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[REPLAY] T2BProject - T2B Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by T2B Project. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:09 AM  

ummm is anyone playing?


       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:13 AM  

hi clicksaronno :)
i have found four wooden boards
1 wooden stick
a memo
and a iron stick

I 've five wooden stick
a pitcher
a match

Where you find a memo? and iron stick?

i got five boards
a pitcher
an iron stick
a wooden stick that looks like a match
a memo
and a long stick
but have noooo idea
been clicking everywhere
need something to make the water thingie work

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:16 AM  

u'll find the memo under the cabinet

I have a wooden stick AND 5 WOODEN BOARD


I have 6 wooden boards with signs on them, iron part with hole, wooden stick (used to open drawer), long stick, memo, nippers, pitcher,

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:18 AM  

you will also find the iron stick on the couch click on it and if you look carefully u can see it on the side sorry if you don't get it im bad at explaining

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:20 AM  

click under the couch


       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:21 AM  

the wooden board has pictures behind it

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:22 AM  

where do you get the nippers?

I have a water in pitcher now and use it on the flower pot on the right side of refrigerator

How you have water in pitcher ?

there are some glasses under the table in the middle of the room

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:24 AM  

you know next to the mini fridge theres a flower pot i think you water it with the pitcher or something

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 4:26 AM  

i have to go to sleep now its late so i'll finish this when i wake up

connect metal thing from sofa with iron thing, then use iron thing over the sink

how you obtain water? My sink doesn't work!

there is another memo under the white cabinet

thanks but i can't connect items...

over the sink: lens

I have red key from flower pot

I used a long stick to take magnifying glass (look at the ceiling over the sink)
and used red key on the box near the lamp

MEGIPOLAND what do you mean with metal thing?? i only have an iron stick...no metal stick/thing
ang where did you get that metal piece?

Megi, the metal thing I got from the sofa is the iron thing I've got, which 2 things do I connect?

and used lens with magnifying glass

there are two thingies to make a tap handle (one uder the sofa and one right side of the sofa)
Maybe I'm wrong - I'll start this game once more

coin under cup on desk

and wehre do you fnd the LENS?
if I click over the sink I just see the glass-"shelf" where the magnifying glass was...and no lens HELP :-)

Iron stick is on the right side of sofa and iron parts is in the drawer (use nippers)sorry

thx mega but where are the nippers? I'm playing for nearly an hour now and I know what i need but not where I find those things

use water on the glasses under the table and used coin in the hole over the glasses

nippers are in the drawer in white cabinet (use wooden stick on the left side of cabinet first)

oh man I'm just silly...never clicked left side of white shelf...thank you so much

take magnifying glas (with lens) and look closely at the picture with signs hanging on the wall (showns cubes but don#t know for what)

Hello there :]
Some people mentioned a "long stick", where's that?

thanks Megi, missed that shot!!

use magnifying glass on the picture

male: look at the door zoom in (down side of door) and click the middle (darker) part that looks like a "green" stick

Ah thank you female. :D

female- use the memo to get the order of the glasses- get another puzzle.

I'm playing on the glasses
1,4,2,5,3,6,7,8 but nothing happened

Play the glasses in this order. The 1st 3rd 5th 2nd 4th 6th 7th 8th then look in the fridge.

You get the order by looking at the picture on the wall with the magnifying glass.

This comment has been removed by the author.

oh I see I have to play them.....but how???how can I play them? I put water and coin in

thanks male :)

Play them using the wooden stick.

That's not the order I got Megi, on the music the 1 is at the left note and 8 to the right. Each note has a symbol- put the number with the symbols in the order on the picture. Left glass is 1, right glass is 8. Let me know if you have problems.

use a wooden stick

Thanks male I was too late!! Stuck on the 2nd puzzle.

I'm not sure what to do with the thing in the fridge. :/

ohhh thank ya'll

Are we missing another memo for this puzzle? I have 2 memos (1 used) but not making a connection on the second

oh, another puzzle - not for me, I'll be waitinng for Your solution hehe

I have the 6th and 10th places on the top row to fill in the inventory, the others are full or have been before- maybe missing something for this puzzle?

