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The Daydream

[REPLAY] Gotmail - The Daydream Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by IDAC for Gotmail. "I want you to find me. One evening, I got an email on my cell-phone from my son, as always. It’s the same message every time. His message was an invitation to play his favorite game, peek-a-boo. We’ve played this game over and over since he was a baby. Although, as he’s gotten older, the game has become more like hide-and-seek. Ok, I’m coming to his room. I’m ready to play the game. But his room seems different for some reason. Hey! The door’s locked behind me! Is this a new twist to the game? Or something else?" Good luck and have fun!

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The Daydream Escape Walkthrough

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Woohoo! I love Gotmail games! They scare me and excite me in equal measures... *does a little dance*

YES!! I can't wait...

less than 4 1/2 hours to go!!!

This game is up and running on the gotmail site. Gonna give it a go right now.

Diana are you playing???

Hey red, I'm already done. That was pretty short and fairly easy. You? Need help?

Normal Gotmail standards lots and lots of clicking....done lots of things and now stuck with a transformed robot that I dont know what to do with and a skeleton keyring....

Are you are there....hint please...

Look for a place to hang the keyring.

Thanks Diana...didnt see the chain...moving along now...

No problem. I came across it by accident, actually.

Ok...hint for the dice please....

One of the dots on the dice can be removed....

Thanks I was wondering why there were two 5...

Have you used the tank and do you have 3 robots? Also, the dice has more than one purpose. It isn't "used" in your inventory, is it?

Yes did all that...only have the dice left... did the sticker bit etc....

Use the metal wire on the hole in your dice.

Ah is that what I am looking for!!

Ohh haha, yes. Click the red door and you should hear something fall. Look for it behind the light.

Thanks for you help Diana, didnt have the sound on....good to talk as we are rarely on the same time zone...100F and 4.54pm in Australia!

Hmmm, I think that's where it is. I know I clicked something and it fell behind the light.

My pleasure, red! Almost 9am here...

I see you are in Denmark....I hear the winter has been reasonably mild.
It was an excellent Gotmail game as they are so different...at least no horrible codes to work out!! Yeah..

Very mild. No snow, and hovering just above the freezing mark.

Glad, there wasn't any bad codebreaking or difficult mini-games in this one. I've never been that good at cracking codes. Hope the continuation comes soon!


-Click the leftmost green toybox with the :( face and note that it is closed tightly.
-Click the rightmost blue toybox with the :o face. Open it, look inside the box, and close it again. Click on the right side of the toyboxes and get the tank.
-Zoom out twice, go right and click the table. Pick up the display-model sandwich.
-View the sandwich and click it to get the The Chariot tarot card. View it 2 more times and get the The Tower tarot card and The Sun tarot card.
-Lift the bread rolls until you find the memory card.
-Click the middle of the plate (make sure all the bread rolls are down) and get the video cable.
-Zoom out and click the red chair. Get the cell phone.
-Insert the memory card into the cell phone. Click the area on the cabinet under the TV and put the cell phone in the cradle. Connect the video cable, hit Start, and play the game. (It’s a very easy game so don’t be frustrated by this mini-game). Retrieve the cell phone.
-After you’re done, it seems as if the TV can be moved. Click the black area of the TV until it flips, you get a glance of a 2nd room. When the TV flips back over, get the cabinet key.
-Use the key on the orange TV cabinet and get the blue robot.
-Go to the corner where the windows meet and you’ll see a tall building. Note there is a faint outline of something. View the tarot cards and you should see a cut scene. Note the area that it shows on the floor.
-Place the tank on the floor. It blows open the green toybox. Click the tank and get the skeleton keychain.
-Go to the green toybox and get the red robot.
-Go to the far view of the table. If you look up you will see something at the top of the window.
-Click the chain twice and place the skeleton keychain there. Go to the area on the wall it is pointing to and get the yellow robot.
-View each of the robots to “transform” them. Use the red robot on the blue robot. Then use the red/blue combination on the yellow. You now have a digger.
-Use the digger behind the toybox (near where the tank is). Click it and it will get a dice.
-View the dice and notice it has 2 “5”s. Click the middle dot of one of the fives and get a sticker.
-Go to the red door and keep clicking the lock until something falls.
-Check behind the light to the left and get the short metal wire.
-View the cell phone and it will tell you to look at the window.
-Put the sticker on the outline and use the short metal wire on it. Watch the UFO and parachuting cut scene.
-The dice is now available again in your inventory.
-Use the metal wire on the hole in the dice and get the device. Use the short metal wire on the device and get the key.
-Use the key on the red door and Peek-A-Boo, you’re out!

