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El Legado Walkthrough

El Legado

El Legado WalkthroughEl Legado is another Spanish point and click adventure game. In this adventure game, you are in a prison type dark place and you have to escape there by finding somethings and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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First, i can't do anything!!

Now i have a stick and keys and out of the jail

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 9:55 AM  

where did you find the stick??

i know what you are thinking, but i just cant find it

and sorry for my english,

The stick is on the floor, esta en el piso

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:00 AM  


I'm so stuck, i can't find the batery or a key

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:10 AM  

me neither, i need something to open the lock, to unchain the barril, and there si something in one of the windows, but it's to high for me to reach it...


you need a ring

tenes que sacar uno de los barrotes de la celda

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:14 AM  


i found something, go back to the celd where you were fist locked in, and click several times on one of the barrs of the window until it breaks, i think we can use it to reach something in the other window,,

can anyone please tell me what the letter from fabian says?

in the cell where you first start out, look at the bars in the window on your left, you can bend one and take it

the letter don't tell nothing really important. Fabian is who locked you and say that left hints to escape allover the place.
Sorry, my english is no good

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:24 AM  


found the password!!

I need the batery!!! I'm stuck in the room

after you use the password, the 1st door on the left can be broken with the sword

no batteries needed, u get the flashlight by using the barrel to reach it, to get barrel, there is a loose stone by the door with password. under the stone is a screwdriver

n/m, Marcelo, im stuck in the office too

I need the battery for de computer

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:35 AM  

someone knows, how can i get hte boox stuck between the other books in one of the bookshelfs???

me too, sorry, i misunderstood you

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:38 AM  



the battery is near the first door, after you go up the stairs once

found the battery!!!!!, just outside the office, it's on the stairs

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:39 AM  

go out of the office, and click on the stairs


Is the password code hidden in the newspaper article? I see some numbers there and no combination of them works on the lock.

Nevermind. I feel so dumb. =(

in the ID card?

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:44 AM  

gary, the password is in the dark cage that had the lock, you need a flashlight to see the password

how do you call, the thing in the picture, is like five point star and a ggoat!! WTF!!!

and how can i take the book in the middle???

chupacabra, lol

so i found the stone to get the screwdriver....but cant lift it up in any way...clicking like crazy but getting nowhere -- any tips???

I got it, read what say when you look at the wall where a picture is and think

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:50 AM  

marcelo, es algo relacionado con el articulo de diario? porque ni lo lei!!

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:51 AM  

got it!

Can someone be a little more specific where the loose stone is. I've been looking everywhere

Found the Access Card but I can't get into the laptop. Any clues on the code? Thanks.

finished!! the first time i've finished one of these games before anyone else i HAD to make a post! :D

       Anonymous  10/10/07, 10:56 AM  

I'M OUT!!!!!

ayuda me Marcelo, what is password for laptop?

its quite a short game, but twas good!

"BAPHOMET", the symbol of the satanic goat, usually portrayed as a half human, half goat figure, or a goat head. It is often misinterpreted as a symbol of witch-craft in general

good lookin Erin, tyvm

You're welcome! :D

i cant find anything because the dialogue at the bottom hide me part of the floor, sorry about the english, i am from argentina.

how do you lift up the loose stone to get the screwdriver???

nvm..got it.

Well tell me Emily!!

please help me what about after opening the pc? and the book?

I got into the laptop and I think I unblocked a couple of things. But now I'm in a dark room with a broken light switch. Can't get the book from the shelf either. What to do?

vern..i dunno i just clicked like mad until it showed a closeup of the stone..then its easy..its just hard to get that closeup..

im where you are gary..ne progress?

i clicked on the stick several times but i cant put it on the list of objects,sorry for the english,anybody could tell me how get the stick into the pannel of objects,please¡¡¡

hmm ok..got the light on..went through a couple doors and guess im out now?

you have to pick it up and drag it to your inventory.

thank you for youyr answer,i guess you speak spanish,trate un monton de veces hago click en el palo y aparece la leyenda "debo guardarlo"y no va a la parte objetos.gracias emily

Emily, I'm still stuck in the office. I got into the laptop and clicked a couple of things and unlocked them I think. Went into a drak room with the broken light switch. Haven't gotten any further.

(with the bar) you take a ring of the wall that you need to open the safe

Are you talking the stone near the door that needs the code?

gary..in the dark room click on the right wall, you'll see a broken light..im not sure what i did..just tried dropping everything in my inventory (probably the wire?) on the light, then went back to the switch and it worked.
vern..yeah the stone by the door with the code.