Oh good grief, the picture without the magnifying glass!!! trying it now!!

yes I was thinking about the picture without the magnifying glass, too but those signs/symbols don't match at all...I keep trying^^

can someone make a full walkthrough or tell me which drawer to click with nippers

how do i get the lens

tried putting pink into the rows and columns like the picture, but no go!

use the nipps on the drawers from the desk zoom in on the desk and then klick the chair you'll see a little silver/white thing tkae that off with nippers

lenses are in the little box next to the sofa, you can open it with the red key from the plant (i think^^)

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/31/08, 5:22 AM  

I'm still stuck on opening the white cabinets drawer. I've seen the left side of it with the small hole, and I've poked with everything I've got. What am I supposed to do?

assassin- not the drawer, under the drawer (right drawer of brown desk)

use nippers under the right drawer in the desk
to take the lens You need red key from flower pot

put wooden stick inside the little hole on left side of white drawer (and don't forget to take the wooden board with you (also left side of white drawers)

hi all..
where did you find the second memo?
first one is under the cabinet second one? could you tell me?

Dazed the match looking wooden stick goes in the hole

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 5:25 AM  

nvm power of posting. dunno why it didn't work earlier.

use a wooden stick - click on the left side of white cabinet first (near drawer)

Gee the other note, not sure- was it behind the big plant, where you got the pitcher for the water?

where do i get the red key i nplantpot and i cannot get thing in drawer with nippers.

ok I still have long stick, wooden stick, nippers, magnifying glass, locked cabinet. Also can see another square under left of sofa when in the scene on the left of white cabinet where you put the match, but I'm sure I have that, so it maybe a glitch... anyone got anything else?

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 5:32 AM  

how do I combine the iron part and iron stick? or is that a misunderstanding? trying to get some water over here... :P

assassin- when you can see the drawers from the top view, click near the table leg to see under the desk

I'm in the same position as you niff. I can't find any relevance between the picture and the thing in the fridge. I'm frustrated :l

dazed- examine iron part, select iron stick and combine them (click all over till you get it)

wheresz the red key?

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 5:37 AM  

I'm about to go nuts! I've got most of the stuff - but for the life of me I cannot find the wooden stick! Please help, someone!

male maybe we're missing a clue? the locked cabinet? We lost some items after using them, but still have others so maybe they have another use?

Spider, bottom of the door- 3 "grooves"- stick in the middle
Red key is the dry plant pot beside the fridge- you need to water it

Yeah I was thinking about the cabinet but I've looked everywhere for some way of opening it

Same place as you niff. there has to be a way into that cabinet. have thrown everything i have left at it but no joy

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 5:43 AM  

Niff, that's where I found the Long Stick... I've looked again, but I'm still not finding the wooden one (supposed to look like a matchstick?)... What am I doing wrong?

Looks like we're all stuck at the same point. Either the fridge or the cabinet!! AHHHHH

it's in the pen holder on the desk

Maybe, when you do the puzzle in the fridge, the cabinet opens.....

Sorry, wooden stick under the desk. Zoom the bin, you can see it under the desk, use the long stick to reach it

well guys that game makes me crazy *lol* I don't know whats missing or what to do next...well I'm going to clean my room maybe I'll have a great idea while cleaning the floors or something like that :D

In the pen holder? Gee this game's driving me mad!!

The other memo looks like a colour chart. For example, it has red + red =225 only on red. The same for blue and green. But one looks like magenta and has 225 on both red and blue- looks like another puzzle later!!! If we ever get past this one....

I'm going to go dye my hair and calm down. Good luck guys. See you in a bit.

Scuse My english found it
All symetrical forms are red

I'm in the cabinet

another puzzle

yay 100

Thank you Supsoft... your wonder full!

there is something under the left cup
cant take it

brilliant supsoft well done


Yes can't get it with either stick, nippers, or water


the order is: monday to sunday

Out- days of the week

Oops too late!!

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 6:14 AM  

You guys are too good for me! I'm still stuck at the fridge and the white cabinet... ;)

spider, the shapes that are horizontally symmetrical should be pink.

out too
thanks !!!

Hooray out. thought i was there for ever thanks guys

Scuse my english found it!!!
all symetrical are red ....

Thanks everyone for the help- a real team effort! A special thanks to supsoft for saving us from certain insanity!!!

Woo did it. Thanks for everyones help. :]

       Anonymous  5/31/08, 6:26 AM  

Thanks for all the help, I'm finally out! *yay*

I can't solve the puzzle in the violet ball. Please help!

Christina- the violet ball needs a key from the top shelf puzzle in white cabinet

Well I'm off. Ciao <3

I opened the ball already, but I can't figure out the puzzle inside...

see you next time male, bye

where do you get the water?

