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Zashiki Warashi Walkthrough

Zashiki Warashi

Zashiki-Warashi WalkthroughZashiki-Warashi is the English version of Mmoo Room Warashi which is a kind of room escape game. In this game you have to find a way to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun.

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first yes!!!!

Anybody playing ???

I m playing, but I'm stuck. I helped the poor God, but now I don't know what to do.

I can't seem to boil water

Trying to get the clock down as well

I have given the sword to the GG, and taken the thorn out of the geisha.....

OK, got the stool and the clock....

Ahhhhhhhhh, I am getting it now. Clock is "suspicious"

Patty, how you adquisted the sword? Scuse me for my english. I see the tv, but I don't know where is the cell phone.

where did you find the sword?

Cute game. I am out.

You have to order sword from TV once you get the phone

Dial number that appears on tv and sword is delivered !!!!

Yes, I know, but, where is the cell phone?

Haha okay, how do you get the phone? I'm completely stuck here

Cell phone is in curtains besides rubbish bin. Open and close and will fall. Look at bottom of bin then.

Cell Phone..
If you open/close the drapes enough times the phone eventually falls into the trash bin.

Pretty easy.. out with no walkthrough!

Yes was nice and easy. I needed that today.

okay I unscrewed the back of the clock but it just says I can't move the hands. Help!

The same for me. I can't move the clock.

Give the clock to the samurai.

To get the clock, click the stool under the vanity. Then use the stool to get down the clock.

To get the cell phone, before you open and close the drapes, click in the cabinet attached to the bed. Click on the USB cord. It will be like, "where's my cell phone?" and then go back and repeatedly open and close the drapes. It will say "CRASH!" Then, look in the trash can and get the phone.

I haven't been able to get the TV to come on or to boil the water. Anyone who knows how please tell me!

no one?
for examplae i can say when u got the remote from geysa than u watch on tv tel no and you call it with phone where you found in rubbishbin by closing and opening curtains up there many times dial pls the number down it is written 0120 and the name u must dial at you handy mobile phone cep telefonu which number symbolizes that letter than lastly u took wooden sword give it to eskrim man and than give him clock he brokes it and u take the edge of scorpion in clock than give it to ninja he gives u code but where i can use it or how i can serve this stupid man meal i couldnt make the meal and i put in pen sause only for that job

now turkish simdi turkce

1 geysa ile konus
2 gardrobu ac icinden brosu al
3 aynanin ilk cekmecesini ac bunla ve icinden cengeli al
4 tv nin sagindaki cekmeceyi ac ve tornavidayi al
5 yine cengelle tvnin oldugu yerdeki kapiyi da ac
6 geri git aynali yere yerden pufu al ve saati git al arkasini tornavidayla ac ve birsey bulmaliyiz ki alalim pilleri
7 yataga cop kutusunun oldugu yere git perdeyi ac kapa ac kapa dusur cep teli coplugun icinden al
8 mutfaktaki ne goruyorsan al
9 geysaya cengeli ver sana tv kumandasi verecek al
10 tv yi ac ord numara var 0120-KIMURA yani 0120546872 cep telinde harfler hangi njoya denk geliyorsa ara sonuna kadar bekle aksin yazi en sondaki alttaki oka bas zaten kilic geldi
11 ver kilici eskrimciye sonra saati ver kirsin sana akrepin galiba ucunu kirip verecek onun da isi bitti
12 onu ben biraz saatin arkasinda kullandim ama birsey olmadi neyse ver onu ninjaya sana sifreyi verecek
13 ?

Lolly I found the tweezers in the drawer in the bedroom and pulled the thorn from her finger. She gave me the remote for the TV. Hope that helps. Im trying to put water in the pot to boil no luck.

I have the clock and the cell phone, I've fed the 'God' - now im stuck - help anyone??

To boil the water, turn the water on and put water in the stockpot, then put the stockpot on the stovetop - you'll need to add noodles...etc - the list and order to do this is on the 'note on the wall' above the sink. - hope this helps

state with your helpings i have finished game thanks

Walkthrough Alert!!!

