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Boat House Escape Walkthrough

Boat House Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Boat House Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the boat house. Good luck and have fun!

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Boat House Walkthrough
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Hope someone else is playing.

Have a coin, a square with vertical stripes (not decoded) and a metal piece
now stuck!

green soda, and purple card

i just started playing, dls. so far i have
coin (used), soda can (used),red key (used), gear, purple key (used).

where is metal piece?

well, i got squares with stripes and having a hard time figuring it out

squares: one behind earth poster, one on chair, one in floor opening. you can put them in the thing next to the soda machine

where do you use soda?

found coin right side of coke machine, nut/bolt and micro chip behind picture, another micro chip on right hand chair, now stuck

the sum of the lines are the same on each square (vertical, horizontal, angle)

you can pour the soda in the floor opening (use key first). you can use the 3 purple squares to get the code for the safe, but i haven't figured it out

whats the code

sorry, for the angle one, it's the position, rather than the sum of the number (for me, it's 8)

code for me is 658

i inserted 658 and it accepted.....but i couldn`t figure it out

combine the sprocket with the bolt first then it will go.

henrique, for the veritcal and horizontal squares, the sum of each line is the same (20 for horizontal and 25 for vertical)
for the last one, the bottom line is the same as the right line, that's where the 8 comes from

no, i mean the code...

hey i found the bolt 2 micro chips and got the soda's where did you find the keys

I have a yellow key now from chess horses

where did you find the chess horses??

oh, thanks aletheia

my soda is empty, need anther one I think

the chess horses are on the same place you found the coin

still don't understand the code for safe

Where is the key?

how did you reach the horse/chess pieces ???

ok found the chess horses and got key...soda won't go in the tank and i don't understand the code on them..i think i'm stuck


type code then put metal pieces to the machine - after you will find horses where coin was

anyone figured out how to open the panel between the 2 seats?

Where is the red key?!?!?!

whats the buttons for

atlethia, you can open it by using the hint on the bottom of the chess pieces

thank you megipoland, i have tried putting the bolt into the gears but it won't go in, hmmm i must be missing something, i'll keep trying

Where do I find the key? I have two microchips and a can of soda.

@ lasers: I've seen the hit but can't figure it out... Is it how long you hold each button?

You need two metal pieces then connect them and then put to the machine

@ shannon
key is on bottom of can

Where did you find the keys, and how can you reach the chess horses?

power of posting, got it!

look at the soda cane closely

i can't figure out the hint for anything...what buttons do you push?

Megi, THANKS :)

@ tiffany: only look at the right half of the hint under the horses (think mirror image)

megipoland ! thankyou SOOOO MUCH !!! how dumb am i !

You are welcome shannon :)

Thx Dancin

maripurdi, you need to input the code first, then put the gear with bolt on the machine to make the boat shake....the chesshorses will be on the same place where the coin was....the first key is on the bottom of can

i'm out. nice game. thanks for posting megipoland

i must be having an off day because it still doesn't make any sense

i got it now, some kind of code on the bottom of horses, they must fit some where

how do you imput the last password?

@ tiffany: look at the same, "cut" it in half vertically, doesn't the right side look like a number?

aletheia, you have got to use your keycard first. also you have to turn the gears once more before it works.

need more soda pop now lol this is a thirsty game lol

man, that blue guy freaks me out

I put the gears in the thingy and pressed the button but I'm not getting the space boat to shake or anything. Still have three microchips and a can of soda.

Anyone got the password for the last console with the swipe card, used "earth" as the code to the numbers on the card but wont work on the keypad

Do you need to have two soda cans? I only have one.

i still haven't found the key card...

Thanks, Henrique,
Now I have to know how to find the second coin

Thanks laser! hadn't turned the gears... now to figure out the password...

Where is the key card and how do I get the second soda?

i need more money for another soda, anyone up for a loan to me ? lol

OUT, with no help

yay! i'm out! thanks everyone! great game!

shannon, there was a little scene with the guy and girl shaking in the boat after you press the button....look at the corner of the can machine

sabrina, second coin is behind the panel between the chairs. use the hint on the chesspiece to open it

wish I was on the beach, sounds great

Somebody found a second coin to get second can?
Stuck for a while now...

