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The Never Ending Level Game Walkthrough

The Never Ending Level Game

Never Ending Level Game PasswordsNeverending Level Game is an addicting and challenging puzzle game where you use clues provided on the screen to proceed to the next level. Now there are 250 300 levels to play and complete. Can you able to complete all levels? Good luck and have fun!

Update: There are 250 300 levels to play now.

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stuck on level 18,,any help?

already stuck on 5

stuck on 19...

up to 47, it gets harder.......

stuck on 41

i need help on 15

what was 41?

I dont understand level 23

i don't know, when i went back to the screen after leaving a comment here, the button appeared. hmmm...

tosca, what was the question in 23 again? maybe i can help

oh sorry hemingway, you were trying to help me:) i got past it.
could you help with 46 now? it just says "OMFG"

help with 26?

type in OMFG in caps. when you get to 57, want to give me a hand?

What year in the 20th century has digits thatadd up to 23?

anyone at 41? the one that says to use the force?

anyone have any suggestions for lvl 26....it has a red off-shaped 6 sided shape & says type in password here ^^
but its backwards...

theres 6 possible, only one is right, 1967 I think

nevermind...i got it

tosco, try 1967

1967 worked for me

hemingway-- #50 I can move a square with a circle around and it shows a hidding square with a circle... any help?


kat, you need to use one to move the other one until they are both over the X,

Im taking a break, if anyone gets past 57, please let me know how

sayala, anyluck with lvl 26 yet?

anyone know 45

still need help with Level 18,,,please help me out.

26 ??? @grant

help for 19 please, the one with the scrambled letters can't get the pass.

the answer to 26 is nogatnep

girly67, what is the question in lvl 18 again?

level 26, type pentagon backwards, what is 18, i cant remember

19 is special

19 = special

hemingway- i'm at 56

anyone know 47?

actually 57 now

oops, i mean 48? with just the exit arrow in the middle of the page?

Level 18 is the one with the big red B on the multi green colored back ground...hmmmmmm

nevermind.. i mean 50!

girly- just type "B"- if i remember correctly

any luck kat?

Kat,,I have tried that and it is not working for me. Thank you though.

Oh thank goodness,,It finally worked,,thank you Kat!!!

anyone know how to do 29 it says #&p<

oy, 52 is gonna take a while

ange just type in those symbols...

oh thnx

what in the heck is the deal with 54?

im going to see the words Level 57 in my sleep Ive been looking at it so long, lol

k, i'm at 57 too now...

is anyone else still working on 57?

I cannot finish 31. the last L , i cannot fill in.
Great when everybody is helping each other.

which one was 31 again?

still there martha, I managed to get rid of the blue box, now have two green triangles

OOOOH!!! 57 progress, i got the blue rectangle to turn into two little green arrows...not sure how though, i was just clicking around on the right side in bewtween little squares and the rectangle

k, me too,soory these things take so long to refresh...

GOT IT!!!!!! hemingway: figured out 57, the password is rewind, i just tried it cause those are what the arrows look like... :)

lol, i feel like an idiot. thank you

Found it . Must type red. Than they ask you : upper case. Then cap L.
Abnormal I am to this high level. Great game

that's ok, me too!

oy, but now i can't get 58

tab twice then enter, keep doing that, youre gonna love 59

thanks, but 59... wow.

if its something simple like rewind was, im gonna go nuts. :)

no idea what to do...this looks like it will be worse than 57!

me too!!!!it'll drive me nuts

59 is leaf

what's 60?

answer 35 canHam

well, i just kept typing stuff in- the pw is leaf... i guess it could have been worse,

lauren, keep hitting the middle of the screen with the hammer, about 100 times, the clue is there

i've tried second, minute, year, hour, day, month, decade, century, nanosecond, millenium, and ameasurementoftime...

what else could it be?

week. :)

what do we have to drag for 62?

24? wtf?!

nevermind, i dragged it a little bit, but now what? now it's white...

stuck at 57, the one with the green squares and the blue rectangle. help please!!!

where it says level 62, I got to a point where it shows 2 to the 66th power which is 7.37869763 × 1019, but its not right

stuck al level 40, when it says "period"...
i don't know how to do... any suggestions??? pleeeeeeeaseeeeee :)

red, click till you get to triangles, then type rewind, ale, just type a period .

oook, yah i got that part too...hmm..