You wake up after scene, click on the bed, then the curtain(will light up room)
turn right twice click on girl, listen to her story, her friends appear, one poor, your guardian, & ninja
turn left & click on the door, you enter kitchen
in the green thing on the counter is bowl,
in drawer beneath green thing is chopsticks & noodles (click on green package for noodles)
in the cabinet under stove is the pot and the pan
In the refrigerator is sauce
Observe note on the wall:
1.Boil W
2.Boil N
3.Put N into B
4.Boil S
5.Put S into B

Turn on Faucet for water
Click Pot then water (it puts water in the pot)
Turn off water
Click pot then stove (it calls the stove an oven for some reason, lol)
When pot on stove, click noodles then pot (puts noodles in pot)
Click pot then about item and while on that screen click the bowl then the pot, it should put the cooked noodles in the bowl
Click about item, then pan
then click sauce then pan, should put sauce in pan
put pan on stove, then retrieve pan it should automatically put sauce in bowl w/ noodles, puts you on about item screen,
click chopsticks then bowl, and “It's ready to serve”
give bowl to Poor guy, he leaves a safe
In closet there a pink dot on ground, get it, its a earing.
You can now get to drawer under mirror
inside is tweezers
use tweezers on girl, she gives you the remote for the tv
go to bed and click on the table thing
should go to back click on cord, phone not there
go back and click curtains a lot,
*smash!!* look in trash... PHONE!!
use on tv, you see commercial
call number 0120-546872 (thats what I got anyway, don't know if it changes)
you receive sword, give it to guardian.
Turn right, Go get stool under mirror go to tv screen
in drawer theres a screwdriver get it
go back
look up, theres a clock
while selecting stool, click clock
it flips clock, use screwdriver on x thing and it opens
cant move handles
while selecting clock, talk to Guardian, (funny cut scene)
he smashes clock,
take little hand of clock
give it to Ninja, ninja gives you a scroll

Read scroll, it gives you the code to the box th Poor guy gave to you, open box and...
TAADAAA!!!!!! you're done!!

Open curtain
Rigth twice - talk to ZASHIKI-WARASHI
Right once - Open closet
Pick up butterfly earring
Right once
Click top of bed
Click cord
Open/Close curtain 3x
Get Cell phone from trash can
Right once - click on Righ hand drawer
Get screwdriver
Click on kitchen door
Get bowl
Open drawer get Chopsticks and Noodles
Click cabinet under sink - get Pot and pan
Open fridge - get soup
Read note on wall
Turn on water
Put pot in sink - fill w/ water
Put pot on burner to boil
Put Noodles in pot
View Pan
Put soup in pan
Put pan on burner
View bowl
Put cooked noodles in bowl
Put bowl in pan
Put chopsticks in bowl
Right twice
serve to GOP
Left once
Up - click clock
Left twice - get stool under vanity
Right twice
Up - use stool to get clock
Flip clock - use screwdriver to remove back panel
Left twice - highlight butterfly earing open vanity drawer
Get Tweezers
Left - highlight tweezers and removesplinter from ZASHIKI-WARASHI
Get remote
Left once - use remote on TV
Get number 0120-546872
Use cell phone to call and order sword
Wait for dialog and delivery
Right once
Give Sword to GG
Give clock to GG
Take cloek hand
Give Clock hand to Ninja - get scroll
Read Scroll - code for box from GOP 7149
Open Box - Congratulations

Probably the easiest of this series but still very fun and cute. Didn't need hints this time.

(Hi patty!)

Haha, just like in Xxxholic. It's A zashiki warashi is a little childlike spirit that's supposed to bring fortune to a home. If I remember it correctly.

Didn't the author of this game make that other game Twinkle?
That was a cute game :D

Yup I'm pretty sure this is part of their series too. Twinkle was a very cute game.

That was rather easy. Did it with no hints, at least only a few. The code to the box changes, I got 7149 or something.. Anyways, cute little game. See the note on wall in kitchen to get the instructions.

really cute game

Wow, i think i tried playing this in japanese and quit, i cant remember...But i FINALLY complete something by myself, yes! Heh, that makes me happy, im such a loser. Was there any point to have the earring? Did I have it selected by accident an use it, or as it useless? lol

I'm feeling like the biggest idiot in the entire world right now, but I can NOT get the the sauce into the pan!!! Please help?

can't put the water into the pot somehow!!!they keep saying lets turn off the faucet.better not waste water!!!help someone-.-

the guardian was trying to fix the clock and it ended up on loop or something. a bug perhaps? not sure but he lunged at it many times without progress

thx for walkthrough I won!

Gr8 game ...
Gr8 walkthrough Rev !!!


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