@ dancin: how did you figure out the last code?

Out, with a little help from you all.

I couldn't find that first key for the life of me!

I love this series, I hope they make more!

Could someone please just SAY how to open the middle pannel. There are a lot of us who don't get it.

thanks lasers, i'll try to figure out the code, i knew it was for something, but i'm brain dead when it comes to codes lol

I don't know how to use chess hint at the panel, it doesn't have numbers

@ sabrina: press the top button 2x, then the one below 7x, then the one below 5x and the last one only once

sorry, meant @ chickie

Henrique, what corner of the can machine?

Thanks aletheia

aletheia, the card has numbers witch cooresponds to the letters above them...

push buttons
5 times
(hint form chess horces)

thank you aletheia, i was really sweating it for the code lol

I have the code but not the keycard, that's why it doesn't work? Any hint?

shannon, the same where the coin was

Thanks Aletheia!!! You are a life saver!

Now I have the card but no idea about code.
Any help?

Henrique....let me try it again, then.


I pressed the white button and zoomed into the far right corner where the coin was....but I'm not seeing anything.

maripurdi, take a good look at the card and behind the poster

Tghanks Henrique! OUT, with everyone's help!

did you put the gear combined with bolt on the slot?

Look at the letters behind picture and then find the same letters on the magnetic card - this is our code

I'm out! Thanks aletheia for the hint with pressing the buttons ;-)

Ok so I have the card and the final code, but I can't figure out how to enter it, I keep try swiping the card then entering the code and it won't work...PLEASE HELP!

Yup....I put the gear and the connector thingy in there.

Out! This was much easier than the first episode of this series.

Thanks to all of you, I'm out!!!!!!

then you pushed the white button, the little scene occured and the chesshorse fell on the corner where the coin was

finished ! thanks to everyone for all the help, thanks to megipoland for posting the game, i really enjoyed it very nice game, and the blue guy was scarey lol, reminded me of the commercial with the bald blue guys lol

did You press machine button second time?

use card, type code then press white button

Henrique...it's not working for me....maybe I should start over again. Must be a glitch.

Thanks for your help, though.

Escape n° 84 !
Thanks to all for the hints!

THANK YOU! I am out!!

Final code please. Anyone?

Very nice game. Out with a little hint on how to open the panel.

Final code is: 20958. The keycode for it can be found on the keycard and by using the word "earth".

last code for me is earth, 20958

Henrique, I got it now...thx.

THanks for the code. Might you explain how earth is used in it? im a little thick in the head this morning.

Under the picture of the earth, that word is printed in the same "font" that the sentence is on the keycard.

the word behind the picture is earth, look at the card and look at the numbers that correspond with the word

I'm swiping the card like crazy and entering the password but I'm not getting anywhere.

Try pressing the button with the gear again.

on the card,

we are still alive here
2 09 5 8
e ar t h

Thanks Diana!

No problem! Whenever I'm stuck I always try to do things I've done before :)

I'm out...i'll stick around for awhile if anyone needs help.

Megi, that was fun, thanks for posting!

Walkthrough, please. You guys are brilliant, and smarter than I.

I'm just starting. Where's the freaking key?!

hoshi, look on bottom of can for key

hey! just starting- we'll see how i do!

I understand the mirror image on the chess horses..but how do I use a numeral code on a group of buttons?

Nevermind. Got it.

omg, i'm so bad at these. i have a coin, two squares, and a metal piece. i keep putting the coin into the soda machine, but nothing is working.

HELP!!! ...please?

hoshi, from top to bottom, push top button 2, second 7, third 5, forth 1

nvm. got it, but it gave me the green can, not the purple can. where do i use the red key?

missy, put coin in soda machine then push button under green soda

i think it goes in blue panel on the wall

nvm. got that too, lol.

now i poured the soda into the thing under the floor, i have three squares, a soda can (used), a gear, and a metal thing.


missy, put code in the thing next to the soda machine, use the gear and bolt there

ooops sorry missy, i told you wrong thing, it's the other panel with a code , it's on the wall next to door i think

oh, duh. i feel dumb, lol. thanx sabrina

i'm not playing the game right now and trying to go from memory

arrg, stuck again. i got the knight thing that fell, but i don't know what to do with it.