NVM im out

week, period, it is not working for me. I triad cap , normal.. nothing

it's the actual answer for 62...2 to the 66

not working for me, thanks tho martha

Please, Level 40 !!!
I'm going crazy...
Is there anyone who can help me?!?!?
what's "period" ?????

what am i supposed to do in 66


this is period "."

my lower case a's won't work for 64...

martha, what is 62, nothing is working?

43 has me stumped. Grrr. Plz help.

no i mean the number, for 62...

But it doesn't work ...

40 I did second, minute, hour, day, month, year, semester, spring summer, winter, automn, evening, week, quarter, century

43 is the pink square that says "Drag this text to the top left and an invisible button will...." I can't read any more of it.

lvl 24 control

tosca, week
martha, mine either

NVM I'm out

gary, there is no more of it...the button is invisible, so you have to kind of click around to find it...
hemingway:grrrrrr!!! do they actually want you to type out the 1000 a's?

lvl 66 i managed to drag all the letters off of "level 66" untill it was black letters...and the back ground change to red and maroon.

I stack the red letters over the black after that. still stuck

I put week , period but nothing happening like ale84 says.
I think to restart.
Thx for the help

anyone know 27?



grant, how did you do 64 with the 100 letter a's?

wth is the deal with 65, these are getting a little over the top

i mean, did you actually count them out? or did you copy and pste...?

hemingway, did you actually count the a's for 64?

IN 69 wHAT NAME??????

copied and pasted

any help on 65

what about 65?

34 with the light switch has got me...got the thing in the middle as a dot...any suggestions?

i'm afraid to click outside the game screen... hmmm

which one is 65?? describe!!

any one help with 69!!

65, "You have to activate 15 buttons to proceed............"

yikes, what's the deal with 65?

@redroobar: no answers as you asked


got it! 65, just keep doing tab enter and the number counts down...it doesn't open any new windows...

great, I tried clicking out of game screen, now my progress is gone, can anyone send alone the password for 66 so I dont have to go through this again. thx

sunshine describe your level...thanks tosca was that to help or do you not know?

i'm down to black on 66, now what?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Any help on 46:


the level with "period" must be these 3 symbols


anybody pls help with 69!!!!


just got through 66..hemingwayL password is "cheesus"

Sunshine did you type in Caps?

aargh! i'm getting exhasted with the infernal clicking!!!
any help with 66?

Great rock-it. Now plus??

46 anyone?

the one that says:



Tosca "plus" =


34 help...with the light switch one...still clicking...

anyone still around? can't get passed 69, it won't work...

kez just type those items exactly.

i need help with 66 still....

Just went back through every lvl, fun fun, now at 69

what was 66? 69 is CLARENCE

NVM got it, could use some help on 83


make that 85 and BTW i'm clueless here

66 was typing "Level 66" and turning the letters red and then moving all the letters off until the letters are black

how do you do 52

Got 46 (just click "go" and then type OMFG)

Now stuck on 47, a grey background with a sort of screws on it and a box in the middle where you can draw the same box over and over again. What to do with them?

Already took a couple of dozen boxes out of it...

What to do?

47 ?? Do I have to remove 47 plates or what ? I think I allready did that and the screws dont loose

Finally, there's an end to level 47

Tosca, just keep dragging them away, you'll get there ;)

anybody help on 88, been here for ages.

i'm back! i can't get 74 to work for me... any ideas?

Hup level 50 must go tosleep now thx rockit

Level 34 with the light switch helppppp pleaseee....

@ Redroobar:

34: click the lightswitch, then (when the light is on) click the web in the center untill the light goes off. Then lightswitch, and start clicking on the center figure, etc. etc.

can anyone help me with level 81? red background...i dragged some red off to reveal "to find the password you must take the colors of this screen and invert them" in blue....

First-timer posting a walkthrough up to 43. I can't get past that one since the text gets "stuck" to my cursor.

