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SSSG15 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 15: Subsist Walkthrough

SSSG15 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 15: Subsist

SSSG15 WalkthroughSSSG 15 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Subsist is the game from Melting-Mindz, who is also creator of SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy game series. Super Sneaky Spy Guy is in trouble again. He was on his way to the City of Embrill, when his plane started experiencing some turbulence. The next thing Sneaky knew he was lying on a beach, all alone, with nothing. Now he needs to find a way off of the island to get to Embrill. Good luck and have fun!

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I have a log, two bamboo poles, and a curved bamboo pole...i thought i saw a banana on the mountain, but nothing happened when i clicked it...I also found three ily pads,, one light two dark, and a rope or something in a tree but its too high to reach...

And I found a gorilla...

hei, this is not allowed, if u dont post something.

Soooo, what do i have?
5 wood (put it into the fireplace)
6 bamboo sticks (think to set the camp, didnt figure out yet how i can do that)
than a wooden stick, whom i could use to get the thin wire with.
Thin wire, i bended it on that wooden stick.(maybe to fish?)
I saw something on the hill (maybe banana to give to the gorilla)
i also saw a fly on the river (maybe to use to catch fishes ;))
and close to the hut, there is something that u have to do, but i didn´t figure out how...

now am stucked, and its 00:48 here in Belgium... Am going to bed now :Dgoodn8;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yeah, im pretty much as far as you. oh, i meant lily pads, lol. its like by the stream...ya, i had the same ideas as you, but i couldnt get the "banana", and it didnt let me fish...I found a few logs all over the place. Ya, i put the string and bamboo stick together..and the thing near the hut, alll i could to was cick the holes, and i noticed it was framed with bamboo so I tried putting bamboo on it but it didnt work. i was thinking they were to set up camp too...no, i havent found anything to light it with yet.

so, i am deffinetly stucked... ive tried everything again that came up in my mind, but maybe am just to tired to think clear *lol*
i´ll continue tomorrow, but if u found something, just let me kno *ggg*
byeeee and sleepwel :D

I found a lighter! how do you put the logs in the place for fire? It wont let me....

did you build the fire and build the hut yet?

when at the beach scene you atart at, use the up arrow to go where the rocks are on the beach...that's where u make the fire

hehe, i also found a leave, one klick before the gorilla...

this is just jhgfmcfmnxi.... am so addicted, that i refuse to go to sleep*hehe*

I have hut and fire built, still have what i guess will be my fishing rod, a beer can and my lighter.....can't get the lock on the bungalow or fish to get food....grrr.....ready to give up

where did u find the lighter?

how did u build the hut, and where did u found the beer???

This comment has been removed by the author.

hiii, i found the lighter... this is really pixel hunt... hope that there isnt something hidden that way in the forrest :S

leaves for roof

Chukkles You needs 2 leafs to built the roof

i also build the walls from the hut, but they say i need something for the roof... i have one leave? do i need more?

2 leaves

where do i find the second leave megi?
i found one in the screen before u can enter the gorilla scene...

Got leaves. off to find food

never mind, i found it :D

its a honnor for me to play in the same moment the same game with you, megi :) cause ive been playing since long (but hidden) and u helped me maaany times :D without knowing that u did it :D

I knew WHERE to build the fire, but it didnt let me. do you need all the logs before it lets you? if so, how many are there? i think i have 6. and where did you find the beer can? the lighter is on the first page where you get the string, its a silvery thing in the sand.

oops, sorry i have 4 logs, 6 bamboo sticks...

After you are able to finishe the hut, the beer can will be on the one small waterfall

nvm i found the last log and built my fire =]

how many bamboo sticks you need?

you need 6 bamboosticks :D 5 logs and two leaves to build the hut...

anyone futher???
(dont look at my mistakes ;))

nvm once again....hahaha where do you find the second leaf?

i think it was in the scene before the shield with the directions...
on the right side...

how many times have to guys clicked on the game? ive clicked 1022 times xD

hmm...cant seem to find it...does it look the same as the other one?

continue clicking on the can, than u can loose the tab...:) now put it together with the fishing rod :)

OMG nvm i found it it was REALLY easy, it was on the screen with the directions, i was looking on the one before sorryyyyyyy!

me bout million times, but if u look good, u´ll c it easily :D

it looks the same like the other one :D

sorry sammy... i didnt know for sure anymore... thats why i said "i think" -.-

W00T i got a fish. once you have the beer can, you click on it then click on the tab, and it comes off, you attach it to the string, then catch the fly and put it on, then fish in the body of water above the smelly stream

u can attache the fly to the broken tab... now u can fish i guess

oh no, its not your fault, i should have seen it. i think im almost done, cause now i have to "find the sea crystal!"

i got it :D
now cook the fish :D

me too, but i think that we have to find a way to pass that gorilla... cant still take this banana...