When you switch on the light of bloody room, how do you open the next door?

to open that door go back to the other room and click in the book in the middle of the bookshelf, then you can open that door...

im out!!!!

Muchas gracias, Virginia!

oh.. you speak spanish... de haber sabido tardaba menos responder... jajaja

I'm stuck. I got out of the first cell, took the bar off the window, used the bar to get a ring off the wall...I found a room with a barrel in it and I saw the room with a keypad outside, but I don't know the code.

OK, I also found the screwdriver, used the ring from the wall to open the padlock, and used the screwdriver to unchain the barrel. I don't know where to go from there.

I speak only a little Spanish, so that's slowing me down a little bit.

no puedo ver dentro de la caja que tenia el candado,como consigo una luz,o linterna o algo, alguien sabe??where is a flashlight??

pat-e..flashlight is in that hole up high opposite the cell. after you put the barrel down there you can reach it.
mercy's maid..you dont really need to know spanish to get through it. i'm not too great at it myself and made it through fine. pick up the barrel you detatched from the wall and place it opposite the cell door under that hole in the wall, then you can reach up there and get a flashlight..go back to the safe in the wall and use the flashlight..:)

how do you break the window bar its just bending

Can't do anything w/ barrel. What's that writing on the safe? I only have the bar and the ring. What the heck am I supposed to do now???


Thanks Emily. I didn't have the wire in my inventory. I found it and I'm out. =)

Irine, just keep clicking the bar it will eventually bend enough to break.

Ugghh!!!! I'm still trying to find the screwdriver! Should I be clicking things in any certain order?!

This comment has been removed by the author.

poo favor atuda!!! no puego coger el barrote.

do we put the barrel opposite the cell we were locked in?

       Anonymous  10/11/07, 5:06 AM  

anyone with a walktrough from the very beginning ?

oh boy... how do i find that stick on the floor marcelo? i'm so interested in the game, yet quite disapointed...
give me the hint, PLEASE!

Mauricio, the stick is located near the cell door but NOT on the floor.

Spitgum, put the barrel against the wall under the open area up at the top.

Nakedeyez, there is an area to the left of the locked door. Find the loose board on the floor and keep clicking it until the screwdriver is revealed.

i have a pickaxe and a photo, what do i do with the pickaxe?

WALKTHRU.....Note when you find an item DRAG IT TO THE ITEMS LIST..note I will tell an action, but you need to work out which item to use.
This is a combination of all the hints by other gamers

Poke around on the floor and find a stick...drag it to the items list.
Click door and retrieve keys. Unlock door.
Return to cell and wiggle bar on window until it breaks (drag to items list)
Exit cell and go up towards the end and click right wall to find a ring. Detach ring.
Enter side room and break padlock.
Exit room and go up to top door and find a loose stone to the left and get screwdriver.
Back to side room and go right to barrel. Release barrel and drag to items list.
Back to corridor and return to the place outside the cell. Click beside the flame and see high window. You need something to reach...get card and flashlight.
Return to side room and using flashlight examine open panel and read numbers.
Back out and up to top door and keypad.
New scene...get photo from step, up stairs to top and get sword.
Back down and break down door.
Explore, go back out and get battery on step.
Return to study and get wire from table and card and letter from desk. While still looking at desk put battery in computer.
PW Baphomet (dont ask me how...erin85 gave it)
Access keys etc...then go to door near table and slide to the left.
Lights not working, so fix with wire.
Cant exit rear door...so return to study and click a book, that moves like a switch. Return to rear door and out....

       Anonymous  10/12/07, 12:04 AM  

thank you so much redroobar, just finished.
but erin85, where did you find the password?

fantastic game!!!!!

well, the picture of the goat, when you click on it says something like what do you call me or something...Baphomet is a name for that satanic goats head, i tried a couple of names before i got the right one. I used google to help me with the satanic goats name and a free translation website. x

How do you get the barrel to stand so I can get torch as it said across from cell but its not happening?

nvm the power of posting.

good walkthrough redroobar but can you be a bit more precise were you say back to padlock? like a clue as to what numbers you enter into it to get to next scene?

Hi reddc, when I do a walkthru, I try not to be too specific, so gamers can have the fun of working out themselves. It is a guide to point them in the right direction.

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