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Dream Land WalkthroughDream Land is another Japanese point and click type adventure game from creator of Ranch Escape game. In this game you are not in a room, you are outside and you have to search around to find and use items to figure out the game. Language may be barrier to play this game. Good luck and have fun!

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Weird one.
I have white and green balls

I have all 6

I have only white, red, green, blue, and the one with a hole.

yellow now
I wish I could understand the storyline ...

i cant remember where from ive got all balls,but try to help you(sorry for English)

if you get all 6 you have to find combination and put on the top of black barrel

Ok I have the last one

How do you know the combination ? Were there any hints in the text ?
Because there are a lot of possibilities ....

yes i know,try to find something

where did you find all the balls please i only have red and white

I am not trying to find the combination randomly, 720 possibilities, it's too much

miko, you found items like branch, kind of ticket, stone ?

       Anonymous  3/12/08, 4:31 AM  

All the sudden so many games..............yes!

yeah found the stone branch and ticket thing and the white ball red ball and ball with hole in ....and now i cant find anything else

I think branch or ticket are used with crabs

stone goes on top of a chimney
ball with hole is used with the sheep shape cloud

yeah found the stone branch and ticket thing and the white ball red ball and ball with hole in ....and now i cant find anything else

now i have red white blue and black balls , still cant find the last one

the frog gives you the green one, and the yellow one is on the house

miko green from frog and yellow rom fox

sorry for beig a pain but how do you get the green one of the frog

I'm sure I had the yellow one from the house, not the fox

sorry for beig a pain but how do you get the green one of the frog

I'm not sure miko, make sure you talk to everyone, looks like you can't do some actions if you don't


ok thanks i,ll just keep trying lol

I am a Hong Kong people. hope u guys know where it is. As some of the japanese words are same as the chinese. I can tell that the fox said (yellow is below red) or (red is below yellow). Just guess

With some more hints, I would try to find the combination, but yellow below red (or the opposite) is not much.
Thx anyway Charles, tell if you understand some more of it


Blue Yellow
White Red

Yall can get the other two...


blue - yellow - black
white - red - green

i see someone already posted that

Help please! I only found a red ball and a white one with a hole.
Where are the other balls?

Help.. I can't find the red one ?? it's all I'm missing..
(I can't find it in the comments..looks like I'm missing the easiest one !?)

babe... give the one with the hole to the cloud sheep.. it will give you the black one

Yellow is on the roof of the little house

Can you tell me where the red one is ?

Forget it, I'm out! :-)

Christine, the red one is on gras (first picture).

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well, if the red one is on the first screen in the grass I have a morphedite game here because I've restarted 3 times and there is NO red ball. I can't get to fox to move either. I have all but the red one and at 3 restarts, I'm out.

Red: go back to the first screen and click on the grass: left side.
White: give the branch to the crabs.
Black: put the white ball with the hole on the sheep shaped cloud.
Yellow: put the stone on the chimney of the house.
Blue: from the lake.
Green: from the frog.

BUT each ball will be given to you at the right time. You have to speak many times with everyone.

So I have the problem that I cannot get away from the first screen... Have a white ball with hole and a red one. Any hints?

Nevermind, just found the crabs...

Wow i go away for one day and look at the catching up i have to do with all the games...this is great..! I was a little panicky when i saw them..oh i have to play these..!!..lol..no just kidding, well I was lil' bit. Now noone is here for me to play game with ..:(..oh well give a go..:D

First u get the white ball in the grass..

Then u add white ball to the grass on the left side, it gives you the red one..

Then u go up arrow at the top of screen and see crabs..

Go left and see stick branch and white ball with hole or use stick with crabs and get white ball with hole..cant remember now..

Go right again add see sheep cloud use arrow going down and see cottage..go left twice till u see pool..pick up rock and use it on chimney.

click like crazy maniac till he gives you yellow ball..

Then go up and see sheep cloud and give it white ball with hole.

this is what ive done so far..playing two at the same time here..lol

This is not a walkthrough..just gameplay hints..:)

Go left from where fox is now which is original path u started on and give yellow ball to white fairy at the pond and she gives u a blue one.

I forgot to add this..sheep gives u black ball, Im not sure if he gives it right away when u give him white ball with hole...cause i just noticed it now.

Give black ball to frog hes up where branch was now..and he gives u green one.

One u have all the balls..put them in this order

Blue Yellow Black
White REd Green

and your out..!

you have to talk to the fox on the first screen before the frog gives you the ball...
anyone else get the fried shrip (i'm guessing) from the alien in the cloud witht he frog?

Out. TY for translation finding objects good knowing the order bad.

i don't know if anyone else is playing but i can't seem to get the stick and the white ball to go together. i know they have to...but how?

no they dont..u use stick in next screen with hole in ground..white ball with hole goes to sheep..but u have to do a few things first..

k im going to try and do this i know mercedez did it but this is what u really have to do!!!

first you get the white ball with the hole.

then on the left click on the grass piles to get the red ball ( u dont need to use any thing).

then u go foward the right.

get the card in the forest on the left and the branch/stick on the ground.

then go down pick up the stone.

now go up and right.

give the red (left) crab the card then u can stick the branch in the hole to get the white ball.

then go right and down.

put the rock in the chiminey and wait till the man comes out .

click on him till he stops talking and click on yellow circle thing on roof (yellow ball).

now go left twice u should see the lake use yellow ball on lake fairy will give you a blue ball.

now go right, foward, right.

stick the ball with the hole in the sheeps eye and click till a black ball falls out.

go back to the forest now there is a frog click second cloud from the left and click space ship with yellow ball.

pick up item on ground.

now go down and use item on lake get fish from fairy.

well to get the green ball from the frog you need to talk to all the animals including the sheep in the sky ( i had the black ball selected for that )then click the frog and he should give you the green ball(i had problems getting that ball i keep forgetting how i got it )

now go back to the scene with the sheep cloud and place the balls in this order:

blue yellow black
white red green

a door should pop up click on it and your out...

good game only had trouble with the green ball.

okay for the green ball u need to have the fish selected talk to the frog then the fox then the crabs ( in his order right, middle, left then the sheep then the frog again and he should give you the green ball ) if let me know i will see again

ok! ok! ok! Joe Pesci-style :p
I managed to find all the balls by myself, but with all these combinations how does one figure out where to place which ball?
I see some people managed to find it, but I would like to know how you guys did it?


You're in the wrong forum, for those kind of comments.


If you see that..can you delete it please..it's offensive..


working link:


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