1 - click the circle!

2 - click the blue circle

3 - click anywhere but the button

4 - click the 'v' in "Level"

5 - type "green" (it doesn't show up, but it knows what you're typing).

6 - click the circle in the green-teal border

7 - click the black border of the square

8 - type "fire" in the box, then click the button

9 - click the blue triangle in the lower left corner

10 - click and hold "STUPID," follow the pop-up instructions

11 - click anywhere?

12 - 12*12 = 144. Type "144" into the box and hit "GO"

13 - click the buttons in order?

14 - highlight the text in the top white box, enter what it gives you into the password box

15 - watch the bottom left corner, do what it says

16 - click the teal ball that crosses the screen

17 - go over the next to last spike from the right until it turns into a hand (1/3 way down).

18 - Type "B" (not case-sensitive)

19 - "special"

20 - keep clicking the box, but keep track of how many times you clicked. Got "twelve"?

21 - drag the stage to the left, then follow the yellow path.

22 - keep dragging the things that are in the way until you reach the exit arrow.

23 - several years add up to 23, but the one we're looking for is "1967"

24 - you can go through the water, wait until your curser turns into a hand, drag it up and place it on the corresponding color. Or, it's "control"

25 - drag the green panel out of the way, then drag the cream panel up and follow the path to find the button.

26 - It's a pentagon, right? Type "pentagon" backwards.

27 - hit the red buttons to reveal the password (case-sensitive!) and the password entry box.

28 - keep hitting the button and the "go back" button. You'll end up at 29 after a couple of times.

29 - hit the keys specified. They'll light up if you do it. Move the panel and hit the arrow.

30 - Hit the go button, then quickly hit the little ones that show up. The screen will go dark, but you can still hit the buttons, and your cursor will turn to a hand when you're over one.

31 - Type the key that's red ('e'). Click the button that comes up. Type '3' then '1'. Hit the button. Type 'v' hit the button on the now-green panel. Hit the green button. Type 'l', then 'e', hit the button, type 'L'

32 - drag the panels out of the way, click the black box at the end.

33 - click all of the red buttons

34 - hit the light switch and hit the spiral. Repeat until the spiral's gone.

35 - assemble the jigsaw puzzles and follow the instructions. I'd start with the upper left piece in the upper left corner.

36 - follow the instructions. If you need to get reoriented, drag the cursor out of the level until you can see it, then go back in.

37 - drag the panels in the direction indicated, following the path. Click the buttons at the end to reveal the password, which you enter into the box. Make sure you don't cover the password or the entry box!

38 - click the boxes one at a time to show the letters. They'll tell you the password. It's case-sensitive!

39 - drag the arrows in the direction they're pointing to get the password.

40 - move the spotlight until you find a letter/phrase, then type that letter/phrase. It'll disappear, so you'll have to find the next. (The 23rd letter in the alphabet is 'w' BTW, the one-digit number is '0, and the left bracket is the left parenthesis.)

41 - patience. Wait for a button to show up. Go to the bathroom, check your e-mail, whatever.

42 - the security code is 76330. Put that into the console, type it into the box, and hit "GO"

anyone help with 74?

rock it....I did that for ages...and nothing worked...so I thought there was something I missed, then just suddenly I am now on 35...thanks for the reply

27 - hit the red buttons to reveal the password (case-sensitive!) and the password entry box.


Pekemomona: keep trying. They're covering them.

BTW, I'm past 43 (finally). Tip: go for the 'u' in 'just' instead of the 'j'. ^___^;;

I was tabbing and entering the fucking level 65 or something like that, but now I tabbed out of the level, so does anyone remember the password of 59

Password 59 ?

dork- can you help me with 74. it's the one with the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. it aslo has a square with question marks that when you click it you get a screen with gibberish and you have to go backwards

kat- when the screen goes to gibberish...look for the letters/numbers in yellow..then enter those letters into the screen

password of 59, 57 or 54 ?
anyone? Come on, I don't want to start over at 43....


Ok, started again at 42.

