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E.B.O.N.Y. - The Weirdest Riddle Game Walkthrough

E.B.O.N.Y. - The Weirdest Riddle Game

EBONY AnswersEBONY - The Weirdest Riddle Game is another online riddle game. In this game, your primary objective is to reach the next level. How to do this? Well, that's the point. This means, on each level you'll have to do different things. Since you've just started to play E.B.O.N.Y.!, on the very first levels you'll learn the basics. Simple tricks you can use later too. The easiest thing that you can do is to click on the appropriate part of the screen. Look for something odd. Good luck and have fun!

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Just starting..on level 3.. will play tomorrow....Sooo sleepy..good luck pallisade..

level 2. select everything

hey guys, i'm here.. i'll see how far i can make it before i head off to bed

level 3. fill in the blanks

this is quite an interesting puzzle game.. i'm on level 4 now

jeeez level 4 is hard

I'm not getting level 4.

i tried adding in xxxxxxxxxxxx.html instead of obelisk.html and then it took me to a page saying something like "nice try, but it's not that easy, go back and figure it out"

there is a hidden message beside the sentence "which looks like a pile of garbage".. just highlight the line and you will see an extension of the sentence.. the end of the sentence says "wise ones!"
perhaps it's a clue for clicking on a specific #1? there are various 1s throughout the picture, but none of them seemed to be clickable..
oh well, try i must!

I got to level 5! You have to read what's "on" and what's "off" in the source code to figure it out...

honeypants, i don't quite understand.. in the source code, the words "getting" and "there" are ON.. what do i do with those words? how do they help me?

hershorn, you've got it. just type those two words into the url instead of "obelisk"

I'm on lev 7 now!

ohh ok, i understand now.. i just didnt' know we had to type that into the address bar lol i realized a long time ago that those two words were on though.. wow, what a dunce i am.. thanks honey!

sweet, i'm on level 6 now

honeypants, what level are you on now?

I'm on 7 and stuck, stuck, stuck

i'm on level 8 now and i'm trying to figure it out.. not many hints on this one :S

little hint on 7, then? I feel I know the username, just not the password.

well, if u want to know the password, try reading the riddle from a different angle.. we usually read things horizontally..perhaps a different direction is all you need ;)

Anyone have hintfor lvl 7 ?

aaahhh...relief! Thanks

fiinally on level 9! lol

oranz, for the username, who lives there?
for the password, trying reading the rhyme from another angle rather than horizontally

phew! 9 is a toughie

i don't know how to call the elevator

wow, i have no idea where to type in the elevator code! stupid game!

ok on level six have found the text in picture but what do i do now???? any hints please

thank the f*cking lord, i'm on level 10 now!!

nvm DOH!
enter it in URL lmao

help with calling elevator

ajax, do u want the answer or a hint?

hint please, i've been stuck here for 20 minutes and am running out of ideas

i've got the phrase i think, but it gets me nowhere

make sure you put it in the URL with .html after it.. and try doing that on different pages if u need to

i have NO idea what the username or password is for level 10.. can ANYbody possibly help me out?

i've tried that, i've replaced the e's with k's, just says that it wont move

hi all, i am way behind u all, plz could someone give me hint on level 3

lvl 8 !!! any hints please

Diane, look at the URL and the title

nik, look "inside" the picture

ajax, you have to know the elevator language.. just switching "e" to "k" isn't enough to call the elevator.. try typing in the URL "elevator" and then when ziggy answers your question, look at the source code.. then type the world panel in the URL and then check the source code again.. see if you can make sense of that

Level 8 - there are a lot of names. Do you need them all?

Level 8 - there are a lot of names. Do you need them all?

thanks ajax lvl 9

monanncel, just use ziggy

*sigh* i'm going to bed now, i'm VERY frustrated with this stupid game.. i'll check back tomorrow morning, hopefully there will have been some progress made.. good luck everyone!

still i've got nothing

ajax, here is the elevator language

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

l m j p k v e f n z a o w c g b s u d t h r x i y q

you have to call out to the elevator "please come here"

hope that helps

goodnight everyone, and good luck

i give in !!!! lvl 9....have viewed source code but what word do i need to translate...i have tried the obvious "please come here" any help please???

thanks i tried that already I must have had some of the letters off

Need some help on what to do with the picture on 5. the picture is called question.jpg. but that doesn't seem to help me at all.

kenneth ....what does the text say on lvl 5

kenneth ...you need to brighten picture and then type what you see in the url

anyone got lvl 9 yet???

anyone still here ???

I am. Lvl 9 is making me weep.

GOT IT!!! lvl 10

sweet escape from lvl 9!!!!

