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SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Illusions Walkthrough

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Illusions

SSSG - Illusions WalkthroughS.S.S.G. Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Illusions is another episode of SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy point and click adventure game series created by Self Defiant for Melting-Minz. You need to find a way to escape by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Ok, i got out. But i still have a key. Am i missing something? i have 46 crystals. And i cant for the life of me figure out were the this key goes.

I didn't use that key either. I may play again one day to get all the crystals.

Looks like i'm the only one that's so stupid >.< But i can't figure out the four digit code on the calendar. HELP

I think the digit code for TV is 1716 but where I can input it?

out! cute game

is anyone still playing?
Can't get the shrink ray to work...

I looked at the plates downstairs, clicked the same colors upstairs, but tv want open up ?? Help plz tyvm.

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there is one purple flower, so purple is the first button to push, the are 2 pink flowers, so this is the 2nd button, and so on

finally got the pearl to shrink!
Was stupidly clicking the spoon instead of just SHRINK....

I shrinked the pearl and picked up something but its not in my inventory ? I need it to put into the telescope ... now where is it ?
So i can get into the aquarium, tyvm for help.

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Hi guys, I found 48 crystals. Did anybody find them all?

Hello Diana,

if you load your game again und if you click on "start" you can continue your game. Please don't touch the treasure chest by looking for further snow crystals.

Oh crap,, I'll be here for days,, I heart SSSG

Wow Gorka ... missed 2 crystals, wtg !!!

I got 37, perhaps if we all look at this list and add where the others where found, we can have them all.

1) Plant right side of the door.
2) Couch left pillow.
3) Calendar (moon).
4) Drawer under calendar (bottom).
5) On top lightstand next to window
6) Fruitbowl at the table (plates).
7) Upstairs 1st drawer.
Blue door
8) Under carpet.
9) In the shower.
10) Toiletpaper.
Left brown door
11) Bookshelf, when clicked the red book.
12) PC desk bottom drawer.
13) Pooltable.
14) Beer picture above pooltable.
15) under bowlingball picked up.
16) blue bowlingball on shelf.
17) Big fish above fishtank.
Right brown door
18) Picture above bed, top of flowers left side.
19) Bottom drawer lefside bed.
20) Bottom drawer Mirror room.
21) Move table under TV.
22) Outside in shed.
23) Spaceship under a sign of horoscope.
24) Spaceship through grey door, click starwatchers eye, left blue ray.
25) PC screen in batterie room.

26+27+28+29) When 2 buttons are green, 4 crystals when you click on the grey circles.

30+31+32+33+34) Spaceshuttle 5 crystals left side up and down + right side up and down + open half circle downside left tooth(blue gem).

35) In flowersbed left side.
36) Use explosives on cabin next to green rays on the right door.
37)In the big ball (some space thingy) standing on the left side of the door on the floor.

Thats how far i got ... feel free to add yours when finding on other places tyvm ...

Diana and Gorka, both can get the ones you didn't find perhaps :D.

Hope that helped a bit for all.

More crystals:

*top of lamp pole besides stairs
*purple mountain pic (upstairs)
*after getting pills from same pic
*(blue bathroom)top shelf on left
*(brown door left)bowling pins
*(outside) sky
*(space ship)purple head robot,left arm
*(ss)power on screen
*(ss)round chair looking thing
*(ss) inside sleepy flower tank
*(shark tank/brown door left)in round window w/half moon
* crate same area
*skeleton on left
*skeleton on right
*sleeping shark tooth

38) Right door in speakersroom, blow up crate and get crystal.

I shrinked the pearl and picked up something but its not in my inventory ? I need it to put into the telescope ... now where is it ?
So i can get into the aquarium.

Has the pearl become to small to look at and pick it up ???

The shark is sleeping for more then 1 hours already and dont know when he will wake up, must have been strong pills :D.
Tyvm for help.

