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Dr Dokkoy Walkthrough

Dr Dokkoy

[REPLAY] AztecGames - Aztec Dr Dokkoy Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Aztec Games. In this escape game, you are trapped in a place and you have to escape the place by finding items and by solving puzzles. Can you able to escape from the place successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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Dr Dokkoy Escape Walkthrough

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anyone playing?

How can we share hints, tips, and tricks w/o explaining where we are or what items we have?

I've noticed quite a few things that you can move, but appear to do nothing. Red herrings?

I found acorns , if you pull the tree next to the bouddha. Give them to the squirrel and receive a key.

Thats a hint Diana

Right, but you had to explain where you were and what items you had.

Anyway, not sure what to do at the observatory or the well. If anything.

Thanks Katia, that other site works. You can get another key from the area where the space capsule is and what looks like air tanks. Click around the tanks. This key opens the shack and you get the fireworks. Go to the very top inside the main capsule and you can pick up many items.

Still looking for a place to use the fireworks and a key. I thought you could get across the bridge to the windwill with the 2 planks, but you can't pick the planks up.

use key to the square next to well

Grr, thanks. One of those things you swear you tried and didn't work.

I found matches somewhere spacestation.How i got there ??

I used the kite to bring down the pulley from the observatory, used the pulley and rope on the well, and picked up the necklace. Don't know what to do with the necklace and fireworks.

Use the matches on the leaves in the place before you get the acorns

Dont know what to do with the rope,magnet,fireworks,kite,battery or the other key. Any clues?

what do you do on the top of the tower next to statue?

You can find a lens behind the green box in the room you used the key, next to the well

vb, read one of my posts regarding key, kite, and rope. Battery, you insert it into one of the tubes near the ladder. Where did you get the magnet

In the screen with the rope ladder, remove the right side cylinder's lid, and place the battery in. This activates the transport.

I used my magnet but I have no idea where it went.

The necklace is like the one in the picture in the lab next to the well.

Used ancient stone in the screen with the log road, then turned on the 2 lasers.

I still don't know where the magnet is. Anybody want to tell me?

where did you get the magnet and the battery?

Fireworks on the screen to the right of the windmill.

fireworks on the screen with the hot water, right side

nanako, I think the magnet was in the very top observatory. Move the chair and it was in the hole in the wall. Used kite, key and rope. thanks

I thought the magnet was in the observatory?

The battery was also in the main observ. Cant remember exactly where.

there's the battery, but not the magnet. thanks anyway

@vibranam how did you use kite and rope??

Just have a broken antenna/satellite dish and the necklace left.

magnet, please

Necklace on the statue next to the acorn tree.

Done! Mission accomplished!

tosca look at nanako's comment also magnet was in main observatory. The very top of the mountain

please tell me where the magnet is, don't know where else to look!

Proficiat Diana
i am not there right

Your turn to write the walktrough.

hi. i have been clicking like a mad woman round the tanks to find that key to get firework. i cant find anything. what am i doing wrong?

would anybody please tell me where this little magnet is? cannot use anything else anymore

where the blinking in the water is you'll find the key

Fair enough! Give me a few and I'll get one posted.

Well I went back to the observatory and clicked the window, Now I am facing a volcano and I cant do anything esle. Is this the end of the game Diana? I still have a magnet, a cord, fireworks and matches

use matches on red leaves, fireworks next to hot water above dark stone

That was a cool game!

Where is this pulley that I can use with the kite? Is the observatory the place you can "transport" to from the ladder scene?

i thought there wa ssuppose to be a key next to space chamber thing by what looks like air tanks? and stil check all water i can see and havent found any key :{

key is on the left side where the tanks are. something is blinking

thanks Diana.
we are all gonna love you for ever and ever

found the magnet! it's definitely NOT in the house on top of the hill

done. nice game

So where is the magnet Katia ??

did i break it by butting the battery in the air tank thing to soon? as theres no blinking anywhere, and ty for the responses

Nevermind Im on the move again

too many liars :[
all i have now is a bucket of hot water and a necklace.. what do you do with the laser stone?