so i've been trying for the last hour to get the game to load... and it won't :(

I've read that ppl on other sites are having problems as well. I think it's just heavy traffic to that link. Keep trying!

5236th person to complete
29min 31sec

thanks diana, the door clicking thing helped it

I played the game but I cant take back the phone and i click everywhere but the tv wont move...please help..

Try doing some of the other actions first. And them come back to the phone.

I clicked somewhere on the right side. Took a little bit but it worked. Then when it flips you see the key on the screen.

the phone won't come out

Try doing some of the other actions before trying to get the phone. e.g., making the robot, etc...

Getting the phone is only necessary when you are trying to stick the sticker on the window and then using the metal wire on it.

i've got it i didn't had the raight place of the tv and you have to wait for the mail sorry for my english

i am still haing trouble getting the phone. i hae put the blue and red robot to gether but there is still no mail and i still cannot get the phone.right now all i have is the robot digger tingy they both created when ou put them together and the skeleton key ring? :S please help i am so stuck :(

You need 3 robots. Use the skeleton keychain in the window above the table.

i need help with the tank. i know i put it on the floor somewhere but i never got the cut scene that shows where. help please?!

Have you looked at the tarot cards for the cut scene? You can also view where the two big windows come together.

yea ive done both things and nothing happens.

amelia its close to the box with the toys

Thanks for the help people.Done it!

ive clicked everywhere. i think i might just restart

I love the "Gotmail" games...This was the easiest one so far.

thanks for your hints about the dice
because i'm just stuck there.
i hope i visit Scandinavia someday.(it's really far away from Asia.)

okayy this game hates me

Sorry, amelia :(

I don't know what other hints might help.

Let me know, shuchun! Haha.

Actually, I will be in the Philippines (my family is Pilipino) sometime this year. I was born and raised in the US.

Ok, enough personal info. I'll let these ppl play! Hehe...

Hello, I have no idea where I have to put the tank. I watched at the tarot cards but I don't understant the meaning of the cut in the tower. Please, help. Thx

You'll probably notice that you still have your 'sandwich'. Keep clicking it until you get the third tarot card of the tank. Everything else should work after that.

TY for the explanations. ths 3rd (invisible) card in the sandwich was the clue

is this all? is there no way to find the son or complete the puzzle or something like that?

I am having trouble dislodging the cell phone from the cradle after playing the mini-game.

Where do I click?

Where do I click to get the TV to flip over?

Ok, I've clicked all over the toybox to find a place to put the digging robot. Where do I click?

On the floor between the toybox and the window.

Nvm...got it.

Well I have a problem..Every time I click on the red door the game stops....disappears..black screen. Done it twice now...don't think I will ever escape!!!

I am going to scream there is always something that stops you moving on in these games, cannot retrieve the phone back after I finished the game arggggggg

How do you get the memory card into the phone?

ay nako si diana... di'ko alam pinay ka! you're just like me. born n raised in usa.

