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Escape the Haunted Mansion Walkthrough

Escape the Haunted Mansion

Escape the Haunted Mansion WalkthruEscape the Haunted Mansion is a new point and click room escape game created by Daniel Hoctor for Escape Games 24 visitors and who is also creator of Escape the Lab game. In this game you are trapped in a Haunted Mansion and you try to escape the haunted house by finding items and solving puzzles. As Daniel noted in the main screen of the game, sound is required to play this game. Good luck and have fun! [Created and subbed by Daniel Hoctor]

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oh I guess im first :D
hello btw :)

lets see..

I have a needle of clock, a crowbar and a piece of paper that i put in the blood and now I can see symbols

Hi all. Just joining in.

How did u take the needle without die??

i found them but it doesn t fit

I found a needle in the first room that you can use in the second room to put in the place of the second needle

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think the needle was behind the picture. click the bottom right corner

I can't find the first needle. where is it?

what about the note in the wall and the symbol in the paper in the floor? It's like a code for the clocks :S

I suppose we need the other needle for the red clock

Got through the door with the strange symbol.

it is behind the painting

Oh, I guess I'm out. That's it?

diana ,how can I get in the door doesn`t open

You have to set the clock to the right symbol and then the 2 clocks at the bottom to the right times.

Hard to me, so stuck

I heard the sound of a clock. it's one o'clock. Is this one of the two right time for the bottom clocks?

I don't know why sound is required. The main thing it helped me with was when I got the right times on the clocks, but other than that, not much.

Read the note on the wall (next to the mirror) and see the words that are in red.

Then you read the blood soaked paper and note where on the clock the symbols are located.

I actually think I just got one of the clock times correct by accident when I was setting the times.

you don't need more items?? clocks on time and that's all??

You get another item after you set the times correct. The game is pretty short.

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 5:37 AM  

Hello all,
what is the time for the clock(s)?

This comment has been removed by the author.


-Click the bottom right of the picture so it shakes and falls down. Get the brown clock hand. Note the acid in the trashcan.
-Go right and get the crowbar.
-Click the paper on the wall and note the words in red.
-Right again and get the torn piece of paper.
-Use the crowbar on a floor plank to the left of the phone. Get the key.
-Go left and place the torn paper in the pool of blood. Note the position of the words in the circle that they form.
-Click the door and use the key to get in.
-Get the red clock hand and quickly replace its place on the wall with the brown clock hand.
-Leave the room and short hallway and go left (or right) twice to the symbol clock on the wall and the 2 clocks on the floor.
-Place the red clock hand on the wall. From the note, set the hand on the lower left symbol (indicated by “Lair”).
-Set the right clock to 12:00 (Midnight) and the left clock to 9:00. (I am not 100% sure on why it’s 9:00).
-You will see a flash of a ghost. Go left and the symbol on the door is now lit in red. Enter.
-Enter the hall and go forward. Pick up the ring.
-You are now back in the main room and the phone rings. Click it to answer it.
-The screen will go staticky. Place the ring in the trashcan and the screen will return to normal.
-Go back to the door with the symbol and now it is lit up in blue. Click it and you’re out!

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 5:40 AM  

You keep surprising me Diana, every time again ;.)
( won´t read it though, not yet)

Hi full! Close your eyes!

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 5:42 AM  

9o´cloch is the time on the clock in the mirror, shouldn´t it be o2.30 hr for the left one on the floor thah ?

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 5:43 AM  

Or 03.30 maybe?

Ahhh, perceptive full! You are right about it being 2:30 or 3:30 but I guess the author didn't see it that way.

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 5:45 AM  

Diana, i have my eyes closed since your comment, can i open them now to go on with the game please? ;.)

..when u look in the mirror u can see the left clock..i think thats why u have to et it up on 9:00..

I thought the same thing about the clock, full. I was scrolling through the time to get to, I think 3:30, but when I got to 9:00, it stopped. Since my other clock was already on 12:00, it took it as a correct answer to the "puzzle".

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 5:49 AM  

Got to go, play the game tomorrow to finish. Funny sounds, i guess that why the author recomended to pump up the volume

anyway..i want a new game :)

the clock is at nine because that is what it is in the mirror. however i kept getting it wrong because i was putting it on 3 oclock because it was on nine in the mirror.

