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E Scape WalkthroughE-Scape - Look for a Way Out is an escape game made by Bored. You are locked to a chair at a desk. You must use logic in order to escape. This is a point and click type escape game. You have to escape by finding and collecting and combining items. Solve puzzles to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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hey christina..

did i post that right

hopefully yalcin sees it and fixes it

couldnt find image for it..:(

sorry if i posted it wrong..:(

damn, just missed my first, well, first ;)

anyone still playing..?

yup but i cant figgin open the drwers i managed to open one

ok so i fixed pc..got a paper with code on it..from keyboard..key used..fixed printer..hmm

i'm playing! i have screwdriver (used), piece of paper, key (used), and ink cartridge.

hello mercedes!

ya thats all i could open too so far..

fix pc yet..? wires..on top

also keyboard...pluck key off

i've also fixed pc.

i thought user name was david and tried piece of paper as password, but to no avail.

anyone else having any luck?

still trying to figure out password....paper gives hardly no clue..

Morning all!

Morning Diana..!!

hello diana!

i've been a longtime fan of yourse ;)

well it's not the phone..numbers..corresponding to letters...hmm

I think I'm where you all are at. I can see on top of the computer tower, but haven't gotten anything out of it. Thought I could pry off the front, but nope.

Good to be back. Just have to get back into the swing of things!

no you only fix wires..

once u see name..turn on pc...

you pry off top of it..unless thats where you are at now..

i'm guessing that the sound is somehow involved...

i've tried clicking under the desk?

Those wires were a bit of pixel hunt for me.

i know im stabbing the guy with screwdriver..and everything here..

ha ha ha! me too!!!

I've tried putting both clues into the password and vice versa. Even tried entering them in backwards! Nothing.

you would think they guy would scream or be able to scooch over to shelf..getting impatient with this..my decoding capabilities are lacking right now...

tried caps no caps..some caps..phone number for gw..with gw and no c...with c and gw as 4 9 ...this is sadddd

phone number?

oh you mean telephone keypad as a coding?

i've moved onto the printer. trying to see if i left anything behind there.

At this point, I'm convinced it's a glitch. Haha.

i have a feeling that it doesnt go into pc but works with dial..

I've tried the same thing christina. Rechecked the printer, the desk drawers, the computer tower and speaker, and have been trying to reach the shelf that says I can't.

Hi, I'm a total n00b, but that decoder looks like a base-12 decoder, not a phone.

Is there a clock anywhere?

i meant i looked at at phone and used the numbers that come up for


Which would give you

4 9 2

Or base 13? But I still don't know what to do with it.

i was trying to count from d = 0 and got 7 and 4 as the g and w but then that means, i don't have a number for c.

i think i might have it..one sec

I have to leave here in about 10 minutes. Might have to come back to this later today.

ditto diana. it's getting late in nyc.

can anyone read what's on the mouse?

I think it just says "Macrosoft" maybe?

okay, I'm pretty sure this game is just plain broken.

I should probably head on out. Good luck all, merc and christine! Hopefully some codecracker will have this later. Bye!

Amen, sean!

nope didn't work..damn...and it is a decoder base 13

there has to be something with the drawers on the left...

mercedes this is killing me!

This is pretty much the worst game ever. This guy is chained to his chair? What, is his chair bolted to the floor too? Just walk out with the chair, or slip your pants off. Moron. I can't believe I'm spending time with this guy.

I'm not bitter or anything...

hey! does anyoen have their speakers on??!

As if make a game that a person can't even finishe without Fricken calling Nasa..

Okay, so yeah the game is definitely broken. If I use my super fun tools I can change the variables to the username and password but otherwise it fails to take them. FYI your bashing your heads against a brick wall they are david and gw5c3

ah thanks sean. good nite guys. that was um, fun.

okayyy..so the guy obviously didn't work out variables then..so that if a person gets the password..OPEN IT,,!! that would make sense

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for deleting that Christina..:D

how do you fix the pc

We think the game may be a malfunction but if you can decode it.. awesome!

the top of pc the hardrive slides..

use screwdriver once u see name...you've fixed it.

