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SSSG17 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 17: Ghostly Pirates Walkthrough

SSSG17 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 17: Ghostly Pirates

SSSG 17 WalkthroughSSSG 17 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 17: The Ghostly Pirates is the 17th episode of SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy point and click adventure game series created by Self Defiant for Melting Mindz. In this episode, Sneaky has been sent to the island town of Caribulia to meet with Special agent Griffin. Good luck and have fun!

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Found: cellphone-battery-5 coins-menucard-piece of paper. Bought 1 lemon.

got the cellphone, battery 6 coins,menu, a weird piece of paper, shovel, bought tweezers ...now reading messeges on cellphone

Use tweesers on bottle.
In that place I found a shovel.

rails, what is the cellphone code? Thanks!

look in the letter where you first arrive on the beach for the code

Thanks! This was tricky.

Now I am trying to get the statue. Got also the tresure map.

I am still confused about the cell phone code. I noticed that the Sdne letters are gray but that doesn't seem to work. Help!!!


Try to make 4 letters to a word.

Got it. I used a capital S instead of a lower case. Thanks

found the "treasure" but can't find Jean Laffite or Rigu as I am supposed to.
Is it possible to use the phone to call (for the lost dog) ? I can only read messages.

oops found rigu

is the "treasure" in the place with the rock with the three holes? theres no water there and i couldn't find anything even when using the shovel.

Any clue on using the blue "button"?

you can rotate the circles under the statue

Yes - any clue on where to rotate them to?

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the cell phone code is send

the rock on the bottom of the screen has the same "orbitals" but if there are circles on them where there are crags in the rocks, I can't see them well. Idk I don't even have the treasure yet.

safiye is it at the bottom left side of that screen because I still can't get it.

At the place with 3 holes in the stone: use the shovel with the place which is marked with a x at the paper. You will get a chest.

No, you can find it left from the rope, in the middle.

anyone else got the blue "button"?

Yes, got the blue button, but no idea what to do with it, same with treasure, small piece of paper ...

Where are you seeing a blue button?

exactly in what place do i have to use the shovel?

the back of the menu tells you how to open the box

Speak to the lady with the rugs/bandanas - she sends you off to speak to the guy in the shop. He gives you the button. He tells you to spak to the kid who's picking the fruit - he then shows you where he found it - at the place with the locked car...

I am sorry, my English is not very good.
In the place with 3 holes in the stone, you also will see a blue rope.
Use the shovel at the place between the rope and the green/grey stone (not the stone with the 3 holes!!)

give the jewel from the box to the kid in the tree. the key is under the car, pick it up with the blue thing selected

what do i have to bring to kikui

what location do you put in?

Use the lemon on the paper of the bottle to get the treasury map.

once in the car put the "button" in the hole & press it - you then get asked for a location...

how can you open the treasury box with the menu?

where do i get the jewel?????????

please help me

turn the menu over by clicking the top right hand corner - then click the shapes on the chest by the numbers next to the corresponding picture on the menu

The back of the menu tells you in which order you should click things to open chest

@eri: click the items, cheapest first.
@pabblo: the jewel from the box

thank you enkaldir and tom!!!!!!!

thank you everybody

anyone knows wath to put in the cars location??

pabllo: for the location, check the letter for the old man in the shop; notice the alignment of the letters?

do you have any idea about the strange piece of paper?

is it an "E"? lol

Finally got the statue!!!

got the statue =)

and have an amulet now

do u have to use the black and white thing on the letter?

use the potion to scare the ghost to the left of the car. get keycard from ceiling fan

get username for the computer from the id card. password is the car's license plate

Lafitte will give you another antidote for a pirate


first use the tweezers on the clock, then the screwdriver

pabllo: outer ring at 9 o'clock, middle at 1:30; smallest at 5:30


got the metal detector!!!

wtf is with the 1:30 & 5:50? its just 9, 1 & 5 lol

pabllo, go to the screen with the guys dancing around the statue

found 2 beads so far with metal detector

on the inside of the there are greek numbers; click the blue diamonds in the order 52143

This comment has been removed by the author.

then use the bracelet on the sword, this will take out the last pirate

I don't have enough money for the metal detector... need one more coin, any help?

Lost on User name for Computer. Have the ID card. Any ideas?

metal detector balls:
1 in the first screen
1 in the scene with the missing dog sign
1 in the restaurant screen, below the girl in the red shirt

User name is the name on the card (without the 'agent' bit)

jones: have you found the coin in the opening screen? also one in the 3rd screen up, at the bottom of the first palm tree. also one in the screen with the dog


thanks Tom, already got those - and the ones from the woman on the donkey. And there were some on a plate in one o the new screens...


number on the car's reg plate

where do i get the Metal Detector?

back at the shop - but I still need 1 more coin to buy it!

the shop at the very top? i still cant find it lol

jones: also one loose coin in the house with the computer

no the shop where you bought the lemon - speak to the guy & he'll ask you for 10 coins for it

I'm out !

oh i still need 2 coins then!