After looking back ,I may have repeated a couple of yours Meike in the space ship, because we have a different description of the items there...
RE: 24,25,37 possibly #5

Add to the list:
- move a plank under the chest,
- blow up lamp in the right room

I can't find this one from vbranam1's list:
* after getting pills from same pic
*(brown door left) bowling pins

Mieke, maybe pearl is already in your telescope ...

The first crystal from purple mtn. pic was #7 on my list..After getting pills and going outside to see if my stars changed(and they did), I went and got another behind same pic...this was #26 for me..(lots of activity between crystals)

For bowling pin top of the first pin.

Sorry, There is a moving plank above not under the chest :)

I now have 49..still missing the big #50

How did you get behind the purple mtn. pic?
There is no crystal on top of the first pin in my game :(

The first crystal was on the pic..After I got the pills there was a crystal behind the bottle

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I still don't understand how to get into the ship in the shark tank. I can shrink myself, but then I'm stuck with the stupid force field thing.

nevermind, i got it.

Sorry, Gorka it was the pic in bathroom with sun and flower...

I checked this one too with no luck. Still missing two crystals :(

Looks like crystal hunt is open, waiting for Diana to join us :D

Have 41 crystals now ... still searching :D

And my good shark is still asleep,
still didn't make it into the fishtank pfff.

Mieke, you'll find 6 more in the fishtank :) Try restart your game.

I dont know if I am right, but I used pliers on white towels in bathroom and on pills in inventory and suddenly I got one more.
Try it.

On my notes of where I found crystals last night..I had, (after getting pills on same pic behind the bottle)...Today thought it was mtn pic, but its bathroom pic..(should be more detailed in my notes)

Hi Tosca :)
Have you got these crystals (which I can't get) from a pin and the second one from the picture?

Gorka I just go 1 from the blue bottle, I slide away

Still looking for #50 crystal...

My crystals:

1. in the shed
2. on the sky

first floor:
3. behind the right flower pot
4. under the left blue pillow
5. in bottom drawer under the calendar
6. on the sun iin the calendar
7. on top of the lightstand
8. on a plate with the fruits
9. behind a crate in the right door (blow it up)

secon floor:
10. on the picture
11. in the upper drawer

left room:
12. in the bookcase
13. in the bottom drawer of the desk
14. under the picture above the pooltable
15. on the pooltable
16. after getting dark blue ball
17. behind blue ball
18. behind the fish above the tank

19. under the carpet
20. on the shower
21. in the toilet paper
22. behind blue bottle

right room:
23. left cabinet next to bed
24. on the picture above the bed
25. in the bottom drawer
26. behind the table under tv
27. in the lamp next to the door (blow it up)

space ship:
28. cabinet next to teleport (blow it up)
29. PC screen
30. in the round thing next to th door
31. on the left arm of robot
32 - 35. on the grey circles
36 - 40. in the spaceshuttle
41. under the sign above the laser
42. in the flower tank

fish tank:
43. under the plank above the chest
44. behind the crate
45. skeleton on left
46. skeleton on right
47. sleeping shark tooth
48. on the round window

Where stands that chest with sliding top ?

nvm I found it 49 now

Go into the fish tank and turn left.

Number 50 is not the one left of the number 49. Damn.

very nice game, went round again and got 49 crystal.. but couldnt find the last one.

an oztiff, the reward in the vault was just a sssg wallpaper that you could save, in case you were wondering.

Well ... gone stop with this 1, because it took me almost all day to look for crystals and to get into fishtank, i even had dinner in front of the computer.
Can someone give me diving lessons :D

Good luck guys ... finding the last crystal ... i keep my fingers crossed for you all.

Should finding crystal 50 be connected with the key, we still have ??

Gorka, you missed 1

right room:
23. left cabinet next to bed
24. on the picture above the bed
25. in the bottom drawer

----> in top spot light after you switch it on

26. behind the table under tv
27. in the lamp next to the door (blow it up)

Dont think so Tosca ...
read the last comment of the walkthrough of redroobar,
need a key and crowbar to get out ... i think,
not that far played yet.