Hey everyone..i have to say..the last few gotmails games..have been loading badly for me..or not at all..this one, I'm waiting on. But im not crazy about the asking for the date of birth before loading..did anyone else see this?..saw something of this on the news last week..it didn't shine a good light on it..Either way, theyve been making their games differently, not sure, but i think dial up users have had most trouble..they load to around 36% then straight to 100% within seconds..leaving the game unusable..only being able to scan around room but not zoom in on objects..or screen going black in certain scenes.wondering if anyone else has seen this..:)

This game is doing the exact same thing..:( This sucks i wish there was away of contacting them.

where is the freaking cell phone!!!???

How do I connect the tv?????

thanks everyone hints!

Ya..i figured out how to fix it..yay..for me..ive been dealing with this for ever..for a long time not being able to load gotmail and other games like it..finally figured it out..:) for this one..gonna try the next one the last three ive missed..had to share that..lol..noone is here


- I didn't realize it but the location of the phone (different chairs) varies for each game. It just so happened that when I played it twice, it was on the same chair. My bad.

-I went through my walkthrough and realized a lot of you were having problems getting the cell phone back after the mini-game. I apologize, but you can only get the phone back AFTER you get the dice and the sticker. You hear the phone ring and that's when it's available again. The phone rings b/c you have a message and that's when it tells you to look at the window. Sorry!

-Also, I don't think you actually have to use the metal wire on the sticker on the window.

Sorry guys, I hope I didn't create too much frustration. I'll definitely triple check my walkthroughs next time!

right I am totally thrown now,as followed the walkthrough and tried to carry on but it is impossible has anyone got another walkthrough?

Walk Through thanks to someone over at lazylaces

1. Open the blue face cabinet at center, then look inside before closing it (nothing inside). Then look carefully at the right hand side, you will see something jutting out. Click on it and you will get the tank (Chariot).

2. Go right and click the plate with food on the table twice. Then click the sandwiches at the centre to get it. Click the buns once at a time and you will find a memory chip. After that, click on the plate and take the cable below it.

3. Click the layer (red color) of the sandwiches to get the 3 Tarot cards - Sun, Tower and Chariot.

4. Click down and right. Click the Red Sofa and its top, then get the cellphone.

5. Click the cellphone and open the cover at the bottom right and insert the memory chip.

6. Click down, down, down and then left. Go to the right side of blue cabinet and you will see a charger and the power pack. Insert the cable and place the cellphone on the charger. Open the cellphone and start the video game.

7. Once the game is over, click the right bottom of the TV screen and the whole TV screen will turn and then you can find a golden key at the bottom center of the video game screen.

8. Use the golden key to open the cabinet at the extreme right bottom and get the blue robot. Then click the Blue robot and tranform it.

9. Now click the Tarot card and than drag the tank (Chariot) to the card. Here you will see the view changes and after that you see the shadow of the tower on the floor. This is where you shall put your tank at the tip of the shadow.

10. Go to the place with the tower tip shadow
and drag the tank (Chariot) to place there. Then click the tank (Chariot) and it will shoot the "frown face" cabinet (Green color).

11. Go to the frown face cabinet and get the Red robot. Do the same to transform it like the Blue robot. Then join them together.

12. Go back to the tank at the floor and click on it. The click its cover at the top to get the Skeleton Key chain.

13. Click down twice and then left, you will see a small chain above the table attached to the ceiling (see carefully). Click on it and then hook the Skeleton key chain on it. Click the key chain and the Robot's eyes will glow and shine towards the cabinet side.

14. Go the the cabinet with the cell phone charger and you will see a rectangle shape on the wall. Click on it and get the Yellow robot. Then do the same to transform it and join to the other two robots.

15. Now go to the toy box and drag the digger (formed by the 3 robots) and place it between the toy box and the glass wall. Click on the digger twice and it will start digging. Once done, get the dice from its "claw".

16. Flick the dice many times and you will then see the Sticker coming out (look like a yellow button).

17. Go back to the cellphone charger and get the cellphone. Someone has send you an email. read it.

18. Go to the screen when you see outside with the tallest tower and click on the center. You will then see a very faint while spot. Put the Sticker there. after that you will see UFO and parachutes.

