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DooDoo Dog 2: Saving Private Woodpecker Walkthrough

DooDoo Dog 2: Saving Private Woodpecker

DooDoo Dog 2 - Saving Private Woodpecker Walkthrough[REPLAY] DooDoo - DooDoo Dog 2: Saving Private Woodpecker Escape is the second episode of DooDoo Dog, a point and click type adventure game developed by Doo Doo. In this game, your task is to save the woodpecker bird by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Full]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I didn't do that great on the first one. Hopefully this one will be better.

First post. Yaaaaah!

Good morning Diana - just siting down with some coffee.

Hey Dr. Have you found anything more than 4 pieces of paper and some cockroaches?

Oh wait, got some more stuff.

just started... you're still leading the way it appears.

I've got 7 pieces of paper, bugs, a carrot, a sock, and a piece of chalk. Not sure where to go from here.

ok. 6 pieces of paper, cockroaches, chalk, sock, carrot, and money.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 5:37 AM  

6 out of nine notes - a carrot - a sock - a white battery shaped thing..

What to do in the fishing area?

Woman, 51 years old :-)

For the fishing rods. Pick up the rods in the order that the rods are bobbing. When you get to the sequence of 6 rods, the last one has a fish.

put carrot in the tailpipe of the truck.

Hi!! where is the carrot?

Give the money to the goat for a bullet. I believe the bullet is found when you go up the tree somewhere.

I already put it in the tailpipe but nothing's happened yet.

Sorry, I meant the carrot is up in the tree, not the bullet.

where do i find the money?

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 5:44 AM  

I am not getting any fish....

Oops, ruined my rifle. Hope that was supposed to happen.

I think the money was at the tree stump by the fishing pond?

Well, I gave my busted up rifle to the guy sleeping in the chair but not sure if there is another step. I can still take it back from him.

After i fired the gun, i put it next to the man.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 5:50 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  2/18/08, 5:50 AM  

Riz - how did you fire the gun?

Afternoon, full.

click on the gun and hold down. drag your mouse to where you want to fire, and let go.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 5:56 AM  

Strange - the gun won't fire...

And I am not able to catch a fish

You have to have a bullet for the gun.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 5:58 AM  

Of course Diana - I must find the bullet...

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:01 AM  

OK - I gave the goat the money but forgot to pick the bullet.

Back to the fishing again - hope that I will be able to do six in a row.. :-)

By the way, when I say up in the tree, I mean the pathway to the right of it.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:03 AM  

9 in a row and no fish...

cockroaches have numbers on them - 3 and 5 on mine.

How did you see that dr.? Supervision? Hehe..

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:05 AM  

Diana - is it correct that I must pick up the rods and but them back in the water every time?

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:06 AM  

11 ups and downs and no fish...grrrrrrrrr

Yup put them back after each one bobs. You can't pick up the next one until the other one is down.

Wow, they made you do 11 in a row? Mine only went up to 6 in a row. When I picked up the final rod there was a fish, but the rods kept bobbing. I did the sequence again, but I think you only get one item from them.

I agree on the six times for the rods - I did the sequence at least additional times and nothing else.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:10 AM  

I am not able to see numbers on my bugs - not even wearing glasses :-)

Well, I'm stuck with 7/9 papers, cockroaches, a sock, a piece of chalk, and a fish. I gave my busted up rifle to the dude in the chair but I can still take it back from him. I tried using the fish somehow on the bear but he's not waking up or moving. Anyone get any further?

to see numbers on roaches, use chalk on them.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:13 AM  

I don't suppose I can live without that fish....keep on trying...

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:13 AM  

correct - 3 and 5

i think you can write this numbers with chalk

I'm pretty sure the papers (when complete) are for the machine on the tree that's connect to the bird and the speakers near the bear.

anyone have any thoughts about the picketing signs - they might be useful. What does A+P=[DEATH] mean?

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:14 AM  

where are all you people from - I am from Denmark but living in Italy - and still no fish! :-D

I wonder if there are 2 other cockroaches that have the rest of the numbers for the keypad on the van.