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 5:57 AM  

If it shows 9 o´clock on the one in the mirror, it should be maybe 08.30 as well on the one at the left. i don´t get it
I definitly stop now, i live at almost 3 o´clock

To not die in the other room:
Select the key, put it on the keyhole (that will unlock) BUT do not enter the room yet:
FIRST you have to select the clock-handle that you have in your inventory !! then enter the room and click the handle on the wall, (those will swap intanstaneously) and GO BACK quick.

To go out:
At the last part, after you picked the ring and went back to the room, DO NOT go to the right, but go to the LEFT.
If you go to the right the woman ghost appears and the screen frozes up...and you have to restart.
by everybody, until the next!

Thanks,Diana,for the hints about the clocks!

Hey guys. Yeah that was my mistake with the clock in the mirror. Perspective wise, it should be set to 3:00 and not 9:00 (note that is wouldn't be 3:30 since the vertical perspectives don't change in a linear mirror).

Anyways, great job Diana. I know that it's rather short, but my main goal was to keep up the "scary" factor.

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 8:44 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  2/27/08, 8:54 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for visiting, Daniel!

It's nice to get the author's feedback on our own feedback.

Thanks Diana. By the way, I was thinking about it and realized that I had forgotten that since the clocks are on the floor, their vertical perspectives would be affected. So technically, the time should be 3:30. Anyways, sorry for the confusion and I hope you enjoy the game.

Thanks for the walkthrough Diana. And this is a pretty cool game unlike the last point-n-click game where we were treated to a severed head falling on the ground.

From the title, I thought it was related to the ride at Disneyland.

If I could make an escape game, it would be Escape from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Now that would be cool.

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:19 PM  

Diana - how on earth are you doing? :-)

To the author : thanks for a beautiful game! :-)

Short nice, although when it said sound required I thought that meant a repeat the sound type step.

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 1:01 PM  


Me too i would like to thank you for posting comments here on a game you made yourself, that doesn´t happen every day.

After your first comment concerning the mistake you made about the time on the clock i posted a comment relating to that, i don´t know if you ever came to read it, but it didn´t find it of any sense after i looked at it again so i deleted it.

It´s just that it kept me busy to understand ( before your comment)why the answer in the game for the clock at the left was 9 o´clock if the image reflected in the mirror was also 9 o´clock.

You can have a clock reflecting in a mirror holding it in front of you or put it behind you and turn around and look at it,( as in the game) it gives you times totally diferent.

Hope to play a next game made by you shortly

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 1:44 PM  

I cant find the floor plank to get the key!! grr

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 1:50 PM  

Found the key but now I cant get into the room!!

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 2:03 PM  

all right but stupid in some ways

hey guys if still here..

jumping right into this one now...:D

this is it..?..wow that was short..

set clocks to 9:00 and 12:00

not sure why 9:00 though..?


heyy i no im late at commenting :(

although, i did test the whole linear clock hand changing and what not.

the vertical direction does not change at the slightest, even though the clock is on the ground.

the vertical direction would only change if the you were facing the clock in the same direction as you faced the mirror.

which arent in this game

hope i helped!!

<33 sara

haha...i escaped without sounds.. i turned it off because it frightens me...nice game though...

absolutely no logic behind anything in this game. waste of time

I dont know what to do after u get the needle thing?

       Anonymous  6/15/08, 10:57 PM  

I cant even see anything!
and where is the crowbar?

       Anonymous  5/10/09, 5:53 PM  

man i hate scary games that have things pop out at you. this isn't one, is it???

       Anonymous  7/16/09, 5:07 PM  


       Anonymous  9/9/09, 9:44 PM  

I'm compelled to go through the game with "Yakkity Sax" playing in the background the whole time. >:P
Cause that's what I do to games that try to scare me by having stuff JUMP out at me randomly.

Oh freak ): .
I got freaked out by the ghost !
I closed the window. LOL .

Wow!..Interesting. I love this time of year.

can anyone help me, i'm in the pantry n i've opened the blocked cupboard,its telling me 2 use scissors and a knife but i cant get the scissors as they are below the level of the screen

This one was really short :o..

what scary ass game is this

whats up with these flashing gohsts they scare the hell outta me!

       Anonymous  12/26/12, 8:41 PM  

haha i escaped!!!

       Anonymous  12/26/12, 8:42 PM  

i hate that ghost thing!!!

       Anonymous  2/13/13, 4:49 PM  

epic i escaped again!!

       Anonymous  2/13/13, 4:52 PM  


       Anonymous  3/2/13, 12:19 AM  


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