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The Escape Game 2 Walkthrough

The Escape Game 2

[REPLAY] Game7 - The Escape Game 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Game 7. In this escape game, you have to find red diamond hidden in the room in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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The Escape Game 2 Walkthrough
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Found something yellow on left side of big black box with white stripe. Can't find anything else

the game is loaded but doesn't work :S

ok boater, I can play now

I can't anything and i can't use the yellow piece.

The yellow piece is part of a sword. Where have u seen a sword?

does any1 no where the 2nd yellow piece goes, the 1 from the machine that pops up after the 1st piece

cazzamoo...2nd piece goes somewhere in the distorted picture near the door.

ty got it

Where on the picture does the second yellow figure go...

left side of pic

Lol... still cant figure it out! Thanks though.

chadillac. Yellow piece goes on distorted picture where it looks like a road? then a piece crosses it. On the other side of the "road" the yellow piece goes.

Thanks Boater!

Now I have a screwdriver, note, and a little rectangular thing with holes and arrows pointing at something. I don't know what to do with any of those items.

All the pictures look somewhat distorted to me. Are you referring to the picture that is just to the right of the door ??

still cant find the spot to fit the second yellow peace

u say on the piy on the right side of the doors...somewhere to the left...but cant find it

where do you find the second yellow peice?

In that picture it looks as if you are looking through a distorted window, looking at other pictures. I am not seeing a road.

Still struggling

i think they meant that the window frames are the road..but still cant find it :D

..is it near the man? or the small boat? near the houses?

is it a perfect fit ??

Shade, I got it.

The very biggest piece of frame on the left. It is the upper part.

patty i found it..we were looking to small

try this:

Please where is the second yellow piece???????

Ineke, second piece is in vending machine. Click on the only green button.

i have 1 yellow piece from behind the machine, with the insect on it....

put screwdriver at the feet of the woman on the painting with the leaves.(right one on the wall with the 5 paintings)

where is the green button?!?!

Where is the screwdriver and what to do with the diamond in the tower that came after 2e yellow peace???

so the paper from the third slot gives u a code 1 for the diamond box

Shade, how do I read the little
white paper?? I have several items now.....

what to do with the SCREWDRIVER???

schroevendraaien gebruiken op
schilderij met blaadjes. Ergens
rechts "prikken" en dan schuift
het opzij en kun je op een knop drukken. Dan weer naar Vending machine om hokje open te maken.

what vending machine? where is it?

8528 for #1

iris look in the paper..that shapes can remind u of numbers

two squares one on top of ich other could be number 8..so the other three are?

tosca gave u the full anwser :)

when you put the first yellow piece in the picture with the sword, a vending machine appears. Each time you do something right, one of the boxes will open and you get new items to use. I'm stuck with still having the screwdriver, and having a brown peace of paper with two holes in it, a white peace of paper and a peace of paper with figures on it. Anyone alreade used those things? HELP

what do i need to do with the screwdriver what women in the leaves painting????

what do i need to do with the screwdriver what women in the leaves painting????

so iwe got the diamond..but now cant figure out the code for the elevator

the naked woman is the picture with dried leaves. optical illusion. you are suppose to see a naked woman if you look hard.

ok..and im out..

kristi..there is a painting with leaves..if u look in the center (between leaves) u can see a womans body..put the screwdriver on her feet

at which side at the picture with circle I have to match the white ruler?????? Please more specifique walkthough if possible.....

i have been trying to match the white ruler thing with the big circle picture to get the four digit number but i can't seem to do it. i tried matching it at the top edge of the picture, but nothing heppens.

the only place that makes sense is the top part of the picture but nothing happens

where do the digits appear?

u ll be able to use the ruler in the elevator

makes no sense. what elevator? not that far yet.

shade you are much further than lazy and I. We are still stuck on the white ruler to get digits for the slots of the red diamond. Any help will be nice....

to get the diamond...

