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Cinderella WalkthroughCindirella is a new Russian point and click type room escape game from DooDoo.ru site. In this game, Cinderella locked in a room and you try to help Cinderella to escape the room and be in time on ball by searching around to find some useful things and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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numero uno ,stuck at the handle getting broke to turn on water ( i think )

Stuck too... Same place...

ciao, idem I'm stuck... in the same place

Me too. I have a ladder, a pipe, a rope, a teapot, scythe, hammer candle and matches. What's with the hole where the mouse was?

(Sorry for my inglish)
I have a little trouble with the barrel and the numbers... wath in the hell I have to do?????

where'd you get the ladder?

Ok, i now have a lit candle and a lock in that hole...

I used scythe to cut rope, made candle taller with rope, lit it and placed it on barrel by numbers, got 5 mins left and stuck, aaarrrgh! Help!

you make the ledder with the wood

Anyone still playing? I'm gonna give this one a whirl..

I got a mouse now. At the barrel, think I turned numbers 123 down..

what hole and what mouse?!

Is this another one of those games where you have to figure out which items you need or am I just getting lucky & finding the right ones right off the bat? lol

Where is hole and where is mouse?!

there's a lot of stuff but i think you need it all. the mouse is behind the circles after you've opened the hole.

I cant get the numbers by the barrel.. Any help?

To be honest, I have a sledgehammer - i'd have probably just battered the door down by now!

redneck gal: You have to turn the numbers, think it´s 123 from top to down...

Sorry - I did the numbers randomly - got it first time the first try, took me a few minutes the second!

I tried the 123, didn't work but I'll keep trying..

got a bucket full of sand but not sure what for...

This mouse bite me every time!!! No matter the numbers order!

Sorry, it was 321...
I started over...

carolina. feed the mouse the corn in the jar first

use sand in fish tank

put bucket of sand in tank next to hose, then fish. Feed the mouse jar of grain, what next?

I put the sand in the aquarium, and the fish to.... Can´t turn on water... Poor fish

Oops, I think I killed the fish by putting it in the glass square thingy and putting my bucket of sand into it......

I've tried 123, 321, random numbers, NOTHING is working!! Please HELP ME!!

use the sledge hammer on the brick next to the pipe to get a key

Ok, I'm not seeing a mouse, I cant figure out how to make a ladder, cant get the numbers to work, and I think my fish is dead..

my fish is dead too...

use sledgehammer on bricks on right hand side, get key. Try to use key on keyhole by mouse but it keeps biting the hand. still have ladder, teapot and saw

Thanks bucky4me2.

Yay, thanks Michelle,"I have had time on ball!" Haha Next!

Well, after feeding the mouse and putting the lit candle on the barrel, use the golden key to open the door behind.
Then, the little squared doll uppon the tank will open. "Break" the handle, then use the piece of pipe that you've gotten with the saw and add some oil. Voilá!
Water for the tank.

But now, what's the usage of the ladder?

too late I must re-start the game....

Wow that was easy, out in like 5 mins.

Where is the mouse hole?

jenny, go to shelves, get jar in top right corner, fill it with grain from wood box, give it to mouse

How do I light the candle? got matches but can't seem to make them light it.

michelle,got to cut rope with scythe first, then add rope to candle, should light then

Michelle, to light the candle, you have to cut a piece of rope, put in the candle and then light it up with the matches!

Michelle, you have to make it taller by cutting the rope and adding it to the candle, then you can just run the matches over it and it will light.

Yay! Me too! Thanks guys - I'd been hittin that brick forever!

redneck gal, go to barrel, start with 111, try 112, 113, then 211, 212, 213, etc. Should open pretty soon, mouse is behind

WHAT DO I DO WITH THE LADDER??????????????????

Cant find mouse hole & almost out of time..

Nevermind.. I ran out of time, have to start over =(

You don't need the ladder til the very end

paula, after fish is happy, rope appears to right of same screen. click on it and use ladder to get out.

Thanks Guys!

What do you do when the handle breaks in the hole in the wall above the tank? I can't pick anything up...

amandella, you still got your saw? Use it on pipes

If the fish dies... you never leave the room!
Put fish in tank at the end!!!

Redneck Girl...231! click on each ring in turn and hold it until the largest has a 2 at the top, the middle has 3 and the smaller ring has a 1 at the top. this worked for me x

Thanks ALL for your help in this game!

How do you make that ladder?

Ok, I got the ladder, still cant figure out the numbers above the barrel OR find the mouse!!

whoo I'm out :)

Took two tries, but I got it!

The secret is to put the fish in the tank AFTER you put the sand, or else it will die.

Thanks Rainbow, I tried it but it still doesn't work.. Is there a trick to it, am I suppose to click something? I'm so confused about it!!

Out too...

no RG, it should just open. Tried it again and it worked for me. Make sure all the numbers are lined up under the arrow?

I tried it again and the numbers were 212. think it's random so you WILL have to try every combination! Sorry RG x

yes, they're lined up & i've tried different orders.. still nothing! do i have to have something else done first?

This comment has been removed by the author.

No, I went straight to the hole to try them. Have you tried hitting random things with the hammer? It doesn't work but it sure helps!