MY guess is that i have to find something to get the banana with, give it to the gorilla, get past the gorilla and find sea crystal or something, put it in the thingy after the direction board...whatever it is when you try to go forward to the little shack, then get into the shack and somehow beat the game lol!

clicks: 1225

come on, sam, we´ve reached that far just two of us :D we can surely figure the last things out*loool*
its my first game that i almost did on my own :D

me 3846 rofl

This comment has been removed by the author.

i feel like quiting ><

well then...help meeeee


ya i did it mostly on my own too...kinda... HURRAY! lol...so what should we try?

i have a key in my inventory... dont know where i got it from :S looool, that is luck

Any clues where the cristal could be?

hmmm.....maybe the banana on the mountain is just showing us where it is, and maybe thats where you go when you go forward after the direction sign, then go to the left....also, once you go all the way to the left and theres a little oval with two lines in it...any idea what that is?

howd you get the keyyyyyy? ><

what was the point of making the hut? the fire cooked the fish but...hey, what happened to the fish? anyway....howd you get the key? lol

am inside of the hut, just klicked randomly on the door... took care that one is on 3 o clock, one on 9 and one on 12... (after unlocking with the key, u can turn the buttons :D)

1470 clicks...

i randomly clicked around, also in the water around the scene of the gorilla, so in the water, on the falls, etc... and in front of the gorilla i saw the key...

and its not a banana its a golden bean... in the house i rescued a little ape, whom wants to come with me now...

This comment has been removed by the author.


we should call that a shack cause we built a hut lol

wait, did you need to solve the puzzle thingy or did you just need the key?

the ape can get the golden bean from the mountain :D

oh...i think i clicked on the gorillas foot, and it said

"My grandson has got himslef into a certain situation. He managed to get himself stuck inside a little hut on the other side of the island. You will need this key. It isn't that easy though; the door to the hut is a tricky one!"

ok so i gotta go to the hut.....

u have to use the key inside of that wooden puzzle ( in the middle) an than u have to turn it... than the sticks will remove from the buttons.and u can turn them. make sure that u open all the holes... than u turn on button on 3 o clock, one on 9 and one on 12. then i closed the lower hole and klicked on the lowest metalcolored thing... than i was in the hut.

the gorilla is gone now :D

not sure where you all found the beercan.. and can't figure out how to build my hut still! haha..

wait, how do i get into the hut(oops i mean shack ><)?

do i have to do something with the little puzzle type thing or do i just use the key on the door?

YAY! so now i think you should go to the gorilla and she(or he) will let you through....

i could solve the riddle... if anyone needs help here, just let me know :D

I turned the key, but it wont let me turn the other things...emily, you have to build the hut before you get the beercan. you need 6 bamboo sticks and 2 leaves, then you go to the first waterfall, and the beer can should be sitting there.

what riddle? did you finish?

ohh! thanks sammy! hehe :)

lol np emily

you still there honeybee?

sure, i´ll stay with you untill u finished... after u pass the gorillaßs place, thereßs a bird in the three, who will aks u something...if u need solution let me know. heßll give u a showel than.
there´s still much to figure out, but am stucked...
i´ll wait here for u *rofl*

Honey ya..help could be useful..:)))..
Just cant figer out that riddle... Wich button must be on nine..wich on twelwe and three?

Anyone know where or how to find the key?

Honey a shuvel? i think i know what do to with it...when u re at that house..u can click on the path and it says that the soil is wery loose..maby it helps..dont know :)

i still cant get in the shack though!

I found it....thanks. :-)

does anyone know the answer to that toucan riddle?????

i tried randomly... i didnt mean that riddle ( iwas talking bout the birds riddle)@shade
@kk the key is at the gorillas foot
@shade, i will try it :D think that will be the solution, maybe to put the beans there inside, like in the fairy tell:D

the answer is jim morrison (known as ms mojo risin ;)

yeah shade, u were right :D i found the stone key, to the door in the old village :D thx

i'm still way behind ya'll i think..how do you do the door puzzle into the hut??

thnx honeybee

I can't figure out the lock thing on the shack either...help please?


am i being ignored?

i cant turn the buttons trying to get into the hut...im way behind you now...i turned the key, but cant do anything now...

Hi emily...have you already built the fire, the hut, and cooked your fish?