code 1 is: look at the paper..not ruler..the paper with some strange shapes..u ll se a number..i think its 8528
code 3: u get it from a song..its 2304
code 2: u give the candy to the bug..bot he wont budge..so u put the vine in the cup, and put candy back in..look the cup..u ll see a red candy..give it to the bug and he ll start to move..his moving is a code..i cant remeber how he moved..u ll have to figure it out on your own

i was so close in figuring that out but thanks tsuyoshi.

i didnt do no matching..or use the ruler..the shapes just reminded me of numbers..two squares are an 8..then u have a shape that gives u an 5 and 2 glued together..and two squares again-8..8528

Please help! I can`t figure out the letters of the Chipcard!!!

WOW that was a tuf one but great I thought. Thank you ALL for your
help. I couldn't do this one on my own guys. Have a nice evening/day (whatever).. I'm leaving now. Looking for another great room escape game....

ok, i found the code ;)

Oke Tina, last comment and then I'm leaving;;;; code card is "life". just have a good look at the card and then you'll see these letters... Succes.

Code 2: 2327

What's the last code number? HELP. I'm almost through.

. Find a yellow piece behind a box
2. Match the piece to one of the pictures that shows an axes and a pencil
3. Get a second yellow piece from a vending machine
4. Match the piece to a picture that shows a twisted buildings, right next to the door
5. Get three items (a memo, screw driver, and yeallow ruler)from the vending machine
6. The memo says “Stab at a young woman’s leg.” Find a picture with a naked woman and use the screw driver on her leg
7. Push a button behind the picture and get a white ruler with some symbol from the vending machine
8. Match the white ruler on the edge of a picture that has a big cricle, then you can see four digit numbers.
9. Input the numbers at the pillars
10. Get pieces of paper, a key, and candy
11. Fix the pieces of paper and four figures appear that match the four keyboards of the piano that you can play
12. As you play according to the picture next to the piano, that sound will a Japanese counting song. And multiplying the numbers, you will get “2304″ that opens the another box at the vending machine
13. Get a cup glass and bottle from the vending machine. Drop the candy into the glass and pour the bottle into the glass. Get the candy and drop into the box with a cockroach.
14. The cockroach will move around and show four numbers after it eats the candy
15. Use the numbers at the pillar
and get the red diamond. Also get a blue and gray cards from the vending machine
16. Find four letters in the blue card that and use them with the gray card at the door.
17. When you go outside, there is a green button. If you push it, water will pour into the elevator. Match the two holes of the yellow ruler to two cricles on the wall. Click where the two arrows on the ruler meet.

Well, maybe it's because I'm too tired but I can't figure how to solve the piano puzzle even with the walkthrough...

I have the paper pieces fixed, I think which are the piano keys that the picture show but when I play the sequence shown in the picture with the dots anything happens.

I then tried to insert the code #3 without solving the puzzle but the pillar has letters instead of numbers. I tried to push the code 'CDAE' but it doesn't work.

Someone can give me some hint?


I need some help with the piano puzzle, too. I played the keys after the picture, but nothing happens.

i cant figure the ruler part
please help

where do I exactly put this white ruler? which painting? I see 2 with circles... what side of painting? left? right? up/down? what? plssss...this is bugging me!!!

ashlee_mar, it's the paintint with the big circle full of shapes. line the ruler up with the top of the frame and the shapes on the ruler/frame sort of look like the code 8528.

       Anonymous  11/5/07, 10:07 AM  

Help! I can't figure out the piano part either. Can someone explain how the colored pieces correspond to the piano keys? That would be a big help!

hi ghcarter. i think its the shape of the keys, but i also can't get it to work.

       Anonymous  11/5/07, 11:13 AM  

Well I think I figured out the keys:

1st (a) = Green
2nd (c) = Red
3rd (d) = Blue
4th (e) = Yellow

But I still can't get the code to work. Where did they come up with 2304?

that's what i thought, but i still cant get the piano to work. what are we doing wrong?