Tom - got that one as well (and the one from the plant at the cafe). Thanks, this is so frustrating!

What is up with the maze? I can't seem to get it

Jones did u get the one 2 screens up from the starting screen?

by the palm tree? yup

Where is the Cellphone HEEELLPPP


Good game

kdewolf: you've got to travel the maze untill the entire sticks disappears..it's frustating but you'll get there. i'm out too. have to go. good luck everyone.

there must be 14 coins (10 for detector, 1 for lemon, 3 for tweezers) Can you all help make a list of their locations?

1: in green plant at cafe
2: by palm tree with "for sale" sign

coins at start screen under rock, in the house with computer...

and the phone is on the screen with all the bandanas hangin up, its under a rock

3,4,5 & 6: from woman on donkey

i got the metal balls, now wat do i do?

under what rock on start screen?

what do I put in the hole to unlock the door (the scene after I stabbed the third pirate)? I'm chasing my own tail lol

7 on screen with dog

there's 5 coins (I think) on a table in one of the rooms after you beat a pirate

Ok that takes up to 12....

1: in green plant at cafe
2: by palm tree with "for sale" sign
3,4,5 & 6: from woman on donkey
7: On screen with Dog
8-12: on table

2 missing....

WOO!! I unlocked the door but I'm not sure how... I think I stuck a bit of paper on the dowel... did you find that last coin?

1: in green plant at cafe
2: by palm tree with "for sale" sign
3,4,5 & 6: from woman on donkey
7: On screen with Dog
8-12: on table in beach hut
13: In house with computer

Come on people where's the 14th one?

Sorry I can't seem to find the location for the car computer I went to the old man and checked for letters but could not find anything.
Any hint?

theres a dark area on the first screen..bottom right corner click and drag for one coin

Bellissimo - The letter you had to read to rigu, all one side is lined up... read down and that's your location

jones - I'm coming up blanks about the last coin... thinking about starting again to find them all

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

1: in green plant at cafe
2: by palm tree with "for sale" sign
3,4,5 & 6: from woman on donkey
7: On screen with Dog
8-12: on table in beach hut
13: In house with computer
14: under the dark patch on the start screen


when anyone gets up to a plank (I broke something) with some dots underneath it... any hints as to what to do with them?

This comment has been removed by the author.

im stuck with the statue

You will need the diagram later that is on the plank so I would copy it down.

sari - You have to look through a telescope to get the right position to line up the dots to take the statue down

dmojo - I'm in the same position as you :(

what do i do now that i have the 3 metal balls

what do I do with the three balls?

where can i find the telescope?

got it tnx

im where u are too Jones...no clue

Could someone please post a walkthrough?

Thank you.

Hmmm I am stuck with the aqua colored amulet. Any suggestions...

i think the 2 amulet things go in the rock with slots cut into them...i dont know what goes in the last hole though

ok - have put the odd bit of paper on the dowel. put that in the hole, moving round the maze - but not doing anything, even when I get the last bit in.... help

what do i do with the odd bit of paper????

got it

Can anyone provide any hints on the passcode needed to gown down from the kitchen?

@jones: just keep moving, you'll get there eventually (btw, i already told you about the final coin in my first post of 13:10).

the passcode is an anagram of "its happier"

Tom: I realised that after. I thought there had been a more obvios one which I'd got.sorry, & thanks

how'd you get the plank up?

What do i put in the circle hole of the rock?

no problem. the anagram for the passcode fits the theme of the game

@hannan: at the end of the game you will have 3 crystals in your inventory which fit the 3 holes in the rock

Thanks for the hint, I figured that but there are thousands of anagrams that could work. I have tried all combinations of "Pirate ?". What am I missing?

Please where is the cell phone?

oh, Well what do i do after i got these three metal balls?

And look on the ground under the bandanas for the cellphone

Got it, I was using capital letters again. Thanks

This comment has been removed by the author.

how'd I get the plank?

no idea what to do here lol

@jones: get plank with hammer.

then use the code on the painting in the bedroom: click topright, topleft, bottom right, bottom left

Any ideas on the painting? I know it has something to do with the information under the plank.

oh man, what hammer?

screw it im done

hammer from the bucket under the kitchen table

Thank you tom!!
I'm done.

Ok I have the bracelet it has something to do with the sword but I am not really sure what I have also the 3 metal balls.
What now?

bellissimo: for the bracelet see my postings of 12:54 and 12:56. the metal balls go on the wooden board in the patio but i don't think you can reach that area yet.

Help I cant get Lafitte to give me the antidote

Where is the screwdriver?
I have got the statue and amulet... no idea what to do now.

I truly dont understand what to do TOM here is what you write:

on the inside of the there are greek numbers; click the blue diamonds in the order 52143

Can you explain it to me a little better? I still have not defeated the 3rd pirate and I am still stuck with the bracelet :)

i cant unlock the door
i need help

Anagram for its happier ??
My english is not that good

click the blue diamonds on the bracelet in the order 5-2-1-4-3. then you can pick up the sword with the bracelet and defeat the final ghost with the sword

catbless: give Lafitte the crystal to get the antidote

tosca: pirateship
catbless: or maybe give him the statue, i can't remember

could really use a walkthrough anyone game?

