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You are Lucky Walkthrough

You are Lucky

You are Lucky CheatsShok - You are Lucky! aka Untsuku is another really cute Japanese point and click type Grow themed game. In this game you have to point and click on right things and in right order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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anyone else playing this game?

Yes. I've gotten five of the new characters, but I seem to be stuck now. Nothing I click on seems to work. I'm thinking about starting over.

how'd you get the 5th one. i tried the russian roulette thing but its not working

i started over. did you?

Yes, I did. I thought I would try to get the characters in the order they appear at the bottom of the screen, but I can't find the fourth little guy. Are you having any luck?

I got almost all of them. I can't seem to find the 4th little dude either. Oh well, we'll see.

I keep getting stuck once the graveyard appears. Any hints?

Oh, not the 4th, the 5th, sorry. When the graveyard appears, get the shovel by the graves. There's little bumps that appear, dig there. Don't dig at the one closest to the graveyard, or you lose.

I have all except the last one and I have this little ball thing and I don't know what to do with it.

I have 6 of the little characters, the first 5 in order but then missed one little gray topped one. Am stuck holding spade after digging up some type of black arrow. I keep clicking on character but he won't move to any of the little hills and dig like he did the first time. Any help anyone....he just won't move anywhere!

Okay, nvm, beat it. If anyone has questions just ask.

You have to give the spade/tail to the white thing in the graveyard, then you go back dig another hole, give that to the dude, and so on.

I seem to be choosing the wrong thing to light the fire with. Help?

The fire one,you have to choose the orange and blue tadpole looking thing in the graveyard. Otherwise it won't be cooked right and you lose.

How to get the last one?

Talk to the alien, he'll give you a ball, you go over to the water by the pink dude and you'll throw it in there and get it back out. It's the blue handle to the last switch. Just put it on there and throw it and you win

I figured out the digging....just dug all three holes and he collected all items at once and gave them to white thing. he turned into black character and a grey mound has appeared. Apparently I have to lift it up...but it tells me that I need to find some type of gorilla to lift it up? Went back to graveyard and clicked on tadpole things, now am stuck there.

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you need to get the firewood from the forest to put under the meat. After you do that a bottle should appear by the pink dude, get it and put the orange and blue tadpole in it from the grave yard. Once you have that go over and put him on the logs, it'll cook the meat. After the gorilla appears and gets his little hat thing, click on him and he'll lift the rock for you.

I have started over as i could not move out of graveyard....now am stuck there again? What am I supposed to do with small grey rock which he throws into tree? Is the bee hive anything to do with anything? How do I light the fire? I tried to click on blue/orange tadpole thing but they all disappeared and now am stuck again...can't even get spade this time. Any help please..I have had no trouble before this graveyard!

Thanks Kitty Kat...we were posting at the same time! I will start over....never noticed the bottle with pink guy!Cheers!

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You're welcome Oztiff! Here's the full walkthrough for anyone else who needs help.

1. Get the arrow from the tree and click on the heart. It'll turn into a pink bunny.

2. Plug the tree into the socket. Switches will appear, throw both the red and the green switch. Once you throw the red switch a moneybag will fall out of the tree, grab that and click on the coin. A yellow guy appears.

3. Click on the pen in the tree. Then click on the paper. You get a green monkey.

4. Play the roullette game. Just keep clicking the dice, once you get snake eyes you win. A black and white cat will appear.

5. Go to where the books and paper appeared. Click on the paper. On this you have to kind of guestimate, it asks you to pick Japanese symbols sometimes. Other than that it's fairly easy. Don't worry about messing up because you can just re-do this. When you complete it, you get the panda bear.

6. Go to the graveyard and get the shovel by the graves. Don't dig the hole that's closest to the graveyard, or it's game over. After each hole you get an item, you have to bring that item back to the white thing in the graveyard before you go and get the next one. Once you get all the things it turns into a little demon looking thing.

7. Now go over to the forest and click the arrow. You'll go in and come out with firewood, which'll be put down under the floating meat. A bottle appears in the pool by the bunny. Grab it and then go to the grave yard, click on the orange and blue tadpole. As soon as it goes in the bottle, bring it over to the wood, it becomes fire and cooks the meat. A gorilla will jump out of the forest, eat it, and then become one of your buddies.

8. Click on the gorilla and he'll lift a rock that was dropped earlier after the graveyard. You get a key, put it in the tree. The tree drops a camera and you take a picture of the space ship floating above the forest. It'll land on a pad that's made and you get an alien friend.

9. A bird will appear and land on the tree. Grab the egg and throw it up at the bird, it'll drop a feather. Then go over to the alien and talk to him, he wants an acorn. Go back to the tree and get his acorn, give it to him. He'll give you a dirty ball in return. Go over to the water by the pink bunny and throw the ball in. Once clean you should realize by now it goes to the last switch. Put it on the switch and throw it.

Watch as the ending unfolds, and you win! Cute and fun game.

If the game ever freezes on you, like you click on what you're supposed to but it won't let you go, you probably clicked on something wrong before. Just restart and do it again, I had to do it like 10 times.

what do I do with the beehive? nothing I click does anything.

cute game.

some how when i put the key in the key hole i get the camera then he just dissipers and when you go and choose a different charecter it wont let you

6. Go to the graveyard and get the shovel by the graves. Don't dig the hole that's closest to the graveyard, or it's game over. After each hole you get an item, you have to bring that item back to the white thing in the graveyard before you go and get the next one. Once you get all the things it turns into a little demon looking thing


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wat happens wen u get 2 the end?????

ahhh!!! i am so close to done!!! but the digging.... i always got the wrong thing! grrr....

*sigh* i think i'll try again

hah ha ive got six people :P oh well ull figure it out

i did it all walkthrough:click arrow on tree and throw it at the heart then click on whit paper and then click on the wire and put down the two levers then click pen up tree and click on paper then click it again then click on the other paper and try and work out sums then click on orange bag and then the coin then click on dice and try and get two ones then click on spade near graveyard and dig all the shiny things but not the one nearest to graveyard then collect the things you dug up and give it to the white monster in grave yard next get the wood from the woods and put it under piece of meat than get jar from water near pink bear and click on the orange tadpole than put it on meat then click on monkey next to you and put the key in keyhole and click camera and take picture of space ship then wait for bird sit on tree and then click on rock then click on red acorn and give it to the purple bear then click on water near pink bear next click on broken lever then click the lever

i got six "whatever"

i have to start it over. i stuck with the bird one

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