       Anonymous  3/26/08, 2:53 AM  

Thanks for posting the game, Mercedes ;.)

help, i'm totally stuck. Have a green key, printer cartridge, screwdriver and piece of paper with gw5c3. How do i open th pc?

       Anonymous  3/26/08, 3:27 AM  

Hey Laura, use the screwdriver at the top of the pc, ( bird-eye view )somewhere where that line is, than push the white button and your monitor is on

power of posting, i've fixed the pc but i still cant log-on

Oh your welcome full..allthought it looks to be a malfuntion in it..:(

first time i use my posting ability..

Yalcin will no doubt have to fix it up though..couldn't find pic for it....:(

if you figure out code for pc..please let us know..:D

       Anonymous  3/26/08, 3:39 AM  

We have the name to log in: David
all we need to do is to know how to open the safe with: GW5C3, wich should give us the password to log in. It can´t be that difficult, can it?

full, it's probably a bug. I've seen on Nordinho that someone has retrieved the part of the source code that is dealing with the password.
The username should really be "david" and the password "gw5c3".

You wouldn't think so.. the maker used either some kind of special coding..or..he forgot to put finish variable..so the pc would open..

Also for some reason i think that that gw5c3 is for dial mechanism..not pc...just a hunch..

probably wrong...

This is why..if a game master can..post it for testing first..have ppl play it then post to public..

make sure it's working properly..but I'm sure its just an innocent over site on his/her side..

       Anonymous  3/26/08, 3:50 AM  

Pues vaya, another game with a impossible code to crack or left unfinished, What a shame

The username is david
Password is something obvious that you may not have thought of.

Cool game!

Later Ya'll.

oh c'mon Jim, just a hint?

Am I the only one playing right now? I can not figure out the password

Where is the ink cartridge?

Alright! I'm still looking for the screwdriver that you all have found.......And the wires you have to fix...Having trouble...the post was not clear, it it a pixel hunt?!?

This comment has been removed by the author.

somehow I don't think that taking off your pants would get you out of the chair.

It is in the drawer to your left use the green key..

Thnx suthnspyce!!!

ARRRRG!! Anyone want to drop the password for those of us with no more hair to pull out?

Does anybody think the note under the mouse has anything to do with anything? I cant zoom in.

I'm stuck. I managed to find an ink cartridge (which I put into the printer), a set of keys (used those), and a screw driver.

I'm stuck now. I used two items and stuck with a screwdriver.

       Anonymous  3/26/08, 10:16 AM  

I have clicked every possible spot in this room and can not find any wires to fix nor can i figure out the password for the life of me. Any one out there today that can help?

I made some progress. I pulled a key off and it gave me some passcode.

But for the life of me, I still can't find any wires or whatever.

What do I do with the screw driver?

Use the screwdriver on the black line on top of the computer tower and it will open up. Find the username David and then close and come down and turn on white button and computer will turn on. Haven't found password yet.

Shannon, how did you remove a key to get passcode? please.

use screwdriver on letter k.

I am about to attempt stabbing my legs off above the knees using the screw driver and keys. CANNOT FIND PASS CODE :(

I have tried "gw5c3" as the pass code but it doesn't worky. Where have I gone wrong? :))

I have tried every word I can think of that would be obvious as Jim said, tried password, E-Scape with and without the " ", login, macrosoft (from mouse) David???? can't seem to figure it out. Have a feeling we'll all feel silly when we do find it!! LOL

Jim said it was the computer password is something obvious. WHAT could it be?! I think he's playing mind games with us.


Before starting the game, it says : "you must use logic..."
I tried logic= nope.

SON OF A B#%*. If I figure out the computer password OR the safe password in the next 12 hours, I will post them immediately!

I just decompiled the file to be sure, and found this (someone already posted this on Nordinho, and I found it independently) :

on (release)
if (_root.uname.toLowerCase() == "david")
if (_root.pword.toLowerCase() == "gw5c3")
_root.loggedin = true;
} // end if
} // end else if

which means the password should really be gw5c3

THX Einkaldir. Was just about starting surfing to.

Did anyone get the printer to print? If UserID is david, and password is gw5c3, it doesn't work, and I can't get the password to corrolate to the blue box with the dial either. Any more info?

This comment has been removed by the author.

cress....wrong game..