@ tom Ithought shitpaper Haha

thanks Tom... duh me

Can someone tell me where is the screwdriver, please?

lol @ tosca's password anagram

thank gawd I'm out. Thanks tom and everyone who helped.

safiye - the screwdriver is on the right hand side of the floor in a room after defeating a pirate ghost

How can I defeat it?
The last i got was an amulet and a statue.

please help
i cant open the door
what do i have to put in the hole???

defeat first pirate (in scene with car) with potion lafayette (whatever his name is) gave you... go back to lafayette and he will tell you to use the statue (I think... it could be vice versa) then go to the scene where your down the street between 2 ghost pirates and use the statue on the one on your left... screwdriver is in there

Ahh I got stuck there too... use the dowling with the odd piece of paper to make a maze which you put in the hole

where is the odd piece of paper?

Oh gosh I can't remember, I picked it up right at the start of the game. It's got black markings on it

How do I get the amulet? Got the statue

black and white?

i got that one but i cant understand what to do...

Sari - yes, that one

Redroo - Go see Laffite he wants the statue and in return will give you the amulet (I think) either that or he will tell you to use the statue on a pirate in which you have to do a puzzle to get the amulet

ok i understand
tnx shellie

Hmm strangely enough i can not use the statue with the pirate... and lafayette always says: You met Kiku, a fine boy he is... do i miss something?

Sari - Put the paper/dowling in the hole and then turn it and twist it until it's all the way in... it's a maze. It will unlock the door for you when it's all the way in

Where is Lafitte? Been trying to find him...

This comment has been removed by the author.

You get to Laffite through the car. You have to speak to the lady at the bandanna shop, give a letter from her to the guy at the grocery shop, show a button from HIM to the kid in the tree and then give the kid a gem out of a chest to get a key to get into the car. Once in the car pay attention to the letter you had to read to the grocery shop guy to get the location and that's where Laffite is hiding

Safiye - what have you done so far?

ok i do that but the door is steel lock!!!

ok its open

The last I got was the amulet and the statue.

The items that i have are: cell, chest, 2 papers, statue, tweezers, menu, shovel, amulet, card, maze.

Problems with the painting in the bedroom

Ahh! one of the papers is a spell... use that on the pirate! Sorry about that *blushes*

tosca: click top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left

Thank you Shellie, I did all that & get another location name, but must be having a blond moment, but nothing happens

to quote tom about the painting:

get plank with hammer.

then use the code on the painting in the bedroom: click top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left

He means click on the circles in the corners if that's where your having problems

im out
tnx everybody for the help
good nigth (its 01:30 in israel)

redroo - when you put in the location from the letter does the screen go all pretty with circles? if so, click on the down arrow and you should see laffite leaning against the wall half hidden in shadows

Ahhhhh thank you didnt see that....

Uhm... i can not use it on the pirate, which paper? One with Port... on it or the one with the x?

no probs, glad to have been of some help :D

Key fot thr painting please

Ahhh Safiye... I'll start from the top lol

Give the statue to Laffite, he should give you a potion in return. Go back to the island (via the car) and use the potion on the ghost in the scene where the car is. Find the safe and crack it open to get an amulet.

Go back to Laffite and he will then give you a piece of paper with a spell on it, use the spell on the next ghost.

Have you gotten into the room with an alarm clock next to the bed to get the next amulet? After that go back to laffite and he will give you a bracelet to get rid of the final ghost

tosca - you need the metal detector (you need ten gold coins to buy it from the shop) go hunting with the detector until you find 3 metal balls. you should know where to put them ;)

Thanks Shellie

no probs, I'm usually the one who needs help, I'm just glad I can help you guys... unless I confuse you more then I'm sorry lol

How you going Safiye? I hope I made more sense that time. Everytime you get an amulet you need to visit Laffite to dispel the next ghost. Each room has a puzzle to unlock the amulets

I cant even find the cell phone or the lady with the bandanas

hmmm how about if I played it again and wrote a walkthrough? would that help everyone?

cat go from the begining up one right two scenes you will see the bandanas hanging on clotheslines look on the ground there is a rock you can click on it and move it to find the cell phone.
I cant find the plank!! anyone?

thanks catbless

CAT you must first assembly the cellphone with the battery and read the sms's. Than click bandanas

Where do I buy the metal detector?

catbless: the plank is in the very top screen of the game, use the hammer to get it out of the floor

redroobar: buy the metaldetector from the old guy in the shop where you bought the lemon

Tom all he talks about is fruit....
Shellie you are getting us lot in Australia who have just come online and we are ploughing thru all the comments, so a walkthru would be great....

redroobar: i guess you have to finish another part of the game first before he offers you the metaldetector. can't remember exactly, sorry.

yeah shellie that would help

Thanks Tom, I was still stuck on the maze, no wonder I couldnt find it.

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