       Anonymous  11/5/07, 11:42 AM  

I don't know...I can't figure out how tosca came up with the 2304 number.

does anyone know the code from the piano yet ,it only takes letters and i havent got a clue also what is the brown thing for

i don't get it either. i hope someone will help soon.

help please¡¡¡¡ i cant solve the code #3¡¡¡¡¡¡

hi alberto 3. code 2304 2. 2327 1.8528

i can help you finished

       Anonymous  11/5/07, 12:26 PM  

Is there somewhere to decipher which symbol is which number?

the pillar has letters instead of numbers. I cant put any number.it doesn't work. i thiny i`m a little bit silly¡¡¡¡¡¡

I'm having trouble with the piano code. I don't know how you got that number. I played the piano like I thought I should, but none of the other boxes opened up. Any advice?

How are you supposed to put in the numbers 2304 for answer number 3 when it is letters?I need suppous help:o

How are you supposed to put in the numbers 2304 for answer number 3 when it is letters?I need suppous help:o

       Anonymous  11/5/07, 2:56 PM  

If someone could just post the symbols in the correct order, I'd be happy. :)

I need more detail on figuring out the piano i'm just not getting it.

Anyone here playing:)?

I am stuck on the piano as well. I have tried GYBR, GRBY, BYGR abd BRGY for the color/keys. Yet no other vending machine doors are green for me to access. Plus, I can't input 2304 as numbers in #3 because they are japanese letters/symbols...I don't know the translation:(

Pleeeeeeeeeeease can someone help how to get the piano code.... I've played according to the dots and nothing happens.

i got some help. the song on the piano is do, a deer.... the answer is deer.

Thank you Sundown710 for the one thing no one else was willing to reveal. Without knowing the timing of the notes it could be a lot of songs.

i still can't get past the pillar after the piano.
what are the symbol's meanings? can someone put in like, how many times you need to press each slot before it's the right symbol PLEASE!!!
this is absolutely killing me!!!

i still can't get past the pillar after the piano.
what are the symbol's meanings? can someone put in like, how many times you need to press each slot before it's the right symbol PLEASE!!!
this is absolutely killing me!!!

       Anonymous  11/6/07, 7:38 AM  

That still doesn't help. How do you spell "deer" in Japanese?

there's 3 codes on the pilar. 2 with numbers and 1 with letters. Type DEER in the one with the letters.

how can i type deer?
it's all japanese characters!!!

argh, this game is frustrating me

       Anonymous  11/6/07, 7:44 AM  

Which symbol is which letter?

omg, this is driving me crazy.
i feel so dumb, 'cause everyone else seems to get it but i just don't.
how do you type in deer?

       Anonymous  11/6/07, 7:56 AM  

miss_kenney, you're not the only one, trust me. I can't figure it out either.

lol, i've even tried looking up the japanese alphabet to see if any of the symbols match but it still won't work.
oh, i'm so close to just giving up, but it's so frustrating not finishing once i've started you know?

       Anonymous  11/6/07, 8:00 AM  

I totally know what you mean. I did the same thing. :)

I hate to say this now, but there is an english version of this game. mIght be too late now.

do you have a link to it?


Hasn't helped me figure out the piano either. I seem to have a different song also, but deer worked for me.

thanks for that, finished finally!
what a relief. now to find another one that drives me just as crazy

can some one tell me how to corrolate the shapes with colors to the piano keys? I seem to have a different song. Mine sounds more like O Christmas tree until the end.

the green doesn't get played, it stands for the A.

the sequence of notes is
so red the first one one the section with 2 black keys and that's C
blue id the second of those, and it's D
and E is the last note you have on the piano that you can play and it's the last one of the group with the 2 black keys.

hey m out of this bloody game..
if u want any hints ..dont ask ....bye ..apply ur fuc*** brain ..

       Anonymous  11/6/07, 10:08 AM  

YES!!!! Finally beat it!

Comments aren't helpful, stuck with 2nd yellow piece that goes nowhere. 1 star for a truly horrendous game

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