-Pick up the rope on the right side trees.
-Go forward, click the white tower. Note the temperature.
-Go left and pick up the kite.
-Turn right and go forward and then left.
-Shake the tree branches and pick up the acorns.
-Go over the footbridge and up the rope ladder.
-Turn right and give the acorns to the squirrel in the tree. Get the key from the tree.
-Continue forward, left, forward. Click the antenna and watch the cut scene. Make note of the hot springs.
-Go right. Move a rock and get the magnet.
-Continue forward and note the pulley on top of the observator.
-Get the battery and matches from the observatory.
-Go back to the screen that has the rope ladder, take the cap off the right cylinder and put in the battery. You don't need to transport yet.
-Return to the screen with the pile of logs on the left, and a pile of leaves on the right. Use matches on the leaves and get the pipe.
-Go back up the ladder, past the tree with the key to where the wooden arch is. Go left and use the pipe on the boulder.
-Go through the cave and to the left. Pick up the bucket, and use the magnet to get the ice axe out of the rock.
-Use the bucket on the hot springs and then use the filled bucket to bring up the temperature on the thermometer. Pick up the power strip on your way back down. It is near the white building the boulder crashed into.
-Use the key on the door next to the well.
-Inside the lab pick up the ancient stone and cord.
-You will notice now that increase in temperature has created a rainbow on the rope ladder screen. There is a sparkle. Pick up the key there.
-Now use the transport. Click the panel and use the cord to fix the broken blue tube.
-Use the key to the screen left of the well and get the fireworks.
-Head back to the observatory and use the kite on the pulley. Use the pulley and then the rope to go down the well to retrieve the necklace.
-Go back to the wooden arches and turn left.
-Place the ancient stone on the rock between the 2 blue boxes. Turn on the boxes so the lasers are hitting the stone. Use the ice axe on the stone and get the Orb of Fox.
-Use the orb on the statue where you found the kite. Watch the cut scene.
-Use the necklace on the 2nd statue where you shook the acorn tree. You don't need to go up just yet.
-Now for some fireworks. Use the fireworks on the right side of the screen with the antenna and hot springs. Get the broken antenna. Then use it again on the screen right of the windmill.
-Return to the lab (near the well) to fix the antenna. Click the garbage can and then the panel on the wall to reveal the outlet. Use the powerstrip on the outlet.
-There is now power on the machine on the right. Use the broken antenna on it to fix it.
-Now return to the tower that appeared when you placed the necklace on the statue. Place the antenna, use the lever, and push the button.
-Watch the cut scene and you're done!

put the necklace on the statue

I realized I didn't mention the lens.
That is in the lab behind the green box. Use the lens on the telescope in the observatory. However, I did finish the game without it.

Cant turn on the lasers at the blue boxes. What to do with the bucket of hot water and the blue cord?

I found a bucket, some matches, two keys. a rod, rope, fireworks..and a magnet, and a power cell....I have used them and now I am stuck...anyone got some more stuff?

Anyone have walkthrough

Diana - Appreciated the walkthrough. That darn magnet was keeping me stuck.

Im out. What a good game! Thank you Diana for the help.

Thank you diana, that was a good walkthru, just the facts, which makes it easy to read.

Can we please get a decent escape game anymore. What's going on with all these weird games??

where exactly are we supposed to place the antenna dish AFTER WE FIX IT??? i tried on the screen right of the windmill but it's not working

where in the antenna do u click? i cant click anywhere

take the fireworks and click on the right mountain....

Yeah, just finished. Thanks everybody. (especially Diana)

For the antenna, you need to repair it before use, try in the lab...

help what pulley

Get the battery and matches..

only one problem.

Where is the battery? I feel stupid, because I obviously can't see something everyone else can.

Now that I think about it, I can't find the key near the air tanks or the matches either.

Hoshi -

The battery is in the panel behind the chair.

How do you turn on the 2 blue boxes?

Oh! I get it! I thought the observatory was that little room with the cat.

I think I got things.

I can't get the ancient stone to stay on the rock. Have the lasers on but the rock won't stay. Anyone? Help?

Eboni, place the ancient rock in the gap just above the rock.

just to share what was killing me the hole time...if you use the fireworks first in the screen right to the windmill you cant use it afterwards in the screen with the well..and then it is not possible to finish the game... BUUUG

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