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Escape the Lab

Lab Escape WalkthroughEscape the Lab is a new point and click type room escape game created by Daniel Hoctor. In this game, you are locked in a lab and you have to investigate around to find some useful items and solve puzzles in order to escape from the lab. Good luck and have fun! Thanks to Daniel for creating and submitting this game for us. This is his first flash programming and we hope he will create more escape the room games for us. Enjoy! [Created and subbed by Daniel Hoctor]

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I am here, going to see how well I can do on this one.

I was JUST going to bed and of course, I had to see that a new game was posted.

I've picked up a bunch of items and created a virus.

Ouch, I bombed myself. Round 2.

I did cut yellow and green with no problems.

Well I've gotten to opening the door but I havent gotten the wall safe open. Any ideas?

This time I've created a cure for the virus. Hmm...

purple + yellow = virus cure
green + yellow = virus

That doesn't really get me anywhere right now.

I see a couple of numbers in one of the books on the shelf, but not sure where/if they apply.

How'd you get the door opened? I can unscrew it, but not cut the right wires.

Ok I know the combo to the safe is the day of the accident but... I dont know what day that is.

The bookshelf numbers are for opening the dooe, all 7 of them. The series for cutting the wires is in the trashcan and in the book in the floor safe. When cutting them you have to make sure you cut the colors on both sides before moving to the next color in the sequence.

Thanks, kevin. It's late so I'll have to finish this tomorrow. Nice job!

I'm out, but they put me in prison. Gonna go back in and keep trying that safe combo. I don't think its the day of the accident anymore.

It's not the day of the accident it's Joshua's birthday which is the 19th of May 1993 (it's written in the journal in the top draw) but I'm having no luck working out the safe any ideas?

i keep trying 5191993 for thecomboe both ways and its not working. I'll keeep trying

get the sulfaric acid out of the biohard trash to open the welded locker thing

This comment has been removed by the author.

isn't anyone else trying to figure it out? i can't get it either, i've got everything else but this...what else can it be?

I have wire cutter, key(used), acid (used),green vile, purple vile(used), yellow vile(used), graphite shavings, brush, screw driver, and virus cure

I'm struggling with the floor safe code?

I've tried his birthday, his 14th birthday. I tried the date that he changed it. I even tried the day in the newspaper about the missing kid who was reunited with his parents, which doesn't make sense because it's dated 4 days after the combo change.
If anyone figures this out please say something, I'm pulling my hair out here.
But I can help with any other part.

I'm trying the same things... very frustrating none of them working

the only stuff that i have left is the wire cutter,(which i used, but still have anyways...) the green vile and the purplish cure.

Does anyone know what the letters and numbers where the bomb is stands for?

yep, me too. got everything but the stinking safe code

what is the graphite from the pencil sharpener used for

you can just ignore the letters, look in the book in the safe that is on the floor...

Use the graphite shavings from the pencil sharpener and the brsuh from the cabinets to show what letters spell the floor safe combo.

did you get the brush from the closet/cabinet? use the graphite on the floor safe(when you are zoomed in on the code box thing) then brush...like on C.S.I.

And what is the floor safe code?

Well with the letters H.T.A.E.D what five letter words can you spell?

you have to unscramble the letters....

The safe is as follows:

Click left to 5
Click right to 1
Click left to 9

Click center of knob. Voila.

With the floor safe code you need to use the graphite shavings and place them on the key pad, then locate the finger brush which is in the large green cupboard (to open the large green cupboard you need to dissolve the handle with the sulphuric acid) and brush the keypad it will reveal the code (like brushing for fingerprints).

Curse you charlie and your simplification of the wall safe combo. LOL Thanks

wire order yellow,green,black,brown,white

thanks charlie

the safe is still not working for me do I have to reload the game again? to try that combination

yay! thanks charlie! doesn't the maker of the game know how to use a combo lock? you always go to the right first...

I tried the combo one way and it didnt work and then immediately tried the other way and it opened. Make sure you click the center knob on it.

david red comes after both browns in the wire order.

i see no black wire

or are people getting different color wires?

Yay I did it I did have to reload the game

Wire order should be:

The order for the wires is as follows

Brown Left
Brown Right
White Left
White Right

i got out thanks for your help everyone!

I'm out. Good little game. And for once, it's in ENGLISH.

kevin h.t.e.a.d spells death

I just read the post-escape story and am not too pleased with the demise that Mark met.

That's one of the best escape games in a while. Challenging without being too difficult. And like Charlie said, it's in English :)

Thanks charlie~ I thought we need the year part as well... ^^"

Forgive me, but I had created the dial safe backwards... starting Counter-Clockwise rather than Clockwise. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyone here to play like with....im always later..our time zones are so different..:(..ok well im gonna try er...

i just saw a new one gamersh**d in that series we love so much..no doubt be here tomorrow for us..:)..The one where the screen moves..shows u surprises..think they made cat escape..