Hey gamer, I am an American living in Denmark!

Good Morning all. Where is the chalk?

No idea about the signs, dr. Tried thinking about that too, but couldn't come up with anything at the moment.

Chalk is on the speakers where the bear is.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:17 AM  

Diana - really??? "LOL"

Maybe it means Animals + Poison = Death. I have no idea. I've been stuck in the same place for about 10 mins now.

Hi there, first time poster, long time gamer. The order of the colors of the picketing Green Peacers' signs is the code for turning on the heart monitor, which moves the bear - then you can give him the fish, and he'll give you a number table to add to the large blank area of the monitor.

Thank you diana. I have 7/9 papers, two roaches (3 and 5) a sock, fish, and chalk. Rifle is broken, carrot in pipe. At a loss!

You're a genius, techno! Thanks!

It's easier to memorize the sequence of rods if you wright it down. Just give number to rod, like 1 2 3 4 5 from right to left and wright down first and then click in order.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:21 AM  

I am giving up on that stupid fish! :-)

Diana - you will as usually come up with a walkthrough! :-)

Hey, I am russian, living in Germany and working for a Danish company :)

the sign represents the color sequence for the weird machine.
Click them in order to activate the control:
White Green Blue red Green

Diana - no prob :P

Still can't figure out where the last paper piece is...

I think the paper is a trail for the roaches, and the colors of the path they take correspond to the chalkboard.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:23 AM  

Fleur - is it giving me the same sequense every time?

I will try that...

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:25 AM  

Nope - it is still not working for me and I am sure, I'm not doing any mistakes....

Was able to turn the bed down in the tent, but why? I'm stumped!

Use the chalk on the chalkboard in the tent.

It is not the same sequence each time.

First time it's one rod.
Second time it's 2 (most likely) different rods.
Third time, etc.

Got some sort of lever from tent (on i-v bag) not sure what to do w/ it

use chalk on chalkboard - sock can erase.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:28 AM  

Kukushka - weird! :-)

"Der er et yndigt land..." LOL

Unfortunately, the sequence is all the time different.
At first 1 rod to repeat, then two of them, then three, etc.
But at least it helps to memorize when it's 6 rods order to be repeated.
First day posting!!! Big fan of this site!
I am Russian, living in Russia and working for American company)
Small world)

Busted gun can also be put vertically in the drawer in the tent.

Dr. I can't figure out how the checks on the chalkboard related to the chart on the life machine thing.

Ja, det er det!

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:34 AM  

Fleur - The world is surely smaller by the help from internet.

I tried the fishing again again and I am SURE I had also more than 6 in a row but I am not having any fish.

Wonder if the game can have a bug - but on the other hand then I am the only one.

Grey graph-like thing (I think I got it from bear) goes on the machine by the woodpecker. Can't figure out the meaning, though.

You can also click the unlock button on the life-machine, but it is stuck, think something should appear in the second screen of the life machine.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:38 AM  

Bellissimo - your code is not working for me! I must have that damn fish first!

I think you need to type in a code first before you can unlock it. Don't have any sort of code right now.

that's an equiation, put the sesult in the textfield to unlock? gonna try now

If you made a mistake, it starts from the beginning - 1 rod to repeat.
Then two rods, three rods, etc, up to the sequence of six rods. The sixth will have a fish.

Think of the fish as a herring! Hehe.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:40 AM  

Thanks Fleur - I must be patient...

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:41 AM  

Diana - in vinegar and sugar :-)

Stuuuck...Have to go the the store soon so it might be good to have a break and come back with a clear mind.

I'd love any hints on the chalkboard and the graph on the life machine thing.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 6:43 AM  

I think I will take my hoover out for a walk and them come back - my back hurts :-P

You can do it, gamer!

If it helps to make it clear. Someone said (and it's what I also did) to number the rods from 1-6 from left to right. Write down the # of the rod that bobs first. For example, a sequence might be like this:


On that sixth rod, there should be a fish.

