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The Third Space Station Tokio Walkthrough

The Third Space Station Tokio

Space Station Tokio WalkthroughThe Third Space Station Tokio is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Bianco Bianco, who is also creator of Dreamland and Ranch Escape games. The game takes place in the space station Tokio where you are the cook chef of the Casablanca Restaurant. You realize that you are locked in your room when you wake up. You have to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. You have to be patient while loading the game! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Full]

Play The Third Space Sation Tokio

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first!! ... just done this elsewhere ... good game

good luck all !!


Kingman, I have the key, used, can you give ip on next step?me a t

so far i have found 2 keys, an ID-card, a coin, screwdriver, a screw and a security card

look behind the desk for another key linda ;-)

so i figured out
from all the random letters around the room, but no idea where they apply

around the room there are groups of letters ... take note of them and then arrange them to make words

then look in the grille on the locker ... from the left and then the right side

i'm out, but with bad ending i think. gonna try again, i have an idea what to do.

see above cupycake ;-)

the alien got you i take it lasers lol

Afternoon all!

@kingman: hehe, you'r right :)

good call king .. have everything in place, just dont know what room to input =(

Thank you Kingman.

hiya diana !!
hope you are well :-)

and dont know what to input at the AKI terminal

you are very welcome linda

hints .. back of security card cupycake

Hey king :)

Keep getting interrupted while I'm playing so don't mind me.

@cupy: take a look at the poster for the AKI-terminal password

the pass for the aki is on the poster... dont want to be more specific than that ... trying to give hints but not give too much away for those following

well its always good to see you around diana... our timing seems to have been different lately lol

Lasers, how did you get the screw?

@linda: take another look at the box on the desk

I can see the screw, but can't get it. Am I missing something?

you need the screwdriver to unscrew it. examine the floor next to the green chair

did you use the coin yet linda?

did you get the good end yet lasers?

i did get the good end kingman, thanks.

Aha, just got the coin as I waited for an answer. Thanks Kingman.

well done lasers

you are welcome linda :-)

I'll have to come back to this later. Thanks for the hints so far, guys!

Where did you find the coin??? and how did you turn the ID card??

the coin is in the large cabinet with the number lock. i don't think you can turn the ID-card, but the security card

Thank you Laser!
Do I have to unlock first with 4 digits before getting the coin?

yeah, you need to figure out the code. look at kingmans hint of 07:48 for this

can someone help with with the code for the cabinet. I have 4 numbers but dont know the order

yes axes

if you have worked out what all the letters say when put together and have looked in the grille from the side views you should have the code for the locker

the order is in the letters spread around the room laura

Thanks Laser! Got the Locker to open up...will keep trying on other stuff

yey i opened the locker. stuck again now tho!

if you opened the locker take a look by the chair laura ;-)

help,i'm stuck! can't figure out aki keyword, got security card, searched all posters for clues, just can't see it.

hint .. it is a 10 letter word on the poster and needs to be in caps pinky

possible endindgs?
I've been caught..

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:06 AM  

I am stuck too - have colour codes green-blue-black-red but don't know if they are in the right order.

I see two different views of the locker-numbers and I tried with a lot of combinations.

The poster doesn't give me a clue - please help, Clever Guys! :-)

Thanks, Kingman, I was looking waaay too deep! Ok whats next?

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:09 AM  

Am I looking at the wrong poster?

Casablanca has 10 letters...

still stuck...

there are 3 endings i know of ... for the good one you have to hide b4 going out lol

the order is in the letters around the room when placed together escape... there are 5 of them but i only needed 4 to work it out

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:12 AM  

OK password for computer...no help...

Hey everyone..I played twice and keep getting the bad ending..One takes me on out the door w/alein...The other shows "Jacks" the alein at the door and its if I have a choice not to go out yet...Dont know what to do though..Any ideas??

as i said escape ...IN CAPS lol

though im not sure the aki has any purpose ... maybe it has to be done to get the good end ... but it doesnt appear to help with anything

try to hide for the alien somewhere, vbranam1 :)

dont open the door hide vbranam

i got terribly dusty getting the good end lasers lol

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:17 AM  

Pass worked - now I need code for locker... I see three numbers - 8,3,4 and then 3,6,8...how many combs can I do with 6 numbers? 6x6? 36? x 4? = 144!!!!????

HELP Kingman! LOL

got good end!..

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:18 AM  

You don't say we must hide in the locker??? LOL - I must wait untill it's open then... :-)

How do I get the ID box to work? I have everything done correctly I believe, but I can't seem to make the ID card work. I can not get any numbers put in. Help.

the number are only 4 you only see them from a different view..
think about the colors

ok, stuck on the locker code...need a little help:(

there are 4 numbers ... if you look they have coloured arrows pointing to them when you view from angles escape

AaaHaaa...Thank you Lasers and Kingman...

have you used the screw yet macronder???

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:25 AM  

Ok - OK!

Got locker code, found coin, opened gab in floor, got screwdriver and turned emergency power on, and then what????

Security card doesn't go into door and door code is missing...

Geez, I'm silly. Ok, I put the screw in and put in the room number, but I still can't get out.

Ok, I am having a blonde moment..I see the numbers 3468, is that right? Then what order if so, because I have gone forward and backward with them.

id card goes in the door not the security card

the code is the room number when you have changed the letters to numbers with the security card

Nevermind, I got it. But, I hid in the wrong place need to start again. Thank you so much Kingman.

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:29 AM  

Macronder - I am lost in the same point...

there are 5 groups of letters around the room lilli ... arrange them for the order (remembering the arrows by the numbers)

you are very welcome macronder... glad i could help :-)

escapegamer, the room number is not just the room number. There is a clue on the back of the security card.

