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Kill With Me

Kill With Me PasswordKill With Me is an online puzzle type game created by Sony Pictures for Untraceable movie. In this game, you try to solve the puzzles to gain the username and password to the killers server. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Diana]

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okay first im going to try his game out anyone playing

it dont want to start if anyone can start it let me know

OMG..i hit NO..by accident and it says...thankfully some of you have some morals...brought me to a site for solving internet crimes...haha...got to reload it now..funny

oh it looks like u have to go there anyways..alrighty..get it now..lol

Diana..this game is neat as hell..thx

Ahhh, I got the username and password. I feel kind of silly now for not paying more attention to the hints.

Ok... that was a great game, easy but great :)

oh i got it..!! the password is case sensitive..

now its deleting files...do i have to wait for this..?

ok..just says congrats..if u wanna wait u can..i did like a moron..lol

I think that's it, merc.

The words for the "Hangman" game can vary. I wonder what happens if you guess wrong.

yes with dial up it took me like five minutes to see congratulations..lol..if u guess wrong what Diana? password?.i had a few times..and it just said.."wrong entry denied"..Can't remember my word for hangman now..think it was Arbitration..something like that..didn't help me with password..or user name though..

i played it again..this time it was Surveillance..so yup changes every time..cool game easy too..love it when a game loads in full screen..:D

I guess I'm just an idiot.. I cant figure out the username and password.. I'm assuming the password is the answer to the Hangman game but I'll never know if I cant figure out the username!! lol

REALLY take a look at the hints at the bottom. There is a YouTube clip of the movie, and it pinpoints the time 2min 30secs into the clip...

it was actually 2:33 for me.

What is the username and password? I can not figure it out!!!

it wont open for me :(

nevermind, got it and beat it ;)

nevermind, got it and beat it ;)

this game is from the movie untraceable...u guys should watch it...=)

username is owen password is 012508

not bad game:D but the movie is great:)

the user name is not owen and the password is not 012508

it is...it works for me...

are ther more games just like this

are ther any games just like this one?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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