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Excavator Story Walkthrough

Excavator Story

Excavator Story WalkthroughExcavator Story is another new Russian point and click game. There is no English translation but language should not be too much of a problem. In this game as always been, you have to escape there by searching, finding and using somethings useful and solving puzzles.

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Morning again!

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:40 AM  

Morning..... :.)

Full!! Where have you been?!

I hope I don't have to understand Russian for this. Only have 2 items so far.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:45 AM  

Hey Diana, I´m actually around all the time, but without posting comments due to a simple lack of time.
I have 1 item , it was above the guy´s hand.
(b.t.w. is he drunk, dead or just sleeping a siesta? LOL

Well, if he's Russian, it's probably vodka. I also have a wrench and some gloves. I can click lots of things, but not much to pick up.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:49 AM  

That´s right,a lot of clickable places without result. Were´d you find the gloves?

Gloves are in the far left screen on the right side of that...thing. They're on the ground.

The pipe next to the sleeping guy is also clickable but no tool I have does anything.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:51 AM  

Got them, thanks

Aha! Candy in the drawer.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:53 AM  

Found a candy in the drawer at the right of the guy

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:54 AM  

You are faster as i am as always, haha

But the other took it and I got nothing! Haha.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:55 AM  

Gave the candy to the man with the crane

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 2:55 AM  

Is Danmark 1 minute ahead of CET?

It's my time machine...shhh...haha...

Not sure if any of the numbers I'm seeing mean anything. I saw 8400, the number when you scroll over the wrench, and the number on the crane thing.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 3:01 AM  

Use you´re time machine to read comment number 32, maybe it says what to do with the gloves, wrench and pipe kinda thing,...

I have to go, what a pity. There´s a festival for kids in the village and my son is draaging me away from my chair and the game.
I´ll be back later, nice to have played with you again Diana, take care

hello, first time posting. i found a stick on the road on the last screen. can't give candy to the man. how did you do that?

Take care full!

Give the candy to the man by the crane, not the sleeping man.

Ah, got the stick from the road too! Now gonna find out where to use it.

Got the cabinet under the monitor open.

ho! and all that time i thought the screw i have was a candy...

Ah ok, once you get the cabinet open, that stick from the road gets bent. You can use this to open the panel from that thing that's by the side of the road.

thanks. there's a red axe inside the pannel.

Got string too.

I'm pretty sure that lever goes in the panel, I think, but can't get it inserted.

Anyone get any further as far as the panel?

it seems like i have clicked everywhere with every tool i have. the candy is the only thing used and gone.

Same here too, shir. I kept refreshing the wrong page so I hung on to the candy in case I could use it someplace else (hey, I gotta try haha), but can't seem to get the panel operational. I have the wire from the computer and the lever which I swear have to go into that panel somehow.

By the way, beating the man and the cat with the tools do NOT work. Haha. The button on his shirt is clickable, but do you really want to take that off?

maybe the game is bugged.
those "aaaaa"'s are also wierd...

he has to go on a serious diet for me to take that button off...

Someone on Nordinho said they found something to the the right of the guy's leg to connect it to the wire.

i think i'm giving up for now.
bye, Diana. it was nice meeting you.

I said it :)

It's in the item part.

Ok, it's the candy wrapper that is by the guy.

Thanks, gorka!

Now give it to the cat and put the lever to the box. Switch green light and go out on the 3rd screen.

Well, I've been trying to put the lever in, but it won't go. Tried with gloves somehow too.


Out! Thanks for hint on that wrapper! I was only looking in the "obvious" places.

You know, it was just lucky, that I found it :)

where exactly is that wrapper

found it. that was hard!

help please, going mad trying to fit the lever

I can't get the lever to go in either. grrr......

Use paper on the phone.

Just starting lets see what's going on. I agree with you Diana definitely the vodka!
Sorry to have missed you Full! Maybe you'll see my "Hola" later.

any more help? still don't get the lever bit

ok i must be blind... where did you find the stick? looked all over the road area.

It's actually a nail. It's just sitting in the middle of the road. Your arrow will become a hand when it's clickable.