Thx Minirizla, I haven't found this one. Now I have 49 like you :)

       Anonymous  7/6/08, 10:16 AM  

at the end when you collect your reward its a wallpaper

Okay, I dont have that one marked on my list
Minirizla,but there is not one there so that could be the one I thought I got from bowling pin.. I would think all crystals are in same place for all players.. still looking for #50

Im done with this for a while..Please post when you find #50...good luck all...

Tatiana said...
u take the spray botle and snise in the painting ... perhaps we need to spray our way around to get the last missing crystal.

Yes, i'm back, got a bit time again be4 bedtime ... gone start game over again to get into the fishtank, although i dont know how to do that.

Oh well ... trying to reload the game ... gameload stays on 61 %,
gone give it another go tomorrow.
Have a gr8 day/night all.

it seems to take forever to load. does any of you have that problem? or another website with the same game?

Where in the world is the telescope. It said I already put the purl in it, but I don't know where it went!!!!

Also, I am so stuck trying to open the tv, HELP!!

Where is the telescope?!?!?!

       Anonymous  7/6/08, 12:29 PM  

Anyone playing?

purplepanda, before you'll switch the lights in the cabinets on (for tv), check - they should be off.

I've bombed all over the place, even made a crystal with the bones of the skuls. 50 is hard. I even went to look at the reward to find a crystal. Nope.

       Anonymous  7/6/08, 12:38 PM  

I have tried to enter the code into the screen behind the tv repeatedly and it does nothing. Is there a trick to enter the code?

Tosca, my friend found the last one behind the picture in the bathroom, just like vbranam1. But I can't get it from there.

Trease, I entered 1716 and it worked.

Ok I'll go and take a look.

       Anonymous  7/6/08, 12:42 PM  

That's what I am entering, but it doesn't work. You just click the numbers, right?

right :)

       Anonymous  7/6/08, 12:46 PM  

I don't get it. Do the numbers appear on the screen when you click them?

the picture is hanging crooked, but I don't see 50

No, they don't.

       Anonymous  7/6/08, 12:53 PM  

Do you have to click anything else after you enter them?

I didn't click anything else.

how do you get into the second room upstairs it keeps saying it is locked?

its ok managed it

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ok I pressed the buttons in order 1 violet, 2 pink, 3 blue and 4 red, went to the telly and it just says there seems to be something behind the telly but it wont move?

reddc make sure all your coloured light are off before stating with the code purple...

the code is not working pressed the buttons as it said in the comments, 1 lilac, 2 pink, 3 blue, 4 red, but then when you go over to the telly and click on it it just says there is something behind it that cannot be moved?

Telly must fall down after getting the code right. Put all the colours so that the color is clear to vieuw, than put the code, there comes a little fade on it. That wants to say there on.

thanks tosca tried again making sure all the lights were of but still no luck, do you click on the purple button once, the pink twice, the blue 3 times, and the red four times as that is what I have been doing, what exactly is supposed to happen to the telly if I get this right?

No no,1 2 3 4 is the order to put in.
First put purple 1 time, than pink 1 time, than blu 1 time .....

I can not for the life of me figure out how to move the picture of the flowers in the bathroom. I have tried spraying them with the waterbottle because it said they were dry, but it didn't do anything. Can anyone help me?

I can not for the life of me figure out how to move the picture of the flowers in the bathroom. I have tried spraying them with the waterbottle because it said they were dry, but it didn't do anything. Can anyone help me?

hey for the bathroom doors i tried the code but it doesn't work! which way are you suppose to click it, left to right or right to left? thanks

never mind got it

       Anonymous  7/6/08, 4:17 PM  

HELP ME! I lost my pearl! I put it in the purple light thing in the shuttle and now I can't get it back!

After looking 4 hours for the 50 crystal, I think I understand the title of the game. It's an illusion.

can anyone please tell me how to get my pearl back from the shrink ray? it's stuck

bubble, spray it a bunch of times until it moves

hi, can anyone tell me where all the crystals are?

