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Warashi Parlor Walkthrough

Warashi Parlor

Room Warashi WalkthroughMmoo Room Warashi is a kind of room escape game in Japanese. In this game you have to find a way to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun.

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Hmmm...got handphone, flower pin, make the poor guy a bowl of noodle, 1 srew driver, now stuck. :< Anyone playg?

I'm playing, but can't find anything at all.

i cant open :-((((

Ah! Found screwdriver and flower pin. Use flower pin on drawer of dresser and get what looks like a piece of paper or tape

it works with firefox :-P

how do you make the poor guy noodles??

have made food and given it to weird looking people. they have a box needing code but the one i got off tv doesnt work.
i have white stick looking thing, hoop,screwdriver and tv remote control left.

how do you get out of the kitchen? Im stuck there, made noodles, put chopstick on top of bowl, i'm left with a white rolled up whatever that is....... screwdriver and a butterfly

where is the handphone?

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i have the clock but i can't take out the batteries

How do you make the noodles and/or get out of the kitchen?

Okay, got out of the kitchen at least(by clicking the right most spot on screen) but still don't know where to find the noodles. Help?

I first clicked on the yellow pot, then on the burner. After a few seconds you can take it off the heat. Pot with handle needs the seasoning from the refrigerator before putting it on the heat. when you take off both pots they are "done" in your inventory. Put chopsticks on top of bowl and give it to man on left. He gives you a lock box. Trying to figure out code. ANy helP?

I cant seem to get the pan off the burner ive been clicking it for ages

cant open the clock either.. got the sword and used that and the screw driver but no luck.. code for the safe is from the clue on the tv

where is the sword??

the code is 0120? doesn´t work....

Use the numbers on a phone that corispond with KIMURA (from the TV). Enter those numbers into the cellphone and you get the sword

tried the code given on the other website (7149) still can't open the safe. please help.

try entering 7149 and clicking a couple of times on the round grey button

Unfortunately things have to be done in the right order in this game so its really annoying sometimes lol.. im still stuck trying to open the clock

I am sure if I had the cell phone I would probably need to plug it in, maybe put batteries in it. But I cannot find. Help please ??

Found box of tissues and cord, but no phone

7149 is right on the safe but it has to be the last thing that you do i think.

the phone is in the bin by the bed after you look at the charger and click the curtains several times.

Thanks Jonathan. I am out. hard for me, but I figured it out by clicking all over the place.

still not sure what part of the clock to click to open in.. its very frustrating

stood on the stool to get the clock been clicking on the bloody thing for hours.. finally opened it and got the part not sure what to do now though lol

im stuck and getting very frustrated .. i been here for hours and im too stubborn to go to sleep till i finish this damn game lol

clicked on the safe again and re entered the numbers and all the characters jumped out... is that it? i dont even know if i finished it or if its froze.. didnt enjoy that game it was very annoying

Stuck with a clock, band thingy, white stick?, sword and screwdriver...cant give the sword away, cant get the thing out of the back of the clock, wish I knew Japanese.....it would be a good game if it was possible to understand....

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what do you do w/ the 4 people at the beginning im stuck

I'll post info on what to get and the general area for the items, but the rest should be simple enough. I don't want to give away too much info. (Jneavat: gur raqvat vf penccl)

Beggar: give him noodles
1)Go to kitchen
2)get noodles, bowl, pot, pan, seasoning, chopsticks
(vs lbh pna'g trg gur cna bss, cngvrapr vf xrl.)

Woman: give hairpin
1)go to wardrobe
2)get hairpin and give to woman
3)leave woman and return for remote

Kendo man: give kendo stick
1)use remote on tv
2)get cellphone out of trashbin near bed
3)after calling the number off tv, you get a kendo stick

Ninja: give a shuriken
1)get screwdriver out of the right drawer under tv
2)get chair under vanity mirror
3)get clock off wall above tv
4)give clock to kendo guy
5)grab the shuriken

If people are still confused, I'll post a complete walkthrough.

Yes please a complete walkthrough

I gave noodles to guy but cannot and then got stuck. I came here but see no help. Where is hairpin? I find nothing in wardrobe. I have cloc, screw driver, phone and white stick/round thing.


1)click up and click the curtains to open the window
2)go down and right 2x
3)click the woman and click through the conversation
4)click the beggar, the woman, the kendo guy, and the ninja
5)click left and click the door on the top right, enter the kitchen

Getting the ingredients:
1)get the yellow bowl on the top left
2)open the top left drawer, take chopsticks and click green box for noodles and directions
3)open bottom right drawer, get pot and pan
4)open fridge, get seasonings

Making the noodles:
1)turn on the faucet for water
2)click yellow pot and then click water
3)pot the yellow pot on the stove
4)click the noodles and then the pot to take the pot off the stove
5)click the pan and click [about item]
6)click the seasonings and then click the pan to add the seasonings. (the seasonings picture should turn faded if you did it right)
7)click out and put the pan on the stove
8)click the yellow bowl and then click [about item]
9)add the pot of water to the bowl
10)click out, click the yellow bowl, and click the pot on the stove to automatically add the pot to the bowl. (the pot and the pan should be faded now)
11)click [about items] on the yellow bowl again, click the chopsticks, and click on the bowl. the chopsticks should be on the bowl and it should be presentable to the beggar now.
12)click out and click right to leave the kitchen
13)click right
14)click the bowl and click the beggar. scroll through the conversation and the beggar leaves a green box in his place.

Quest for the woman:
1)click right and click the wardrobe
2)there is a discoloration at the bottom of the wall seperating the hangers from the blankets, click it and you get a hairpin
3)go to woman and give her the hairpin
4)click right and click the topmost drawer of the vanity mirror
5)get the "ピソセツト", it looks like a metal headband
6)click left and give the woman the metal headband. she gives you a remote.

Quest for the kendo guy:
1)go left, click the remote, and click on the tv. (0120-KIMURA)
2)click left and click up
3)click the headboard and click the charger
4)open and close the curtains until a cutscene plays
5)look in the orange trashcan and pick up the cellphone
6)click the cellphone and call 0120-546872
7)wait for the words to finish scrolling and you now have a kendo stick
8)go down, go right, go right
9)click kendo stick and click kendo guy. he'll help you out later.

Quest for the ninja:
1)go left and click above the tv to see a clock
2)click the clock
3)go down and go right 2x
4)pick up the seat under the vanity mirror
5)go left 2x, open the right drawer under the tv and take the screwdriver
6)zoom out and click up to see the clock again
7)click the seat and click the clock to get it
8)click the clock and click [about item]
9)click the clock to view the back of it
10)click the screwdriver to open it. you cant take the batteries out.
11)click out and go down
12)go right and click the clock
13)give the clock to the kendo guy. wait. he should break the clock now.
14)take the shuriken out of the broken clock
15)give the shuriken to the ninja. he gives you a scroll.
16)look at the scroll and click out

Last thing to do to finish:
click the green box, insert 7149, press gray button and you finish!

I really hope this walkthrough was clear enough to not cause confusion. If there are still problems, I'll try to make a better walkthrough next time.

Raphie the walkthrough was brilliant! Thanks so much.

Raphie. Thanks a lot for the great walkthrough. It was perfect

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