And where are all the keys to the drawers? On that damn shelf I bet:)

I am working on the password also. One thing I do notice, is that the speaker (when power button is clicked) that the light does not come on at the bottom of the speaker. I think maybe sound has something to do with this also.

did anybody figure it out yet???? I've tried EVERYTHING!!!! it's driving me crazy!!!!

Has anyone tried "esc" yet?


arghh this is so annoying!
i've tried everything for this password! like Bored.com .. escapegame .. anyone got ANY ideas?

The game is just full of bugs that's all! I pick up a tool and there's no getting rid of it except by using the key on the drawer each time :(

On these games made by this person, you always have to press the spacebar to put something down.

i even tried "word" because it says: USER and then PASS...not passWORD. but no luck.

i hate just leaving games though. this is gonna irritate me for ages.

I see the bored.com site and the riddle and he mentioned frequently David as King of Israel, and who beat Goliath with a stone... I tried this word as pass and no works... I also noticed that pass space is 10 letters or carachters... I think that gw5c3 is a part of password... now where is the other part??? I'm stucked sob...
I try also Esc on my keyboard and in virtual keyboard and no works...

Anyone else typing in swear words about their mamma in the password field? lol

I think the password is in the blue safe.

there is a piece of paper under the mouse but i cant take it

lol Jared! it's gonna come to that in a minute..

The thing on the mouse is a poorly drawn battery compartment. No help there.

urrah... and... with is the pass for the blue safe now??? there are numbers 1 to 0 and A B C ..... I tried 1000 BC (born-date of biblical Date in wikipedia but don't work...) we can try other date biblical... before and after christ... or... bah... i have no idea for blu safe :'(

Stop trying guys, this game is bugged. The combination for the safe is random (3 numbers) and there is a key inside.

I'm going to laugh when this dude pees on their chair because he can't get up due to some ungodly password combination that you need a voodoo ritual to figure out.

Where's my chicken?

You guys are doing better than me! I still can't find the flip[pin screwdriver!!!!!!!argggggggg!
I even left it alone for a few hours to take a break.....aarrrrggggg!

Did everyone stop playing? I am also stuck!

After modifying the code, I managed to get the game to work (the bug was very simple to solve).
It would probably be better to remove this game from the blog though ...

Could somebody write a complete walkthrough please?
I'm stuck right from the start :(

brit, this game doesn't work, it's as simple as that. Unless you have a flash decompiler/compiler, you can't play properly.

This is just a random guess, but maybe we somehow have to find a blue wire to connect to the other blue wire inside the computer that looks cut off, and once we do that, then the pass&User will work on the computer! Or is the blue wire supposed to look like that?

Oh I see! Thanks einkaldir!
What a pity!
Well, next time I should read some of the posted statements *g*

u just looked at this game on a flash player. there is a key inside the safe, i think that is what you use to undo the locks on the chair. on the printer screen, it will eventually say "error: x", i think. i was looking at everything frame by frame to find this out. but how this game is put together, i dont know. just wanted to give a heads up.

Shane, yes there is a yellow key inside safe, and it unlocks the legs indeed.
How things should normally happen : you log into the computer with username and password (bug here), you have a message saying that printer needs paper, and you can play a very easy game with targets which gives you first number of safe code. Then you check printer and have an error message which gives another number ...

ok, i am looking on the decompiler and i found something very interesting: there is no username and password typed in, if i am reading this correctly!!! this is what its showing:

//Sprite 203
// Frame 0
// Action tag #0

if (_root .pcon == true)
// Frame 1
// Action tag #0

uname = ""
pword =""

Shane, that's not the problem, it's only an intialazition. The bug is on the bit of code I posted earlier.
The "_root." needs to be removed before "uname" and "pword". Then the game works.

good heavens! I was about to throw my laptop out of the window. the good thing is i read your comments guys, thank you for saving my computer... sob..

I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!!I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!!I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!!I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!!I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!!I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!!I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT!!!!!!! leave a post if you want to know how to beat it.

I did it! Bugs must be fixed now. Used name and passwords discussed then picked up safe clues. From PC game and printer. Then tried random third numbers to open blue safe. Kind of a let down now though...


