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Escape The Apartment Walkthrough

Escape The Apartment

Escape The Appartment WalkthroughEscape The Appartment is a kind of room escape game. In this game you have to escape the apartment. Search the apartment and find items, use them and escape the apartment. Good luck and have fun!

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Tied up the little "pet" with the scarf. Got the key, unlocked the box. Got the pincer and blade.
Now what????

same here. I'm stuck at the same point.

use blade on round spot on front of chest n get a knob, stuck now

use knob on light

You can put the screw from the light on the plank on the floor

Use the screw on the board that's sticking up. Then use the crowbar on the board and it comes out.

grrr the board wont come up

im out

this was easy

take the scarf
put scarf on pet
take key
open drawer
take pincer and blade
use blade on drawer get knob-thing
use knob-thing on the lamp get screw (click a few times)
use screw on hole in floor
hit the screw with the knob-thing
use pincer on hole get key
use key on door, you're out! hurray!


1.get scarf on hook
2.rap the animal thing up with it
3.get key
4.use key to open box get pincer and blade
5.use blade on knob on box and get it
6.use knob on light get screw
7.use screw on broken floor board
8.use pincer on floorboard
9.get key
10.use key on door your out.

p.s this is my first comment

very easy game....

is ther a bug in this game cause also ben trying to get board up with pincer but its not shifting.

after u have screw in board hit it with knob b4 using crowbar

thanks cazzamoo got out


1.get scarf on hook
2.rap the animal thing up with it
3.get key
4.use key to open box get pincer and blade
5.use blade on knob on box and get it
6.use knob on light get screw
7.use screw on broken floor board
8.use pincer on floorboard
9.get key
10.use key on door your out.


Why copy an already written walkthrough for the same game????

easy wen u no how 2 do it

i am stuck i one room. i am at the point where i have the blade and pincer. how do i go from room to room? HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do u get out of a room?

pce o kake

i dnt red the "hit skro w/ nob" part thx trilsk;)

i cant hit the lamp its impossible

Hey Shirtenatree! U have to click the lamp(to zoom in) before u can get the screw. By the way u can only get the screw in the bottom left corner.

and u also have to hit the knob on the half broken bord before u can hit the pincher, Shirtinatree

Hey Guys, Heres A Easy 10 Step walkthrough:
1.Get Scarf from the rack
2.Use Scarf on creature in the cage
3. the creature will be tied up and you can get the key
4.get the key in the cage
5.use it on the chest at the bottom of the room
6.get the objects from the chest
7. use blade to take the little round circle on the cover of the box.
8. use the little circle to unscrew a screw on the light
9.go to the crack on the floor and put the screw from the light on the crack then put the pincer on the screw
10. take the key and use it on the door, YOU ESCAPED!!!!!!

How do you hit the floorboard knob?

never mind im out

help! where is the creature in the cage?

lol kate wrong game

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy

hi first time posting just wanna say hi and that this game was pretty esay

How do you get the knob out,help guys please?

Nevermind i finally escaped,a bit of a silly game.

glitch in game wear you can not move usible items any more. is it only me?

it wont let me put the pincher on the screw

never mind i got it

Easiest escape game i'v played so far. Still needed a clue though - shows how good i am!! lol x x x

I didnt need ANY help with this game because if yhuu just try, yhuu will eventually get it and once yhuu know the ritee answer, Yhuu be like 'OMG how stupid, that game is soooooooooo easy !' and then yhuu wil boast about it lolss. thats what mii weee bro done anywayzz xx

this game is soo easy nd crap u have to click every thing like loads it sucks nd thanks every1 who pisted walkthroughs xxxxxxxxxx

Theres a glich in this game cuz after i hit the screw w/ the knob i cant click on any of my items...suckish!

1. Use the scarf to tie up the pet thing
2. Take the key from the pet
3. Unlock the gold box with the key
4. Take out the blade and the pincer
5. Use the blade and touch that little yellow circle on the right side to take off the knob.
6. Use the knob to unscrew the screw in the bottom right hand corner of the light.
7. Put the screw in the erect floorboard on the right side
8. Tap the screw with the knob thing
9. Use the pincer to remove the board.
10. The key lies beneath the floorboard. Have fun.

Could someone else post a walkthrough plz, 5 isn't enough!!

working link:


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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