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Esklavos Chapter 12 Walkthrough

Esklavos Chapter 12

Esklavos 12 WalkthroughEsklavos C12 is 12th chapter of Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg. In this chapter, you have to point and click on right places to collect somethings and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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hi there!

anybody playing. I'm stuck already :(
Van anybody help me?

You can goto other skulls by moving the tusk next to the right most skull and jumping into the fog

yes that's what i did. Tried to make the sentence that ungo says. I have a worm and a tusk but don't know what to do with it.

Join tusk and worm

I'm trying but that doesn't work. How do i do that? Do I have to stand on a certain place?

can't find the worm

the worms come up just under ungo

Still no worms.. You have to push the sculls in the right order to make a sentence.. tryin to figure out what to say :-)

the guy in that cage says the sentence you need to make skulls say.

trying that but i miss "to" in the sentence, so nothing happens. Also trying to join the tusk and worm and i'm still ahving no luck with that. Hint please?

ah..too tired to think..thanx

My tusk combined to one of the skulls, but no idea what to do with the worm.

Also how to get that pyramid stone?

goto the far most skull, take the pyramid stone and join with worm to make a piece for stone board

did that to and now you can go to the pyramid island

still no worms..how'd you get it?
tryin to solve the boardgame

sorry, i meant stone table

When the skulls say ungo's sentence, they should emit light from their eye sockets st the same time. This should make board game appear

       Anonymous  1/20/08, 5:16 AM  

Can't take the pyramid stone. Got the worm, put the tusk on one of the skulls, and have the board game but this is where I am stuck.

Stephanie, there are three platforms that you can travel, but you cannot go to one of them, until you put the tusk in place.

To get the pyramid stone you have to attach the tusk you get from the worms to the right most skull, then keep the tusk next to the skull straight and jump into the fog. This will take you to the pyramid stone

       Anonymous  1/20/08, 5:28 AM  

Thanks. Didn't see that far off one. Now I just have to figure out this wonderful board game.

I don't see the worms! Is the worm in the soft surface? And I can't take the pyramid stone either. Or do I need the worm first maybe?

noor.. go to the right island. get ants. grow ants in soft surface..

ok, found the worm, guess i was just dumb, lol

solved the stone table game, now stuck with key and stones.

thanks pilgrim, didn't see the ants at first. Any tips on how to get the pyramid stone? I'm standing on the platform, but can't take it.

       Anonymous  1/20/08, 5:38 AM  

This game is driving me nuts. Can get within one or two squares but then it's "bad move". Grrrrr....

never mind, I've got it

Noor, you are on wrong platform, read earlier posts, so you know how to get to the right one.

Finished this one

       Anonymous  1/20/08, 5:43 AM  

Finally solved the game. On to the next part ....

@sampo, I got the pyramid stone now, didn't understand the comments at first, because I missed the tusk.
how do you place the last piece on the board? Managed to place all the other pieces, but messing up at the last one.

       Anonymous  1/20/08, 5:49 AM  

I can throw stones into the fog but that's where I am stuck.

these games are nice :-)

steph! ajust the right tusk to position 3 (flat out)

Noor, just trial and error, notice the piece that the opponent places, and then try different pieces on that. Example, for ant piece, you can place that worm piece.

Stephanie, mind the position of the tusk when throwing stones to fog.

Jippie, finally out! very nice game. Thanx everybody for hints!


-push right tusk once. jump into fog (left) to end up on right island

-get ants. push tusk to get bak. grow ants in surface. get worm and tusk

-put tusk in right skull, adjust the right tusk(1 push) and jump back into fog. get pyramide stone and go back.

-combine worm and stone

-click ungo for "password" and push the skulls in right order to reveal the boardgame.
solve it and get key

-get stones from ungo. throw them into the fog. the right tusk must be in position 3 (flat out).
jump into the fog yourself as well.

-get bone. go back. give bone to creature.

