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Escapers #04 Walkthrough

Escapers #04

[REPLAY] 58Works - Escapers #04 R is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 58 Works. You are locked in a room and you have to escape the room by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Escapers #04 R Walkthrough
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Wandering around upstairs. I'm halfway out.

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:07 AM  

Thanks for posting, diana

Haha, ouch. Out, bad ending! Will go again.

Hi full!

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:10 AM  

Looks great fun, i´m upstairs too

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:13 AM  

Diana, ouch? out? in 3 minutes?

Out again, good ending.

I only had 2 small steps to go. Definitely didn't get out in 3 the first time :)

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:16 AM  

I found out you need to put the shapes of the 3 items in the bookcase in the boxes but i can´t get to the one near the ceiling

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:17 AM  

Nvm, got it. LOL

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:18 AM  

Gate´s open, now there´s another gate, heééélp

There might be something on the other side of the gate to help you. You need an long item to get it.

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:20 AM  

Man i´m getting better in these games, just found a key but once opened the box downstairs it gives me a handgranate? Do i have to become violent?

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:22 AM  

Diana, what´s with the bike?

The grenade gives the "ouch" factor. Haha...
Bike comes in handy for an escape. If you don't die first.

You never know how useful a screwdriver and a flashlight are until you play escape games. Just a thought.

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:25 AM  

And the folded newspaper on the table?

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:27 AM  

Ouúúúúúút... Yoohoo

Thanks for posting. Great graphics, easy, straightforward game until you die. LOL
The 2nd attempt brought me out. But I doubt that the bike would have survived ... And isn't it nice that the wall crumbles, but the ceiling / floor upstairs is so solid LOL

Newspaper I didn't find any use for. Did you make it out alive, full?

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:29 AM  

LOL diana, we are the only 2 playing...
Btw, how do you see if it´s a good or bad ending? All it gives me is congratulations, thank you for playing..

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:30 AM  

Hello Joerg, didn´t see your comment before

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:31 AM  

Yes,i got out alive, but tell me how to die and i´ll play again, LOl

Hi, I stuck in the upstairs after using 7items

how to open the box downstairs?

Hey Full (alles goed) and Diana,

Doesn't look very hard not?


I used all items (handel, screwdriver, stuhl, alarm, battery, flashlight and kablepart)

now walking around how to open the box or gate

Haha, full. Use the grenade on the second gate.

Hi robin :)

winnie-What is the last item you used? Did you manage to open the first gate?

winnie did you see that the blue square, yellow cross and red plus have to do with them dotted panels. Did find out how to use them yet.

Take a closer look at the bookshelf and the shapes that the 3 colors (yellow, blue, red) make.

thanks Diana and Robin, now I try to figure it out

       Anonymous  4/19/08, 3:41 AM  

I´m of to lunch now, if you all hurry and come over i´ll invite you.

Back at 3 to play again and die,haha.

Groetjes Robin

I'll be right over. Save me a spot! See you full.

Have got out with bad ending...how do I get the good one??

Use the grenade elsewhere. Preferably, where you can throw it down and you stay safe.

Diana thanxx,

That was to easy, haha.

use the hint for the colours but hothing happened

Aha! Thank you Diana :o)

Anyone know how to reach the key? Thanks

winnie, press the red button

mur, what happen with the gate?

The keys on the other side of the gate (I think) and I haven't seen the hand grenade yet.

Robin, I think I did the panel wrong, is it the same as the shelf?

Ha, nv mind...I found a bar

winnie, the blue one has to make a square. So only the middle one is not lit. The rest is the same was only than other forms

Mur, take a look at the fist gate that opened!

Mur, I was just gonna say, haha

oh, how stupid I am! thanks Robin

That's all right, just waiting for a new game, :)

It was going well till I blew myself up.

Where do I use the grenate please ??

Nvm got it!!

Good game; got both endings without help (doesn't happen very often haha!).


-Go left and click the motorcycle. Click around the front end of the motorcycle to view behind it. Lift the little bike and get the handle.
-Zoom out twice and click the drawer open. Get the screwdriver.
-Left again and use the handle on the locker. Get the stool.
-Go left (or right) twice and click the long table to move it out twice. (Notice the locked black box as you go around the room). Use the stool on top.
-Click the panel in the ceiling and use the screwdriver to open it. Now you are upstairs.
-Click the plant and then behind it to get the flashlight.
-Go right and click the bookshelf. Note the shapes of the yellow X, blue square, and red plus.
-Get the clock on the bottom right.
-View the clock and click the bottom to turn it around. Open the back and get the batteries.
-View the flashlight and click the bottom to open it. Insert the batteries and put the cover back on.
-Zoom out and click the air vent. Use the screwdriver to open it and then use the flashlight in the darkness. Get the wires.
-Zoom out and go left. Open the wall panel and set the red dots in the shape of a plus sign.
-Go right twice and click the table. Move the left chair and then click under the table.
-Set the blue dots in the shape of a square.
-Zoom out twice and click the right chair until it moves all the way under the highest wall panel. You’ll have to go right and then finish clicking.
-Click the wall panel and set the yellow dots in the shape of an X.
-Leave the chair and click the wall panel with the button. Use the wires under it to fix it. Now press the red button.
-When the gate opens you’ll notice the rod on the left side is still there. Keep clicking it until the rod comes loose.
-Enter the hallway and click the bottom right area of the second gate. Use the rod to get the key.
-Go back downstairs and use the key on the locked black box. Get the grenade.
-*Go back upstairs and then to the view of you facing back down looking at the table/stool. Use the grenade through this opening.
-Go back down and out through the hole in the wall. Congratulations!

*-If you use the grenade on the second gated, it explodes in your face and you get a Bad Ending.

i am actually getting better at these games!=]i just needed help on the bit with the grenade. pretty cool game

This is great. Finished without help this time. And that isn`t something that happens alot.. Addicted to theese games but I suck when it comes to solving them.

wow!! finally escaped!! nyahah!! i died twice!!! thanks for the posteed hints!! esp to DIANA!!! girl, you're sooo good in these games!! nyahahah!! a'ight!! next game!!! :D do you guys know any other sites where you can play other escape games???

9 years ago wow!

It's good that games with a bad ending have save features nowadays.

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