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Covert Front 2 Walkthrough

Covert Front 2

Covert Front Episode 2 WalkthroughCovert Front Episode 2 - Station on the Horizon is second episode of Covert Front 1 point and click game and have been just now released by PastelGames, who is also creator of Submachine games and Daymare Town 1 game. In the second episode of Convert Front, the story of secret agent Kara and disappearance of general Karl von Toten continues. Good luck and have fun!

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Sweeeet! I was just playing Covert front 1 just to re-fresh.

..i aged for 10years waiting for game to load..:D..
..but its worth it..

Man, I am stuck. Only found resistor 2 and resistor 3. :(

i found one and three...dont know where no more..:)..but used them

..got cable..peace of wire..movie reel and fuse

i can remember i found one of them..in the room filed with helium bombs (or what u cal them)

and wasnt one on the stears?..not shure..where did u find yours?

oops, I have 1 and 3, where did you use them?

Resistor 2 is missing. You have to use the red wire instead.

in the begining..u go right (in the red tunnel) ..when u come in the end..dont go forward or left..click on the right..and go up the lather..then u re in a room with 5 doors..first door to the left..u see a box for tools..there is a screwdriver..take it..open the box above with it..and put the resistors in

tnxxx caitlin :D

I have resistor 1 and 3...can't find #2. I also found some bricks that can be pushed in on the wall near the green hoses - but I'm not sure what they do

ok got the password..for the door..:D

what am i mising? i we got the movie rels..and im in the box..but..no end :D

Brovo! I've completed the game. Hint: Reels are revealing

Out - odd ending - to be continued....

aha..i was mising a button..lovely game :D

I can't figure out what the clue is in the movie reels, i've watched them over and over.

The clue is in the third movie reel

Third? I've only got two. Also the code doesn't work on the door and I can't figure out what the four things on the wall are for.

Never mind I found a new code.

This comment has been removed by the author.

All i can find is 2 fuse thingys, i need help...

use communication room to get a new code...

1. Click on the matches and click on the screen. A match will flare up for you so you can see. They can't run out, so don't worry.
2. Go forward, go past the red wall with the hole (that's for later) and up the stairs.
3. There's a hall in front of you with three lights on top. Go into the small hole in the wall to your left.
4. Go right.
5. Go forward and pick up resistor 3. You can hit the blue things but they don't seem to do anything.
6. Go back out of the hole.
7. Go forward.
8. In front of you there will be a brick wall. Click on the three bricks that are pushed out.
9. Go left.
10. On the big gray box to your left there is a button on a line. Click on the button and all the lights will light up. No more playing with fire :) Also be sure to pick up resistor 1.
11. Go back to the red wall with the big sewer hole. Click on the hole and go forward.
12. Go into the hole in front of you and pick up movie reel 2.
13. Go back.
14. Go into the hole on your left.
15. Go forward twice and pick up the fuse.
16. Go back and get out of the sewer.
17. Go back up the stairs and into the hole in the wall.
18. Go left, forawrard, and around the corner. Pull down the switch.
19. Go back out of the hole, downstairs and into the sewer hole. This time click on the right of your screen.
20. You'll see a red wall with lots of gears and doohickes as well as a tunnel with lights in it. Click on the tunnel.
21. Pick up the note and read it.
22. Continue down the tunnel and through the open doors. You'll arrive in an office (?)
23. Go into the second room on the right. Pick up the red wire on the table.
24. Go back to the office and into the first room on your left. Get the screwdriver from the orange box thing.
25. Unscrew the gray box in the top right corner of the room. Put the fuse in the big space between the two green wires. Put the resistors on the small box on the bottom and the red wire between them. Click on the switch so the lights on the box turn on.
26. Go back to the study and into the first room on your right.
27. On the bed is a brown folder. If you want to, click on it and read the notes.
28. Pick up the green, red and blue cable on the bookshelf.
29. Go back to the study.
30. Enter the second door on your left.
31. In the back, next to the chair and the typewriter thing, is a box on a desk with lots of cables coming out of it. There's a small box on the lower left corner of it. Click on the small box.
32. Use your screwdriver on the screws.Put the cable in and watch the scene.
33. Once the scene is finished, there will be a button blinking on the printer behind the chair. Click on the one next to it to get the 'password for week 18'. Write it down (the character that looks like a capital I is actually a 1). Click on the paper by the bottom of the printer for the passowrd for week 17, which is 38027564.
34. Go back to the office and click on the big doorway behind the desk. When you enter it, notice the circles on the wall in front of you.
35. Go right and click on the keypad by the door.
36. Enter your week 18 password. NOTE: The numbers on your keypad are NOT in order. The order is (from left to right)8, 0, 5, 9, 6, 3, 4, 2, 1, 7. The door will open if you did it right.
37. Go through the door to get movie reel 3.
38. Go back out and through the left door. You'll see a video room. In the far back is a device holding a movie reel. Click on the small button on the holder to get it.
39. You can watch all movies by placing them atop the machine with the black circle (the video reel), but movie 3 is really the most informative.
40. Make sure you have all the movies before you leave-- you'll need them later. Go out of the left door so you're facing the wall with the circle patterns. Click on the first circle until the shaded part points to the bottom right. The second circle must point to the left, the third to the upper right, and the fourth to the upper left.
41. Exit the study and the tunnel. Go back till you're facing both the sewer holes. Go into the one in front of you (where you got movie reel 1).
42. Turn right and go into the big wooden thing. Once you're in, turn right and press the button.
43. Watch the scene play out. When the voice in the car asks for evidence, give him all your items and take the card he gives you.
44. Click on the card and read it.