lol, with the way this seems to be going, i'll figure it out as soon as i post this.

look on the bottom of chess piece

you have GOT to be kidding me! i should have figured that out after the soda can! lol, can u tell i'm not very good at these?

you're doing good missy

im out- with just a little help from you guys! fun game- challenging but not too much! they need to make more like this!

i agree lyss

OMG I'M OUT! ...with some help from everyone here. thanx again sabrina. gonna go play another game, probably by this same person.

p.s. the blue guy really creeps me out, lol

Please could somebody explain the first code (658) to me? I am out, as I 'borrowed' it from here, and found the rest easy, but don't understand how that one was worked out, and need to know for my own peace of mind! Lol

plz... help me!!! i dont found anz key for the left floor opening. i dont use the purple soda. tnx

You know what? Why was my walkthrough deleted?

Screw this site. The other site has better games anyway without four million pop up ads.

I am so stuck, I am looking for the third square piece with the diagonal lines.
All I have at this point is two squares pith 1 h & 1 v lines.
pop can
red key
bolt , help!!!!

hey anybody??? plz help i dont speak verry well english

Hi Ramona, what help do you need?

i dont found any key for the left floor opening. i dont use the purple soda. tnx

I think you have to take the chess horses to get the yellow key

but now is too late, i go to bad. good night

The end is like a daft punk video

Very nice game. Thank-you for the help with the 658 code aletheia. Got stuck on that part.

Assuming the blog lets me post, I'll provide a w/t here momentarily.

Well, in our last episode, our hero Blue Guy (not as cool as Blue Man) got abducted by aliens. Now it looks like he and his new friend Pink Girl are trying to escape. "Boat House" is actually more like a shuttle dock.

So here we are in the room. Let's collect what we can.

1. Facing soda machine, to the right of the machine on the floor is a coin.

2. Left, behind picture is the password "earth", a purple chip (one of three) and a metal bolt.

3. Left, facing the chairs (cockpit). Zoom in on the center controls, then go right to pick up the second chip, on the copilot's seat.

3a. If you want, you can click left as well, and check out the pilot's controls. Note especially the two "battery" symbols.

4. Back out of the cockpit, click left, note blue panel.

5. Click left, note two panels on floor, and large panel on wall. Zoom in on that. Note the three symbols at the bottom of the panel. Have you taken a close look at your purple chips yet?

6. Left one more time, not the second panel on the wall, just before the soda machine (what is it with aliens and soda, anyway?). Open it, and you can place your purple chips there in the bottom square. We'll get to how they work in a second.

7. First, let's get a drink. For some reason, my first coin will only let me buy a green drink. Flip the can over and you will find a red key attached.

8. Swing around to that blue panel and use the red key (they're aliens, maybe they're colorblind). Get the purple key, and the gear.

9. The purple key opens one of the floor panels. You will get the last purple chip, and you can click on the cap on that pipe in there to open it. Here's the fun part: turns out this ship operates on energy drinks! Clink on the drink, pop the tab, then use it on the pipe and fill 'er up.

10. Zoom out and go to the wall panel where we insert the chips. Here's how the code works on each.

a. Vertical stripes: Add up each COLUMN of numbers, and you will see that they add to 20. The middle column is missing a number. What number will add up to 20 in that column? (6)

b. Horizontal stripes: Add up each ROW. Going across, they each add up to 25. The number yo uget fromthis one is (5).

c. Corner thing: You're going to hit yourself once you see how this works. Look at the shape of the purple chip. The smallest dot is in the upper left corner, where we see a (1). The next L-shape is 3 2 3.
Then 5 4 7 4 5.
See the pattern? The sequence of numbers reads the same in either direction.

Next is 6 9 4 8 4 9 6.

And finally, 2 7 x 6 3 6 8 7 2. The missing digit is... 8!

11. Back out, click right, go to the wall panel and enter the numbers you got for each shape: 6 5 8. Click on the handle, and it opens to show us... hmm. Some machine kind of thing with missing pieces.

12. Examine your gear, and then add the bolt to it. (It won't work if you try to add the gear to the bolt.) Insert the new machine part into the empty space, and press the white button.

