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Eternal Quest AnswersEternal Quest is another challenging online riddle game. In this riddle, you have to change the URL in order to get to the next level and to complete the game. Use your mind to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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but that doesn't mean i'm done first... stuck on three.

use something from the picture and follow the formula

Stuck on level 5... anyone here yet?

what to do on 4?

on 4:
Look at the img name and change. Then look closely.

Stuck on five, too. I know the image belongs to a great trilogy but that's all.

still don't get it :(

oh I got it.
Click on the image, username and Password from the name of the second volume of the trilogy

I think I'm somekind of newbie, I can't pass trough the 2 level, can someone put a walktrough?

forget it now i'm stuck on 4

i am stuck on 2 level. what should i do on it?

Hmm stuck on level 7 thougt 6 was easy but I don't know what too do in level 7 cause he's not giving any hints. I think it has too do something whit a mirror but what!?!? Any one else stuck on 7?

2 DeniseNL:
find another picture

2 Kreg:

Thnx I'm now stuck on 10. Got some hints from another forum but my english isn't good enough too understand them all.

how do you do number 6...i do not really get it...

I am at the same point...
have you seen an egg on 10th?
it is not very informative, though...

what useful have you found on another forums?

For 6 I'm at the part for where it asks me what song she sings, I know the title of the song Z*** but it doesnt work..

so far, i am on 6 and have gotten to the page saying "Don't be so formal."...i don't know what to do...

@ m

What did you do to get past the S**'* the *** thing?

be informal - use only name!

passed to 11?
at least, found one username/pass combination for 10...

it seems, there are more than one way?

how do i get past #2?

Any hints on 9? Maybe something about vampires?

I don't know how to hide hints so I apologize in advance.

For number 3, the answer is three.

in the text at the bottom it says, "what do you see"
you see a "tree"
you look in the text and it shows us that in between the first and second character of a four letter answer (tree has four letters) you put an h, so you get three.

Number 4 it pretty much gives away.
In the source it says look at the image name.
Hmmm let's try typing things related to it. change the ending to "road_large.htm". That's not the correct answer, but it will get you there once you go to that page.

For 5 there's already a hint on this page.

For 6 look at the name of the picture, and you'll get it.

For 6, once you get to the google part and have a good idea hwat you should type in, it's a wikipedia result ur looking for. I think it's the first one, in fact.

and on the dont be so formal.
when you're speaking to a friend, you dont address them by their first AND last name do ya?

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I'm stuck on 11 :(

2 Chris:

have you already got the .htm for that level ? if not, check the sources of that you have.

part 2:
there is a lot of eggs around, just start trying obvious things...

you will see soon, what you need to count.

2 Nessa:

as soon as you know the biological order, try naming parvorders (USE always COMMON/EVERYDAY names)- you will start getting eggs...
you will find soon a right "family"...
PAY ATTENTION to semi-hidden comments... - the one of most obvious answers has an egg with additional info- it is critical to solve the level.

hello, I am stuck on level 6 with "That's right. The song is called H....
And what was the name of the singer again?

Is it the same song H....?
Please help!!

2 Anne-Laure:
it seems you overjumped an egg...
the first eggs that all found are the
name of the group (anagram it) and the name of the person on the picture. further it is very easy - eggs are explicit.

hi, i think im on level five. its the one where it says "Yes, but you don't need a .htm page... you need a picture!"
help i dont get it!

2 courtney :
no, it is not yet next level.
It is just an egg - some sort of hint, that help you find the right solution.

so you on the right way, but still need to change something...
may be, size???

thank you kerg!

i didn't get it, on the 4, it says that i neeed a picture

okay, now i am stuck on number five. ive figured out you got to put in a username and password and i get that its from the second book in a trilogy (i know what trilogy, i just dont want to ruin it for someone else) but im not sure how to figure what the username and password are. am i missing something importaint?

I hate anagram.... is there any program that one can use to solve anagram? ^_^"

Yeah, but you don't need to figure out the anagram, really. If you want to, though, check the source code.

regarding login (user/pass)levels:

after passing several of such levels, can state that for all of them the autor DOES NOT make any LOGICAL distinction between username and password, so both fields treated absolutely equal, and, normally, constitute two parts of a phrase
(two - word phrase (stripped of articles), first word put in username field, second used as pass)

2 Rosy :


I'm having trouble on level 7. I've got an alternate image, but nothing I try seems to work. Any suggestions?

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Ok, not getting anywhere near of escaping 5... anybody got a clear hint (or just the answer, would help a lot too;)

Please! I must be dumb, got stuck on 2. tried the source code and nothing. please help, although if I cant pass 2 what will be at later levels....

OMG! got it. am dumb.

2 Marieke :

do you know a trilogy of this author?

one of books from this trilogy pass very good to what you see (do you see the towers?)
just put the words of the name in both fields (first - in username, second - in password)

can anyone tell me how to pass the number 4?I really didn't get it, thanks

which one was number 4 again?

Sorry for my bad english!

I can't figure out the password on number 5. I did read that it's the name of the second film in the triology, but I don't know the name in english, and i don't know how to write it.

Now I am on level 13 and i don't know what to do? Any hints?

2 Nettan:

use hint in source to get another file (apply the hint on the file name)

with the new picture use gimp,
and pay attention to levels.

i dont know what to do on level nine... :[

hello everyone
can anyone tell me what in heaven's sake a "source code" is??

grrr im rippin my hair out!!!! what is the answer to number 6?

i am at the screen: yes the song is hello. What is the singers name again?

i have tried amy, amylee, miss and mrs and ms amy/lee. everything. please help???

got it, nvm :D

any help for number 9

Is anyone else finding this as hard as me??? What the F@*K is a source code? help please.