I'll have to come back to this in an hour or so. Good luck everyone and I'll be happy to do a walkthrough with all the help I'm getting!

hello, i´m spanish, and i doný speak inglish ok, i´m stuck with the panel and the code of bus.

Think letters on the board mean colors - Red, Green, White etc. but not sure how it helps

back for a bit... notice the squirrels eyes....

Just got back. Hmm, looks like morse code?

hey im just checkin in ive never sent a comment at the enlish site

Got the code! Thanks, dr.!

and i'd like u to know, we are at the same situation in our countries escapegames24 site

map together, and wrench attached to wall, and stuck.

Dianam how did you get the code, pls?

what looks like morse code because i know it a little

Thanks to dr., look at the squirrel's eyes. He is blinking morse code for the 4 digit code for the door to the van. I'm not sure if the code is different for reach game.

isnt it weird the same game coming to the same site, only different country?

In the same place as you drergo

I got my colored map/path together too and used the cockroaches on it and they followed it in different paths numerous times.

stuck in the truck. put the map together on the wood and put roaches on it, dont know what to do next. please help.

I think the squirrel is blinking 5,2,4 and 8 Just not sure which is the starting number.

mine was blinking 3704.

If you're not sure, zach, trying leaving the screen and coming back to it. Then he will start over.

cockroaches follow different wire each time (one on each side)

where is the wood you put the map on>

That did the trick. Thanks Diana.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hmm, still confused about it.

Wait, I think I got it.

I took note of the winners of the races and ticked the blackboard with the chalk, but now I'm stuck as nothing happens

the squirrel gives you a 4 digit number through the morse code mine was 3704
I opened the trailer fixed the metal thing solved the little puzzle with the 9 pieces (last one is inside the trailer).

sorry - cockroach finishes are not consistent (random?)... we're on to something, just don't know what yet.

Mine SEEMED consistent, but maybe I'm just wishful thinking.

This comment has been removed by the author.

mine were different too. Maybe best out of three? LOL

please where is board you put the map on?

It's inside the van.

And.. do you go by the colour of the handle... ? Because one is purple !?!

Yeah, I have yet to figure out the handle and all the numbers. The numbers have different colors than the handle.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 8:55 AM  

At last I did it! :-)

I didn't understand that I had to click 1 rod and then wait for the sequense where one rod were added every time to end up with 6 rods. I got the fish - finally I can dance and sing again :-)

Haha, my husband thought the birds chirping in the game were actually outside our window! Had to share that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Looks like someone will be having pickled herring for dinner!

It's in the van. Look at the morse code that the squirrel is blinking (different for each game). He blinks a 4 digit code that is for the keypad to get in the van.

Help! I can't get into the van!

I've never been good at code-cracking. Can't figure out the signifance of the chalkboard, life machine, and colored numbers/lever or if they are dependent on each other.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:04 AM  

Sorry - do you have the code for the monitor near the woodpecker? It is that monitor you have to activate for move bear?
Thanks - but white - green - blue - red - green does't work for me.

Canot get the code from the squirrel. Seems to blink in groups of five until the end of sequence.
Get too many numbers.
Tried everyone elses code.
Please someone explain blinks to me.

for the van code copy the dashes and dots then go here

4 digit code does not seem to work or am I doing something wrong?

This site is good for the blinking squirrel code http://havenworks.com/language/morse-code/

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:06 AM  

Yes, Diana - on rye bread - there is also a digit code for unlocking the monitor..I am not good at codes either.. :-)

I must really be stupid, cause I can't find anything else besides 4 papers, cockroaches and chalk (used on cockroaches). Going nuts, I'm not very good with these games.

I went through the series of numbers on that machine and wrote down what color they were. Then I matched them up to the colored handles. Still only get two green lights. That last one just won't turn green. Frustrating.

Ha pipped me to the post twitlock! I can't work out the chalkboard?????

anyone have thoughts about 1) frog in tent, 2)mushroom(?) in tree, or 3) sign with person holding spear??

Click the bird and look at the color order of the signs of the picketers. That is the color code for the bird's life machine.

