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Rooftop Escape

Roof Top Escape WalkthroughRoof Top Escape is kind of little escape game in Japanese. Search the roof for items and use them to find the escaping way. Good luck and have fun!

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anybody playing ???

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 11:40 AM  

i don't understand this game xD

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 11:43 AM  

ok..humm. Have you found something?

i only got a flash ligth
a string i think
a key
a blond wig
and a sailor moon uniform

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 11:55 AM  

only? you have so many thing.. =B

ehh.. i'm keep looking.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:03 PM  

mm.. I have:
A flashlight (used one time)
A Pliable stair.
a chalk?
a Metal rod. (used)
key (used)
hammer (used one time)
and the uniform.

and keep looking!

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:05 PM  

also opened the cabin where the hose is.

lol i have all what you got

its hard to understand....if its english i could finish it....i think

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:10 PM  


have you found anything else?
I'm clicking like crazy and can't find anything T.T

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:12 PM  

i remove a gum of a table... iugh! x(

damn i accidently pressed refresh.....

i used uniform and wig

on the mirror

coin on stairs

i saw a writing on the board....i cant understand it T.T

Where are hammer, lighter and uniform? I have also a liquid in a glass.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:27 PM  

Can't find the coin.
But I did something!!!
I wrote something on the board, and have an answer! But don't understand anything lol

(sorry for my bad english T.T)

hammer in the bathroom...but u have to use ligther to unlock the door i think....ligther is in the teachers room...uniform is in the teachers room in the drawers....to lazy...

coin is like in the 5th stair on the corner....im not sure if my explanation helps XD

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:29 PM  

lighter is inside of a room where you use the key.
the hammer is in one cabin of the bathroom, where is close.
and the uniform.. i don't remember..
the wig is in the classroom.

can someone translate the writing on the board T.T

I tried 1000 times to write with chalk on board. nothing...

ackire? I don't know, if I have lighter or what one item mean. It's the itam above the wig???

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:32 PM  

i'm still can't find that cute coin (¬¬º) in the stair of what floor?

Sorry ackire, fortget ist. I don'r have lighter. I can go in the room, where I used key. I don't know why.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:34 PM  

no...let's see.. do you found the key? with that key you opened the teachers room, and there is the lighter.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:35 PM  

you have to click in the chinesse or japonesse caracters in the left of the game to enter.

I think I need the uniform to gon in the room, but I can't find it.

Romina: the coin in on stairs. if you look at stairs klick right corner.

you can find coin when you click the 2nd floor and then its on the 5th stair on the corner

im a filipino im not good at explaining...im sorry

Help! Where is the uniform. I only found the wig in the classroom. I can't find the uniform!

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:41 PM  

i love you all!!!


thanks =)

I used the coin in the machine and now i have something..eehh weird =P

And I'm german and not good in english... ;-)

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:43 PM  

and I'm chilean...

it's funny =B

babe, is in the room on the first floor. inside of the drawer.

thanks! now I have lighter and uniform!! :-))

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:45 PM  

we are sailor moon xD

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:48 PM  

go to the roof and use the leader to the right of the door. You can find a hose!!

ok. I have hammer too and opend something. Now I'm in the classroom, read anything on table, don't understand!
Know everybody wht to do next?

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:50 PM  

you have to use chalk in the board.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:51 PM  

anyone know what to do with the blue-purple hose?

I used chalk on board. and now? where is the roof, whrer I must stand up the ladder?

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 12:57 PM  

hhmmm.. you can go to the roof when you are in the second floor, looking the stairs.

how do u move it wont let me please help

I did not knwn i could write chinese.:p

cant read letters all there are are boxes

Super Romina. Thanks!

I hadn'T seen that I can go back to the roof... ;-)

for some reason i dont know why the window on the 2nd floor crack...i think i used a flasligth to crack it...


       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:04 PM  


the windows was broken by another person?

it's scary =S

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:05 PM  

maybe you mising something. make sure you have done all that we have done... read previus posts!

Where is the pliable chair and the flashlight please

im stuck...

I'm getting crazy. I'm stuck again. What shall I do with the tube and the blue liquid?

we need a japanes translator!!

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:11 PM  

the flashlight is in one locker in the firts room, an the ladder is in the second floor, you have to use the flashlight to can find it.

