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Esklavos Chapter 13 Walkthrough

Esklavos Chapter 13

Esklavos 13 WalkthroughEsklavos C13 is 13th chapter of Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg. In this chapter, you have to point and click on right places to collect somethings and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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first here anyone playing. rescued the monkey and now I'm stuck.

Just started playing. Got the star and the magnet. How do you rescue the monkey?

just started to have a rod and a magnet

songs I only ape opened to release to be able and, a banana, do not get ahead a cover, for one tein or sowas something similar, staff and magnet, not

star on ape prison and to pull, ape, then banana get and on stone large do not open put, banana then on further white I

Got a star from the beach, put it above the cage and the monkey is freed. Yet, got a magnet, a cage cap a rod and a banana (opened). Stuck now.

@a use the star on the cage cap then click the cap and its out.

now I have the monkey saliva and made a fishing rod. not sure what to do next.

In the beach there's an oyster, as well.

how does man the sentences in the book click on? and which can fish man?

Need to make a decoy monkey for the cage

Zaid, how did you get the monkey's saliva?

after you get the saliva from the monkey click on him to give you a fruit.

got the hairy fruit into the cage, but can't get the cap back on - stuck!!

I'm lost used the fruit, scissor and oyster to make a decoy for the cage but now i'm stuck

first you'll have to make the right story then give the peeled banana to the monkey.


where did you get the scissors from??

use the fishing rod with the magnet on the right side of the water

scissor? where'd you find the scissor? the fruit is already in the cage - think I need to start over??

out and done - thanks everyone - thought I was done fishing - didn't think to try to go back!

Totally stuck. Don't know how to get a "hairy fruit", or the monkey's saliva. Can anybody give me a hand?

Did the correct story on book (it doesn't open again), but can't give banana to monkey to get saliva.
Have magnet, peeled banana, case top, oyster, handkerchief, book and fishing rod.

can one help with history? I do not find the correct to click, hate of course einge sides more, but imemr it ends to errors in ends, and

combine 'bitter plant' with the banana - THEN give to the monkey


first you'll have to read the story in the right order. then use the banana on the rock near the gate to peel it. then throw it on the monkey. click the monkey again to get the fruit.
For the story: start with oarship, death island, giant octopus. go on like that and you'll get it right.

I have scissor,handkerchief, a book (used), and i make a fishing rod whit bar, rope and imam.But i can´t use it
Too an oyster,banana,and plant

I guess this book you're talking about is inside the chest. I'm feeling very stupid, but can't figure out how to open it...

ok I have a fishing rod, scissors, book, scarf and saliva mixed with plant. made the monkey decoy and locked the cage. Not sure what to do next.

Made a decoy monkey by putting the strange fruit in the cage, cutting it with the scissors, putting the oyster on it and the closing the cage.

What now?

Ok i'm stuck put the decoy monkey in the cage with the cap back on and now i need help


Click small rock, let crab out, put handkerchief on small rock, grab crab.

Trying to find out next step.

Use the crab to get the cap off the barrel and then use the salvia

I have done a walkthrough, anybody mind if I post it, or should I wait?

and done thank god

FiguringItOut - I don't mind now

Take crab and get cork off barrel then put monkey spit in barrel then after watching the scene take fishing pole and get key.

fIGURINGITOUT please post the walk through :)


1. find on beach starfish & oyster, find magnet behind big rock
2. pick up rod on ladder
3. put star on top of money cage
4. click cage cap and let monkey out
5. take banana from cage
6. keep clicking chest until it makes him angry
7. once he’s angry, use rod on chest to open it
8. take scarf, rope and story book from chest
9. read story book (oars boat, death island, octopus, lost at sea, alone without water)
10. take a bit of green plant (bottom right) and combine it with the banana
11. give banana to monkey
12. pick up monkey spit
13. click on monkey again and get hairy fruit
14. put hairy fruit in cage
15. combine rope, magnet and rod for a fishing pole
16. click on small rock in foreground, when crab scurries out, quickly cover the rock with the scarf, then take the crab
17. use the crab on the top of the barrel to get the stopper
18. use the monkey spit in the barrel
19. now go fishing! Fish once in the middle of the water to get an electronic key, and once to the right of the water to get scissors
20. use electronic key to open the gate
21. use scissors on the hairy fruit in the cage, then use the oyster on the hairy fruit, then replace the cap on the cage
22. click on the gate and viola!

Use key on gate

the end

OK here goes..gonna try this one..without peeking..which is hard with this series..lol..:)

DID IT!!! without help. I think that the thing is go clicking all arround, find items, again click each item with every thing and things happen.
May be because i'm learning form the previous chapters.
Or may be this one was easyer.

and im out..I peeked though..oyster in silly cage..and scissors..tried fishing but never come up with scissors..till i peeked...oh well..lol..good s

Bitter plant won't combine with the banana no matter which one O drag to the other....any suggestions?

@figuringitout, "10. take a bit of green plant (bottom right) and combine it with the banana": I CANNOT COMBINE THE PLANT & BANANA!!! I AM STUCK! Please help me, someone! Thanks!

       Anonymous  2/1/08, 3:41 PM  

Freewaydog, you have to use the banana with the big rock by the crate to peel it. Then you can combine them.

help me about picking the green plant

I can't find an oyster. I have a crab, but no oyster! I've done everything the walkthrough says, even opened the gate, but it still seems like I'm supposed to do something else...

never mind...I JUST NOW found the oyster (out by the water).

This game is ridiculous, it sucks, you have to click a hundred times to open a stupid chest. I really hated this game. It´s the worst of the entire serie of Esklavos.

i cant pick the crab with cloth!

One year on and I can't combine banana with plant. Banana is peeled.

Duh! I had to cut the plant and THEN get the plant.

Finished. Sheesh.

wtf starfish to open cage?? rock to peel a banana?? -monkey spit in barrel??? why, o why sweet lord why dont u use tools or something that would make remotely sense? 0/5 for all the randomness -i dont like :(

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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