After you get the wrapper and connect it to the wire. Click the sleeping man, get a paper out of his pocket. Use the phone number on the phone, and then you should be able to use the lever.

I can't find the stick either- so that makes 2 of us bulldog!

Thanks Diana that was driving me crazy!

For nail look at this:

thanks Diana couldn't have done it without you. My sanity is restored

Had a phone call, I`m back now, is anyone still here?
Thanks for the piccy Gorka

my sleeping man doesn't have pockets!!

Just click around his shirt once the cat is gone.

Oh - yes he does.

Liat on HIS left side of his jacket, not the t-shirt, after you "remove" the cat

Ooops must remember to refresh before posting!

My stick won't open the cabinet under the monitor, where am I going wrong?

Use wrench first, then nail.

Thanks Diana, silly me hadn't even picked up the wrench.

Could someone please help me find the wrapper for the cat? I gave the candy to the man with the excavator, Do I need to re-start??


1. Click on the guy and take a lever (on the pipe under his head).

2. Go back and turn left. Take a wrench (in the center of the room).


3. Use a wrench on the left cabinet.

4. Turn left twice. Get the gloves (right side of the electric box) and a nail (in the middle of the road).


5. Use a wrench on a nail to bend it.

6. Use a bended nail to open the electric box. Take an axe (left side of the box).

7. Go back to the 1st screen and open a drawer. Use the gloves to get a candy from the drawer.

8. Go left and cut a wire in the cabinet with an axe.

9. Go left and give a candy to the men.

10. Go right or left and back to the 3rd screen. Take a candy wrapper (on the right od the guy’s legs In the item part).


11. Use a wrapper on the wire.

12. Go to the 1st screen and use a wire with a wrapper on the cat.

13. Click the guy and take a note from his pocket.


14. Go back and click on upper part of the map. Read the instruction with numbers.

15. Go back and turn left. Use a note on the green phone.

16. Go to the 4th screen and open the electric box with a bended nail. Put a lever on the righ.

17. Use gloves to get a lever up and press the red button.

18. Go back and turn right. Guy is gone and you can go out – click the trees on the right.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 5:15 AM  

morning, help

I got out a while ago, but couldn't have done it without you Gorka. Thanks for the walkthrough.

       Anonymous  6/29/08, 5:19 AM  

done everything so far lever in green light on guy is gone can't get out

I have a less time now, so I can't often play with you guys. But it was a pleasure, to make something for you again :)

whatvr66, look for the EXIT in the 3rd screen. It's on the trees.

Definitely NOT my type of game.

Diana, americans drink no less then russians.Stereotypes will kill this country

Tosca I agree, don't like pixelhunting games

How do you use the wrench to bend the nail? When I click on either it just highlights their respective boxes and nothing happens...I can't get into the cabinet under the monitor, nor the fuse box (?) on the last screen.

Yep, this game is not working correct for me either..Only good thing was the cute sleeping cat...

what exactly does it mean in the walkthrough were it says

Go left and cut a wire in the cabinet with an axe.

what cabinet as there are a few?

Help! Anyone still playing? After cat moved can't find his pcoket to click on. where do I click?. tried just about all over him, including his left side..:(,,,

reddc, the right one. I made a mistake in 3. There should be: Open right cabinet with a wrench. Get a wire from there.

Goldilox, there is a screen for note in walkthrough.

thanks Gorka ... gr8 walkthrough !

Call me crazy...but I'm having the time of my life!!!! LOL! Progress is slow but with Diana, Full, Gorka, et al :), I am maneuvering my way around this crazy game!!!!! I don't mind pixel hunts...I love a good challenge! Anyway...thank you everyone. Oh...I banged on the pipes to try to wake the guy up! Will post when out....

and out...!!! Gorka, your walkthrough rocked!!! Thanks for filling in the last pieces of the puzzle for me!!!! I enjoyed this game and hope to see another one like it soon....g'night everyone!

ok... i cannot seem to get the wire. opened the cabinet, but can't get anything out of it.
also, where is the axe?

argh now i cant press the red button! nobodys here to help me either.... hmm try again and check back later

im board

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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