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Esklavos Chapter 15 Walkthrough

Esklavos Chapter 15

Esklavos C15 is 15th chapter of Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg. In Esclavos C15, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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first. yaaaa

Okay, thats it..These last 2 games are kicking my butt!!!!

I have ll rusty items and dont know what to do with them..Break time for me...

I'M STUCK! I fished out the rusty ring, remote control with no batteries, the rusty powerful gun, and the two pieces of rusty metal. NOW WHAT

sooooooooooo easy

help please

How do we clean and use the eleven rusty itms Jojo??

How do we get into the fortress Jojo??

oh click on the tower next to the fort door.

oh click on the tower next to the fort door.

I can get into the tower and mess with the ventilation system on the computer and then Im stuck..

keeps saying error

i think that's what it's supposed to say. but now i'm trying to see what the gas gun is for. the one in the box.

Now, Im really taking a break..Good luck Russian Girl..

thanks. haha! unless i give up.

keep fishing till u get the metel bar

ohhhhhh. thanks jojo

oh, now i'm fishing for a ton of other things.
chain, boot, rusty laser gun, treasure chest, metal blocks, ruined batteries, and more!

once u get the metal bar, use it then all the rusty things he throws back,

hahaha, yeah, i saw that. i kinda wanted to keep the treasure chest.

Im back,have you made any progress Russian Girl??

Got the metal bar jojo..put it on the lever in the tower..chains rolled up..and now Im back to the ventilation system on the computer..Seems the fan at the water is our escape route...To manuever the computer vent. system to turn off that fan, it says error..Looks like another puzzle to figure out on that vent.system..huh

Okay, turned the fan off..went into the ducts,,got a empty container...now at another computer..Stuck..You still here Russian Girl or Jojo??

Get metal bar, gun and empty can and combine gun and can. USe metal bar on fuse box. Then use blow trouch on fuse box. Thats as far as I got.

Use on blow trouch on gate. And the fuse cover on column to see code for cannon. Have to do this 4 times.

I cannot for the life of me get the fans to the right levels. Which ones do you set to what levels to turn off the fan? Help, please!

Cate,for the fans...If they were numbered..1234

7=turned off
8=turned off

I have,many items now but I cant combine them..

Csitobe, are you referring the plasma cannon to blow torch??

Also, I cant combine the gun and empty container,,any thing special to do???

Thank you so much!

Did yall get past the valve system..got the computer pw and got the plasma cannon..

Did yall get your container full of gas yet?? Im having a time getting this done...errrr

Anyone playing this? Trying to figure out what to do after I've made the blow torch.

yes gbe, Im still trying to fill my container..

Hey gbe, this is what Im doing...on the computer diagram Im hitting button and opening the valve and hurrying to put my container over the gas to fill..It wont fill...done it 50 or more times...what am i doing wrong??

Nevermind, out :)

vb - you have to use the valve system to fill the container. When you click on each of the valves, it shoots off gas for a shot period. You have to find the valve that corresponds to the vent in your room to fill your container.

Also, the picture of the can doesn't change or anything. But if you hover your mouse over it, it will say "container of filled gas" or something after you've done it.

Yeah, I know which valve is mine,,gas comes spewing out,,I put my container over it until it stops spewing and it still says my container is empty..

Walkthrough (with thanks to everyone in the thread)

1. Use your fishing pole on the water until you find the METAL BAR. You don't need anything else from the water, so if your inventory fills up, throw back everything else.

2. Click the tower on right side of the building to enter the fortress.

3. Place the metal bar in the mechanism. Pull the bar to move the chain.

4. Click on the boxes to get the GAS GUN.

5. Click on the terminal and then select ventilation system. Your goal is turn off the nearest two fans and change the power on the others to keep the O2/Temp at perfect levels.

If we give the fans on the diagram a number, then we have:

Here is the order:

8=off (thanks vbranam1)

6. Go back the way you came, and enter the fan after exiting the tower. Continue through the duct and exit the vent on the side.

7. Collect an EMPTY CONTAINER.

8. Click on the terminal and go to the valve system. You have to find the valve that corresponds to the vent in the room you're in, and once it's blowing steam, you have to quickly collect it in the container you just obtained.

The correct valve is the one roughly in the middle of the diagram. Click it, then drag your container onto the escaping gas before it subsides. You should now have a CONTAINER FULL OF GAS.

9. Combine the gas gun and the container to make the BLOW TORCH.

10. Go to the previous room and click on the fuse box. It will tell you that you can't take the lid.

11. Go all the way back to the room where you used the bar. Collect the bar. (You have to click on the fuse box lid before you can take the bar.)

12. Return to the fuse box and use the bar on it. You will get a POLISHED LID.

13. Use the blow torch on the fuse box to get a BLOW TORCH TURNED ON.

14. Go in the vent again and note the column in the middle of the room. Use the lid on the column to get a series of 4 numbers (reading from bottom to top of column). Mine was 7854.

15. Go to the terminal and click on laser lock. Enter the number you just read on the column.

16. Click the big object on the wall to get the PLASMA CANNON.

17. Go back into the air duct. Use the blow torch on the gate to the left.

18. Click on the gate and you've won!

vb - Are you letting the can go after you hover it over the gas? I think you have to put it over the vent and then release the mouse while the vent is still going.

OMG, gbe thats it...All this time...and that was it...Thank you..I didnt release it while still spewing...I even started over thinking there was a bug..out..Thank you, thank you, and thank you Gbe..

After all that time with the container..Once its filled...Game done in seconds..LOL

Sorry, but i don't understand the order of the fan. wich is the first and wich is the last? from left to right or from up to down?