13. Oh goodness - Blue Guy and Pink Girl get to wobble a little... what was tat about?

13a. If you want to, you can go over to the pilot's seat again, and look at the two battery symbols. One will be lit up in green... your ship is powering up!

14. Go back to the soda machine, and click in the bottom corner where you found your first coin. Hmm, the aliens must play chess as well - the horse is two-headed, but hey.

15. Click on the bottom of the piece to turn it over. Collect the yellow key, and note the alien gibberish written there.

Oh, hey wait - the horse is a mirror image of itself... and the "gibberish" is actually a set of numbers reflected at each other. Draw a line down the middle and ou will see that the "heart" is a (2), the triangle is really a (7), and so on. The full code: 2751

16. Hmm, four vertical digits... over there at the central control panel, there are four vertical buttons... no numbers though. So instead of clicking a number 2, click the top button 2 times. Do the same thing for each of the buttons: 2 times, 7x, 5x, and once.

Click the square button and retrieve a second coin, and a keycard. On the keycard, note the sentence "We are still alive here" and the matching number sequence below it. Hmmmm...

17. Go on, guess what you need to do with the second coin. Hope you weren't thirsty - your ship needs that soda more than you do. Likewise, see if you can't figure out where that yellow key could POSSIBLY fit.

17a. For the sleep-deprived: use the yellow key to open the other floor panel, pop the tab on your second soda, click on pipe, pour in the soda.

18. Now, what did we do the last time we poured soda into a pipe? Oh yeah, we clicked that gear-thingy. Maybe it's a wind-up spaceship, and the soda is for the space hamsters who turn the wheel to wind it up. I don't claim to know how aliens think! Just do the thing with the gear, already!

19. Blue Guy and Pink Girl get shaken up again, and then it's time to hit the driver's seat. First, take a close look at the writing on the keycard again: Red letters, a little sloppy, kind of like the word "earth" behind the picture. What numbers match those letters?

20. E A R T H = 20958. Aliens have never tried to contact us because they can't get their cell phones to work out here. Whatever - just swipe the keycard to turn on the panel (note the second battery is full, and this time it shows purple :) ), enter the numbers, hit the enter key, and sit back and watch the end movie.

Ta-da - OUT!

Thanks to all who provided hints and made this walkthrough possible.


very cool game and first one i completed w/o using any help on these talks

Ohhh yeah, this was a great game..Thanks for post/help everyone

Thanks for posting Megipoland..
Nice enthusastic walkthrough Heather...

How to examen the gear ?
How to open sodacan ?
Cant combine anything ? tyvm for a little help.

Thanks a lot for being so kind to me ... curtisfam11

I'm not an idiot you know !!!
And there isn't anywhere a button to check items, so i ask like every one else who has a question to ask ... and by the way, this isn't even my language !

Love the game.
Got out ... just double clicking the gear and sodacan helped lol.

TYVM Heather for the walkthrough,
did a gr8 job !

       Anonymous  7/2/08, 11:09 PM  

Does anyone know the name of a similar game, I think it was made by the same guy as this one. It has the same soda machine and had something to do with two rooms with a small door between them where you can put things you found in one room into the other. It's not Terminal, Rental, or Guest House and I can't seem to find it. thanks!

Twinklestinkle, I doubt you'll ever read this, but the game you're thinking of is Ambivalence

       Anonymous  7/22/08, 6:43 PM  

OMG thank you so much!

I love this games!!! Thanks everybody!!!

it's cool. i like it. i found myself enjoying it while i was playing. umm, Heather thanks a lot. it really helped...

it's cool. i like it. i found myself enjoying it while i was playing. umm, Heather thanks a lot. it really helped...

amusing wakthrough from heather =D

Thanks for the WT Heather

Miss that kind of quality games lately

Like the last game in this series, there are navigation issues and a pixel hunt challenge. There is an one up scene, by soda machine. Zoom into between seats and then you can go left and right. Click the very bottom of the zoomed soda can from inventory. Click the top of the can to open it. Great game nonetheless. Wish the early comments were dealing with these simple issues rather than diving into how to solve the problems....

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