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Escape from the Underground Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Underground Room

Escape the Underground Room WalkthroughEscape from the Underground Room is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from creator of Mild Escape game. In this game, you are in an underground room and you need to escape the underground room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Search around to find items and clues. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Full]

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       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:34 AM  

Wow Yalçin, you are quick, lol

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:35 AM  

I turned on the lights and have a paper, a key and 3 other objects

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:39 AM  

and stuck

Yes Full, i saw your submission and added the game quickly, lol

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:45 AM  

You can wipe the stain on the ground with the cloth. Inside the hatch is a clue.

safe on the wall opened

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:47 AM  

After all i finished to open the floor, took me ages

Lifted carpet found a hole and took mystery object

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:48 AM  

Tim,Ellen goodmorning. How did you open the safe?

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:49 AM  

Hey Niff

i'm stuck!!!!

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:50 AM  

I don´t understand the paper with the hint

morning everyone, sorry for posting late Ellen..

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:52 AM  

Yeah, good question, Full!! I used the paper on the box under the floor and got a hint. Haven't opened the wallsafe yet. I only see some blanked out letters?

WIth the note that reads
A = 1
Z = 26
and the order of the color

green = I (from kite)
yellow = t (from water)

red i just tried every thing

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:53 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:54 AM  

Thanks a lot TIM....

gotta go out now
will come back and continue

Thanks Tim, been looking for red- he he will try your way!

when looking at the door, theres a beetle on the ceiling

Red is the S from the lighter!
Don't know what to do with my bug now...and ideas?

I am stuck at the same point I have rope from safe, hook thing, two tapered pieces, bug, lighter, key and clue paper. Pretty sure the next thing is to do with the picture on the wall but not sure how.

red letter is on the lighter
red - s

the red is in the ligther

red = s(tesShi-e)

How can we open the safe?

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 2:59 AM  

Niff, is there a way to get the beetle?

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:00 AM  

Started over and found a red U in the word Underground!

lighter lights the lamp

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:00 AM  

Can´t get the safe open neither

i'm all stuck

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:02 AM  

Just got the beetle, thanks...

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:04 AM  

Gotta go now. Good luck all of you!! Will catch up later.

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:04 AM  

I have a icecream in my inventory now, yummy

You can use the lighter on the kite too. My beetle is now attached to a piece of wire and a thread - like in the picture. Can't get it to do anything else yet though.

Use the letters I, T, S as the note saying a - 1 z - 26 says and you may understand the safe code.

to open the safe, look at the colours and letters on the kite, in the water and on the lighter. use the clue on the paper to figure out the combination to the safe.

I think we need to tie the beetle to some string, then the string to the rope (the picture give us a clue) but I can't get the string from the kite.

Now, just what do we do to that frame???

got beetle!!

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:08 AM  

Thank you cisco27uk, i thought it was 72518 as for green, yellow red

thanks a lot

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:09 AM  

Attached the rope to the beetle, now what ;.)

got my beetle back into the ceiling, but can't him back so I can pull up the rope. any ideas? I tried turning the lights off again with the lamp lit, but that didn't work

my beetle doesn't attach to the rope

please help me

Rahji attach rope to wire from kite first
David same place as you

Hook thing grabs string

David click rope to pull it 2 or 3 times

out! choose the hook and click the string a couple of times to climb

and out- Thanks for the help guys

it's not happening

I have a walkthrough written. Is it too soon to post it?

Rajhi do you have the bobbin from the kite?

i can't make my beetle to go back to the ceiling :(


walkthrough PLEASE!!!

i can't find a rope.....

Kata- turn all lights out

Rajhi select rope in close up and combine with the bobbin, then with beetle
Rope in the safe

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:25 AM  

How did you guys get the beetle back up ????

thanks niff

Out! Thanks guys x

Full, turn off lamp and light, go up the beetle will then go to the light

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:29 AM  

Out too ;.)
Thanks Niff, refering your comment turning ALL the lights of.


turn right pick up key on floor
turn left put the key in the switch on the right
turn right
click the white box that you can just see half of to turn on the lights

turn right and notice the colour and letter of the different letter on the kite
pick up the broom
turn right
get the cloth, hook and paper

turn right
use the cloth to wipe up the circle on the floor
click the light switch on the left
open hatch put paper in the water to get a clue
notice the different colour and letter in water

turn right
click the top of the screen to look up
use the broom to open the hatch
go back and see what dropped onto the floor
make a note of the different letter again

turn left and use the clue on the paper and the colours/letters you have to open the safe

take the rope

turn left
look at the lighter and open it
light the lamp with the open lighter
turn right twice, turn off the light
turn back to the lamp and get the beetle
turn off the lamp and turn right twice to turn on the light again
turn right and use the lighter on the bobbin of string
tie the string to the rope, then the beetle to the result

turn left
look up
click the sky and see the string go up
choose the hook and click the string a couple of times
click the small opening to get a key
open the door with the key

my beetle is now attached to a string. What next?