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:12 PM  

i'm going to find something to translate...

ehhmm... you keep searching.


You can put the ladder next to the doors on the roof top

I tried liquid and tube on railing. nothing! on firee brigarde tube. nothing! *I'm crying*

anf find a tube

u click the shoe....and the go rigth and then u click werr the shoe was

Brandon: klick on the white text, left side the game-picture to move from location to location.

i clicked where shoes were and to pink boxes popped up but cant read them

Brandon, it doesn't matter, that you can't read this. Nobody here can read this. ;-)
Click only the text unter the pink box and you can go in the house!

lol 1) are you flirting and 2) there isnt anything under the pink boxes that are unreadable =/

i have all items and no idea what to do now :/

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:29 PM  

fuck! i'cant translate x(
i have a web with the simbols but, in the game, are so confusing. The simbols are similar to others... it's frustrating x(


       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:30 PM  

i can't zoom either

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:30 PM  


help us then!!

im still confused about this game lol frankly i think it hates me =|

Sorry Brandon, I can't explain this better.

I have all items too and totally stuck now. I go to bed and try it tomorrow again.

Good night!

u put together hammer and purple host
got to rooftop use hammer with host on the bars to crack the cracked window and use host to get out...but first u have to use the water thingi on the shoe

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:34 PM  


what time is in there?

Romina, It's 22:40 and I want to read a little bit before I sleep. ;-)

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:37 PM  


I love you =)


       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:38 PM  


here is 18:37 .. and i'm going to keep playing xD

good bye babe..

and good bye ackire12

maybe we chat in another game.


thanks ackire, but I can't find the shoes!!! *help*

       Anonymous  12/9/07, 1:41 PM  

when you look in the window, in the left of the game coe out another japanese letters.. click there and it will show yoy a different view of the room.. and the shoes.

Oh, I got it! Now I can quietly and contently sleep!

Ciao @ all! :-))

I got out without "game,web,pink boxes" ???
Just did wat Ackire told


Anyone know what the sparkly thing is under the drink machine? I cant pick it up. Is this the key?

Nevermind got it! out

I have flashlight (used), ladder, coin (used), blue liquid thingy, and wig. I am stuck, have no idea where to find the key to the teachers room...help please...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nevermind, I'm out, feel pretty stupid, but that was a great game... :)

You have got to be kidding this game only lets me go up and down to the room with white thing with 2red knobs and flashing light nothing clickable and the roof. The only other thing is I keep ending with the flash off seeing shoes with yellow thing flash of sky and only restart as option. After reading advice so far have found nothing said to help me through. argh

people say a girl died because she jumped from the roof . the girl didn't like boys. so the boy (in the game) must change himself into a girl. the uniform is a junior or senior high school uniform in japan.


After shoes disappear, click on the spot they were before. Click through the text. Navigate the school building using the blue arrows and the text left off the game window.

Pick up flashlight from locker on the bottom floor after clicking the door and the text. Use it on 2nd floor, next to fire hose cabinet with red buttons. Find stairs.
Find needle in boy's bathroom on 1st floor by clicking under the mirror. Find chalk under the front loo. Use needle in 2nd floor classroom, teacher's desk to remove chewing gum. Find wig in right desk.
Use needle+gum on bottom of 1st floor vending machine, find key. Use key on 1st floor door, go in, find lighter and uniform. Use lighter in bathroom on rope to unlock the door and find hammer. Go to mirror and use wig/uniform to dress up as girl. Use hammer on 2nd floor hose cabinet. Find coin in right cormer of the stairs of 2nd floor. Use on vending machine to find white tube. Find purple writing on black board in 2nd floor class room. Use chalk to write on black board. Now you're allowed on the rooftop again. Put the stairs next to the door and click on blue upper ledge to find blue hose. Click on hammer to see it in a pop-up window, then combime it with blue hose. Use hammer+hose on the rooftop railing. Go down to 2nd floor and find the window next to hose cabinet broken. Click on the fire hose. Find shoes under the window by clicing on the bottom text next to game window. Use white tube with question marks on the shoes.

There are two ways to leave. one way is the boy wears a girl uniform to leave ( the person in the game is a boy) and from the window in danger. the other way is go back to school ( you can see the option written next to game )you can go into the classroom and find out some red words on the blackboard. go out the classroom and go in again you can find out the red words on the black board disappear. go down to the boy bathroom and take off the girl uniform because the boy feels disgusted when he wears a girl uniform. go out the bathroom and then go out from the door next to the locker safely.