I beg you! Talk to me! jeje


I'm going to try this now to be sure it's fixed..


I'm still unable to log in with username and password..

Mercedes - no way! Maybe I was lucky and hit at a good time... frustrating game for all concerned. The Music Room was the best though.

Ya..oh well..you're not the only one that was able to beat it today...just buggy..ah well...lol:D

fixed game here :

First time, you have to turn speaker on, max out volume on PC and enter a WRONG password, then you have a paper that comes out of speaker.
Otherwise you might have to find out the 3rd number of safe code with trial and error.

Game still bugged:
For the safe you must enter 4 digits : for example digits are B81, I had to enter B81B to get the key.
In another replay, the legs were free as sone I had the yellow keys. I didn't had to use the yellow key.

Really ? I didn't have any problem.

Tosca, if you had to type B81B, is it not because your password was 81B and not B81 ?

can someone please tell me the password? I have A & 9 so far. Have tried all combinations but cant get the safe open!

nvm, power of posting. I'm out, YAY!!!

I understand that bugs exist in games, but that was frustrating when I first played yesterday. Out, at last.

OMG!!! been playing now for like half an hour and have only got the green keys from mouse!!! can anyone help me? or post a walkthrough if anyone finished tha game?

ok does anyone know where the paper for the printer is?? managed to logon pc username David password gw5c3 but need paper

Ok, i have managed to get computer working and have logged on, i got a message saying " you have shott all 10 targets," then i got


any ideas?
oh yh, and where is printer cartridge?

ink in the draw - key in mouse

have seen alot of peoples gueesing the pass, for the record, the pass in gw5c3

the printer has ink, am stuck now...

and thnx jenks :)

1. Click below screen on the right side. Take screwdriver between cable and wall
2. Click Keyboard, use screwdriver on the K key. Take piece of paper (password for PC)
3. Click the mouse twice. Click on the green piece underneath. That's the green key.
4. Open the top left drawer with green key. Take ink cartridge.
5. Click the front of printer. Open it, insert cartridge.
6. Click top of PC twice. Use screwdriver near the separation line on the top. Click the alimentation unit to put it back in place. Note the name (username for PC)
7. Turn PC on by clicking white button
8. Turn speaker on.
9. Go to the PC screen, set volume to max.
10. Input username "david" and a wrong password.
11. Go in front of speaker and take the paper.
12. Go back to PC, log in, seee the message saying there is no paper in the printer, play game, note number when you win.
13. Go to the printer, see the error message, note the number.
14. Go to the safe, input the 3 digits combination (1st digit from game, 2nd from printer, 3rd from speaker paper)
15. Take yellow key, unlock your legs.
16. click on door knob, you're out.

Hey! thanx 4 the walkthrough! your tha best!

I'm out in 5 min:)


1.Get screwdriver from behind the monitor.
2.Get the paper from the keyboard, from under "k" whit screwdriver.It says: "gw5c3"
3.Get the green key from the mouse.
4.Open the case with the key.Get the ink cartridge.
5.put it in the printer.
6.Use screwdriver on the top of the pc.(remove the top.)
7.Use once more, then you see: "David"
8.Turn on the PC.
9.Turn on the speaker(right side of the PC)
10.Log in the PC with:Username: David Pass: gw5c3
11.play the game on PC.You have the 1st code.(random number, note it!)
12.click the note under the code to print.
13.check printer.(it says: Error Code:2nd code -random number, note it!!)
14.Go back to the computer.Volume up the sound.Try to log in with any incorrect password.
15.You can find a paper near the speaker.You find the 3rd number(it's random too.)
16.Now your code is C1st2nd3rd
17.get the yellow key from the blue box.
18.Use yellow keys to rescue your legs
19.Turn left to the door, and go out.
You OUT!

Well, thank you Einkaldir...Such a simple game to have had all the frustration yesterday...Dont know about all that "root" and techie stuff, but sure glad the game got fixed...Another one bites the dust..

So glad it is fixed finally out.