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:31 AM  

I don't get it at all - maybe my IQ isn't 130 after all ..LOL

look under the keypad and at your items escape

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:33 AM  

Yes I see numbers - 33 and 56...but???

its a grid on the card escape ...look up the letters

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:36 AM  

What keypad? ( damn it I am not english ) it gives me some problems now and then... :-)

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:37 AM  

But every letter consist of two numbers - not one...

Big B little c. Cross reference and you get one two digit number.

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:39 AM  

You must be very tired of me now...sorry! :-)

on a graph you have an x axis and a y axis.... look on the letters as the axies

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:40 AM  


Grrr and more grrr...I am missing a set of letters...have ckg, uebla, dbl, re, where is the other?
Hope I can do this after all this trouble...lol.

roflmao... well done escape ... can i go to the chippy now? ... im famished lol

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:43 AM  

Strange end - I locked myself in the locker - saw a green thing, and barely saved my life after one week ( if I understood it correctly )

Thanks from a 52 years old foreign mother :-) LOL

you should be able to work it out from there lilli ... it is the last ones you are missing and you need colours ... just for reference the letters you are missing are reen

escapegamer, there is another place to hide to get a good ending

lol .. you are welcome escape ... but you hid in the wrong place

       Anonymous  4/2/08, 9:46 AM  

I will try that too - don't give me any hints untill I ask for them! LOL

I hid in the locker the first time also. I got out properly the second time. Where did you hide when you were a child?

Which poster is the AKI password on? I tried typing in bc412 and nothing happens.

Okay...I got to the locker and got a coin.

I unlocked the space near the chair and got a screw driver....what next? Hints anyone?

I'll just come back to this later when more commentary has been added.

@ Lilli The Letters RE on the foot of the bed.

Nice and easy :) I love that feeling when I escape lol :D

This comment has been removed by the author.


pick up the key behind the desk
open desk drawer with key and take ID-card
pick up key under the bed and use it to open the blue box on the desk
notice letters in the box: CKG
letters on the wall: DBL
letters on the floor on the right side of the large cabinet: REEN
letters on the wall left of the bed: UEBLA
letters on the right side of the bed: RE

combine letters to make four colors:

zoom in on the grille on the large cabinet and look at it from the left and the right side

blue: 3
red: 8
black: 4
green: 6

put these number in the right color order (red/blue/black/green) to get the code 8346 for the cabinet
enter this code in the cabinet and click on the pink button.
click the handle to open the cabinet and pick up gold coin from the floor of the cabinet

zoom in the floor on the left side of the green chair and use the coin in the gap to reveal a hidden compartment
turn on the power supply in the compartment and pick up the blue screwdriver

use the screwdriver on the screw on the inside of the blue box on the desk
pick up the card from the inside of the desk

click on the AKI terminal on the desk and enter the password: CASBLANCA (the password can be seen on the poster on the wall)
read the diary and exit the terminal (the terminal part is not required to solve the game)

notice room number Bc412 on the ID-card
flip the security card and look up the number for Bc: 87

put the screw in the bottom of the keypad next to the door
use the ID-card on the slot and enter room number: 87412 and press the green 'enter' key

now there are 3 different endings:

1 click the door and the the alien
2 open the large cabinet and hide in there and click the door after the alien disappears
3 hide under the bed and click the door after the alien disappears (GOOD END)

the game won't load for me, is there a japanese word i'm suppose to click on ? please help me grrrr lol, i've been trying to play this game all day.

I have the same problem Sabrina, I have tried the last 2 hours so maybe there is a problem at the site.

yes beyer 12345, i believe you're right, maybe over crowded, i guess we'll have to play another day.

sass a frats a rats ass ! i give up ! gonna try a different web site. wish me luck.

i just tried to load it in IE and Firefox, and both work fine....

lasers please tell me what to click on to prompt the game to load...i have IE as well, i have left it to load for hours now, did manage to wash dishes and dust all my furniture waiting for the fool thing to load grrr grrrRRR GRRRRR !

It works for me, too. Thanks for the walkthrout, lasers

sabrina, when i click the link the game starts to load and when the progress bar gets to 100% then you see a blue screen with a large START button. have you tried Firefox?

don't have firefox, only IE, but i have tried all day and nothing, it says to be patient while the game loads but how patient can one be LMAO ! i think there might be an over crowding problem.

i curse these addicting games nix nix nix there they are cursed lol

i'm just gonna get drunk lol

i have downloaded the game. if you want i'll send it to you

lasers yes please, but how will you send it ?

This comment has been removed by the author.

this is the download link:


download the file from rapidshare (select free download).

after you've downloaded: rightclick on the file SF3.swf and select "Open with'"
then choose "select the program from a list"
then select Internet Explorer and click OK
Now IE will open and you'll probably get a bar at the top of the screen that says ''content blocked" or something.
Click on the bar and choose "allow content'' . Are you sure?-->yes.

let me know if it works

lasers thank you so much, i'll try it out, might be tomorrow when i get back to you, thanks again.

Wow was I having brain lag, I kept trying the 87 but without the 412 duh.

hey..anyone here..

looks like it might take awhile to load...hmm..

hi, anyone playing? or just me:)

Got the other message from AKI terminal

got Ad324(44324) from the AKI terminal after you enter CASBLANCA---
press 44324 on keypad--- call D and then you will get JACKS
enter JACKS on AKI terminal and then you will get the other message

I have not "figured" enything about this game.

Who cares if your First? It does not mean you were the first to solve the game..

That was a gr8 game tyvm for the walkthrough lasers pew pew pew.

i used all ends yet i still won!! thx lasers!!!!
bed end = i wonder who that was
closet end = nearly dead
alien end = got out but caught by alien
cool game tho!!

i still havent found out pass 4 the akt termanal plz help plz

working link:


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