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Shattered Dream Escape

[REPLAY] ShatteredGames - Dream Escape: DreamScape is another point and click escape game developed by Dina Gjertsen for Shattered Games. Point and click to view different parts of the room, collect and combine objects to escape. If you want more information about an object, drag it to the "check object" button. If you want to get an object off your cursor, drag it back to the spot in the inventory you grabbed it from. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Happy New Year :-)

So far got myself a Salvador Dali style Christmas Tree

Happy new year!

Happy New Year!

how do I light the candle?

hello so far i have a hammer, glass, orb/egg, hat, shoe, just need to get the candle off the mantlepiece. help please!

Crack the glass in the fireplace and sweep up then you get the candle

I put the unlit candle in the wall display, but nothing happens. Any matches anywhere? Anyone know what to do with the key from the droopy clock?

I'm afraid this game has a bug or two so I'll give it a couple more minutes before giving up

The glass and hat go in the wall display too. I cant find the hammer?

Yes, Lily, I agree. Such as, I got a second acacia branch that just sits in my inventory.

catbless: hammer is in glass box in bookcase. Need pliers from window to open it up.

Cant figure out what the droopy clock key is for either. I agree I have a second green apple that is doing the same as your branch.

the second key from the clock opens the orb thingy and gives you another key

Use the clock key on the egg, you will get a second key from the egg. Use the key from the egg to open up the drawer beneath the computer. You will get a lighter to light the candle.

How did you get the apples?

finished i think

apples from closet next to sculpture. Key under rug near front door.


finished yay!

Cool game. Not too tough.

Maybe I am being dense, but how do I get the clock Key?

for some reason i can not get the zippo to light the candles.

BTW, what is the stick for?!

put the stick into the tree holder and then click on the sock it should melt onto the stick then a key will fall onto the floor.

not sock clock

To light the candle you have to first take it out of the holder, and to take it out you have to clean up the broken glass.

i've clean the broken glass, but nothing happen (still not clean).

but i can get the candle, zippo doesn't work on it :(

Thanks for the help & happy new year to all!

Mbro click to view the candle then click zippo and bring over to candle, it should light it.

i've put the candle on the wall and bring zippo over to candle. Still doesn't light

i'm i wrong, or its another bugs

thank you for the info catbless

how do you break the glass?? ive tried everything

mbro click the candle to put it back in your inventory then view it in your inventory then choose the zippo and bring it over the large view of your candle.

break the glass of the sculpture in the fireplace with the hammer

how do i get the hammer??

thank catbless, finally i'm out.

after hard playing with my mouse...

hammer is in glass box in bookcase. Need pliers from window to open it up.

How do you get the hat?

How do you get the hat?

whats the shoe for?

get the hat, use the green apple from the closet on the picture

Yes i`m out. 30 min before new year in Sweden :)

Happy New Year everyone! I am having a lot of trouble with this game...very buggy. Could someone please tell me how I can get the pliers from the window? I have been clicking on the raining men but nothing. Have also been all around the frame and opened and closed blinds!

ok, im confused. i broke the glass in the fireplace with the hammer, and then swept the broken glass, but i still can't get the candle!

nevermind...am out. Not sure I liked this game as much as some others...bit buggy...but...the first game I played in 2008!

Emily...maybe you just have to keep trying....I went over the window scene countless times before the pliers decided to appear! Perhaps leave that scene, then come back and try for the candle? Sorry....not much help but I found lots of problems while playing too.

yeah, that's what i've been trying. i keep going back and forth between scenes and keep trying to sweep it up, but it still doesnt appear. thanx for trying to help, though, oztiff! =]

I hate it when these escape games don't work right, especially when I eagerly look forward to the next one!

anyone here..playin'..

yeah, personally i think they could have done better on this game. any suggestions for other good escape games that i could try?

have u tried the archives here...i like the year..0608 look for the amount...59..theres some good ones there..on that page..

this game is a bit quirky...text is slow..in it..and objects have to be clicked and clicked...also some u have to drag..maybe its just for me its playing this way though also...notsure..

ok..have a shoe..three keys so far..apple..clock is melted..hung the branch on the stand..drinking glass..half picture..plyers..took alot of clicking thoug..

and Im out..game is definetly quirky..if anyone is here now and needs help..im around..doenst look like it though..so basically im talking to myself..lol..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Mercedes...fairly simple game, bit buggy...wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to gaming with you in 2008 (where do you come from?)

