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Atibon’s Rival Walkthrough

Atibon’s Rival

Atibons Rival WalkthroughAtibon’s Rival is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Bianco Bianco, who is also creator of Atibon's Gift, Escape from Debth, and The Third Space Station Tokio escape games. In this game you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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let's crack it out

Finally! I'm here at a game as soon as it's posted!

I cant seem to do anything but read diary and letter.. everything locked and cant find what unlocks them


Annyone find the card or any keys or something??? Someone give me a crow bar!!

Okay, found a long stick!

CLick on the letter. In the left corner of the letter screen is a yello thing. Click on that to see a trash can.

Use stick to get key from beside bookshelf, use key on drawer, get key card, use key card on security door. Get hammer and three screwdrivers

I'm trying to figure out the code for the box in the wall =/

Thanks kimbly.. Ive been a clicking fool

there is also a coin behind the rubbish bin

i have gotten into the second room and now need to figure out what order to put the screwdrivers on the board

where's the key?

NVM found it

what box in what wall?

I got a red screwdriver now too

have 4 screwdrivers, card, and coin. used hammer, stick, key.

I have what jennamcd has...

There is a ceiling vent above the table in the corner

Where's the red screwdriver?

Go to cage, click to the right, get key. Use key on locked cabinet, get order of screwdrivers. Put screwdrivers in that order.

When you first open door to other room. you can see a red X. walk in and click lower right corner of room. Hit X w/ hammer.

whats with the faded words in the cabinet?

thanks, Nanako!

open the door of the locked cabinet and put the screwdrivers in correct order on the wall
there will be a secret box behind the whiteboard (the whiteboard will be raised)
now solving the code on the box

i clicked all over that damn cage and never hit the right spot. How sad.

Can see that the faded words in the cabinet look like Green, Red, Yellow, Blue. But I have put colored screwdrivers in that order and nothing happens....

Got it, thanks Melli.

anyone on?

melli, go into other room and look at the white board.

can't figure out code for box... tried date on coin and didn't work...

The wall with the tools now say

100 1 1000 10

Thanks kimbly... I would have been there rearranging them for hours

click blue knob on soul circuit to get a reaction. This will allow you to move the numbers on the lockbox

I clicked all over the prototype thingy and now I have some power up sysmbol under my collected items

I did that and also saw the numbers and added them all together but that didn't work for me. I'm tring to see the board above the soul circuit because there are numbers up there as well.

Any luck on the numbers? Do the dates in the diary mean anything?

Looks like binary notation. I'll check it out

going back to the wall hanging the tools after the secret box in the wall was discovered. there will be some numbers appeared on it
100, 1, 1000 and 10

combining what you found on the whiteboard - i guess the pwd of the box is 7635
nothing happened

anything do i miss?

Not 4182 either

I checked out binary and got 9802 and 1522... neither worked

Rats! That was my guess, nanako. Bummed it didn't work. I gotta go. Good luck, all.

its 8635

The code is 8635.. :D

How did you get 8635? Anyhow, I'm out =D Thanks

1+2+4 = 8???
what the Math is it?.....

Do anyone know what too do with the pink heart..?

double click the pink heart

out as well

but still can't imagine how come the pwd is 8635 but not 7635

so ive double clicked the pink heart and all i can use is the coin and the card now...

im stuck

Thank you.. :D

never mind. im out

Go into the second room and you are out.. :D

Don`t know if I finished. Got the heart but still it says that the door is locked. Now what??

Nvm. Got it.. Thanx for all your help guys. Couldn`t have done it without you.

Cant get out is it the same room as the screw drivers? Is there suppose to be door in here, or I'm in the wrong room to exit?

bashfog - click ceiling above the cage (don't be zoomed in to cage) in the 2nd room - out

hey just in case this hasnt been posted... while in the trashcan view, click btwn the wall and the back of the can to get the coin... im out and never used it tho!

I must be missin' something... I have the pink heart, clicked above cage, but it doesn't take me out of the game...what am I not doing?

You have to view the pink heart after getting it, that's what opens the ceiling!

