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Trapped Part 1 - The White Rabbit Walkthrough

Trapped Part 1 - The White Rabbit

[REPLAY] RabbitTell - Trapped Part One: The White Rabbit is another point and click escape game developed by Rodrigo Roesler for Rabbit Tell. David Green just woke up. He's lying on a strange room's floor. There's a murdered man by his side. Now you need to help him getting out. But first you need to find out what's going on. Good luck and have fun!

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Trapped Part One: The White Rabbit Walkthrough


I've got..
lighter, 6 coins, steriods, axe, ice pick, brush, cola, 3 pieces of paper, used a small key and rusty key, used spoon to dig hole and then plant pear w/ seeds. Put orange in the circle hole in the game and completed that. Now I need something with a hook to get something out of the sink. I'd like to start a fire in the wood stove, but need wood - have to wait for tree?

add the steriods to the plant. i think we need some water now. perhaps that water from the kitchen?

where did u plant the pear?

no water. it grows without.

water it with the cola. you get wood and mutant pear, i need fuel. pear goes on the boystatues head.. stuck again

Would have been nice if the rooms were zoomed in a little more....

outside. went out through the right door in the kitchen

ty i thought i had lost rusty key must of used automatically,lol

no sorry, the cola goes on the square on the wall outside, then brush it to get holes to put the coins in.

Cut the pear tree down and took mutant pear and wood. Put wood in stove. It's wet though. Won't light yet. Put mutant pear on boy's head.

Need to figure out how to get the thing out of the stool seat and how to get the thing out of the sink drain.

thanks trilsk. didn't know what to do with the pear. has anybody an idea, what's next?

i put charcoal dust on broken ice pick but cant find anywhere to use it yet, not the obvious the wood fire, yet anyway

@ trilsk: which square?

cazzamoo: you use it on the notepad on the bardesk.

lulia: on the wall in the backyard to the right of the tree.

sorry for my bad english

I used the coal covered ice pick on the notepad sitting on the bar.
It shows you a place on the map where the square is.. if you go back outside, then you can see the square now.

ok use icepick with charcoal dust on notepad on desk in foyer.
if any1 understands where its pointin to let me no,lol

k ty u got there b4 me

Dip the apple in the red paint in the kitchen closet. and then pu it on the boys head... What next is the real question :)

ah, ok!! thought i'm blind. but everything IS very small in this game...

use coke then brush on brick outside then u can put coins in wall, stuck again now only had 6 coins need 10 i think

I guess the coins going to be in the same positions as in the drawing..

The coins are going to be easy once you get all of them. Just look at the drawing you got from the toy box. I think the statue is supposed to shoot the red apple making a hole in the wall behind him. But not sure how that's going to happen. Maybe get the hot water off the stove? But I cannot get it to light - wood is still wet.

i think these coins go into these holes on the wall. the picture from that box, where you have to put these wooden things in seems to give a clue about the order...

go back to bedroom u find a girl n she gives u key

I went back into the original room and there is now a girl in here who's talking... weird.

Listen to the first five notes--no more than five- of the music box in the room where the memo pad and wall bottle opener are. Then, go back into the bedroom...

where did you find the icepick and the axe how did you get outside

after placing the red apple on boys head go to bedroom the girl gives you a key to the door opposite the kitchen.
found coin glas and a knife

this is weird. like alice in wonderland... "follow the white rabbit"

use knife on bar stool

go back to bathroom and find arrow and apple in wall

an arrow in the bathroom!

arrow in bathroom. fish up key in the sink

wot tune do u have to play on piano

i think u have to play the melody from the music box in the living room on the piano. but it's broken

fill glass with water from stove and use it with piano for broken key

I've got all the coins in the wall but nothing really happened. Took the lamp and put it on wood stove and lit it. Took papers that were glued together and put it over the steam of the boiling water.

Now time to go back there and change the clock...

what is the right time? i think there is a hint in that torn paper, but my english is too bad. any hints?

I'm out, can't wait for the next one, the dark.

Change the clock to 2:15. Then go back to the wall and swap the king and queen coins - queen needs to be on the right. A hole appears in the yard.

wot do u do after u play the tune on piano

where is the peasant coin?

made it. nice game!

im out, this was a good one.

cazzamoo: a door will open at the left of the piano..

can someone tell me wich notes have to play in the piano, I don't have sound in my pc. Thanks

If the notes are numbered left to right: 1 2 3 4 5, then play

334554321123322. You will only have to play the first five notes (33455) to get to behind the veil.

from the left: 3,3,4,glass,glass

Can someone tell me where all the circle things are for outside i have 9 im missin one?????