I´m the same as Robi I get the roof, stairs, view of shoes and yellow thing, then the sky and restart. Played 6 times and no other options. No blue arrows and no other scenes on the left. Any suggestions?

after you put the water on the shoes, you have two choices on the left of the game. one is "脫出" the other is "校舍". click on the "校舍" you will go back to school again and then go down to "昇降口" and then click on "脫出" you will go out from the door not from the window.

This comment has been removed by the author.

no sorry shuchun don't have that option, can only stay where I am or go to the sky and repeat, but thanks for trying. 8 times I've played it now!! Ahhhh

In fact played a 9th time and I have neither of the options you gave. I'm sure it's much easier if you understand what's going on, as you seem to, but to scroll through page after page of nonsense is getting rather tedious only to repeat again and again! At least the repeat is at the start of the game, if it was at the end I'd be pretty p***ed off!!

Sorry, p***ed off any way!lol

i have the same problem as niff any ideas

I cannot even start to play... :-( no matter where I click, it won't do anything

niff, if you end up with a black shape of a girl stands left of the game and some japanese words with the sky which means you get out from the window. if you end up no girl but the sky with some Japanese words which mean you get out from door(next to the locker which you get a flashlight)

I sort of got that shuchun, but I simply don´t have any other options to take! Thanks anyway. I guess I will have to wait for a walkthrough to start me off next to the locker, then I´ll give the rest a go on my own.

niff, choose the option just right after you put the water on the shoes, click on the option at the top of the left text next to the game not at the bottom of the left text next to the game (find the characters like "校舍") and you will go back to school again. go to the first floor next and then go to the door just like i mentioned before. i hope it will be help.

No sorry, top left writing (just as you said) won't send me anywhere, no school, no first floor and no other option but repeat!
Don't know if it's a bug, but I'm playing the same link as everybody else!

niff,the scene of the options show up after you put the water on the shoes. and you should still be on the scene of the shoes with the yellow fire hose. you can see two options next to the game of the left. at the top is "校舍" , at the bottom is "脫出" i'm quite sure it shows up the options because i even try the japanese escape game site. so i don't know which part you did wrongly.

Yep, got those two options, top one takes me nowhere- no reaction whatsoever! Give up

I am having the same experience as Niff. Have followed everyone's advice, but cannot seem to do anything. Cannot get the flashlight at the bottom of the stairs. Cannot get item that is laying on the stairs. I need a more comprehensive walkthrough if anyone has one.

If anybody is still around and cares, here is what I know......

When the balcony scene comes in and shows you the shoes, you have to click through the text til you get the blue arrow pointing right. Click on the screen.

You'll see a set of double doors,but you can't go through ( at least I can't). Click on the blue arrow pointing left.

This brings you back to the scene on the balcony, but theshoes are gone. Click where the shoes WERE. I clicked 10 times. When you see the pink boxescome up on either side of the screen, stop clicking.

The pink box on the left side of the screen has some white writing underneath, and as far as I can tell this is another screen option. When I click on this writing I go to a stairwell.

Now the pinl box has two lines of white writing under it, but I cannot access either. I click on the right blue arrow and I am at the bottom of the stairs.

I see the cabinet everyone mentions but I click all over it and I don't get anything. I can see the flickering light.

I get a blue arrow pointing left and there are still two options under the pink box. I cannot go back to the beginning by clicking on the first option. When I click it, nothing happens.

When I click on the second option or the blue arrow pointing left I go to the screen with the shoes, broken glass, and what someone said was a water hose.

I know no one is playing this game today, but if someone happens along and reads these comments and has any suggestions I will check back over the next few days. Thanks

I went back and was re-reading some of the comments amd I realize the cabinet I am looking at is the firehose cabinet. How do I get on the floor where the locker is ??

patty, i don't know what question you want to ask. did you get the flashlight from the first floor in the locker next to the door? did you collect every item that walkthrough mentioned?

i don't understand. i'm stuck on the balcony. how do i get the game started?

nevermind. i figured it out. =)

       Anonymous  2/24/08, 4:38 PM  

fun :)


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