There is list of 48 crystals 41 posts above :) And 49th (by Minirizla) - in top spot light after you switch it on in the right room.

I made a complete walkthrough, with Crystals ... but still missing 1 Crystal !!!

You need to find crystals,
so once you have the firecracker and lighter, blow up stuff for extra crystals.

Opening scene shed in garden.
Take Crystal in sky, right side.
Get shovel and dig up to get key. Go to the house (right side).

Enter house ... take Crystal behind the right flower pot,
go right,
take lighter under right pillow, Crystal under the left blue pillow.
Go right.
Open top drawer, remember the colors. (needed later at stars).
Take Crystal in bottom drawer under the calendar.
Click on the sun in the calendar, take Crystal.
Notice the dates. (code needed upstairs, cabinetdoors).
Click on top of the lightstand, take Crystal.
Go right.
Click on the plate with the fruits, take Crystal.
Take spoon in cabinet above table.
Look at the odd plates on the wall, code needed upstairs,
(in cabinets left and right next to the bed).
Go right.
Just look around in the
speakersroom, no need to do anything for now.

Take Crystal on wallpicture on
top of the mountain.
Take Crystal in the upper drawer.

Bathroom (blue door):
Take Crystal under the carpet.
Go right.
Take Crystal on the shower, another Crystal when you click
the toiletpaper.
Go right.
Take Crystal behind the blue bottle on top shelf. Slide!
Take toothbrush on shelf.
Go right.
Exit room.

Use key to enter room on the left.
Click red book in bookcase to get green gem and Crystal.
Take Crystal in the bottom drawer of the desk.
Go right.
Place cue ball at pooltable in pocket for another key.
Take Crystal on pooltable and another Crystal under the
picture right side of the pooltable.(Beer). Slide !
Go right.
Pick up bowlingball, take Crystal after getting dark blue ball,
click blue bowlingball on shelf and take Crystal,
take spraycan.
Go right.
Take Crystal behind the fish above the fishtank.
Exit room.

Open right door with the key.
Go right.
Take Crystal at left cabinet, right bottom door next to bed.
Click on the picture above the bed, take Crystal.
Look for Key under cushion in front of the bed.
Go right.
Firecracker in left upper dressing table drawer.
Take Crystal in the bottom dressing table drawer.
Turn lights on and click top spot, take Crystal.
Go right.
Click the table under tv, it moves, take Crystal.
Go right 2x.
Cabinets by bed with coloured buttoms
(check plates downstairs for the order to press the buttons, numeral, 1,2,3,4 + color) Opens TV.
Go right 2x.
Tv screen fell down and you see a remote,
Code is on the calendar downstairs
(four digits, dates)
Take out Telescope.
Go right.
Blow up the lamp next to the door,
put firecracker and light with lighter, take Crystal.
Exit room.

Clean mud at front door and get code for bathroom cupboards.
Use spraycan and toothbrush.
Go left,
into the speakersroom,
open right door of cabinet and blow up crate, take Crystal.
Put firecracker on statue, light with lighter and take Crystal ball.
Turn left 2x and go upstairs.

Bathroom again:
Spray picture by the door and
get pills.
Go right.
Open doors in order of code at frontdoor after cleaning up dirt
and get red gem.
Turn left, exit the room, downstairs, turn left 2x go outside.

Use key and enter shed for crowbar and take Crystal.
Go right and back inside.

Inside :
Go left.
Into the speakersroom, under the TV, use crowbar on the door of
the cabinet thats stuck, take key.
Go right.
Then outside.

Click on pills in inventory, take pills and go outside
to see coloured stars at shed.
Press the stars in order of code in top drawer under calendar.
Spaceship will come, click the spaceship and you see green ray,
click the ray to enter. (and go out again too, just a hint).