Left to right, top to bottom. So, for example, the fan on the top left of the diagram is 1 and should be orange, while the fan on the top right is 4 and should also be orange.

And vb, you're welcome :) I'd probably still be on the fans if it wasn't for your hints.

Thank u sooooo much!!!!

:( I wanna post the walkthrough... GBE was faster... :(

! just don't get it the fan thing is not working for me. I get the OK but the fan is still on. I also got an OK from another angle but the fan is still on. waaaahh

Oh awesome! part 15..here I go..~

Oh that's sad..sorry Virginia..that sucks i know...gotta be fast, write it here that your working on it, and would appreciate the patience..;)

I finally get to play..~~

When u get to the fans look at this this way..

3-# -4# 5-#
2-# 6-#
1-# 7-#


Lights do not change colour it's just which colour should be lit first from top, to bottom of post

6=Off [All gray]
8=Off [All gray]

You know you have it right when u see "OK" written.

Not sure if this will help or not..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow that was short..love the beginning with music ..and effects..kind of had the Lord of the Rings feel to it..

Hi where is the metal bar Please. i've been fishing for about an hour and still can't get it

Jean, its close to the fortress,you may have to throw many items back for room in your inventory...BTW, it does say metal bar,but we all know it as a crowbar..

Also, close to the door of fortress..click around bridge

However hard I try, I can't get the bar. I get stuck with three rusty bits of metal, the rusty ring & the remote control. If I throw them back, I just pick them up again.

I just don't get it. This is either a serious glitch or very poor game design!

thanks Vbranam1, i found it :)

i was only fishing in the front part of the water duh!

Yes, Jordan I fished out the same items and some new over and over..Just throw them back and keep trying, you will get the bar..clost to the building door..around bridge

Thanks for the encouragement vbranam1 - got it now!

You are both very much welcome!!

I know the fans are not (even) but starting across
the top....If the fans were numbered..

1234 --top row
567 --middle row
8 --last row

The colors next to each fan is:

Thanks GBE & vbranam1.

hooray! i finished it!

Here it is a image for the fas on the computer

(thanks Tyncho from Esklavos home site chat)

@ Sur Thank you, the image helped for some reason it would not work for me yesterday.

Ok, GBE, you say: "1. Use your fishing pole on the water until you find the METAL BAR. You don't need anything else from the water, so if your inventory fills up, throw back everything else." I can't get the correct metal bar to fit in the mechanism! I get 3 "rusty metals", a "rusty ring" and "Orkul's remote control w/o batteries"! NONE, but NONE of those fit into the damned mechanism! The game will NOT let me fish for ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!! Please help me! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


If inventory is full just throw back into water..drag it to water to throw it back

the bar you want is called "Metal BAr..but it looks just like a crow bar..

you will get it around the 10-15 try..its retarded..and its near the end of water closer to doc..behind himn

You do not need anything else but METAL BAR..from water..all else is useless...

hence why he says to throw it back..:)

@mercedes, I'm telling you I CANNOT get ANYTHING besides those 5 things: 3 rusty metals, 1 rusty ring, 1 battery-less remote! There IS room for MORE things in the inventory, but my game is NOT flexible enough to allow me to get ANYTHING ELSE!!!! I tried throwing those 5 damned useless items back and trying again, yet AGAIN, it gives me the SAME 5 $#@^* THINGS!!!! I can NOT get around this!!!! I don't know why, but I just CAN'T!!! SURELY, there MUST be a way to get MORE than 5 things in my inventory, RIGHT?????

Freeway...just throw them in random places..in the water..you can throw all items back that you get from the water..

you just have to keep trying to get the METAL BAR....it looks like crow bar and like i said..concentrate on behind him..in the little square patch of water behind crates..

This comment has been removed by the author.

but throw other items..in the water in front of you..

it took me like 15X to get it...and that was throwing in each item after i got it...when it said rusty or useless ..like the batteries..

it look me like at least 15X

dont get frustrated with it..just throw other items in front of you..that you get..and therefore when u go to reach for water patch in behind crates..hopefully it will be one of them..:)

This comment has been removed by the author.

WOW! Finally, I have won! Thanks, mercedes! :D

@Mercedes, I have started the chapters from the beginning, and i need help on chapter 4! Please help! Go to chapter 4 and look at my posts! Thanks.

i don't where excactlly i have to put the contain full of gas
(near the valve but where????)

I still can't get the ^%&* fans.

If I can describe it by the diagram, here's what I see when I open the ventilation system:

1. Closest fan has the second light lit.

2. Off center and above all on top has the second light lit.

3. Just left of center on the bar has the second light lit.

4. Farthest away on top has the third light lit.

5. By circle has the second light lit.

6. Just above the small rectangle has the first light lit.

7. By big rectangle has the second light lit.

8. Farthest away on bottom has the first light lit.

Is that how you are counting these out? Because, if it is, I can't get the color/number answer to work.

Can ANYONE help me?

hi mlmaietta

to get the fans..give me two seconds and ill draw you a diagram..


---3----- 6
---2---- ---7

The lights don't change colour..its whatever closest to top is ON...IF it is GRAY its OFF.

1=orange-top lite is orange
2=orange-top lite is orange
5=pink/OR peach
7=turned off
8=turned off

i hope this helps its the best i can do..


@12:02 there is a post with picture in it..if that doesnt help..:)


are u saying you started

Esklavos from the beginning..

ok ill go look at chapter 4..:)

To get gas from valve..you have to be pretty fast..

i beleive the button on screen you hit is fourth..and you leave screen right away to catch steam coming from valve right beside computer you are on with gascan to get full container..

THX THX THX very much for help from Germany
to Mr. GBE

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