       Anonymous  3/28/08, 2:57 AM  

Thanks Einkaldier, i have seen some walkthroughs around here and there, but yours was the only one that made me finish the game to the very end.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i have only got the keys and the ink cartridge and put it in the printer what do i do now some one please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doesn't matter

Im not sure if this game is fixed it looks to be...sylin angel..

go to back of pc..u will find screwdriver

Look at time


there is a walkthrough if u need it..:)

Detialed walkthrough:

1)click btw computer and desk, get screwdriver
2)click on keyboard letter k with screwdriver, get paper
3)get green key from mouse
4)click on left top drawer of desk with green key, get ink cartridge
5)go to printer, click on grey panel, put ink into slot
6)go left to computer server, click top, open with screwdriver, click the small grey box, note "David"
7)turn on computer
8)Login, User-David Pass-look on paper
9)play game get number, log-out or go back to play screen, look at bottom, click pop-up thing
10)go to printer look at small tan thing on right top, get number
11)go to blue box, put in the 2 numbers in any order; im not sure what one first try out either way
12)click around blue box; not on the dial; get yellow key
13)look at legs and unlock with yellow keys

NOTE: paper on bottom of mouse does not apply, nor does bookshelf, or computer stereos(not that i no of anyways)

Hide ▲

Click on mouse to turn over and get key.
Hide ▲

Use key on left top desk drawer to get screwdriver.
Hide ▲

Use screwdriver on “k” on keyboard to get paper with password.
Hide ▲

Use screwdriver on top of computer tower (go from close-up of tower) to get username.
Hide ▲

Turn on computer.
Hide ▲

Enter username and password in CAPS.
Hide ▲

Play computer game to get code #.
Hide ▲

Click on computer screen to test print.
Hide ▲

Look on printer for error code LETTER.
Hide ▲

Go to safe, the combination is a Letter and two Numbers. You only have one number (can’t figure out where the second one is) and click on your letter and your number and try all other numbers to figure out the third digit of the code. I actually had to put my number last and try to figure out the middle number.
Hide ▲

Open safe to get key.
Hide ▲

Use key on legs in chair. (Click in front of computer keyboard to see legs.)
You are OUT!

57 jackivee - March 27,2008 - 10:25 am
SORRY…You get Hide ▲

ink to put in the printer from the drawer. You have to click behind the screen to get the screwdriver!
This game was so frustrating I was just anxious to get out and post a walkthrough because everyone else was just as frustrated!!


omg, i played this twice, first time i gave up trying to guess the code for the box with a piece of paper saying "B" that came out of nowhere so the second time i played i kept using B haha now i realized every game gives different codes, this game did keep me busy for a good hour, i was so bored i even tried bored as the password

To beat the game jsut right down all of the number codes you get from the computer and the code you get from the computer. Then, you beat the game a couple of times and eventually you will have a couple of numbers, then just put the numbers in all different orders and you will beat the game.
if you leave a post i might not answer right away because i dont check it everyday.

I promise the game is not a bug or malfunction, I just won it for crying out loud. I may post a total walkthrough in a few minutes, if you beg enough.

Green Keys-
Under the mouse
Behind the monitor

Use on top of the computer on the black line
Ink Cartridge-
In top left drawer (use green key)

Put in printer
On inside of top of computer (use screwdriver on top of computer then slide back gray blob)
Found under “k” key (use screwdriver)
Play target game (remember number or letter)

Try to print
Put ink cartridge in

After trying to print look at error code on top of the printer on the right side (remember number or letter)
Piece of paper may fall out of computer when opened, if it does it will land in front of the speaker pick it up (remember the number or letter)
Blue Safe-
Click first number or letter (from the target game)

Click second number or letter (from error code)

Click third number or letter (from piece of paper in front of speaker)
If no paper falls out then instead of putting in the third number do the following

Do the first 2 numbers then click each of the numbers/letters until the safe opens

Start with 0b?
Then try 0b1
Then 0b2
Then 0b3
So on and so on
Then you do 0ba
Then 0bb
And so on
Somewhere in this process the safe should open