Please !!! Don't leave me like that. It must have something to do with the color-memo, but I just can't solve it..

Can someone pleazee give me the walkthrough to this game? i will help 2 thanx

Christina, look at the colours from top to bottom, blue, red, green, c***, m******, blank (the only colour left when the rest are filled), y*****, bl***. click symbol in the middle.

Im stuck like Christina.Cant figure out the color memo...someone help

Cristina if u push more time a dot u can have different coulours ;) use coulor map for it (no name is white)

Violet ball sequence: Blue, Red, green, cyan, magenta, white, yellow, black.... key and... OUT!!!!!!!!

close up of drawers on white cupboard, then click to the left, take wooden board 6 and put wooden stick (match) in the hole

MEGIPOLAND how do u get the water and the nippers?

Thanks! I never realised that there are different colors when you press the buttons several times...can't belive how stupid I am sometimes!

Stephanie, close up of drawers on white cupboard, then click to the left, take wooden board 6 and put wooden stick (match) in the hole- get the nippers. Use the nippers UNDER the right brown drawer on the desk, get iron part- combine with iron stick and turn on tap.
If you go through the posts all this is explained.

please please someone do a walkthrough

yes, a walkthrough colud be awesome.

i have the lens now, but can not reach magnifier glass, and i stuck.

I wish someone would just tell me which ones to make red on the frig puzzle...sheesh...thats all I want at this point...ugh!

Long stick to get magnifier
Lilli I can't remember the symbols now but if you "draw" a line from top to bottom of the middle of each shape, you make the ones red that are the same shape, like a mirror, on each side of the line.

thanks niff...I am a dummy when it comes to stuff like that...lol.

Glad to help Lilli, we were stuck on that for ages until Supsoft got the answer!!

Out thanks to you guys! I never did manage to find the first memo though, the one with the order of the musical notes on.


1. Click the bottom of the couch, take the wooden board. If u click the bottom side of the board, u will see a symbol (make this on every wooden board too). Look around, u have to see a little thing on the right side of the couch, take the iron stick.

2. Click on the plant and take an other wooden board. Click behind the plant, take the pitcher. The right side of the couch is a box, but doesn’t open (later).

3. Turn one screen right. Click the trash and take an other wooden board. Click between the wall and the leg of the desk and take the memo1.

4. Click the left drawer of the desk and take an other wooden board. Click the pen holder on the desk and take under it a yellow coin. Click into the holder to take a wooden stick. The left side of the screen is a refrigerator (fridge) and a dry plant ont he right side of it(later).

5. Turn one sreen right and click the bottom of the door. Click where the three vertical line ended. Take a green long stick.

6. Turn one screen right. After u click to the basin, click the top of the screen. Use the long stick and take the magnifying glass.

7. Click under the white cabinet and take the memo2. Click the right drawer of the cabinet and take an other wooden board. In the same screen click the left side of the cabinet and take an other wooden board and use the wooden stick in the black hole, now u can open the left drawer. Take the nippers.

8. Go back to the desk and click the area ante the right drawer. U see under the right drawer an iron wire. Use the nippers, open the drawer and take the iron parts.

9. Click on the iron parts until u don’t look a small hole on it (upper side). Combine with the iron stick, now u have a handle for the basin.

10. Go to the basin use the handle, open the water and use the pitcher, fill with water.

11. Go to the refrigerator and click the right side of it. Use the pitcher with water on the plant. Go back one step and go again to the plant and take the red key from it.

12. Go to the couch, click the right side of it and use the red key on the box. Open it and take the lens. Combine the lens with the magnifying glass. Use the glass on the picture over the desk. Note signs.

13. Turn one screen right and click on the smoketable in the middle of the room. Click under the table and fill the glasses with water and put the yellow coin into the hole. Look the memo1. Every glass has a symbol. U have to play with the wooden stick a little melody, what u saw on the picture over the desk. From the left to the right the numbers of the glasses are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. U have to play in this order: 1,3,5,2,4,6,7,8. The fridge will open.

14. Open the fridge, take an other wooden board. Click the upper shelf of the fridge. U have to solve a puzzle. If u click on the signs, they will change the colors to red. The picture over the desk is a hint. The red colored signs are symmetrical to upside and the blue aren’t (asymmetrical). So change the color to red in the puzzle if the sign is a symmetrical (omega,A,o or zero,star,triangle,8, double circle). Take the yellow key.