I still can't find the peasant coin, where is it?

the peasent coin is in the left plant by the main entrance

thank you soo much, nice game,

ooooooo i loved that game, im out cant wait for next 1, managed to do most of that on my own

use the arrow in the sink. i've got 9 coins, need fuel for the stove to unglue the papers i think. got wood, but it's wet.

Does anyone know where I can find the mid far right coin? It's the only one I'm missing

alright, finished it ^_^

king: on dead guy
sick man: in bathroom cabinet
peasent: left plant at main entrance
servant: in library, right table
maid: in kitchen cabinet
dog: dig it up in the backyard
gluton: on table in dining room
bafoon: in barstool
queen: at bed in the pianoroom
assassin: on the desk in the secret room

Thanks soooooooo much!

Can anyone tell me how to get the key out of the bottle? think I'm being a little dumb...

never mind... found the bottle opener after some squinting!

the bottle opener is on the wall over the bardesk

Can anyone tell me what order the coins should be in on the holes?

Great game ! Thanx a lot for submitting :)))


So I changed the clock's time and put the coins in the right spot but still nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

i have al lthe coins but i can't put them on the wall! i splashed the soda on the wall... i don't know why i can't put them on. i'm pretty sure i've done everything else but put the coins on the wall.

Kim, you have to use the BRUSH after you use the soda.

thanks jase!
i beat it now. i guess they brush had to come in use at some point :P

Does anybody know the position of the coins??? I don´t how I get the hole in the yard. I tried thousend variants.

i can't find the place to put the cola. i have searched all over the wall out side and can't find the thingy every one is talking about. what am i doing wrong? and where is the charcoal? boy talk about feeling like a moron!

Excellent game.


Where to find things

Bedroom - bottle, coin, wood block and key to open door
hallway four doors
Bathroom - brush, wooden block, pills and coin
Living room - two pieces of paper & coin
Great Hall - coin, notepad, corkscrew and bottle opener on wall to open bottle and get key
Kitchen - soda, orange & pear, spoon, coin
Kitchen pantry - needs handle ...use an item...axe, key, icepick
Kitchen wipe icepick in charcoal and go to Great Hall and use on notepad.
Bedroom - small key on drawers, get last block and place in toy (not all are blocks)...get drawing
Yard - out from kitchen by stove...get coin, bury pear and pills, clean wall with soda and brush. Start putting in the coins like the drawing (most are obvious like the assasin is hiding, the glutton is fat, the sick man is in bed, and the bafoon wears a funny hat etc...)
Go back in house, wander round and then back to yard. Get pear and cut tree.
Kitchen wood in stove and paint pear red (pantry).
Back to yard and put pear on statue.
Bedroom talk to girl & get key.
Bathroom get arrow
Kitchen use arrow to get key
Dining room - knife, coin & glass
Great Hall get coin from stool and fill glass in kitchen
Hallway now you can go into piano room. Paper, coin and play piano using the glass of water to open secret room
Secret room oil lamp and coin
Kitchen pour oil on wood in stove, light fire, steam glued paper and read clue.Very important what the queen says.... Back to piano room and set the clock
Back to yard and finish putting coins in wall. It will flash if correct. Did you do the queens wish?

New hole in ground....

justridinground.....check the stove in the kitchen for the charcoal and do the icepick thing on the notepad. This will then reveal the panel in the must do things in order...

thank you red!!

can anyone tell my the right order for the coins? got 10 coins but can not find THE DRAWING...madly clicked the toy box..nothing happend..

can't get the darn thing to work. i have q, k, ser, g, p,sic, m, b, d,a.... i set the clock and switched the k, q, it still don't work..........HELP please

OK, so I've done/found everything EXCEPT the cola on the wall. I can't see or find the spot to put the coins in. I've done the charcol and everything. Is this a glitch at the end of my game? Or, is there another trick I'm unaware of?
Any help is appreciated!

For the drawing you need to put the blocks in the puzzle in the bedroom
the drawing shows the queen/king
assasin/glutton/peasant?/sick person
bottom line maid/bafoon/dog/servant?
BUT the queen asks to move in the you need to do a swap

To expose the square on the yard wall, you need to use charcoal on the notepad (it shows a diagram)
Then when you go out into the yard
there is a patch on the wall which you need to clean with cola and brush

       Anonymous  9/25/07, 9:45 AM  

where is the piano room??

i just have 5 coins!! how do i get the others??
and how it's supoussed to get the three grow up???