Mercedes. I'm a dummy. having too many problems with game. How about a walkthrough?

Hi Boater...where do you need help?

Walkthru...this game is a bit buggy so actions may be fiddly

Get glass from desk and paper from ceiling fan
Look in book for clue
Read numbers in fish tank
Get twig from sofa
Enter code on pedastal and get shoe
Get key under rug
Raise blinds a few times for pliers
Examine picture by door and place shoe and glass
Now to find the rest of the objects as per book and paper
Use pliers to open glass box and get hammer
Use hammer on box in fire place and get egg and key to open closet for apple
Place apple in picture of man and get hat
Open egg with key and get another key for the computer drawer for lighter
Sweep up glass in fire place and take candle (found it easier to zoom and see where cursor changed)
Place egg, hat & hammer in picture
Check candle and light with zippo and place in picture to complete it and get the key for the door

Redroobar> Thanks for helping, but looks like someone already did a walkthrough. I needed help with everything. Nothing seemed to work. When I reloaded the game, it did different things. Goofy.

Game is a bit too buggy for me too. Extra apple, could put clock back on wall and make it "melt" again, the candle disappeared if I changed views after I lit it and placed it and it only reappeared after I placed the egg. I'm out although in a very...fractured way.

Hey there..kinda late on the comments here..sorry guys..went out.lol..Hi there Redroobar..I'm from canada..i live up near Algonquin park..in Ontario...u?..as for this game..i dont doubt many had a problem with it..I'm lauging here at Diana's comment with the extra apple..i know i couldnt light the freaken candle..at first either..had to move around room a hundred times first, also after reading walkthrough..i never saw a book either..haha..i clicked around the books..but nothing..ok folks, Happy New Year guys..! Diana I wished u a Happy New Year in the newyear post..but i called u Diane..sorry about that..:)

wat is the cup for?

I can't beleive i forgot boater and gorka either...sorry guys :)Happy New Year to u all..

hey Jenna..the cup is to put in the wall, u know where the squares are.

i need help!!
please i'm stuck.

where are u stuck...

Happy New Year's everyone!

Almost new years here! Happy New Years All!

       Anonymous  12/31/07, 11:38 PM  

Hi everyone,
that´s nice, i wake up on new years morning and find this game at 8 am and played a while but in spite of the tips and hints and the walktrhough i don´t find any apple...nowhere
And i´m hungry.....
buggy so i´ll start al over again
Happy new year to you all and thanks for all the help on earlier games

Full the apple is in the closet..u need a key to get in there..i beleive its in the egg..

for some reason i had it saved to send emails to me..is why i got this post..lol

       Anonymous  1/1/08, 12:17 AM  

thank you Mercedes, I could´t find the closet as i thaught it was the frontdoor...silly me, my head is still at the celebration of the new year i guess.
I found the apple now first some more coffee

no problem...lol..

       Anonymous  1/1/08, 12:32 AM  

Out after the 2nd try, LOL :)

COOL..lol..right now im playin..Altoid sour..curiously strong..citris apple and tangerine...adventure game here..funny..

I can't read any numbers in the fish tank! I can't even access them! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! :(

       Anonymous  1/1/08, 5:30 AM  

Hey freewaydog, first zoom in at the cupboard, somewhere in the middle, than you´ll see it clearly

Ok, thanks, full!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@redroobar, you said to "Sweep up glass in fire place and take candle (found it easier to zoom and see where cursor changed)". I swept glass, glass is still there, I CAN'T get the lighter! HOW do I get the damned lighter? It is the only thing I need in the game! Please help!