Morse Code:
The squirrel blinks morse code (groups of 5) and blinks 4 digits for the keypad for the van. Get a piece of paper/pen ready, exit the screen and come back. Once he starts blinking, write down the dots and dashes. When he blinks five, that is the end of one number. He will blink a total of 20 times since each number is composed of 5 dots/dashes. If you lose your sequence. Just exit the screen and come back and he will start over. The code is different for each game.

OK - I really don't know how I did it but I got that last green light. The machine shook, then took off and the protestors went after it. Now I'm in the van with a hole in the front.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:10 AM  

Please - code crackers - help! :-)

Jippie, finally noticed I can go up....

No idea, dr.

zach, Can you explain a bit more about the colored numbers and handles? I have a ton of numbers written down and not sure what to do with them.

no idea about handle, but have 1 green light now...

for the handle in the van ;
note the background colors for the numbers.
each color will tell you the sequence you need to pull the levers when the handle is that color.
mine started at white.. I copied each set of numbers for that color, then pulled the handle and then the levers fin the order for the color of the handle.
for example white background =54213. when the handle itself is white you pull the levers in that order, one being the one on the left and 5 the one on the far right

after the first two lights turn green, you have to copy the numbers again, but the two green lights stay green, so you only have to get another set right. hope this helps.

I must be really stupid because I still don't get the morse code thing! Please explain!

bg38 explained it well. Mine started with grey so I'm sure everyone's will be different. I'm stuck now though. Can't seem to o anything else except race those blasted cockroaches over and over.

I'm confused about the morse code thing. . . i don’t know how to tell what the squirrel is saying. mine says like 5 5 5 5 that's all it does! help!


Watch the squirrel's eyes. If he blinks short, it's a dot (.) If he blinks long, it's a dash (-).

When you re-enter the screen with him, write down the dots and dashes that he blinks. Then split them up into groups of 5 dots and/or dashes. With morse code, each number is ocmposed of 5 dots and/or dashes. Go to a morse code site (wikipedia works well) and decipher the code. That is the code for your keypad.

woo-hoo! thanks bg! progress...

Thanks bg, I will try that!

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:21 AM  

OK - my morse code was 8524....

carrieann. watch the squirrel's eyes. when he blinks fast, thats a dot like this . when he blinks slow thats a dash like this -
count the number of blinks. he should do something that ends up like this ...-- its different each game.
you'll end up with 4 numbers. google morse code and you can cipher the codes to numbers to put into the keypad on the van doors.
if you miss the code like I did a few times, leave the screen and come back and he'll start again :)

My squirrel must be an idiot, because he only repeats "short short long" between every sneeze, which shows up as the letter U. Even if I string them together, there's no way to interpret them as letters, as there is never a change in his pattern. Amy I supposed to do something to prompt the pattern initially?

Now when I click on the bird, the protestors aren't there so I'm thinking maybe we have to get that heart machine turned off and bring the bird to the bed in the tent.

andrew, the morse thing only works after you put the carrot in the exhaust pipe

now that the panel/handle is off, the cockroaches move along the wires in a different order... nothing on this yet...

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:27 AM  

I have all 9 notes - what to do with them?

And the 5 levers in the truck - I pushed them down and they are stuck there...


Okay, that makes a big difference. 8524 for me, too. Thanks.

thx so much diana. i would have never thought of looking @ wikipedia!

new order is same as chalkboard - no success yet in writing winners.

Grr, got one green light and then I think I messed up the sequence.

escapegamer. look on the table in the van. you should see a board. place the notes on the board, pick it up and arrange them so you have a start and a finish line at the top and bottom, with the colored wires connected. you use this to race the ants on.

I tried the cockroach race 5 times (1 for each colour) then marked down the winner in each, went to the chalkboard and ticked winner for each......and nothing happened. What else can it be?

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:34 AM  

bg38 - thanks - white-blue-red-yellow-green.

Where am I using this info? On the levers in the truck?

anyone finish? I'm in great need of a walkthrough!

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:36 AM  

Do we need more than the two cockroaches we have for the race?

on the levers in the truck I just kept pulling the handle over and over and all the green lights came on eventually.