Coins...trilsk has kindly listed where to find the coins, as you work thru the rooms you get new keys and jobs to do to access to other rooms, so look at my helpful hints...

That was a GREAT GAME, even if it was very tiny. : ) Good puzzles, no frustrating pixel hunting, challenging, logical, neat story line and fun white william tell rabbit.
Looking forward to part 2.

I've done everything to try and use the cola on the wall but still nothing works. Anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it?

Have you put charcoal on the notepad? Did you click the square first and see the comment that it needed cleaning. Then select the cola and then the brush.....

nvm. Looking in the wrong place.

Thanks redroobar. Great game. Achievable (with a little bit of help!)

Really nice games!!!!
When you colect all coins is important to read letter because insade is sicret.

Spoiler: must change place king and queen, every other coin put like on picture!!!


Circle piece is the orange.. put the orange where the circle piece goes..easy as that.

Anyone notice that the Music Box plays "Ode To Joy"? Lol that was weird.

I got the soda and brush used, the pear and pills used, the keys, the pick and the spoon, and I am stuck. Anyone know where to go now?

I cant find the other coins and cant find the apple. This is weird. I listened to the music box, who plays Ode To Joy, and now what? There supposed to be a girl in the bedroom after?

Jessie, see my helpful hints. If you have the mutant pear, you need to paint it and put it on the statue, then the girl will be in the bedroom. There is a list of where to find the coins.

i have 9 coins, where's the last one?

finish from white rabbit and go to the dark,this game so cool but too small.

Cool game! Thank you for your advices.

the door next to the stove in the kitchen is locked. how do i unlock it???

nevermind i found it now. i cant see so well.

what do you set the clock to? the notes don't show up on my computer. do you open door to piano room? I already got the coin, the glass of water and the knife but the door was still locked.

Did you get the key from the kitchen sink? or was it the girl?

yeah!!! I made it!!!!!!
eaeaeaea shake it shake it yay!!
can't wait for next part!!!!

How I use the glass with water to touch the piano?

hi i have done everything bu im stuck at bit with piano. i play the five notes with glass of water, but nothing happens where is the secret room tthats ment to appear?

never mind i got it, the keys listed 1 to 5 only start on the keys pressable, not at the start of what u see of keyboad

New update on the site! Here's what it says:

"Be scared of The Dark
dec 19, 2007

Tonight me and Rodrigo defined exactly what The Dark will be like, and had a couple of couple of couple of beers. All the puzzles have been layed out and we've decided what comes in what order. The outline story had already been written. And don't forget to vote for us!

Man, this new game just proves we've watched a bit too many Monty Python movies and been inspired by nonsense comedy like Borat and SNL. Hey, we laugh our asses out with The Aristocrats joke. The Trapped series has this serious atmosphere and graphics, not at all like our sense of humor.

All I have to say is: it's not our fault! It's the alcohol industry's.

Be prepared for some weird puzzles. Hope you guys have a sense of humor.

Oh, and you know what David does that -almost- no other game character had done in an adventure game? You don't want to know.

Now it's all up to Rodrigo and his programming and drawing so the game will be finished in time. We hope to be testing it by Christmas, after we eat tons of food.

Bruno Maestrini"

Yay! I can't wait..Trapped is such a great game! And I wanna know what terrible thing she meant in the diary! ^.^


how do yu open the secret room to get the coin and oil or whatever!?

To open the secret room you need to play Ode to Joy on the piano (using the glass). The notes are E-E-F-G-G, to hit G, click on the glass. On the keyboard, E is the white note to the right of the second black note in the set of two blacks... if that makes sense.

right guys im totally stuck im in the first room i cant get out i have a bottle with a key inside clicking everywhere trying to break it...not working HELP!!!

no worries found it with the dead man!!!

hey is anyone playing?

So I'm at the end of this, and I've got all the coins in place and it hasn't done anything. I put - K,Q - Top
A, G, P, Sickman - Middle
Maid, Buffoon, Dog, Servant bottom.

I've tried switching the king and queen, and nothing happens. What the H*ll am I doing wrong??????


can somebody help me?
i played the piano note already
why still nothing happened?
is there anything i havent done yet?

>.< I've got a lighter, an orange, the steroids, 2 pieces of paper and an axe... Idk where to go from here.

Ok.. wait... I got the picture but now what?!

Never mind..... I have figured it all out thanks to you guys =3 !!

not my cup of tea...

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