@freewaydog the lighter is in the locked computer draw, use a key on the egg to get another key which is used on the locked computer draw. :)

This is so cool! It's a room escape game based on surrealism!
I've always liked Dali and Magritte....they're awesome :D

this might be a daft question but whats the code for pedestal, the walkthrough just says enter code but doesn't give a clue were to find it?

Happy New Year reddc...the code is in the fish tank..if stuck see comment above

I can't get the candle when i sweep up the glass cuz the glass won't go away

I'm out...I admit I needed a lot of help, but it was partly because of the bugs. After I put the lit candle on the wall, i left the page and went back but it had disappeared...Once I put my final item on the wall I was able to click it a couple times for it to reappear, but I still didn't like that game...

Help I dont know where anything is!

i have the egg and the black keyy but how do i get the key from the egg? any helppp?

how do you use the key on the egg? i have done everything else so far :( but now im kinda stuck..

For those who said how to open the egg- Place the egg in the check items box thing & click & drag the black key to the egg & it will open

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either for me.

i cnt find the black key no matter wad i do!!!!!!!!!!! pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX

       Anonymous  1/3/08, 11:51 AM  

Full Walkthrough for this game:

Click the glass on the desk.

Click the up arrow and collect the torn paper above the fan.

Click on the bookcase and read the number floating in there on the moon. This code is different for everyone. (it helps to zoom in or click on the snow globe for a closer look at the numbers)

Click on the 3rd book from the left on the second shelf up.

Turn to the right.

Click around the middle cushion of the funky couch and collect the twig.

Turn to the right.

Enter code on the the sculpture by the fireplace by clicking the red buttons until your numbers appear in the correct order. Now collect the shoe.

Turn right.

Click on the rug and collect the gold key from under it.

Now open and close the blinds a few times to get the pliers.

While you are there, click on the picture beside the door and deposit the shoe in the top right corner and the glass in the bottom left corner.

Turn to the right.

Place the twig into the tree stand and turn to the right and then turn back. The clock has melted over the twig and there is a key on the floor, collect that key.

Click on the bookcase again and use the pliers to open the glass box in the lower left hand corner and collect the hammer.

Turn to the right twice and click on the closet door beside the sculptures.

Use the gold key from under the rug to open this door. Click on weird bird man to make him come out and collect the apple.

Turn back left.

Place the apple in the hole in the painting and collect the hat.

Turn right again.

Now use the hammer on the glass box in the fireplace to crack it open and collect the egg.

Click on the fireplace sweeper and let it sweep up the glass.

Click on the second candle from the right on the menorah to collect this.

Now click the egg and hold it over 'Check Object at the bottom of your object box, use the key collected from the melted clock to open the egg and collect another key.

Turn right.

Click back on the picture beside the door and place the egg in the upper left hand corner, the hat in the box under the egg and the hammer in the bottom right corner.

Turn to the right.

Use the silver key collected from the egg to open the desk drawer and collect the zippo.

Take the candle and hold it over 'Check Object' and then take the zippo and run it over the candle to light it.

Turn to the left and click on the picture by the door once more and place the lit candle in the remaining empty space.

Wait just a moment and the picture will move to reveal another key. Collect this key.

Now use this key to open the door and out you are to a very anti-climatic ending.

This game is very buggy so be ready for that.

Hey there!
Happy New Year.
I hope everyone is well.
Thank you for all your help in completing the game.
It is fairly buggy, so, for all you people just starting, be patient.


On rug u click middle left ->O
(O=The rug and click where the arrow point in ur game)

Hope thats help^^

Sorry for my english im french...

how do u sweep

Nevr mind i got it

       Anonymous  6/10/10, 4:00 AM  

my apple & candle dissappeared !

still buggy after all these years - I took apple and it disappeared, nothing I could do to get it back

really interesting though - I look forward to trying some of Dina Gjertsen's later games

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