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Dassyutu 17 - Sample Escape Game Walkthrough

Dassyutu 17 - Sample Escape Game

Dassyutu 17 WalkthroughDasyutu 17 - Sample Escape Game is the 17th episode Japanese of point and click room escape game in the Dassyutu series. The aim of the game is to escape out of the room. Find the way to escape the room. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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I'm first

second...and stuck

i've got string, cotton, piece of wood and a paper with japanese writing on it

oh, and a cartridge of some kind...used

hi...i've got the same plus a seed and a black wire

language problem

hmm can't figure out how to play the video game and finally got the cat to move

put the string and white seed together

yeah, and you can put the black wire/rope and the wood together to move the cat again

great! now i can't play the game or find th cat

i have all this stuff... how do you move the cat?

can't put the rope with the wood

once i put the cartridge in the game and started to play, when you zoom back out the cat is there at the game then you give it the seed/cotton and the string

i'm starting over to see if maybe there's a bug

i cant get the game to play tho

i can't seem to now grrr

k..finally got it to play again, but it's more like a demo, i don't think you can really play it..and stuck again

       Anonymous  2/26/08, 11:32 PM  

Good morning all, just joined in, but i can´t see to combine the wood with the string. Any help?

I got a piece of wood a black string attached to a seed a green and white block thing and a paper with japanese on it. plz help

the green and white block thing is a cartridge for the game console...i've also found a can of cat food but can't seem to open it..any ideas

thx nascargurl, i put the cartridge in but now what do i do

full...the piece of string you get is to be combined with the seed/cotton thing, the black wire/rope that you combine with the wood is found under the cat after you get him to move

Maybe that's why it's called Sample Escape Game

So far, I combined rope with seed, inserted game cartridge. Now what?

mp...only thing i know to tell you is to keep putting it in and removing it from the console and also while the cartridge is out click it several times and turn it over and also click on the console a few times without the cartridge in...somehow that seemed to make it work for me

how do you get cat to move?

srry really confused

thx that worked with the cartridge

wonder why it does that?

       Anonymous  2/26/08, 11:46 PM  

thank you nascargurl, But i´m having diffeculties now moving the cat, how do you move it ?

anyone else found the can of cat food...i can not get it open

after you play the game a few times the cat comes over to the game...then take the string with cotton to make him move...then you find him and give him the wood and black wire/rope then play again and it will go off...he's now hiding behind the shelves beside the TV

full when playing the game just keep clicking on the tv screen, the cat will come to the game system

       Anonymous  2/26/08, 11:49 PM  

THe cat just moved and stopped me from playing space invaders, ha ha

       Anonymous  2/26/08, 11:51 PM  

Thanks mp114705


i found the cat food

having same problem as you

i'm completely at a loss now...CAN NOT open can of food....any ideas?

       Anonymous  2/26/08, 11:55 PM  

Poor cat, it sounds more desperate every time you move it

i'd say the can opener is maybe in the box with the code...and i'd say the code is on the paper..but have no idea how to read it

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:00 AM  

Any Japanese gamers around? it´s we need to open a can of cat food!!!

code is 1440. There's a line under mushroom thing. Click it for hint

so any ideas on how to crack the code

ok..i think i'm gonna call it quits for tonight, i'll try again tomorrow...goodluck all

ummm...maybe not...thanks for the code

where is the cat food and I got a grey thing from the green box

thx for code but i click on the lines and cant find hint

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:04 AM  

Ok can is open but the cat won´t eat it

I'm out

how are you out? what did u do after cat got on top of TV?

Nanako please, give us a walkthrough

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:06 AM  

MP 114705 , you should have a japanese language pack installed.
I don´t have it installed neither


plug game system back in

after that cat sits on tv and swings tail if you click on him

after that im stuck. ideas?

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:09 AM  

i am where u are mp

click on cat while on top of tv

something happens not sure what but hope it helps

I'm writing a walkthrough right now

my game doesn't start....

while in that wierd screen with blocks around cat just drag cat to the white pillow

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:12 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:12 AM  

So the line under the mushroom post, read the text box underneath....(箱の番号のヒント)

That is the password for the box, the minutes in a day.

clicksarano console out of game system flip it around and click on game system. do this until it works


1) Click game system and get string from underneath
2) Go right, pick up plank and white seed.
3) Go right, take green game cartridge
4) Go right, take white paper from wall
5) Go back to game system, and this part gets tricky. You have to drag cartridge into system, take it out, click around the game system without cartridge and repeat a couple of times. You'll know when you don't have to once something shows on the TV.
6) Click on the TV, and click START
7) Game will freeze, and cat is on game system. Click white bar below white seed, drag string to seed, get seed with string
8) Use seed with string to distract the kitten
9) Go to where the kitten was originally, and take rope
10) Go back to game system, play game again, only to get distracted.
11) Combine rope with plank, go left, and used roped plank to distract the kitten once more.
12) On the floor, there's a line where the mushroom stand was blocking. Click it to receive a hint.
13) 1 day = 1440 minutes so imput 1440 into the green box, get can opener
14) Play the game again only to find it turn off.
15) To the left of the green shelf, near the bottom, you'll find the kitten has knocked over the plug
16) Take can, open it with can opener, to go where the door is, and pour the cat food onto the dish on floor below jacket
17) Go back to where you found the can, and plug back the game
18) Play game again only to find out kitten's tail is blocking you
19) Zoom out, click kitten, click left box (meaning yes)
20) Drag the kitten from the TV to white bed, without touching any of the side boxes
21) Play game again, and you'll win this time
22) Zoom into game system, get red key
23) Use key on door latch, but there's another obstruction. Use white paper on obstruction, and you're out

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:18 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


you have to move the cat to the white pillow. then you have to beat the video game. look at console in game there should be a red key. take red key and use it on door. use the white card with japanese on it to remove lock from oppisite side of door and your out

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:21 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  2/27/08, 12:25 AM  

nice game and we made the cat happy too, nice way to start the day or go to sleep for some of us

thanks Nanako

       Anonymous  2/27/08, 2:25 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

@ paroma and @ sweet angel, link are fixed;)

That was a really cute game. Too bad it relied so much on understanding a foreign language.

For those of you that remember the very first Nintendo Entertainment System, you probably got a good laugh. The game cartridges would hardly ever work on the first try, so as kids, we'd blow in the cartridge and into the console in hopes that that would make a difference. Hilarious that it was put into a P&C game. :-)

Yes, Andrew that was a cute game. I remember old nintendo well, as a matter of fact I still prefer to play monopoly on the old game system. Yes, still blowing and wriggling game around to get it just right to be able to play..lol

They really need to start making more of these in english

Thank you nanako for your walkthru..we couldnt do it without your help. It is a pity that the prolific inventors of interesting escape games are Japanese, but are impossible to solve if they have codes to work out....hope they include English clues..

Hey guys...Hey Redroobar..:D

jumping right in now..everyone is gone now though..lol..im always later..:)..awe

Thank You Nanako..:D

This game could not be played with out peeking at walkthrough..for i would have never seen hint for green box..

It's a shame they make them like that..there are so many conversion tools now adays for translations..oh well on to the next one..:D

haha this makes me nostalgic for my nintendo system. I used to blow on those games so many times before they would play.

i dnt own (not related to pwn) a supr nentindo but if i did and it had a little wiggle in it id use a thin booklet or old newspaper* for it to work

*it works!! try it if u have 1

i kept dien on the space invader game ( or was it demonstar?) but still got out!

couldn't find this on osironosiro site, but it's here:


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