Enter space ship.
Blow up the cabinet right door, next to teleport (green ray),
take Crystal.
Go right 2x.
Take the Crystal under the sign above the laser.
Go left 1x.
Go through the door and click the circle of the robot it
turns purple, look at the left arm of robot, take Crystal.
Click the black square on the wall, turn it into green.
Go right 2x,
click the square an turn it into green.
Go left 2x
and go through the door.
Go 2x right
you see the consol with batteries and turn them on,
by clicking the 4 squares on the machine.
Look at PC screen, take Crystal.
Go 2x left.
Click the button of the round thing next to the door,
take Crystal.
Through door again, get pliers from cabinet.
Go right.
Look at the machine with 4 grey circles,
click them and get 4 Crystals.
Go right.
Space pod, click little arms, up and down, left and right.
Take 4 Crystals and another Crystal at his left tooth.
Also take the blue gem in his mouth.
Go right.
Take Crystal in the flowerbed (left side),
and use pliers to get a sleepy flower.
Go right.
Through door again.
Go right.
The laserroom.
Click on the word Shrink, use spoon as lever,
put crystal ball on the table, click the word Shrink.
You will see green rays and at the table a little white crystal, pick it up ... it will be in the inventory,
if not, start the game again, i got to do that also,
because i didn't get the little white crystal.
Put the little crystal ball in the telescope by dragging it
over the telescope, after that it will be called shrink scope.
Go left 2x.
Click the green ray to get out of the spaceship.
Go right, to the door.

Back to the house :
Go right 2x.
Upstairs and go into the left room.
Go left.
The fishtank.
Put shark asleep with the sleepy flower and enter fishtank
with shrink scope.
Go right.
Move the bones of the skeleton on the left, take Crystal.
Move the bones of the skeleton of the right, take Crystal.
Go right 2x.
Slide a little plank above the chest, take Crystal.
Go left.
Go through black open door.
Go right.
Use firecrackers to blow up a lot of crates until you get a pedastal.
In the most right crate after blown up, take Crystal.
Place bowling ball on pedastal and put the gems in the holes
of the bowlingball.
Go right.
Look at the round window, take Crystal.
Go right.
Look at the sleeping shark's tooth, take Crystal.
Go right.
Go through black open door.
Go right.
The chest and force field is off.
Use crowbar and key to open.

The end.

Sorry about my English, not my language you see.

Thinking about the little Crystal we put inside the telescope dough,
isn't there a way to take it back out ... so we can put it together with the 49 ... then we have 50.

Great walkthrough Mieke.

So Gorka and his friend found the 50 cristal, see above, but they dont let us know how they went along.
Anyway, I am still interessed to know.

this is getting me so frustrated, managed to get telly down now what do you do with what's behind it god a code 2005 on calender but you cannot enter it, also when you go outside to shed surely the walkthrough should have told you to open shed before you went in the house as there is no key left to open shed now arggggghhhh

Reddc, you'll find another key in the house (to open the shed). Enter a code 1716. The numbers will not show on the screen.

Tosca, I haven't found last crystal. My friend did it, but I can't do it. :)

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There are altogether 4 keys by any one of them you can open the shed. Here are the locations :

Outside : dig dirt with shovel
Ground floor (speaker view) : inside lower left cabinet
2nd floor (pool view) : inside front corner
Right brown door (bed view) : under cushion of rest stand

im new to this i just need to no how to get behind the tv in the bedroom

nevermind i did it lol

Thanks Tosca.

Reddc ... there is anopther key
in the house to open shed.

Got 1 key left in inventory when ending game ...
perhaps there is something we need to do be4 ending the game
to get the last Crystal.

You will see when you put in the code on tv, the hand (mouse)
you click with will flash a bit then you know, you did well.

@ vbranam1 and Gorka ... i took a long look at the picture,
cant see anything under it ... can you explain the spot where
i should have a look ? tyvm.

Welcome k-girl ... have fun and if you do need help, just call :D
There are a lot of gr8 people in here who are glad to help out.

49 crystals....can't find the last one!!!!

