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Grow Nano Vol.3 Walkthrough

Grow Nano Vol.3

Grow Nano Vol. 3 WalkthroughGrow Nano V3 is another short little cute Grow Game from Eyezmaze. You need to click objects in the right order to get the maximum score for each objects. Good luck and have fun!

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done - all healed (lost my head though!) Trial and error, but notice what level each item gets to in conclusion. That helps guide you to the right order.

I liked that one wasn't to hard compared to other grow games

walkthrough: herb (medicine), blanket, woman, fire, ice, food

fun game!
i like the way mom cooks and shakes her body and dad refreshes again!

LOL! Is that the AOL guy!

I love ON's games! :)

This was the one of the few GROW games that I didn't need a walkthrough on.

I hope he gets well soon. He's sick. :(

there's gotta be an alternative max ending with a weird twist. isn't this the same maker that did the grow with the aliens?

I absolutely LOVE these grow games. Can't wait for the next one. I hope ON gets well soon, too.

Hmm, I did it like this: herbs, blanket, fire, woman ice, vegetables

Hmm, I did it like this: herbs, blanket, fire, woman, ice, vegetables

This is how i did it.


How To Make The Man Better And The Icons:
Apply The Herbs-Green Leaf
Then Use The Blanket-White Towel Looking Thing
Then Have The Fire-Well, It's Obviously The Flame Icon
Get The Lady To Help You-Pink Person
Use The Ice-Ice Icon/Bag
Finally, Feed Him The Veggies-Variety Of Vegetables(eg.Carrot,etc.)
I hope the creator of this cute game gets well too.
Then The Man Will Be Healthy Once More.

*Then The Man Will Be Healthy Once More Is Supposed To Be Before The P.S Thing,.

hmmmn i think this is how i did it:
herbs(green leaf)
blanket(folded up sheet)
fire(orange light)
women(pink thing)
ice(three blocks)
vedgdables(onions, carrots, potatoes)

Nina,your idea didn't work so well when I tried it,the man was still sick

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