplace,then to the door and open it. Turn the lights on.Put the garden hose on the small machine and go out.Go to the left and open the man hole using the crowbar.Click the valve and return to the place downstairs the kitchen.

4.Turn the machine on and pick up the library key.Go back upstairs and go to the dining hall and click the clock.You should put 2:35 on it and get the clock key.Go upstairs and go to the first door on the left.Click the cabinet behind the pillow and pick up the book.

5.Go back and use the library key on the door on the right.Open the door and put the book you just picked up to the library cabinet.Click the eagle book at the top(red and its the 7th book) and another eagle book from the third column (brownish gray and its the 3rd book).

6.The wall will suddenly open.Go to the "opened wall" and pick the unrecognized balls and the plans on the table near the screen.Go to the cabinet near the lamp and use the clock key to open it.Pick up the signet ring.Go downstairs and move forward near the picture and then click the square thing near the old man picture.

7.Use the signet ring to the square and the wall will again suddenly open.Go in and go down the ladder and use the matches on the lamp.Pick up the fuse a couple of meters away from the lamp.Use the fuse on the machine.To go to the machine,go right twice.

8.Start the machine by clicking on the circle thing and then go to the right and use the crowbar to the bars.Get in and move to the door on the left.Use the matches on yourself.To do so,just grab the matches on the screen!

Hope this helped!:D

thanks for all the walkthroughs

Everytime i look in the cabinet, there is no ice pick! What should i do? Which website do you go one to play?

Ice pick is in middle drawer in kitchen -- click among the silverware

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