@ cupcake01234 ... we all are looking for the last Crystal,
do tell if you find it tyvm, i will too if i find it ... or its an illusion :D

Mieke, my friend couldn't explain me, how she get last crystal, so I'm still searching :)

thanks for your hel Gorka and Mieke.

How many times do you have to sign into this place.

I have the telescope now cannot get the key downstairs as the cupboard door says it's stuck?

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Have you got a crowbar from the shed ?
If not, take a key from pool table (left room) or from the rest stand in front of bed (right room) and go to the shed.

I have an idea. You can take a crystal from the calendar - there's one spot, you can click for it. So maybe there's only one spot on other note (in a drawer under the calendar or in the bathroom next to the toilet-seat) for the last crystal... or maybe not :)

mm i'm stuck:\, i don't know how to enter[?] the code that on the floor - to the white closet in the bathroom.
i know that someone asked this question before, but i don't get it..

how do i place the cue ball into the pocket????????????

@ gorka
You noticed that on the paper that is in the cabinet under the calender, if you click the two oo's in look and the o in toward, the paper is not getting back off screen.

@ gorka
Same effect in the word clouded

same for the word bizarre

@ gorka
Same for the second is

Tosca, oki, I checked your hints and I think it's because of the window behind the note. But nice that I'm not alone with searching :)

Hello Gamers!! I've got just a problem with the tv in bedroom. To get behind the Tv I must push the buttons left and right of the bed. But How?? Shall I note all single Flower and what a colour it has? Please Help. Sry my English, I'm German

please can somebody just tell me how to unlock the tv in the bedroom?

what colours do i have to press?
in what order?
and how many times for each colour?

Hey Lani & Clarkiola13, for the buttons..First make sure they are all pushed in since you've fooled with them..They will be smaller and dark colors..Now push them in this order:
purple -right cabinet bottom
pink -left cab.bottom
blue -left top
red -right top

Oh yeah, only push the buttons ONCE..

       Anonymous  7/11/08, 9:14 AM  

I've taken the pills so that the stars are colored, but I can't get them to change color/order even when I click... help!!

Hey pintsizedmo,, for the star color order.Its the note in the top drawer beside stairs..So click the STARS in this order and the spaceship will appear..


@ james.bebbo, drag the white ball to the pocket right side of it, a key will fall on the floor.

Still looking for the last Crystal,
diamonds are a girls best friend ... but does that means Crystals included ? :D

@ Tosca ... groeten uit Luik.

I'm looking at the inventory, someone noticed between crowbar and pliers, what tool we didn't get ? Just wondering.
Or did i used it already, but cant remember what it was :D

Just a tip ... you can go out the fishtank if you dont want to end the game and search for more Crystals. But when entering again, use shrink scope again.

Please can't someone go ask the author of this game where and how to get 50th crystal ?
This is so unfair, to leave us in our dispair.
Please Megipoland , Yalcin or someone else.

Tosca, I know how you feel.
I keep popping in to see if any of you guys had found it... This feels like unfinished business.

I also had a look at the melting midz forum where someone asked the author but didnt get a reply.

haha i tried to bowl 63 times and only ended up with 30 crystals

Just to let you know, everyone who is still looking....

Selfdefiant posted a picture of the last crystal............

in the bedroom in the scene with the mirror, turn on the top two lights and look in the mirror. The last one is there!

Yes, he did..Here is the address to see the the picture..Not only does he make super games, he really must be a super guy...


Thank you Selfdefiant

Well darn,,I cant get the 50th from here..Guess Im gonna have to be satisfied with 49 for the time being..
This was such a great game I will go back and start a completely new game,just to get the 50 crystals when I have more time..fun,fun

played this..and I'm out..yayy...i got 45 cyrstals...and tried to bowl 40 times...LOL..funny

Love these games..:)

A couple of tips..;

use code u find in dirt for white doors that won't stay open-31312

for colored dots under lamps --this code can be found in kitchen where flowers are..not sure of sequence now..NOTE;
You won't see anything change there...go right when u think u have the code and the tv will drop revealing a panel..thats what gets revealed when u hit the order right..and its in another room..