19. Then go to the door and click the handle many times and it will tell you if there is something drop. Then go to the floor lamp on the left of the door. Click on it twice and you can see the shadow of a pin.

20. Click on the pin shadow and pick the pin up. Click the dice and put the pin into the hole of the dice. Take out the square piece inside.

21. With the square piece, use the same pin and poke it into the hole at the side. It will then turn into a key. Use this key to open the door and you are out

wow..this is the first Gotmail game ever ive been able to play with no hints...ever!..this game was fun..im so glad i was able to load it..woo hoo..:) gonna try the other one now..

Was just reading what Diana said..its no big deal Diana:)..for the most part..most who play these games..should know enough that if u can't pick up something..just means u can't pick it up..YET..To follow a walkthrough word for word..takes the fun out of it..I like to know i finished it and I accomplised it on my own..To me walkthroughs should just be used as a Last Resort..No frustration here..:)And Your walkthroughs are pre-tty freaken thorough as it is..lol..First time u made a mistake..I was starting to think u were'nt human woman..:)..bfn..

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to connect the tv??? I dont see any wires.

i cant figure out how to connect the robots to mak ethe digger please help!!!!!!!!!11

Connecting the robot...Examine one colour and click the other robot..if that doesnt work do it the other way round..it is fiddly, so keep trying different combos

U can't connect robots till u have all three as well..blue yellow and red..double click blue one..and then click to add yellow then red i beleive..

i need helpp.

how do i put the three robots togetherr???

i am getting rly mad b cuz the stupid sticker wont go on the outline!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  2/15/08, 3:37 PM  

Ok...I must be losing it! I have clicked everywhere on the red chair and I cannot seem to find a phone! What am I missing?

The phone is in the top of the green chair

       Anonymous  2/15/08, 4:01 PM  

OMG! Ok, I finally got the cell phone...IN THE TOP OF THE GREEN CHAIR!!!! I guess the game has a lot of variables!

I can't pass the game on the cell phone. Any tips on how to play?


help please.

It's under the plate on the table where you found the display sandwich. Make sure all the bread rolls on it are down, and then click the middle to lift it.

I love this game!

how do i put hte transformed robots together?

How do i put the transformed robot together?

How do I put the transformed robots together?

How do I put the transformed robots together?

To transform Robots together..go into close view of one and then click on the other one to add to it..and then click on the other one to add to it..

click on robots first t hough to transform them by themselves..then do the above..

to get it into close view..double click item

what is it with this stupid television set keep clicking on the right side but it is not budging, It is the large big screen on wall that is the television set?

ok no surprise there was clicking the television screen not the game itself well you would wouldn't you unless told otherwise.

now lost the plot again: Now click the Tarot card and than drag the tank (Chariot) to the card. Here you will see the view changes and after that you see the shadow of the tower on the floor. This is where you shall put your tank at the tip of the shadow. ?

hi Diana, ikaw lagi guide ko para makalabas sa mga room escape games..hehehe ^^ keep posting up..peace!

just to clarify, when it says click on the bottom right hand corner of the tv, it means the phone screen instead of the actuall tv on the wall of the room. DONT EXIT THE GAME ONCE YOU'VE FINISHED IT and also make sure you actually win or it won't work.

       Anonymous  5/2/08, 1:53 AM  

Uuuoh... that was not too easy for me. Couldn't have done it without some hints...

But from the end I'm wondering whether they will make a sequel (soon, I hope?) in which one acutally finds the boy? And in which one finishes the puzzle?

       Anonymous  9/2/08, 3:32 PM  

Hello all! New poster here. I can not get a sticker from my dice. I cannot pick the phone back up. AARRGGHHHH. Tried refreshing. Oh well. Maybe another day.

There are abunch of things u have to do first before u see that sticker come off same goes for the phone..u can't pick it up again til after..


nothing but illogical / way too far fetched crap

It's a shame we never got a sequel to this game...

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