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Escape Da House 5 Walkthrough

Escape Da House 5

EscapeDaHouse 5 WalkthroughEscapeDaHouse 5 is fifth episode of Escape Da House point and click room escape games made by Joe Benton. This game reminds Submachine game series. The aim of the game is to escape, by using your skills to find items to help you to get out. You are stuck in a unknown room and you need to get out. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Diana]

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VERY Submachine-ish and very easy.

you can say that again!
i am out,too.

Well, I guess I am just not with it this morning. I don't usually need that much help but I can't find where to use the key nothing works. And I only see one number to help with getting the code.

       Anonymous  3/9/08, 10:48 AM  

same here...i have key, piece of paper, and used a conductor or something like that, only seen a 1....stuck..

sorry for my english

       Anonymous  3/9/08, 10:51 AM  

im out

where did you use the key? and how did you find the numbers?

There are actually 2 keys to be found. In the room with the water on the floor, look up at the pipes.

Code can be found in the cabinet that needs to be unlocked.

I can't find the last gem!!!! Grrrrrr

Thank you Diana, I cam back to post that I was out finally and you had left a message. Had not seen the second key until I had gone in room about a million times.

nvm out!

That was a fun game...

nice to find one that even i can do without any hints, tips or walkthroughs lol

Stuck!! Where do I use the silver key and the golden wheel?

Well I'm having a realy dumb moment, I cannot find where to put the gold wheel, please someone help.

Did it, you use key on padlock on bottom of ladder, now why didn't I notice that before?

Help please! I have all items and 9 gems. Where is the last gem???

all the gems are pretty obvious ... but i know the one i overlooked and had to go back and find was by the power cable in the watery room

i agree. i have no idea where the sliver key and the wheel goes. please help. thanks.

Thanks Kingman, I'm out! :-)

theres a funny glitch if u unlock the chest click it to enter the door will still be there and if u click it,it will take u to the previous room xD
im still trying to escape but its cool

never mind! you use the wheel on the attic. you go to the farthest room there is, where the ladder is. go up and turn left. use the wheel on the pole thing.

after that, go to the room where there is water, but now there isn't. go down the ladder. use key on trapdoor.

Oh cool, they finally come out with a part 5..awesome..here I go..hey guys.! if still here..lol..:D

Thanks, I'm out!

there are 2 keys, 2 wheels, 1 map, 10 gems, 1 fire thingy, 1 conductor, 1 code (4913) and yeah to many steps to write so good luck

Have 9 gems, used wheel and conductor, got downstairs to door with circle on it and now stuck... any help appreciated.

anyone know where the silver key is ???

Were is the fire thing and were
is the second wheel? I'm allready on -2 but with 9 gems but stuck now

Were is the fire thing and were
is the second wheel? I'm allready on -2 but with 9 gems but stuck now

One key is on pipe in water room and 2nd is in air con pipe above in middle room. where is the fire thingy and golden wheel??

when you press the big red button you get a golden wheel hera ... use that on the door

sikver key is in the fan becki

never mind, I finaly got true
another hole and got fire thing
and last gem. I'm up to the glas
thing upstairs with the fire thing.

It's loaded..wow i can't get over how submachine like this game is..wonder if your aloud to do that..just make games like other game masters..hm..oh well i love submachine..see how this one goes..:D

Where is other hole to find fire thing??? Feel have been everywhere!

im sure it wont take long for someone of your p&c abilities merc :-)

Phew....got it. should be plain sailing from here!

i mat be wrong but i think it is on the left at the bottom of the first ladder under the watery room hera

fire is in the basement hera....u need second key to get in it..and thank you..:)

thank You kingman..:D sorry meant to say that..lol

Under room with water..then go left..there is a further down basement..but its not there..its left..:) and u dont need a key..sorry..i play it so fast..lol..i forget lol

Im out..i loved the submachine look to it..bit dark though..like had to strain to see ...especially if u have curtains open..:D..Was easy enough too you can play it on your own..theres a hint for everything..so makes it nice to play..:) I liked it.

Awesome game....I liked it even though it seemed like a knockoff of the Submachine series.

I don't think anyone could get stuck here but here's a walkthrough if you need it.


Side note: there are 10 gems hidden here. I will point them out since you need all 10 of them to escape.

1. Starting room: pick up red gem (1).

2. Go right and get the map. Look at the button thingy and click the grey square on it until it falls off. There's a key up there but we'll get to that later.

3. Go right again and get the gem (2) on the far left side.

4. Take the ladder upstairs and get another gem (3) on the right side of the wall and the conductor in the far right corner of the wall. Note the red button. Get gem (4) on the top pipe.