Yellow Keys-
Take them out of the safe

Use them on your leg bindings
The door-
Walk to the door and open it


This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/7/08, 2:40 PM  

iight check this out

when you first start look behind the computer screen and collect the screwdriver and then click on the mouse to collect the keys underneath it
then use the screwdriver to open the top of the computer tower
and click on the little box which causes it to move back and reveal a name "david"
then go to the front of the tower and click on the gray square
(this turns on the comeputer) then use the keys to open the top draw on the left hand side and collect the ink for the printer
put the ink into the printer and look at the computer
and it will say new ink carteridge found click to test [print] click that and then look at the little screen on the printer and it will give you a letter (remember that letter) whAt i got was a "C" anf then go back to the computer and log in
the user name is david
the pass is gw5c3
then play the little game and at the end it will give you a number or a letter but i got a "9" use the screw driver to pop out the "k" in the keyboard you will get a little paper that will be the pass to login the computer (which i already gave you then go to the speaker and click the button on the top then go back to the computer and turn the volume for the speaker as loud as you can and enter the username but wrong password and then look at the speaker and collect the paper this paper will have a number on it which mine was 8 so the combo for the safe is c98 or in some order just play aroud with it and when you get it open youll find a key use that key for the brakets around your legs

       Anonymous  6/16/08, 12:16 AM  

i won!!

username: david
pass: gw5c3

inside the safe is a key that unlocks both legs.

hint: everytime you play it the code is different.
example: first time i played it: printer code was 0 and computer code was 9, second time i played it: printer code was C and computer code was C.

you actually bothered to play it twice? not exactly thrilling is it ?lol just really annoying when you have to click on something about 150 times before it does anything ! pfft bored dot com sort it out !

This comment has been removed by the author.

Username= DAVID [must be uppercase]



what an easy game...beat it my first time playing this is all you have to do. first click on the mouse and click the key, then go to the left drawers and use the key on the first drawer knob. grab the cartridge, and put it in the printer by clicking on the front of it. the screwdiver is behind the monitor. go to the top of the pc tower and use the screwdriver. click the top box in the tower and turn pc on. go to keyboard take screwdriver to k key and take the paper. log into pc username: david pw:gw5c3 click the print button at the bottom of screen then shoot targets. take that code they give you and remember it. go to printer click on the screen thing in the right had corner of the printer there should be another code, remember that # or letter. finally go to the safe put the pc code then the priner error code. the third # is found by putting the first 2 in and playing around click on the handle in the bottom righthand corner of the safe to open it. for example if your 2 #'s are 3 and 5 go 351,352,353 ect until the thing opens.

I finished it!

You can say it is hard because i finished it using walkthroughs only!

am i the only one on?
Who else is on?

i think i know the password -> b96

The password is 648.

how do i print on E-scape

Once you get to the computer screen, type david as the username and gw5c3 as the password. Play the game, you'll get a number Six, try to print it says error code: 5. Turn off the mute and turn on the subwoofer you get a 0. Put 0 5 and 6 in some order to unlock the safe. Game over.

i got in to the computer and it signed me in by using david as the username and gw5c3 as the password...it gave me a game to play :/

       Anonymous  2/22/11, 9:57 PM  

Escape in 1 second

Press play again when prompted, turn to see the door, escape.

Thanks, for all the support. This is my first detailed walkthrough and it was an effort. I had to miss many days of work, so all the donations over the past few months working have really helped me. I believe that it was through my military training as well as my time as a professional break dancer that give me the edge in the walkthrough industry. With perseverance and determination you can achieve anything and this, my lifetime masterpiece, is proof of that very sentence that I am still in the process of finishing. I feel very sorry if you are reading this. I am an extremely lucky individual to possess such extreme wisdom and insight to these matters. Again, I would like to thank everyone who nominated me for Walkthrough of the Decade 2010-2020 and I feel honored to have won. I know its obvious that nothing will be better than this but I am very sorry that everyone else will have to wait another 10 years to write any walkthroughs before even being considered. In conclusion, I sold my body for money numerous times and contracted no diseases. There is a lesson to be learned from narcotics and it is that while fun they can also make you happier. But needles in the arm is a bad look for anyone.

       Anonymous  2/22/11, 10:02 PM  

CHicago CHit, PHone PHuck, hAWK cAWK, NoW wErE hOoKeD oN pHoNiCs KidS

guys the code for the safe is the one you get from winning game on cumptor and the one on the printer then just take 0 after those. ::::::))))

hope it helped ^

working link:


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