Is anyone else finding this as hard as me??? What the F@*K is a source code? help please.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jo Jo

click on view pulldown
click on source
this is the actual source used to create thescreen you are on

PLEASE PLEASE I need help with 8

Stuck three hours now


look at the small, faint words on the picture under her right wing

anybody playing? number nine is imposible! hints?


I can seeit when I copy JPG to paint and adjust contrast and brightness, but even with a magnifying glass, I can't make it out. soflaw.htm sallow.htm etc Please help me on 8 I can help you on 9 (maybe)

NM Courtney,

I finally got it. I looked up a list of Gothic Names on Google and found one that was similar to what I could see and WHa-La!!

See you at level 9

I want to scream!!! I'm at the page that says:That's right. The song is called "Hello".
And what was the name of the singer again?
If I just put in amylee, I end up back at the page asking for the song. I'm driving myself crazy going in circles. I've tried every combination of amy, lee, and even her last name, including miss ms & mrs. Someone help please!!!

try the song name, then her name

ok, nevermind, I got it! lol. But now I'm stuck on 7, and I can't find any hints. Help please?

I don't know how to hide these, so for those of you who don't want to know, there may be a spoiler below!

I've already tried sunset.jpg & sunset_mirror.jpg. I also tried sunrise.jpg, figuring that maybe the hint was that the pic was backward. Nothing. Any ideas?

BTW, thanks Courtney!

what does it say backwards when you go to sunset.jpg?(hinthint)
btw your welcome :]

level 10 hints?

Ok, maybe I'm just too blind to play this game. I transferred the image to my photo program and lightened it, but I just cannot read it. Sarlow? Sorlow? ARGH!!!
Can ya' save my butt one more time tonight Courtney?

stuck on 8, found the word, but cant figure out what it is, even tried to hunt down gothic names but nothing, closests i came was sallow but thats not working for me.


JoJo, Fayrouz & others - i was the same at first.

SOURCE CODE: i guess its the last part of the web address. it seems this game is mostly played by changing the last word or phrase and sometimes the extension (the last 'dot' + 3 letters (usually .htm)) of the address.

a walkthrough would be wise so people don't have to read all the hints for future levels before finding what they need.

i'm stuck at 6 (part b?). i googled a word and got a wiki result, but so what?

hi the source code is the list of commands that the creator of the page use when he make the page

to see it you have to right click on the black part of the screen and click on the optiom watch fount code or source code or watch code

Can someone say to me the user and pass for the 5!!!
sry if I have bad english
'cause I'm spanish but please help with lvl 5!!

Lunatico...the pas for number 5 is two for user and towers for password......I need help on number 9 ppl please.

Damn.. anyone can help me out "hintway" on a 10thh?

I doubt anyone else is playing but for the love of all that is holy how do you do 6?! heh, i am so frustrated...

anyone know how to get passed 13!?!?!?!?!

never mind i got it

wait im on 13 too but i dont have any picture programs like photoshop!!!! please give me hints or email me cooterstank1291@aol.com with the answer :} because i cant access the picture

fox as in eric fox?

does anyone know how to get passed level 17 please help!?!?!?!?

i cant get passed 17 plaese help!!!


I'm stuck on lvl9. No idea which skeleton this is. And the hint above doesn't help eighter. I keep writing the animals but no one fits.

Spoiler please? :)

Got it! ;)

i m stuck on 2 and i dont understand the source code can anybody help

hints pls... im stuck on 10

Can someone help me on level 12.
something to do with the russian language?

i need help on lvl 9, everybody that mentions it just says they found it and i'm stuck and have been for a couple days

i can't figure anything out, other then the A***r.jpg egg

come on, i need help its buggin me

The language isn't russian. Its serbian. Similar but different. Im stuck on 12... HELP ME!!!

stuck on 12... I've found two eggs, but don't have any other ideas...

Somebody help me with level 5 i don;t understand what is ussername and password???pls:d

Pls lvl5 uss and pss??!?!?!?!

Nothing i'we got it!

Now level 6 ? help pls??!?!?!

Im f***ed up... i try user and pass for lvl 5 (listed above) but it justs rejects me... it says that its not the correct password (3 times tried the user and pass be4)... PLS help...

username: two
password: towers

anyone figure out 12?

Has anyone written a complete step by step walk-through if so please post them

What I've gotten so far:
First page. xD

Click the lock:

Opposite of the word "end":

The last level was level three.Also, tree rhymes with

three and the source code tells you to add an h:

Uh, I'm not even sure how you get this one:

Extra hint:

Level Five:
Click on the tower in the background. It's in the right

side. You can also go to http://www.eternal-


Username: Two Password: Towers

The words are lyrics from an evanescence song. The singer

of that band is Amy Lee. The name of the song is Hello.


I'm not really sure about the reasoning. My guess is that

it's because it looks angelic, and the number 7 has to do

with heaven. And angels have wings. I dunno. >.<

You have to brighten up the image. The text is underneath

the right wing.

It's "before" and the "forgotten times." These are our

distant cousins.

The word "virus" is in the source code. It's based on

something called the Cookie Monster Virus.

Typing in "Eat" and "It" as the password and username gets

you to this page:

The source code says "Go to the next quest."

If you hate Microsoft, you probably use a Mac. It seem to be something about either OSX or Snow leopard...

I found this egg, but that's it:

Anyone know?

on level 12 you must write on serbian, go on google translate and write burek, and translate it from eglish to serbian!

Hieifan324 count the number of windows on pic

does anyone know how to solve level 13???

how about the maze problem ? i cant pass that , hope you can help me

Can anyone help with 11?

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