This is my first walkthrough I've ever made. I hope it was clear and explanatory :) Sorry it was so long.

Thank you Alice, that really helped alot i got so stuck at the beginning with the bricks Lol after that i pretty much figured it out myself. I did read the whole walkthrough after playing the game and it was very good

Waited soooo long just to play the game. Even stare at the site till it count down to the last second...but then the time bounces back to 1 day again!!! Was a bit disappointed then but hee hee...finally get to play it!!! ;D

Easier then i thought but it was good cos' no complicated code...something which i'm not good at. ;p

Cool game. I actually finished it without any help. It's pretty easy if you're just sure to explore every room--it's easy to miss some if you get turned around.

yaaay i'd been waiting to play this for so long!! and now i finally have! XD thanks so much for your walkthrough alice, helped me out a lot X3 can't wait for the next part!!

This takes for ever to load! i think i will die b4 it finishes!! :(

Awesome game! Kudos to the authors

ooooooch lol

Help please the walkthrough says enter the code number for the door 8, 0, 5, 9, 6, 3, 4, 2, 1, 7 but there are not enough boxes for the 1 and 7 so I entered them after the first 8 but cannot get the door to open what am I doing wrong?

42. Turn right and go into the big wooden thing. Once you're in, turn right and press the button.

Can you tell me how do I get in?

WeLL THAT WAS PRETTY EASY lol took me 15 min lol I love that game the phone both one was pretty good too well thanks to who every maid it :) hugs and hugs no gay Stuff

Is it just me or do you whanana see kara naked ???? :P

Please please can someone put me out of my misery I am so close to finishing this game but am stuck on :

42. Turn right and go into the big wooden thing. Once you're in, turn right and press the button.

By the way who is KARA?????

nvm completed it myself and now I know who Kara is and Max you are sad lol

i put the resistors in and a red wire and the switch moves but will not click lights on.

1:Kara is the girl or detective
2:this game is so easy i feel bad fo them people that cant figure it out..
its sadd.

to MAX: no i do not want to see her naked..your sadd

The Sewer Entrance

1. Light a match (pick up lighter and click anywhere on the screen).
2. Go forward until you face a brown brick wall.
3. Push the three bricks that are sticking out of the wall.
4. Go left, and press the button on the machine. The light will turn on.
5. Pick up "Resistor 1" sitting on top of the machine.
6. Go back to the screen before the brick wall, and go left into the tunnel.
7. Go in both directions, left and right, find "Resistor 3" in the right tunnel and pull the switch in the left tunnel.
8. Go back to the round red brick sewer entrance.
9. Go inside and go forward until you enter another area with two more tunnels.
10. Explore both tunnels until you find both "Fuse" and "Movie Reel 2".

The Workshop

1. Go back to the screen where you see both tunnels, and turn right. Enter this new area.
2. In the hallway with five doors, enter the two on the right wall and collect "Cable" and "Piece of Wire".
3. Enter the closer door on the left wall in the main hall.
4. Click to zoom in on the toolbox and collect "Screwdriver".
5. Zoom on the electric power box on the wall, then unscrew all four screws using "Screwdriver".
6. Use "Fuse", "Resistor 1", "Resistor 3" and "Piece of Wire" here, then pull the lever.

The Radio Room

1. Go to the other door on the left wall of main hall.
2. Zoom in on the machine next to the keyboard (click on the small square plate) and then unscrew the plate with "tr-p-bl" writing on it using "Screwdriver". Use "Cable" here.
3. Watch cut scene and then approve Kara’s message by clicking "Send" button.
4. In the radio room click the button on the machine that is now blinking.
5. Zoom on the printout and memorize the numbers.
6. Go back to the main hall and go forward through the center door.
7. Click on the keypad next to the closed door and enter the code you memorized. The keys are not in a standard sequence so you'll need to use trial and error until you learn which keys are which.
8. Go in and collect "Movie Reel 3".

The Projector Room

1. Exit and go through the opposite door to the Projector Room.
2. Click the green button on the machine holding another movie reel and collect "Movie Reel 1".
3. Put "Movie Reel 3" into the projector and watch the movie. You will see the combination for the main door lock that is just outside this room. This goes by quickly so you may want to take a screenshot to help you remember!
4. You can watch other movies as well here, just make sure that as you leave, you have all three movie reels back in your inventory.
5. Leave the projector room and on the main lock on the wall enter the code you've seen on the "Movie Reel 3".

The Elevator

1. Go back to the red sewer tunnels and find the elevator.
2. Enter the elevator and turn right.
3. Push the button and watch the cut scene.
4. As the car stops and rolls down the window - use all items left in your inventory on the window.
5. Collect the "Card" then click on it to see the final cutscene.

Stay Tuned for Covert Front 3!=3

That game is so fun and mysteriyous i love it they have i convert front 2,3,4 i think by the way thanx alice that was sokind and helpful thanx everyone


movie reel 1 is attached to the video camera far back view of the projector room...love love this game....

How did you know this?

40. Make sure you have all the movies before you leave-- you'll need them later. Go out of the left door so you're facing the wall with the circle patterns. Click on the first circle until the shaded part points to the bottom right. The second circle must point to the left, the third to the upper right, and the fourth to the upper left.

in the radio room i cant seem to get the cable in lol can someone help me?

caught the preview site from the random section - link there led me to this site

you have to download the game now, if you want to play:


thx Mateusz for all your creations

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