-use tusk (left) to lower cage and give key to ungo.

-wake up!


Finally finished. :) It took a very long time for me to compleet the boardgame...

Just one hint for the board game...........

The Greensorcerer is the only one that beats the dragon stone.

it wont take the pyramid stone?

this has to be one of the most frustrating games, the one were you had to get the same dance done and now this stupid one were you have to keep all the skeletons eyes lit up

easy way to do skull/password bit'
que' each skull the word before correct word, then start at 1st skull & click ea. skull once.

i don't understand this stone game.:( the last piece never fit there and i don't get the key.

I don't get it? I could do these first 2 steps: "-push right tusk once. jump into fog (left) to end up on right island-get ants.", but yet, when I try to do this, "push tusk to get back.", it does NOT work! When I push the tusk AGAIN after I get the ants, it does NOTHING!!!! WHY???? AND HOW DO I GET IT TO WORK?????? Please help me! Thanks.

each island has its own tusk. push it to return to the main island..

       Anonymous  1/21/08, 10:21 AM  

Please help! I have the stone/worm put cannot get Ungo to say password. All he says is "I can think at home."

       Anonymous  1/21/08, 10:42 AM  

I know I'm suppose to get the skulls to say this but I tried and it does not work. Is there an easier way?

How can i get the piramid stone? I'm standing on the left platform, but I can't reach it or something... Help!

wottie I had the same trouble when he jumps into fog first and lands with the first skeleton click on him to go back to centre then click tusk again and click on pyramid stone and he will go over to it.


On The Skulls pass word I Can Think in our Home. I set them one word from the right word and then start to click on them once to make the phase "I Can Think in our Home." I can't get all the skulls to light up. Is there a trick or does it change order in each game.

Help I'm about to give up.

When I try to get the pyramid stone, it doesn't work!


You have to get to the far back Island Set tusk stright up and jump on the frog.

By the way I had a Dog named freeway :)

For the password:
You have to push the skulls in the right order to form the sentence. And you have to be quick. The light must not disappear from the first skull's eyes before you push the last one. See?
Adjust all the skulls before you make them say the whole sentence in one..

The pyramid stone is on the far island. Think the tusk on the main island must be adjusted to the second position before you jump into the fog..

atv is right.
put your tusk in right skulls mouth. then set the tusk next to it in the uptight position. jump into fog and you should end up at the far island.

@atvcountry & pilgrim, I should have said this before, but I DID push the correct tusk, jump in the fog and land on the back island. However when I tried to reach for that stone, It STILL didn't work! Oh, and btw, I got the "freeway" name from the dog on "Hart to Hart"! :)



Ungo is in cage..click him so u see what he says.." I CAN THINK IN OUR HOME"

Each skull has its own words..

First skull= I CAN
Second skull= THINK IN
Third skull= OUR
Fourth skull= HOME

When clicking skulls note how eyes light up. Make sure u hit the words and all eyes are lit at SAME TIME while hitting words to form sentence..U HAVE TO DO THIS FAST

Position tusk on right skull, then jump into fog..TUSK has three positions ..Each position will take u to different islands..

Right most island has ANTS..
To get off of each island there is a TUSK. U must hit the TUSK on island U are ON..to get back to main island.

Put ants in SOFT SOIL to grow WORM AND TUSK.

Place tusk u grew in the right most skull and POSITION TUSK in front of it to get to ANOTHER island.

Go get stone. Combine WORM AND STONE.

PLay game. Each piece that is placed on the board u have to beat it.

WORM piece beats ANT
TAIl lookin thing beats EAGLE
DEVIL peice is beat by the DEVIL
GRIM REAPER beats dude with the tongs for hands.
DRAGON is only beat by the GREEN SCORCER.
WOMAN piece beats EAGLE or TAIL.looking thing

What i did was got rid of my two weekest peices which was the TAIL and the WORM..WOMAN..