*high fives Nik*

right back atcha monanncel

lvl 10 is a pig lol

well, there are multiple places to click so I think I'm 50% there.

mmmmmmm...not sure if i got the user or password lol

well, that's the 50% part :)

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at last!!! lvl 11

that one was easy lvl 12

monanncel there are 2 pictures you need to overlay to get user and pass

finally found that 2nd picture. Thanks!

lvl 13....unlucky for me!!!

you and me both. shutting down for the night. good luck!

how to do with level 5?

level 5, please ...I've tried everything...

chiara...remind me what was level 5

nik... that with the forest...in the picture there is written Question...

chiara....save picture and use art program to brighten it then type what you see into the url

yeah...I've got! Thanks a lot, nik!

lvl 14....anyone still playing?

I Need Help To Level 2

I've Only Started :d

lvl 15

well need to go to see relatives good luck all

highlight the whole page and you'll find the way
good luck! XD

I need help on Level 11 >__<
does the comments in the page source have anything to do with the way out?

connie - no. there are two ways to group the info on the page. One way is color. You'll need both screens

shanona.....try highlighting something

on lvl 15 now

15 was easy - now on 16

Need help with 7

which one was 7, volt?

volt - I remember now.

You know the username because it's a familiar name used recently.

The password you'll get from reading the poem, not horizontally, but......

but how, I I don't read it left to right then how do I read it?

up and down

...and you don't even need to read the whole words

just tell me te password!

you don't know how tired I am!

I'm not reading words up and down. why don't you try it!

how hard was that?

Thanks a lot

I need help in level 10 please!
What's the psw and the name?


My computer crashed, I lost everthing, I was at Level SEVEN!

MONNANCEL please help me in lvl 10! I've got learning//to fly what else?

ok I've got! Sorry Monnancel..I've got it. I'm in level 11

thank you so much monanncel XDD
I finally got through level 11

arghh spent almost half a day in front of the computer
and still can't finish the whole thing!!!!

how is everyone going??
anyone past level 18 already??
I'm stuck again lol

I'm still stuck on level 10. I typed in 'red' and got OR not AND...

I've checked the source codes on all the pages I can find, have the F= and K= clues but something in my brain just isn't clicking.

nm, got it...not sure how but I got it...and it was lvl 11...I'm not having a good day!

Hi all,
Stuck on 16 for ages.. HELP please...

hey penny
for 16: match the numbers on the left with the letters on the right,
and just use the ones that got matched up with "1" and you will get a word
that will be the .html file you need to go to the next level!!
good luck

This comment has been removed by the author.

im totally baffled and perplexed by level 11

Which program should you use to brighten the picture of the forest in level 5? I can't do it, been trying for ages.

i didnt even brighten it. just went to the page of the image on its own where you can zoom on it a little bit and i could see what was written.. otherwize i guess you should use photoshop

hey alex, what was level 11 about again?

f OR k, there are 2 screens, lots of circles with letters, red and blue

Any hints for username and password in level 10??

for level 10 you have to find the grid. shouldnt be too hard after that

I can't pass the level 3, can any1 help me please??

Any hints on level 25 with the message from Murdock?

Do you still here??

How do you beat #3?

I have nooo idea

For level 3 - look at the url, look at the page title....fill in the gaps.

3: look at the title, look at the url, fill in the gaps

I have a little problem with that bacause i speak spanish, and I'm just starting to learn english >_<

This comment has been removed by the author.

NVM got it, now...... what to do on 4??

Can't believe I didn't think of that. I had the 'word' already, but didn't fill it in the url yet :P

oooooooooh, I have to go T_T, goig to cry on the sofa

Luly.. you can read the answer in the previous comments.. I can't explain that part very good because i'm not very good in english..:)

hey alex, for level 11 (if you are still there)
there are two ways to get out
I only figure out one
which is by arranging the six red letters into 1 word and put it in the URL

(sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I was away)

thanks connie i solved it the same way. on level 13 now. need to find some 5 letter word..

Luly, don't give up
this game takes lots of times
and my head is about to explode too
but it's fun XD

for level 4:
just look at the Page Source,
pay attention to the comments (green), and see what has been *TURNED ON*? (hint: there are two)

Good luck! =D

This comment has been removed by the author.