48: click (and hold) the exit button and drag it up, then you'll see a line, the rest is easy.

im stuck at 73
i got the green and saw the pws
how do i put them togeather?

help with 76

type yellow letters
password"I love this game"
will appear in red

help with 50 someone!!!!

81 yet anyone?

Level 66 ?

I typed the letters and now they are red, what next?

What does 50 say Roseline?

66: "Level 66" and when you type these letters they'll change colour. Now what?

I can't remember in what order I typed them.

Please help!

Level 50..drag square until you find the pink button, then drag both to the cross bit of double clicking to release and move

66: Ok, got the letters off, they are black now, then changed the background 6 times. Now what?

Never mind! I'm blind :P

lvl 40
I don't know :S

Level 40 a period is nother word for a full stop "."

any help on 73? i keep clicking it, and nothing!

beck- what was 73 again?


Tried everything to type... :S

Next part: 43-62

43 - Make sure you're over the small text (I picked the bottom of the 'u' in 'just'), drag it to the left and up all the way. In the lower left corner, go over with the cursor until it changes to a hand. Click it, drag it up, and there's the exit arrow.

44 - Yellow/third box from the right, bright green, light blue, brown, gold, blue, green, red

45 - Hit the colors in the same order as they're in the level title

46 - type "SUPER IMPOSSIBLE!!!!" in the password, then type 'OMFG'

47 - keep dragging that gray square away, eventually you'll reach an exit arrow.

48 - drag the stage to the right (you'll just see a black line go across), and then click the exit arrow.

49 - Click and drag the x to find 4 buttons, drag the level then to find 4 more buttons, then drag the x to the lower left to find the exit arrow

50 - drag the square with the circle (grab the green part) to the lower right corner to find another square/circle combo. You can only drag the invisible one through the visible square, so drag both of them over the x to reveal the exit arrow (where the two circles overlap).

51 - press the letters as they appear on the screen (lowercase, no spaces)

52 - 5th row, 2nd from left.

53 - This one's kinda hard. There's 4 wheels, all on top of each other, and an exit arrow under them all. You can either a) find all of the triangular openings on all of them and time it so all will run at once, enabling you to find the exit arrow, or b) get them all lined up at the top (where the arrow is).

54 - you can barely see it, but in the background it says "pw = pants"

55 - type in the numbers, then add them up (1+2+3+4=??)

56 - Click restart, ok, then no till you hit the next level.

57 - Click the box in the middle on the right; what do the arrows remind you of? The password is "rewind"

58 - hit the tab key until the star in the lower right is highlighted, then hit enter. Be careful to not hit tab too far and click a link on the page!

59 - "leaf"

60 - keep hitting the blue screen (about the middle right) until it cracks and breaks; continue until it breaks no more. Same with the red one. The password's "week"

61 - keep clicking "OK" on all the windows. The text is upside-down and says "The password of this level is gnome"

62 - The "something" to drag is "Level 62" Drag the blue one over to the left side to find 2^66. Thanks to Martha, it's "73786976294838206464"

anyone help with #76? it has "# yellowbox,redbox,greenbox,bluebox". totally confused

rock-it- the answer is CLARENCE

73 is the one that says "click this button" with the sketch of the arrow keys

Thanx Catwoman

kat-is that the one with the changing arrow directions? i think for that one just move over to each corner and wait for each number to appear at the opposite end of the arrowhead

Kat, just press your right cursor on your keyboard "->" and the passwords will reveal

beckerz-use the arrow keys to change the color of the background, click the button..i think it says something like "first password is lemon, second password is berry"

Just starting with 76 (# and then 4 colours), going to sleep now. Good luck to you all!


anyone have a hint for 75? says "shield active..."

Navigate through the maze.

I'm stuck on 78

stuck on 81

I've been stuck on 81 for ages!

never mind on 78, need help on 79

stuck on 79 plz help..

which one is 79?

with the shapes and enter them in sequence

Never mind, never paid attention to the cursor

help on 80 please?!?!? say the password for this level is password but it doesn't work

Now I'm stuck on 83

stuck on 83 all it says is level broken??

81 is 'scream'

Anyone know 83?

please, 80...stuck for a looooooong time.

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