5. Go left and get a gem (5). Note the slot in the pipe.

6. Go right and down the ladder. Go left and put the conductor in the pipe thing and press the red button. Click the upper right hand corner and get a key. Then go all the way to the far left where you see a puddle of leaky water.

7. Get gem (6) and a key on the top pipe. Get gem (7) on the floor in the water near a wire.

8. Go right back into the starting room. Use the key on the cabinet and "drag the circle" around a number. Write down the number.

9. Exit out of the cabinet and go right twice. Click the switchbox and enter the number you saw in the cabinet.

10. The box will open and you will get a silver wheel thingy. Click the top corner of the screen to exit out of the box.

11. Go up the ladder and to the left. Place the wheel on the pipe and go right and down the ladder.

12. Go left all the way to the end where the water used to be. You notice that it's not there anymore. Pick up gem (8) near the far left pipe.

13. Climb down the ladder and get gem (9). Go to the left through the vent and pick up gem (10) and the torch.

14. Go back to the ladder and climb up. Go to the far right and climb up that ladder.

15. Use the torch to melt the glass shielding the red button we saw earlier.

16. Press the red button and go left. Pick up the gold wheel thingy and go right and down the ladder and go to the far left where the water used to be.

17. Climb down the ladder and use the fan key to open the trap door below the ladder.

18. Climb down the ladder and put the gold wheel on the door.

19. Go through the door and click the square thingy with the gems on it and you're out!

Its noticable that there is a crawl-through door in the basement before the main bottom part of the basement go through the door that is the room with the fire thing and the last gem i hope you enjoyed my advice!


Yeh, got through with no hints. I agree very Submachine like except shorter and easier.

This is a sort of bad clone of SUBMACHINE...
But the author is not the same.
Why did he copy badly so little fragment of submachine?
Does the creators don't have any ideas?

I'm thinking what Mateusz Skutnik thinks about it. (the Sbmchine/author, of course)

i can't seem to get the key to open up the cabinet. how do i do that?

@diana Thanks for 2nd key, I totally went past that one. Easy to escape after that.

hey guys that was easy wernt it
it would be good for begginers the only bit i got stuck on was the bit withtrying toget the key out the fan apart from thatit was just smooth sailng.

       Anonymous  3/30/08, 3:09 PM  

i very rarely get through games without a walkthrough... and this is no exception. i was stuck in the -2 level... wondering how to open the door. for 20 minutes.

hold your applause.

No, Escape da house 5 is not just like Submachine, it is stolen!! You made a piece of Sh*t of a great game. congratulations!!!

this is game is a total rip off. not only has joe benton took all the credit in the credts section but he completely ruined a great game.....and how is it that when you go into a manhole, you end up in a house..........this game is poor quality and really makes you appreciate great developers.....all of you should play the submachine series and some of Mur's others to see how lame this game really is

To whoever made this game:
YOU ARE NOT MATEUSZ SKUTNIK! all I had to do was switch to the 2nd room to realize where you got half of that from! if you can't be original, then you have no business making games. what was original in this is crap compared to Submachine, and people can tell the difference!
thats all I have to say to you.

I hate it. it really lacks explanation, good graphics and other then that, they stole this from Submachine. I really do hope joe gets sued.

I can't get over how many are really offended by this game...hm..strange to me...it didn't bother me that they tried to copy submachine..in fact i thought of doing it myself..only cause i love the series and graphics are easy enough to draw..but the puzzles are another story though..lol..but after seeing this thread..i was too scared too haha..

@ Merecedes,

The most disrespectful thing you can do is rip off someone's game and not give them any credit. Joe Benton took all the credit for himself. I'm surprised you don't see what's wrong with plagerisim.

However, if you were to rip of Murtaugh's games without so much as a thank you...you're right, you'd get ripped to shreds.

OMG......glich much....it wont let me get to teh room w/ the attic latter.....it keeps taking me to the cheast:((( plz help if u can

great game! my favorite was part 3! i got out in no time on that 1 LOL!!

where do you use golden handle?

that was sooooo obvious it was the easiest one ive ever done.

       Anonymous  7/10/09, 10:26 PM  

This game was really hard for me because im really dumb ):
Thanks to the walkthrough from Shannon It help me alot But i cant get the key in the cabnet ??!! :'(

i have the gold handle were does it go... im at the room were the torch is

on the left side in -1 floor, there's a hole. Click on the hole and you will se a gem and torch there. Use the torch to melt the glass on 1st floor. Go left and click on the gold wheel. go to -2 floor and click on a gem on the hole and you're out.

VERY BEGINNING the key wont unlock the cabinet, any ideas???


       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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