15. Go to the white cabinet, use the yellow key and open it. Open the green book and attach the letters with the symbols on the wooden boards. Now u have: S1 (saturday), W (wednesday), S2 (sunday), T1 (tuesday), T2 (thursday), F (friday), M (monday)

16. Click the top shlef of the cabinet and replace the wooden boards from monday to sunday (from left to right). U will hear a sound. Click on the coffe cups and take the blue key.

17. Use the blue key on the blue ball. Open it. Look the memo2. U have to set the colors in the true order from the dot, like in the memo2. The right order is: blue, red, green, cian, magenta, white, yellow, black . Push the button in the middle. Take the green key.

18. Use the green key on the entrance door.

19. u are out

sry 4 my english


Wow, all these great new games..Wonderful...I cant get into this one, says "service temp unavail"

i get the unavalable message too!

it loaded for me!
and i am out! great game!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Andras don't know why you are apologising for your english looks pretty good to me, thanks for the walkthrough.

András, Wonderful walkthrough! Thank you so much.

I had trouble with loading also...but kept refreshing. Finally it worked.

I'm out too!
Wow...that one was really well thought out. The puzzles appeared complex but actually weren't confusing. And the items were fairly easy to see(meaning didnt have to do a pixel hunt).
Well done! More please!

I keep getting a "Server is temporarily down" error message. :(

please help i keep clicking in the order 1 3 5 2 4 6 7 8 and i have the coin in the hole and using the wood stick(match)the frdge won't open for me can someone help please

Well darn, server still down after all these hours...

hey vbranam, how are you? the game is not loading for me either. i could get in last night but i fell asleep halfway through, now it's offline again.

Hey Lasers,I'm good,thank you. Nice to hear from you again..I still cant play either..Been trying since yesterday..

the link does not work anymore!

it's working on and off i think. it worked for me after i refreshed the page a few times. nice game btw.

help I cannot get first memo there seems to be something under the table but it's not budging when I click it?

Yay, I got to play..Thank you Mercedes for that link...Thanks for the post(help)everybody.Great walkthrough Andras, I had to look back at it many times..The game was very much worth the wait..Thanks for posting MegiPoland..Great game

Good I'm glad the link works..and your welcome Vbranam....:D I'm gonna play this now..yayy..

That Iron stick was well hidden..lol


are u still unable to get memo..?

i have amitt full of items here...still not sure what to do..lol..this should be fun..Love the graphics..~ I am amazed that the match when into the hole instead of the stick..also there is a shelf above the sink..!

Nice GAme..!!~ REally enjoyed that..just when u thought it was going to be diffucult..you would figure it out..:)

       Anonymous  6/1/08, 4:45 PM  

i have done everything and the fridge won't open!!! it's making me angry. i've tried from walkthrough and what i came up with?!

I had same thing drumumin4God..After 4 or 5 times it worked..Dont know what I done different the last time..Think I went back to the board on wall, then straight to the smoketable,then highlighted the wooden stick that looks like a match..5th time it worked???

maybe it's a bug, but u have to throw the yellow coin first into the hole and after fill with water the glasses to play the melody with the wooden stick...

Hey Andras..Curious about the filled glasses.When I had all mine filled, the first 3 glasses buttons never lit up.I could play the melody but they werent lit. Was yours?

Hi did i post to last?

       Anonymous  6/3/08, 6:00 AM  

vbranam i had the same problem but you have to put the coin in the slot above the glasses first, then they will light up as you play

That was a really nice game. Thanks for the help everyone!

i dont get it...:( where do i have 2 click 4 the iron wire??? pliz help me!!!im desperate!!!:(

I think the iron bar is behind garbage can...been awhile since i played..

Right side of sofa..and one is in the drawer...now i remember..:)

go to the door there is a long stick on the bottom then go to th sink click above it you will see a magnifying glass get your stick highlight it click magnifying glass you will get it!

wtf is 'are ante the right draer'? can you use an English word instead of ante?

Why all these replays

1 star, the game is very finicky when it comes to combining parts and puzzle in the fridge made absolutely no sense

Puzzle in the fridge is very logically. Symmetrical symbols change to pink.

Thanks Megi for posting "old" but good game !
and thanks all for help and great walkthrough here

Well, I do like a suggestion of a good old game now and then. I play the old classics like Tesshie, Robamimi, Neutral, and so on once a year or so but something new is appreciated. More than some of those crappy daily games. Thanks Megi for that.

Hadn't played this before for some strange reason. Logical puzzles, but tricky navigation.

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