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Ponpon House 2: Odekake Walkthrough

Ponpon House 2: Odekake

[REPLAY] OrangeBiscuit - Ponpon House Escape 2: Odekake is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Orange Biscuit. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Ponpon House Escape 2 Walkthrough

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new game yay!

hey...let me see what we have here, I am not too good at these

hey...let me see what we have here, I am not too good at these

yea, my 1st time here

I have made it outside but am stuck now is any1 where I am now

is any1 still playing

You must use fish on the water

I have a flower thingy, a decoder card, a planter, a piece of candy, a silver heart but have to get ready for work...

Thanks megipoland I figured that out I am now at a door in a cave but am stuck has any1 passed this stage

aww such a cute and easy game!

ra11ie use the bookmark to figure out the door

i.mae do I use the bookmark on the door itself or on the piece of paper cant quite figure it out and my brains starting to hurt.

hi all
i am stuck in the submarine.
any hints?

try clicking on one of the windows

thx ra11e
i made it to the cave

for the door... click on the circles that are not cut out from the bookmark onto the door. in other words the pattern on the door should match the pattern on the bookmark.

you are where I am now sishyphos I am stuck on the door puzzle can you let me know if you work it out I am having a mare with it.

Sweet i.mae finally got it thanks

I'm out, what a cute game


how do you get the orb off the squirrel and the key from the pond I have a big red x on my hand so cant pick it up

give the candy to pon pon sitting on the couch and take a nut.then give the nut to the squirrel in the tree hole take a shiny crystal place the crstal and the flowery metal piece to the wall .then set the symbols and number according to the paper.

i made all these and still cant get the key:))

Really cool game. I'm in the cave. Anyone know what I do with the buttons on the wall? the decoder doesn't seem to work

anyone know how to get the yellow thingy from the squirrel??

Figuring out the code was easy for me for once! And I'm out! nice little game

nvm got it!

can't figure out the code for the 'flower-wheel'.. Anyone?

fyah, still here?

also can´t figure out the code for the "flowerwheel".

and looks like nobody's still here to help us :'-(

i try 9 4 bird but don't work!=)

set the symbols and numbers according to the numbers in computer of submarine and the paper in your inventory.
my numbers was 66 adn the shape was the triangle with circles on corners.
in the wheel set them according to the paper from top to bottom

any hint?=)

my number was 39 and symbol the water, but i can only put one number ad 2 symbols, so.... I still don't get it :s

ok, figured it out!! tnx

I don't know where to use the key!!! And I can't find any fish. I'm completely stuck!!!

thx for hints and thx for posting megipoland

your wellcome lis

Erm, i dont get it, wich wheel, the inner or outer Wheel? i ve 02 on the computer and 3 stripes with 3 points on it.

and i'm out! Or actually in ;-) LOL

Please...where is the fish?

@weenzling: from start position:
- choose the number that is for the symbol with 3 stripes/circles
- choose symbol next to 2
- choose symbol next to 0

Hope this helps!

Help please. How does this whjeel work?

@vetusta: fish was in suitcase is first house

weenzling, do you already have the yellow thingy from the squirrel?

fish is in the blue box in the house .u open it with a key u get from table drawer.

outer wheel will be the shape matches with 0 inner wheel will be the one matches with 2
then set the number which one matches with your third shape

Still dont get it, how to choose the number, its a two digit number...ok, i ve 02

Ah, now i got it. Thank you all for the helß ;)

I've been trying to follow you guys but I still don't get the wheel either

I'm finally out what a awesome game excellent graphics, thanks for all your help I couldn't have done it without you, cheers. Off to bed now cya

Is it me or is this game very dark? I barely see a thing.

Is it me or is this game very dark? I barely see a thing.

wwalkthourgh please someone aaaaaaaaaaa!

My problem is that I can't open the suitcase whith the heart-shaped key :(

the heart shaped key goes in the table..move the chair to the left and then its on the side of the table

ugh..this flower wheel. I don't get everyone's instructions and don't understand how my two numbers and symbol correspond to the wheel...grrr

joyjoy, as you have 2 numbers and 1 symbol, and the wheel has 2 symbols and 1 number, the numbers correspond to a symbol and the other way around!
Hope this helps!

Tnx Joyjoy. I got it :)

hmm...okay, I'll try again :o)

Such an idiot lol...got it!...I finally realized why the paper was helpful. Thanks!

sorry but i cann't get the key from the door.any help plz....

I don't get what to do in the submarine.

use scissors to get the key

place the heart shaped jewel or whatever it is on top of the computer screen then try windows

ah... thanks.

First time I write a walkthrough, hope this helpes!
Good luck!


- Go into the house
- Go right, pick up candy from the candy box on the shelf
- Go right twice and pick up the plants
(notice key tied to the door)
- drop hat right from the door and open the panel to get the flower wheel
- Go right, zoom in on tablelight, pick up the crystal hart and 'read' book. Pick up bookmark.
- go right and zoom in on table and again on the white board. Put the plants there and gt the scissors.
- go left twice and kut the key loose.
- use this heart-shaped key on the table drawer (left side)
- grab fish-key and note
- go left ans use fish key on suitcase, grab fish and wind-up thinggy

Now Ponpon will come in in get out again. Follow it to the water

- put fish in the water, it turns into a submarine
- click the sub twice and go in.
- click the hole behind Ponpon and use the wind-up thinggy to wind it (4 or 5 times..)
- turn around and click the black screen
- put in the crystal heart

Now the fish will swimm.