My code was 7635

This comment has been removed by the author.

hoho the bug was fixed!!!

im out

walkthrough - summarize our hard work last night

1. go to the bench (the view - looking thru the window), click on the memo, click on the upper left corner, you will find the rubbish bin

2. take the rod in the bin

3. check behind the rubbish bin - take the coin

4. go to the blue door, click on bottom right next to the bookshelf - get the key with the rod at the gap between the wall and the bookshelf

5. open the drawer of the table with the key - get the security card

6. open the door with the security card to the other room

7. take the hammer and blue, yellow, green screwdrivers from the wall

8. click on the right of the cage - take the key in the cage thru the crack

9. open the cabinet below the tools with the key

10. there are some words (top-down: green red yellow blue)

11. see the red X on the hammer? click on the bottom right of the drawing board and there will be an red X on the wall - hit it with the hammer

12. go back to the first room, you will find a red screwdriver at the bottom of the bookshelf

13. check the whiteboard - this help you to solve the code afterwards

14. go back to the tool shelf, put back the screwdrivers in the order you saw in the cabinet.

15. go back to the whiteboard - it is raised

16. turn the knob at the right device - you are powered up

17. go back to the tool shelf - suddenly you see some numbers on it - remember them. in case you can't get them, go backard and check again.

18. combine the details with those on the whiteboard....can you solved the code now?

19. (well, it should be 7635, they have solved the bug already)

20. open the box and take the pink heart. double click it on the item and your thought will be transmitted to it

21. check the ceiling above the cage - ar there is an opening!!!

22. out - perfect ending (powered up, heart, and the coin)


       Anonymous  5/10/08, 9:49 PM  

clicking everywhere on the cage and can't get the stupid key. maybe there is a bug cause I am cliking like crazy

has anyone got another link I cannot get the game to open?

For the key in the cage....
I clicked on the right side of the cage. Might try just a tad bit 'off' of the cage to the right of it. It took alot of clicking for me too..must have to hit just the right pixel.
Now, could someone explain how they arrived at 7635 for the code? I saw the binary number on the tool board, and the clue on the white board, but cant see how it worked to get 7635.

don't you saw that people its astro boy!!!!

i had the coin,heart and was powered up but only got good ending oh well!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to know how you lot are getting the game to open which game site is it on maybe I can open it from there?

Hi, I'll try to explain the code for those who want to know :

From the white board
1. the 3 white circles are the position nos. of the code (referred to the tool board)
2. black circle is 1 and white circle is 0, therefore 101=5 and 011=3 (binary notation)

From the tool board
1. 100, 1, 1000 & 100 = 4, 1, 8, 2 respectively. These are the positions nos. of the code (converted from binary table)
2. larger circles on the white board represent larger nos., therefore the position nos. of the code should be 8, 4, 2 & 1. The corresponding nos. should be 111, 110, 011 & 101 (see the pliers positions)
3. from binary table, 111=7, 110=6, 011=3 & 101=5 therefore the code is 7635

Hope that clear. However, it seems 8635 is also working. Guess it is a glitch

Can some one help me. I just started this games and im stuck on the box with the 10 numbers (0-9) can someone tell me a code or something???

Anyone saw the little Astroboy under the "loading" bar?

Kovisa, I don't know if your code will work. Here's what I got:

* The whiteboard shows you that Large, Medium, and Small relate to 4, 2, 1 - in other words, binary code. The tools in the other room are hung up large, medium and small.

* The whiteboard also shows you that XOX = 5 and OXX = 3; just to confirm the binary (4+0+1 and 0+2+1)

* Now let's go look at those tools again. Going from left to right, they show us XXO (6), XOX (5), XXX (7) and OXX (3). Those are the only digits you will use in the box code, but how do you arrange them?

* Once the box is available and you can adjust the numbers, go back to the tools again. Over the tools will be blue numbers - 100, 1, 1000, , and 10. These are the PLACES you put them on the box: 600, 5, 7000, and 30. In other words, 7635.

Out with good ending ... Paul, your code 7635 worked for me :D
Thanks all for the hints.

working link:


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