Omg..i need a smoke..still cant get through that dooooorr..:)))..

honey wich button did u turn on the 3 oclock..wich on 12 and sooo oneeee??..:)))..

if u put the key inside of the hole, u will see that the wooden sticks shift, so the buttons are no more blocked. than u have to try randomly one butten on 3 one on 9 and one on 12. But make sure, befor u turn that u klik on the small buttens to open them...

yay! got it :D

I hear ya shade...I'm past needing a smoke yo get through that door. I don't drink but I need a berr or a shot. :-)

hold on, i´ll restart :D

does anyone know what to do with the pulleys???

I hate puzzles where there is no rhyme or reason...just luck.

OMFG..i did it..:D..

KK i to..dont drink but on this ocasion im opening a bottle of vine...:))

not being ignored sammy...i am still stuck at the same spot as you

hey the middle elephant doesn't have a face...does that mean anything?

did i do something wrong? i donno if im allowed to do this, so heres an ss of where im at(link):


yes, kk, but i started this like hours again lmao


LOL shade! Pour me one because I am about to enter insanity.

WOAH i actually started this exactly 2 hours and 26 minutes ago. I've been playing a couple other escape games and on a couple other websites during this time, but....lol

LOL Me, too Sammy. Been playing this for about 2 hours minus giving my son a quick haircut. The past 45 minutes of which were on this retatded friggin door.

does anyone no what the blue things in the clue might represent?

in the house there is a light pach of wood (beneth the window)...when i clicked it...it was displayed in a biger size and u can remowe a peace of...beneth u have to tipe a password...anybody knows what it is?

I tried with april 2005 and similar things..any clues?

ps: its three in the morning :)

and whats with that knotted line?!?!

whoo! i have a broken artifact from the secret room where i used the stone key..now im stuck. i don't know how to help ya'll on the hut door better than neone else has but when u put the key in and turn it and the bars are long (be sure to open the little holes first..meaning they're black) you can turn the dot thingys, i think the top one was turned to 3 o'clock, the bottom right to 9 o'clock, and the left bottom to 12 o'clock. then turn the key to make the bars short again and close the bottom little hole, then try the button at the bottom..hope that helps?


lol! anyway i havent even been playing cause i need your help! im like the farthest behind ><

so, i hope i have it now...

put key in middle
open the lower small dot
turn key (wooden things will shift)
turn key again
press lower metalthing

Can anyone please help me and sammy get that stupid lock thing open? please, please?
I thank you very very much for trying to help us honeybee but that unfortunately is not working for us.

cracks, pulleys, code, and clue= frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emely where is that sicret room?

and had anybody figured out that code IN the house? below window?

it wont let me turn them! gah i hate this stupid thing....im quitting for a little while, i gotta eat dinner....

omg i got the first one to move but i cant get the second one....

u have to turn the big buttons by pressing the little dots on the big buttons... but only when the wooden things are shiftet away (by turning the key)

OMG I DID IT FINALLY YAY! im in the shack lol

okay so anyone know the code? lol

i have to go to bed now... its 3:18 in the morning here, and my kids will wake up very early...

hope that i could help a little :D

good night@ all... sammy, how can we stay in contact?pls write me an email, could u?cinderella206 @ hotmail. com


when you turn the tall wheel, the tube at the ruins is full of water and the opposite for the small wheel

oooooooooh, am happy, so i´ll stay a little bit longer sam...rofl...

thought i had to figure out on my own*ggg*
nvm, got to set some coffee... ;)

what's with my little monkey friend anyways?? lol

thanks honey, ok, ttyl ill send you an email...im going to dinner now, and then i might not come back on for an hour or two...so ttyl everyone! hopefully there will be a walkthrough by then xD

use calendar date for code under window (42005), take knife, pick up tangled rope.

i got the golden beans to grow!!!

i think the lilyponds were the anwser to geting in the house..light lilipond..dark lilipond..:)..anyway..the code u need in the house..issss...:)))..

..emely where is that sicret room?

..its 3:36 in the morning here..:)..

how shadow?