I finally finished it, thanks for everyone's help!! By the way, my numbers were 222 so they're just random..

can freakin beat this.
the stupid hole wont open. lol
screw this im done. i didnt even run out of time i just cant get that hole open.

haha ok i got it
mine was 222 too

How do you make the ladder? I've tried taking the saw to the ladder but it won't work.

get the candle and the matches off the shelf.
get the big hammer next to the box of sand.
get the sickle on the wall and the garden hose on the floor.
go right…grab fish and pail.
go right…grab empty jar on upper right corner and rope on lower left corner.
go right…grab saw and hammer in the middle of the desk.
On the left middle is a oil can grab that too.
Click on the left top drawer to get the nails.
Attach the hose to the water wheel to the left of the tank.
While your in your inventory use the sickle on the rope and attach the new wick to the candle.
Then light the candle with the matches.
Now go right..use the pail on the box of sand.
Go right…use the jar on the bag of grain.
And use the saw on the boards and pipe you know you are doing it right if you are hearing a sawing sound (have to do many times!!)
Once the boards are cut you can add the nails and the hammer to them to make the ladder.
And when you have sawed the pipe you will get a little pipe in your inventory.
Use the big hammer on the lighter colored brick to get a key. (must hit it multiple times)
Go Right to the dial…You will have to play with it because it is different every game
When the mouse appears give him the jar of grain so he wont bite you.
Place the candle next to the dark spot…tada key hole!
Insert key and you will hear a grinding noise.
Go right there will be a new hole with a handle in it.
Click on the handle and oops it broken…that okay put the pipe on there with the oil can.
Next put the pail of sand and fish in the tank (make sure it is sand then fish or you will kill fish).
Click on the wheel and then try the handle again.
You should hear water then the fish will shine and be happy!
After that there will be a rope next to the desk click on it to reveal a open hatch on the roof.
Put the ladder on the hole…
Your out!!

provided by Tee from freegames

hey..anyone here..?

I love doodoo games..theyre good and challenging usually..

Took me three tries, but I did it. YAY!

took several tries but I did it. ^^


from the room you start in grab the
-sledge hammer

go right one to the room with the pipe on the wall, grab the

go right one to the room with the dial, grab the
-empty jar (top right of the shelf)
-rope (bottom left of the shelf)

go right one to the room with the desk, get the
-oil can
-nails (top right drawer)

go right (the door room)
-drag the bucket to the wooden box to fill it with sand

go right (pipe room)
-drag the saw to the stack of wood, move it up and down several times to cut the wood
-drag the nails to the pile of wood
-drag the mallet to the nails to finish the ladder
-pick up the ladder...
-drag the saw to the pipe and cut it the same as you did the wood
-drag the empty jar to the bag to fill it with grain
-drag the sledge hammer to the light colored brick on the right of the pipe to brake it(you will have to do this several times before it brakes)
-get the key from behind that brick

from your inventory:
-drag the scythe to the rope to cut it
-drag the cut rope to the candle to make it bigger
-drag the matches to the candle to light it

go right (dial room)
-click on the dial
-drag the candle to the top of the barrel
-now your going to have to find the right combination for the dial (its different every time) when its done right.. the dial opens and you see a mouse and a key hole
-give the jar of grain to the mouse
-use the key in the key hole

go right (desk room)
-drag the hose to the wheel to the left of the glass tank
-click on the wooden lever that is now above the glass tank to brake it
-put the piece of pipe in its place
-use the oil can on the lever
-click on the lever again (there should be water in the tank now)
-put the bucket of sand in the glass tank
-put the fish in the tank (make sure you do it in this order otherwise you will kill your fish)
-if you did it right you will see a rope hanging from the celling to the right of the desk
-click on the rope
-drag the ladder to the trap door


and IM OUT..that was a fun game..!

did that in twenty minutes too..was lucky i guess..lol..no doubt cause usualy at least 30 minutes..for doodoo games..i wish theyd make one one a day..:)

Cute game and I didn't need a walkthrough (shocker).

haha that 1 was boring.....

Haha! Looove the little jazz thing at the end!

Thanks andrea and carmen. without those walkthroughs I would still be stuck. I think I'll try again with out cheating;)

i cant figure out how to get the mallet to hit the nails

O what a cool game! But finished it in second try only :(

had to click several times on same object before it actually did somethin...so be patient and try many time the same action!


i finish it...hehe
1st you will put the host beside the aquarum,put fish on it,get the bucket and put some grains beside the door,put it in the aquarium where the fish is,go to the barrel and think the number coz its random,get the glass and put ome grains from the grains beside the wood,give it to mouse,use the cutter to the wood,just repeat until the wood cut off,use nails also and hammer then click it,combine the rope and the hook then candle and matches,put it in the dark hole were the barrel is,you will see the key hole,now go to were i 1st find the wood then above it theres a brick which different color(white)use hammer and break it until you wil get the key,use it in the keyhole,go above the aquarium then pull the opener it will going to break,so now go to the steel under the mess water then use the cutter to the steel until it breaks,put it in the opener broken and the pot so it will not stock then push it do the water wil flow to the fish then theres a rope will going down click it then use the ladder then finish

i liked this one 2

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