Alex, for 13:
1) solve the math equation problem craved on the wall
2) get the title of the image
3) substitute the results from the equation into the title to translate it into numbers, and you will get the code!! =D

Good luck!

haha thanks connie but im too fast for you again. on 15 now, a riddle about a huge ball?

anyone have any hints on 12

I need help on level 6 please..i've been stuck for so long!

leve 6 : google the name on the little sign (click the result you get from imdb)

level 12 : click somewhere on the wall then the answer is the missing chinese word

im stuck on 16 now, lol, slowly working my way through. really i should be sleeping probably

who can help me on level 10? the one with the elevator and panel, i need a username and password...can someone just tell me, ive been stuck for the past half hour...plz

look for a grid on 10

anyone have any "bright ideas" on 14

i did try...but i dont know exactly what the grid should be and where...any more specific hints?or can you just tell me what the username and password is, ajax? or anyone?plz

use grid in the html

ajax: brighten the picture and read word clockwise

roberto: type in grid.html then use that picture with the picture of panel to find name and password

it keeps telling me I am a letter short but I can only find 5 letters, where is the sixth

got it sorry .... thanks alex I was missing second r

you need to make it brighter, they are quite hard to see but there are letters right around the circle

the panel itself is a 8 x 12 panel, when you type the grid in .html , that only shows a 7 x 11...can you be more specific, like where do i start with the letters in the grid, give me the first letter, or just give me the password already......***screams(ugh)***

someone already posted it up there..

and whats the username?(thank you)

alex do you have any hints on 17, i've been to every screen have all of the clues, tried to go back to the dorr and have run out of ideas

free spilll of 9 PLZ

which one was 17?

plz plz plz i just need the username now, any1?help? so i can finally move on to level 11....

about to die need answer to 9 not hints

roberto username learning

lvl 17 is the crossroads with three directions to choose plus letter code on right

ryetoast, u cud look up there^^^...someone posted the "elevator language" all you gotta do is translate "please come here"

oh for 17 go to th right and click the sign that is all you need to pass the level, also you need to remember what is written when you look down through the floor.

10: username=learning

jeez im helpful arent I? if any of you guys get up to 21 and solve it help me out ok. lmao

i tried something like bokldkjgwkfkuk

does that just go in the URL after ziggy replacing chitchaat?

yes thats correct...ryetoast, type that in the url...
any hints for 11?

man I'm sweating it here, smoke pouring from my ears... I'm learning a lot but not getting very far without hints. anyone working on a walkthrough? please?

i got what F and K equal....what i do now?

who has lvl 18?

18: tracks//meet

roberto: Click the panel in the picture and highlight the words that are written...

oh thanks alex! I was wondering what that ment...

cinymin, is that a hint for level 11 or 10? i need help with 11, the level that says FORK or f OR k....any help with that, i tried re-arranging the red letters and i cant figure out any word....any suggestions?

in 21 you have to look wich letters are not on the floor. It is another anagram riddle. If you got it you can go to the right side level 22.

I try to find out how to get to the left side.

The panel says:"Use what you have" and in the sourcecode is a hint that tells me "79=58"

also stuck on 11 ... do the hints int the source have to do with anthing ... it says F=#ae3d25 in one source and in the rotaion it says K= PI

thankyou rosebowl. i choose the right

This comment has been removed by the author.

lvl - 11 yes keep going with red letters (start with L)

i've tried the right side for about an hour, but nothing. Perhaps you will see the way.
(i hope so)

49021 is the math solved for lvl 13... but it wants a word!?

in lvl 19... do I have to rearrange wejquh?


the number is 02049 in level 13

do you mean 22? because i am pretty clueless so far. except when i tried 32.html i got "that is the right number but what are you searching for?"

nvm spelled avast pic name ith digits got it


search for an translator

klingon - english

ryetoast: what is the picture's name? ...in numbers?

Hey guys I just started...

I understand what you have to do for level three but I can't figure out the word.


@ alex

yes, i mean 22 right. i also have absolutely no idea what to do.

I think only faewitch could help us out. She was in level 25.

I got it. that was really stupid. lol

hupjew? wejpuh? the translator is coming up with nothing... it's got to be jumbled, but i don't watch startrek...

I'm stuck on number five...

what is lvl 5 again?


perhaps this may help


@ alida

Copy the picture into a graphic programm and brighten it up a bit.

got it

thanks! got it. I guess i was using the wrong translator

thanks rosebowl... I got it without brightening it..

lol. I was so pissed and I kept staring really hard at the picture and I saw it. lol.

hey rosebowl i figured out the left side of 21!

you use the numbers on the wall and keep subtracting 21 from each of them enough times until you get a number in grid. eg, 59-21-21=17
the answer is holdem.

I've tried sharpening the name on the sign in level six but I can't see it... will someone tell me it?


ok, let us try this way.

i have found a mp3-file on the right side but did not understand what he says


@ alida

search for sukeena and find out where she lives.

alex if your still around the sign on 17 what do you do with it, I stepped away for awhile and have lost all train of thought

thanks rosebowl...

I like this game a lot... but it makes me feel stupid.

left definately seems less technical.
im on 24 now

That character is from Rose Red.. I didn't have to even google that shizzle

help on 20 ?

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