- notice the numbers on the screen
- turn around
- look into the right window 'till you see something moving
- turn around again (fish will swim again)
- notice numbers and symbol that are on the screen now.
- go up the ladder

- turn left 4 times and follow Ponpon to the door
- Use bookmark to solve the code
- follow Ponpon and go up the stairs
- go trough door

- wait 'till Ponpon sits on the bench, click it and give it the candy. You get a nut.
- turn around and go right. Click the arrow and then the hole in the tree
- give the nut to the squirrel and pick up yellow thinggy
- click right and see the fountain and noice the key in the water you can't get (Yet)
- click right 3 times and see two handles in the wall. Click it.
- zoom in on the weel and put the flowerwheel in and than the yellow thinggy
- use your note to solve this code
- turn, click left, click fountain (3x)
- now turn the thing around till you get the key
- turn left 3x and click ponpon. Give it the key and your out (or in ;-))

thanx karen! but where r the scissors plz....

i think my game has bugs.i dont see things what u people r talking about.where the things goes when we pick them up?

thanx lis!i needed that really.this walk through will save my life...lolz

you're welcome!

my game really has bugs.aahhhh.where the hell things vanishes when i pick them up?

uzma, right top corner is a button. if you push that, your items will appear!

got it.thanx everybody for ur help....

thanx lis!

Cute game. Thoughtful, but still very manageable.

great game, not too hard, not too easy and beautiful graphic. some one went to a lot of effort to make this.

thanks for posting

Love this game, too cute. Love the graphics. Not to hard and not to easy, just got stuck on the flower wheel but finally figure it out. Awesome. Will love to play more games like this.

The audio and video in this game were done masterfully. One of the best games I have played.

I suppose I should have said graphically, oopsy

Anyone still here ?
Cant find the code for the wheel,
help plz tyvm

i got a triangle with stripes and
2 1 and circles with a horizontal line over the circles ... almost out, but just not :D

Waiting for help ... anyone ???

       Anonymous  8/9/08, 11:58 AM  


Just match the 2 outer and iddle symbol and the number within that highlighted triangle on the wheel.

GREAT game! I like this game creator's stuff! I want a strawberry pon-pon purse now!!!!

Tosca ... where are you ???
I really dont understand the code for the wheel, can you explain that in my language ? ... I know i'm dumb :D

That was truly beautiful game! It was up there with Myst for logical puzzling, but way way cuter. Thankyou Mukyu, I like your style

That was the most brilliant game..quite logical and not nasty calculations! The wheel may cause problems. When you first look the symbols are O top, 1 to the right etc round, so you count if you have numbers or use the correct symbol. Now off to the Olympics...

oh my, yes this game is beautiful, but the loading! it's been 3/4 hour since my "fish began to swim" and i still can't click on the pon-character, he's been on the seat for 15 minutes now.....

Got out without help this time!
Nice one, a bit strange alright, but really cute, anyway... :-)

Help! I was doing so well...found all items in house, pon pon came in and I put fish in the water and climbed in submarine. Put heart over computer/video, got two numbers, then looked out right window and turned around...now stuck! The submarine started to move and came to a halt in the water and I can't find a "hot" spot to get back inside. I don't want to restart...trying to figure out what I did wrong. :| I waited for the object outside the window to stop moving & then turned around...is that the problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks everyone!

btw...gorgeous game w/ great music!! I've played all Myst games and this game is very similar. Now if I can just get "unstuck" LOL

getting so frustrated it is a brilliant game and I get nearly to the end,but I am stuck were the fish goes into the tunnel and then re-surfaces and ponpon gets out, what do I do next?

Mieke, If you look at the screen on the Submarine fish thingy, you can see that there is a code which corresponds to the order that you have to set the wheel to. You have to change symbols and numbers around which you can do by looking at the piece of paper... Hope it helps!

And I'm out!!! What an awesome game! I want to play more just like it... I figured out my problem. The graphics slowed waaayyy down and it took forever to get to the island. Had to close a few programs to free up some space. Thought I had a buggy game but it was just a computer with an attitude!! LOL Guess that's what happens when you have dial-up instead of high speed. Getting ready to play the first game now! Wish I could log on at the same time everyone else is playing...I'm in California and I have a feeling most people are several hours ahead of me!

reddc: follow pon-pon to the door...you will use your bookmark to get the correct code for the door. for the code, look at the bookmark carefully and press buttons on door that are not filled in on bookmark...hope that makes sense but when you see the door & the bookmark, you shouldn't have any trouble figuring it out. i'll be happy to help so just ask okay?

Thanks Irishenigma

Any one here?
Got stuck and read the posts, but I'm stuck on point where I should have been getting Pon Pon but it's just not happening...
Any ideas?

really neat game, with all the traveling, i thought i would have to look up some hints, wasn't the case. i was glad i could help dude get into his house. he need a game plan for the next time he's locked out. what a way to travel.(lol) i mean he sat right down on that bench until i found that key.

excellent game. glad these come up for replay.

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