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 3:33 AM  

Thanks all, very nice game, but in my opinion a little bit confusing as it comes to combining items etc.

thanks to all im out!!!!

You out Rajhi?

This comment has been removed by the author.

finally out
thanks all

ok bye everyone

Bye Rajhi, hope to escape with you again sometime..
Thanks for your time on the walkthrough David
see you all soon..

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 4:10 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Please help i'm stuck with the numers of the save

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 4:37 AM  

Look at Cisko27uk´s comment at 03:04,hope that helps you

"turn left "
TURN THE LIGHTS OFF - so obvious but still took me years to figure it out
"look up
click the sky and see the string go up"

Thank you all :)

i'm stuck too, there is no string going up when i look up to the sky; followed davids walkthrough (thx btw) everything worked but no string went up

THX tina!!!

Sorry Full, thought you'd gone and I'd missed you!! Small world eh! I'm English but I´ve lived here 16 years now
hasta la proxíma, tengo irme..a sido un placer escapar contigo!

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 4:55 AM  

Que te vaya bien, hasta la proxima!

Took the key not to go out first, enters the water trough, combined the string and the clasp, attained the green box. Turns on the green box, attains apple then to open the door with the green key.

Thanks Full mwa

Is anyone else having problems getting the hook to do anything with the string once the string is going out the ceiling? I keep clicking, and nothing is happening...

Woah. Nevermind... I zoomed out, and when I zoomed back in the beetle was on the thing and the hook worked perfectly. Just a "bug" I guess.

This was fun...I sure needed everbody's hints..thank you everybody...thanks for the walkthrough to David, I needed that also for the beetle parts..Thanks for posting Full...

Wow another ending, but can´t combine any clasp with any rope or string to turn on green box! Hmm gonna have another go

Vb someone got an apple before leaving, did you manage it as well, I´m having trouble?

Oh nvm tried everything but the hook and rope!! Thanks everyone!!

So, the walktrhough have missing things.

You can only use the string with the beatle, when the lights are turned off.

Then after you used the string, you should turn the light on again, to use hook on string.

Really teasing, when you just try to click the sky, and not understand why isn't it works.

Hey Niff, no I didnt get an apple..I had a hard time combining the parts for the beetle though..Had to read post and walkthrough many times before I got it right..Think my ending just said congrats...(was glad to be done)hehe...If theres another end,please post Niff..see ya next game..

anyway, thank you for the walktrhough

Ok After you get the key, select the hook and combine with the rope.
Go to hole in the floor where it says water and used these combined to get the green box.
Use them again to open the green box and take the apple.
Use the green key to leave, but now you have an apple fairy waiting for you on the stairs.
Thanks, we missed that earlier


Im stuck - have attached string to beatle and wire and rope, but i cant combine beatle with rope please help!!!

Anel if you have the beetle on the string you need to turn off the lamp on the floor and the the main light, then go up to see the sky. Click beetle etc. then sky and go back down again. Turn light back on and go up again to see the beetle on the bar. Use the hook to "pull" string until you get green key. Don´t forget your apple!!

i feel truly dumb - now i cant get the key


with apple

out with no apple..

Wildness after you get the key, see my post at 7.26.

were is everyone getting the letters for the safe it has five numbers to find and only three colours which means 3 numbers?

Awesome..go a way for a few dayz and come back to games..jump right in..

thanks Yalcin..Full..:)

There are three letters...according to the note..


So the letters found are I T S


Numbers for safe are; 92019

OMG..i can't beleive i got out of there..

after getting the safe open..combining items was a bit of apain...lol..

       Anonymous  4/30/08, 11:24 PM  

Hey Mercedes, I´m glad to see you are back again.
Already wondered why we haven´t seen you around for some time

Look I'm a majour escaoe game fan and I always play and I found this game quite hard. I think an escape game site is just awesome.

Hey gamers.

This is my firs post, but definitely not my first game. I've been playing games on this site for a while, and i've beat pretty much all of the escape games, some with help from other gamers such as yourselves and some on my own. i don't need any help as of now, i just wanted to take the time out to say thanks. now that i am a member of the forum, i hope we can all communicate together and i hope to be a part of your gaming family <3

Welcome Bella, good to have you join us. I hope you´ll be lending us a hand from time to time...

Sorry about my spelling last time, I was in a bit of a rush... this game was quite difficult and I like that, thanks for all your help.

gr8 walkthrough ... but needed to turn out the light be4 i could see the string :D ... kept me busy for awhile lol. then clicked on the string again to make it straight and took awhile be4 i got the key,
just lucky clicking i guess ... gr8game.

Nice game but needed the hints to get out. Thanks all.

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