I did the lights as in the picture and looked at the mirrow, but I dont have the 50 crystal. maybe we must do this before destroying the lamp at the door ???
What I am doing wrong??

Hey Tosca...still stuck..?

Yes mercedes
Have you found all 50 crystals?
If so, how did you do it.

Helpful post for chrystals..~

6/7/08 16:17
by MEIKE..

13/7/08 16:47
by minirizla

You can take a crystal from the calendar

Blow up crates again in the ship where shark is.. after you have already~ Use mini scope..

If i find of any more..I'll let u know..:D

The trick to getting the one in the mirror is to switch both lights on and then get that one first.
If you get the one in the top light first you wont be able to see the one in the mirror and youll be stuck on 49.

I couldnt find it first time I tried so I started a new game and voila! it worked all 50 crystals.

minirizla ... what both lights do you mean ?
In the bedroom next to the bed ?
Or just 2 of the 4 lightbulbs on the lightstand ?
And there's another 1 at the door.

I started the game again and went straight to the bedroom ... cant see anything in the mirror though.
I didn't took anything, just went to have a closer look ... nothing there.

Where exactly in the mirror do you see a Crystal ? Did you get it ?
tyvm... for furhter hints.

ps: i even went to the site itself and there isn't an answer on the question there.

Played the game all over,
did find the Crystal in the mirror but the Crystal in the top light of the lightstand is gone then ??
so ... still missing 1 Crystal !

Gone try again tomorrow.

The crate in the cabinet is moved also, now i could take the Crystal without blowing up the crate.

Strange ... i opened the chest ... but the game doesn't end ???
I could go back out of the fishtank again :D

Something weird is going on i think !!!

sorry mieke, I meant to say turn the top 2 lights on the light stand next to the mirror on, then you will see a faint yellow reflection in the mirror, thats the crystal.

But be careful to only click the top light once because if you collect the crystal in the top light first you wont see the crystal in the mirror.

youre right about the crate downstairs has moved, may be a super sneaky bit of editing :)

Thx minirizla for your clear comment. Hope to help you soon.

Hey u guys, I have 40 crystals and im still stuck with the TV. I can't move it even after trying the color code. I havnt even gone onside the ship in the tank cause I cant get the telescope n I don't know were it is

to break the forcefield.... when your in the tank go to the room with all the crates, using dynamite blow them all up when you've blown the middle ones a gold pillar will appear place the bowling ball and then 3 gems and that will break the forcefield then use the crow bar to open the chest....the end

I can't find the blue gem, where in the spaceship is it?

       Anonymous  7/18/08, 4:17 AM  


The blue diamond is inside the small pod ship inside the 2nd room of space ship, go thru the door and click right 2 times. The pod ship has 4 flaps, extend all of them, then click the front of the ship and the hatch will open.

@ Tony18...
Cabinets by bed with coloured buttoms ...
click right downside first,
then left downside,
then (the 1 above)up that 1,
then the red one.
I think the colors are like this,
... purple,pink,blue and red ... just click them ones !!!
The colors are not bright,
make sure they arent !!

TV Opens.

Go right 2x.

Tv screen fell down and you see a remote,
type in 1716,
you will see the hand flashing when clicked the number.

Take out Telescope.

Hope it works now for you :D

Looked at the plates downstairs and the order they were in pressed the buttons in the bedroom in that order not worked any ideas?


It may not look like its doing anything...go to the room after it is where u see whether or not u pressed them right..tv will be moved i believe..

       Anonymous  8/15/08, 7:05 PM  


wait everybody from the start please

hey from the start please

I use the shrink scope on the tank and all it does is show me a hole in the ship. Yet it seems that you can go inside the ship. Did I do something wrong? I don't understand what I do once I have the shrink scope. Please help!!

oops nvm im an idiot

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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