Try and end up with the Green Scocerer as the last piece..IF U CAN

Speak to ungo when done and he will give u STONES..

Put stones in FOG u may have to do this twice..U will see a bone landing on opposite island..Jump in and go get BONE.

Give BONE to CREATURE..he will take off. Use TUSK that creature was standing in front of to lower cage.

Give KEY to ungo and he will unlock cage..


I hope that helps abit..also dont forget to position TUSK..to get back to island after throwing stones..into fog..The board game was a pain in the a**..lol..:)

For the game..it really depended on what was played of course..and also note that ur peices look similar to the ones the game has as well..if u play the ones u have that look like them..u will just being playing it safe.u will have to see which beats which..i only noted a few..but the game may make u play them sooner than later..and end up with weak piece..it realy is trial and error...:)

Ok, @mercedes and pilgrim. AGAIN, I am at the point where, after I clicked the 1st tusk, I went on the island w/ the ants and got the ants. THEN, I went back to the main island, planted the ants, and got the worm & stone. THEN, I clicked the tusk again and went to THE OTHER island and I can't reach that damned "Pyramid Stone"! WHY? Every time I click on that damned stone, the little guy just kind of shrugs, like he can't get it, or something! I mean, I am doing what both of you told me, right? Oh, and mercedes, Ungo does NOT say, "I can think in our home", he says, "I like to back to our planet". And the sculls do not each say "I can/think in/our/home", they say random words/phrases. Now, will someone KINDLY tell me how to get that !@#$ pyramid stone stone?????? I clicked the tusks and jumped in the fog and EVERYTHING! What am I doing WRONG????

Hi freeway...actually ungo did say that in my game...maybe they change for each person..who knows and yes the words are random, i was just letting u know which said which..for the sentence i had.
AS for the stone pyramid stone...its on the island its on..There are three positions to the tusk..top without..middle and flat out...i beleive its top basically the first position that got me to the island the stone was on..Also make sure u put tusk u grew in sand in the skeleton head..the one u are changin tusk infront of ...put that in his head then change..position of tusk in front of him.

Let me know if this works for u

Hmm, I'm out. Or, I woke up. Not TOO bad.

I kept trying to throw stones at him while he had the spear raised at me. Luckily, it was just a (bad) dream and I woke up. But where's Ungo?

Hooray! I FINALLY did it! It's just I was going to the WRONG island to get the stone! :D

ya there are three different islands..lol...is why there are three different positions to the tusk...doenst appear very welle though does it..u can hardly see it..if it wasnt for the tusk on the island that the stone is on..i would neve rhave seen it either..:)..silly games..how did u do with board game..?..was it a pain too..i thought it was.only cause my pc is so slow..

       Anonymous  1/26/08, 11:09 PM  

Excellent walkthrough, pilgrim! I played that boardgame 30 times, then read what you posted, and it finally made sense-don't think people are looking at all the pieces??! Thanks! Great game!

Actually Suzy that was me who wrote that..but i'll thank u..forgot to unsuscribe to this game..lol..thanks again..glad i could help..:)

       Anonymous  10/2/09, 7:31 AM  

Table/list over the strength of the pieces in the board game at the stone table.

The computer's pieces sorted according to strength (strongest piece first):


The player's pieces sorted according to strength (strongest piece first):


In the table below, 'x' = player's piece wins over the computer's piece, '-' = player's piece looses to the computer's piece. All the names of the pieces are my own, descriptive names. I'm sorry that it looks like shit, but that happens when the editing is in a monospaced font and the preview is in a proportional font... Copy/paste the table into Notepad and fill in the spaces that were lost.

| COMPUTER (black contours)
PLAYER | Ant Bird Snake Ghost Bull Wings

Worm x - - - - -

Tentac. x x - - - -

Wings x x x - - -

Death x x x x - -

Ogre x x x x x -

Ghost x x x x x x

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