I'm trying to do the combo lock with 5-1-9 but it's not working and yes, I am clicking in the middle of the knob.

oh hey..u have to dust for prints on the safe...neat..thats the one thing i love about the c.s.i. games...u buy..not the ones here..the ones u buy are awesome..!..anyhow that cool..this guy is good who made this one..well done..so far im entertained with it..:)

oh maybe its working now..couldnt blog for a minute there..was getting error code..testing to see if this works..

So far safes are opened and am now working on virus...I cant belive submachine 5 is out too...yayyy

Is it too soon to post a walkthrough..i was going to..but wanted to ask first..in case others find it too soon..?..let me know and ill post it..thanks:)

Ok, lucky for me, before i posted that i couldn't put safe code in realised that i was lining the numbers up at the top! Doh!

where do the numbers 5-1-9 come from? am i missing something.? on the safe i've got the no's 3906

Hi Hoop.
5-1-9 is the birth date of the son.
the month May = 5 and the day 19 = 1 - 9


Hope that helps

At the end of the journal in the 2nd drawer of desk. It is stated that the old combo was the day of the accident that killed the son. He states that he has changed it so now the combo will remind him of his son's life (birth). 1st page states that it is his son's birthday.

A game that was worth playing.
Short and sweet

the code to the floor safe is "death"
use the pencil shavings on the letter pad by clicking the shavings and hitting the clear button then hit enter and the letters a, e, t, h, and d are the only ones that stay fuzzed over. so the only word that comes to mind immediately is "death" so i tried it and it workd

Oh Boy am I thick! I was doing the same thing Twinkle.

Im trying to open the wall safe. I have I have done the 5 1 9 couter clockwise pusher the center button,nothing. I have rebooted several times the same.Someone mentioned lineing up the numbers from the bottom. Help please

I cannot find the code for the door

does anyone know the door code is tell new york

Wow, easy. guess there are multiple ends to it though. me I just presented the cure to the hospital gave em the docs and after days Mark, the one responsible for the virus was found dead. Hope its a perfect end :)

Hello, ive cut 2 wires and managed 2 get th code 4 th door. But i opened it an died :-(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Im out, all the people in the hospital die and Mark is never found in my ending. :-(

somebody please post a walkthrough!!!!!!!

These games are awesome. I just stumbled upon the room escape games this week and I can't stop playing them. I'm not getting any work done! Does anyone know how you get the code to the door lock. I've disarmed the bomb, have the cure, and the incriminating documents but can't seem to be able to find where the door code is suppose to come from. Any hints?

OK OK I guess I was a little impatient! I found the code and figured out how to use it. I thought I had checked that area pretty good but I guess that is what I get for thinking. I cured everybody and they found Mark dead in a bathroom so I guess that is the ideal ending.


Get pliers from tool box.
Go right.
Get key from cactus.
Use key on middle drawer.
Read journal and take screwdriver. Note date on first page.
Click picture above the desk.
Safe code is the birthday. Left to 5 right to 1 left to 19.
Click center of knob.
Get documents.
Click pencil sharpener to get graphite shavings.
Go right.
Click inside trash can for wire instructions.
Click magenta book on top shelf. Note the numbers.
Go right.
Click bin to get acid.
Go left
Use acid on filing cabinet.
Get brush.
Go left.
Use pencil shavings on floor safe keys.
Do the same with the brush.
Note where there are fingerprints ADEHT. Passcode is death.
Read instructions for bomb.
Read paper for cure.
Go right twice.
Click medicine cabinet and get 3 solutions.
Click box thing on desk.
Combine purple and yellow solution for the cure.
Go right.
Use screwdriver on bomb.
Use pliers to cut the wires in this order: yellow, green, brown left, brown right, red, white left, white right.
Bomb is now disarmed.
Click keypad above safe.
Combination is numbers from magenta book:3972531
Click handle and answer yes to wanting to leave.

thank you so much!

First time I finished without any help. Great game Daniel. Difficult enough to be challenging yet still solvable.

       Anonymous  2/7/08, 6:29 PM  

ya hoo!! i finished, great job, i rescued everyone and they found mark from the incriminating documents, but he was dead. :( oh well, great game!!

i cant get in the wall safe i got evrything else and i know the code but cant get in help!

WOO i escaped with a little help from all of you but thanks a lot

If anyone is still having a problem with the wall safe code it is 8 left 4 right 0 left. Don't ask how I figured it out, but it works! I have no idea how they were getting out with 519! lol

The code for the door is 3972531... You can find it in the directors book on the shelf.. The number 3972 is on the second page and the numbers are bigger than the rest of the text and on the other page 531 is there bigger then the text and so you put those together type them in the door code and you're out!

I like the cure ending better I don't like the virus one. This is a good game though!!!!

I like the cure ending better, lol, maybe because I like murder/suicide stories/endings better, I won it the first time by doing the cure, then I came on here and decided to do it with the virus instead, just to see what would happen!

Fun Game Though!!!



That's considered spamming and it's not permitted here. Please refrain from doing it again :)

Thank You~



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