I trying to find sea crystals. I need the key I think, I found a hidden artifact on side of big water fall but am completely stuck, any help???

past the toucan 3 screens and take a right.

cvt tnx..:))))

you use the wheels to get the water to go out of the holes in that tall tube thing at the ruins. it then runs out of the cracks and you put the beans inside. dont no wat to do then...

so when you fill the jar at the ruins to the top i'm guessing you have to get over the gap to it..but it says you need something to reach it with..what would that be?? the rope??

no u get the water to be level with 1st the top hole then the bottom hole

small wheel=water goes down
tall wheel=water goes up

ok got that much. you can use the rope to bridge the gap at the ruins but dont know what good that did yet..

how do u get the artifact out of the side of the waterfall? which waterfall?

nvm i got my beans growing, now there are two artifacts showing, but i cant reach them... any sugestions???
@shade where do u come from?
@chukkles, where next to the waterfall?

use the robe to make a bridge (attach it on the corner, then use the little monkey, to take the artifacts

i found that artifact by the waterfall too. its the big one down and left, and its inside the waterfall on the left side, scroll over it til it shows up then click on it.

use the rope to get to the flowers

The biggest waterfall on the farthest left, its invisible but if you run your mouse over it appears. left side of waterfall.

honey slovenia..:)

amm..i must be mising something..like..beans??..:))..here are they?

the artifacts go on that stone thing in the templey thing! lol

beans..the thing on the mountain we thought was a banana..use lil monkey to get it..cant even remember..oh i think the other one was in the hut..shack..thing.

the completed artifact goes on the dots and then you clik them. wat now?

thats as far as ive got too..

any more breakthroughs anybody?

am stucked on the same point...

well..this is fun..lol

i tried turning all the dots gray and turning the chosen ones white but it didn't work ;(

4446 clicks...

hehe shadow... i did the same... i also tried to put the ape in the hole... didnt do anything...

6276 rofl


I need the 4th artifact, where is it???

we still have the shovel... that means, we still gonna need it...

which ones do u have?

and the lighter...

the artifacts are in the waterfall, on top of the grown up beans, and in the secret door in the templey area after you dig up the stone key in front of the hut/shack.

1 artifact is in the waterfall, 1 is in the chamber, and 2 are on the flowers...

I got the waterfall one and both of the flower artifacts, but I don't know were the last one is.

Currently at 3752 clicks.

in front of the tree with the bird is the ground also weak, u can dig there and u´ll get a second stonekey :D

one artifact is below that silly bird..the only artifact i found actualy :D

well im off to bed..tnx for the company..:)..


what code under what window??

dig up the stone key in front of the hut, go into the temple and turn right and insert key where it says it needs a key.


i wonder if its important that one of the creeks is stinky

shadow, in front of the tree is another key... on the ground, u have to dig it :) i am still looking for the keyhole ;)

No smelly creek plays no part, I completeted and now am off to the city of embril, well in the next game apparently


how many artifact have u found/used

which tree?

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my game started over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

damn i have 1

and since i jus came in this i have some questions

the 2 wheels that u spin... do u need to do ne thing with them

the cracks in the ground...??? lol

and whats the monkey for

nevermind i kliked continue

with the bird on it :D
u have to click on about 11 o clock over the round thing next to the items... so left under of the screen

oh no shadow!!
chukkles..u completed?? tips???

please tommy, we are playing since about 4 hours, look in our comments, than u´ll find every answer :D when we are done, i´ll try to put a walktrough, but i guess, i´ll do it tomoroy´w, because its here 4:15 in d morning

i read everything :/

were you at???

how do u get the bean on the mountain

i have one

and one key

the other key i used to open the thing n get the artifact

which i put on that thing that holds the artifacts

neone found another keyhole yet?

Monkey gets bean. you can move your monkey round te screen with mouse...

chukkles, we are having the stonekey...the second one, but i cant find the hole:S

tommy, use the monkey to get the bean from the mountain

we've got the artifact put together and can push the dots..have another stone key from below toucan..now what chukkles??

where do u grow the beans?

If you have all four artifacts you place them then move the circle up to fit were the dots are, press corressponding dots...

weve tried that... nothing happend

Keyhole appeared at top of were the dots are once I pressed the right ones with the circle artifact covering the rest...

tommy, the cracks in the floor after you fill them with water via the wheels and tube in the ruins..

beans :[

i have two but dont no where to grow them

hallelujah thank u chukkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nope no keyhole appearing for me :(

what am i doing wrong? shadow? chukkles?

u need to have the second stone key

neither for me... what did u do shadow!?!

Remove the template artifact and make sure all buttons are off if you may have clicked them before you put the thing on...

i have the second stonekey...

so do i, and all my dots are clear before i put the artifact on..do you have to click them a certain way?

I clicked them left to right. then the keyhole appears above...

I'm off see ya...

WTF!!! getting so far, and still not on the end... this is such a !"(/§)(/

crap i still can't get it..
how about you honeybee?
does the keyhole just like appear?

maybe the artifact has to be precisely on the dots?

SHADOW...how did u fix that? in which order did u press the buttons?

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