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Sniper Escape

Sniper Escape WalkthroughSniper Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from creators of Bad Reception and E-Scape. In this game, you wake up in a locked room with a large gun case in front of you. You need to find a way to open the door and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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second... ?

gm all....i was going to go clean but since there's a new game i have to play. lol

I have found a USB, sniper rifle, screwdriver, and a power scope for rifle. can anyone make out zip on box?

I have not found the scope so far but opened the front to computer and inserted a usb and got a password.

where is the scope?
I have put the rifle into the box.

scope is behind green box on the rt.

I have also fins a white something (it rather is not silencer though it fits the muzzle of the gun) behind the grey ??printer?? on the desk.

where's the USB??

ok found zip code now back to clicking

       Anonymous  4/7/08, 7:05 AM  

Where is the USB?

found gun magazine too

what is zip?

is it me or do you guys have a hard time seeing because it is so dark?!? I adjusted the contrast....no help!the only # I could make out was the 8 in the zip code.

woohooo out....:-( now to the cleaning GL all.

the zip...use gun and look in the crack it's on a box layed down you can't see the 8 on the box but you have to use it........
or do you just want the answer?

Is anyone still playing?

i'm still here.......or so i think.

I just love these games they drive me crazy!! :)

tried emergency password given by usb, didnt work. any clues?

I'm Playing I have not found a lot yet.

don't need usb pass till you put gun together.....find all parts and lay them together in green box you'll need ammo magazine too b4 you can proceed.

I'm Playing I have not found a lot yet.

Do I need to put the gun togather and use it before I put it in the case to see the zip?

How do you find the username? Im assuming you use the emergency pass but, I think I still need the user name... right?

Thanks bre, now get cleaning!! (I should be ironing, haha)

if you have the gun and the white thing you can look in crack in the wall and get the zip.....

where on the computer do you insert the USB??

you'll need to open up the spot for the usb to go in.......use the screwdriver first.

i got the zip, now Im on the server login screen where it says you need a username and password and you are logging in to server 8...

oh.. thanks

Pinky Yes we are bad I sould be doing my house work lol

lol should yes I can spell

ah ha... NM I figured it out... was hitting the wrong spot...

where did you find the magazine?

magazine is in the safe....

       Anonymous  4/7/08, 7:23 AM  
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got it....thanks!

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       Anonymous  4/7/08, 7:24 AM  

What is the username?

OK, I'm out...

1. Look behind green box on right side
2. Take sniper scope
3. Return view
4. Go left once
5. Zoom in on safe
6. Click top of safe to see behind it.
7. Take rifle
8. Go left once
9. Zoom in on table
10. Click right side of box
11. Take white thing from behind box
12. Return view
13. Go left once
14. Zoom in twice on lower part of cabinet
15. Take USB stick in the upper left part of the lower part of the cabinet.
16. Return view
17. Go left once
18. Zoom in under table
19. Take screwdriver
20. Return view
21. Go left once
22. Zoom in on package, note number
23. Return view
24. Go left once.
25. Put rifle in green box
26. Add scope to rifle
27. Add white thing to rifle
28. Take rifle
29. Return view
30. Zoom in on hole in wall
31. Use rifle on hole
32. Note numbers on whiteboard
33. Note numbers on box below whiteboard
34. Press space, and return view.
35. Go left once
36. Zoom in on safe then on keypad.
37. Press keys in order noted from the whiteboard. (621435)
38. Take ammo
39. Return view
40. Go left trice
41. Zoom in on computer
42. Use screwdriver on square on computer
43. Push button at the bottom to turn on the computer
44. Use USB memory in the opened square
45. Note password
46. Zoom out, then zoom in again. Computer is prompting for power-on password.
47. Enter zipcode gotten from the two boxes (83746)
48. Note server
49. Return view
50. Go left twice
51. Put rifle in green box
52. Add ammo to rifle
53. Take rifle
54. Use rifle on hole
55. Shoot Server008
56. Press space, then return view.
57. Go right twice
58. Zoom in on computerscreen.
59. Enter password from usbstick (loc447)
60. Click on “Door system: Locked” to unlock door.
61. Return view.
62. Go right twice
63. Exit through door.
64. You have escaped

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could someone help. I am stuck on computer. the usb # and zip password does not work for me.....

That was pretty quick and easy...Dont recall a rifle scope being that floaty..good little game...

Yay, done it! Ironing here I come

Can someone tell me where the green box is? I must be colorblind.

ok since someone has already wrote a walk through no need for me to stick around.
GL all and hagd. maybe see ya'll next game.

nvm found it. I must have clicked there a hundred times and never got it.

good game now back to my house work!! see ya


-Click to right side of green box, get sniper rifle scope
-Click to view the box note the number 8
-Go right and turn on computer
-Click under computer desk and get screwdriver
-Go right to what looks like a gun rack click under lower shelf and get usb
-Go right to the desk, click under the desk then to the right of the printer and get the white stick.
-Go right to the safe, click above right and get sniper riffle.
-Go to computer and use screwdriver on the front panel, then enter usb
-Note password loc447
-Go to green case and put the riffle in it, then attach the scope then pick it up again.
-Use the riffle on the crack in the wall
-Note the zip code on the box next to the computer tower, that combined with the 8 on the box in the room your in makes 83746. This is the code for the computer. Also note the number on the wipe board, this is the safe code 621435
-Go to the computer and enter the code. Note the server number 008
-Go to safe and enter code and get magazine for riffle
-Go to green box and place riffle in it along with the magazine and the white stick then pick it back up.
-Go to crack in the wall and shoot server 008
-Go to computer and enter password from earlier loc447
-Click on Door system: Lock, to unlock
-Go to the door your out!!!!

I appreciate all of your comments but wanted to mention that DIANA.....You are such a pro that maybe you should find a way to bottle your genius and take some classes...perhaps your calling is in game design?

I, more than often, find myself scrolling down towards your wisdom, lol. Thank you for that ;?)

SURELY we would ALL LOVE to see what that brain of yours comes up with in the gamerr world...just a thought :?)!!! xoxxo

On another note...

Ok..i'm on to this one now..~

that scope thing was neat..made me kind of dizzy though.till i got used to it..and was able to stop it...ugh..lol

Walkthrough modern form :


This game needs an alternate link. I have tried to play this game several times and can't load it. I have tried refreshing and it hasn't worked at all, and I'm really interested in playing this game. Unfortunatly I will never play it with the link that is provided.

Alternative link


I have tried to play this game many times and have been unsucessful because the link provided will not work. It needs an alternate link. I'm really stoked to play this game but that is impossible as I can't access it. I have tried refreshing it and that never works. You name it I have tried it. So could you please post an alternate link. By the looks of the messages I may be the only one so far. Unfortunatly not everyone plays these games so it is very hard to determine who needs an alternate link and who doesn't. So PLEASE post and alternate link and make more than one person happy. Thanks.

Thank you for that post ~*Mercedes*~. Hopefully now the publishers will administer that onto the site.

Also provided at this link


let me know if that works..:)

Yes Yalcin will..he's very fast ..the only reason why its not there now..is he couldnt have seen anyone needed..:)


       Anonymous  7/1/08, 3:22 PM  

if when it asks for the logon to server 8, for the username, put admin and admin1 for the password, and you go directly to the end of the game!

gr8 game !!!

GG :)

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This comment has been removed by the author.

you guys are all stupid this game was so easy


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