FINALLY got that damn color sequence.

i think we only need the 2 that we have because on the chalk board there's only numbers 3 and 5

mmm, don't think so escapegamer as on the chalkboard only numbers 3 and 5 appear, same as the numbers on the cockroaches. This game is really difficult.

By the way thanks for everyone's help with the code thing

hey I unlocked the heart machine!!:D
no formulas!! look in each column.. you need to look at the numbers that have circles in them. like 8 has 2. the % has 2, a 6 or 9 has 1.
count the circles in each column, then type the nine digit number into the box and click 'unlock'!! woo hoo! i feel special :P

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:48 AM  

Did ypu notice that the order of the colours in the cockroach game is not desided by you?

My colours with winner/looser was Green 3/5, White 5/3, Yellow 5/3, Blue 5/3 and Red 5/3

What is the hint in this?

ummm, bg - can you try that explanation again?

Just coming to post the same thing about the heart machine. The bear took off running.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:51 AM  

Bg38 - I didn't get it with numbers in column - where is the column with the numbers?

got it. 8 has two circles IN the number.... staring at this thing WAY too long.

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 9:55 AM  

But where is the column with the numbers???

oh lol.. I get it... bear ran to the bird... stuck again !!!

on the keypad you put on the monitor hooked to the bird.
think of it like this 6 or 9 has 1 circle.. 8 or % has 2 circles.
start in the first column. count the circles in each one. if there's a 9 and an 8 that is 3 circles.
if the row is 34468, that row only has2 circles, so you put a 2.
work your way to the right counting the circles in each row and put the 9 digit answer into the box on the machine.
the roman numerals are just a clue to tell you how to figure this out :)

The columns are on the heart machine itself...

My first column is 612+89 so there are 4 circles.. (first number of the 9 digit code is 4)

(6 has 1 circle..8 has 2 circles and 9 has one = 4) does that make ANY kind of sense ??

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG thanks soo much! i got the number and the bear is by the bird. . . but now I'm stuck! :(

I got the bear at the heart machine, left check marks on the board, and now stuck. About to give up, as I have a test coming up =(

Hmm, can't get the code for the heart machine to work. Trying again.

And how the hell did you figure out to count the "circles"?!

Thanks for that bg38 you're a star. Now...what to do next I wonder?

Some of the columns are already labeled with Roman numerals, which indicate the correct number of cirlces in that column. You just have to figure out the others. I don't know if the card changes each time, but I got 562417329.

i got to looking at the roman numerals. they were a tip. if you notice, the 'v' row had 5 circles in it :) they were telling you how many circles to find in those rows.
hahahah i just tried feeding those annoying ants to the frog in the tent but she didn't eat them

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 10:04 AM  

Uhhh was starting an alarm and the bear ran to the bird...what now? :-)

My code started with a 3, so it does vary from person to person

       Anonymous  2/18/08, 10:05 AM  

Andrew - mine was 753451496

You're a brainiac, bg!

I'm in the van, I have all the paper, I've done everything else(morse code, squirrel, I gave the fish to the bear and set up the heart monitor)..and now I'm stuck..I can't do anything else. There's this safe-lookign thing in the van, but I can't do anything with it.

I'm stuck on the stupid lever. I can't figure out any kind of sequence, and none of my lights will go green.

I'm giving up on this one, have to study for my test.

I wish you guys luck on this

I've tried racing them on each colour and going to the tent and inputing the winners... i tried doing one race then inputing, going back to do the second.. going back to input... either, nothing happening !

I even tried checking off who the losing bug was. Nuttin.

thanks to all for the tips. my 1st time here so early on, so i'm stuck with you.

got the bear to the bird (they're obviously friends), but now what?

it must be the roaches/chalkboard thing. i too get different results each race & i don't want to race them forever.

and what's with the broken rifle? why can it be placed in at least 2 places?

for the switches wall in the trailer, people should know you need the lever/handle/wrench thing from the i.v. bag by the bed in the tent.

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