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Riddle Grim is another funny online point and click type riddle game. by Spelgrim. "Accept the challenge to solve the riddle of Riddlegrim. Try to find the way to the next riddle by finding clues, clicking and dragging objects, and by thinking. Use your mouse and keyboard to interact with objects." Good luck and have fun!

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First time to post, Let's play...

I think the site has changed his name into : Riddle Games 24.com

I can move the lttle piece on the large white wheel. Is it a key?

I meant is it a lock.

Keep on moving the wheel...
Stuck at the "don't panic" puzzle now...

It helps if you turn the key the right way, dur, and now I've got some numbers and somewhere to type, but stuck.

Must be missing something in the don't panic one... Am still about to panic...

I will confess - I looked up another site and found the answer - it's a reference to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and a chapter entitled don't panic.

Hey guys, also stuck in the panic room, although I'm not sure how I solved the level before this one... lol!

wholly lost. I have no idea how i got to the panic room by solving the key and locks part. was that binary code or something, i have no idea. now stuck here.

Lot's of "difference" in this picture, but no clue on where to click or what to do....

I think I have the answer to 'everything' but, it won't work.
Can't move to the next level.

Click on the key.

Sheesh, thanks jacky!

I was clicking on the wrong spot on the key.

Has someone solved the "Difference" one already?

Nope, I found where to type, but I don't know what to type

getting too frustrated on the difference thing...going to play some other game for a while.
Good luck to you all!

more riddle games!?!?!?!?! I need an escape game!!! well.. if is the only thing to play...

Where do you type Cory?

empty space, upper left hand side

what's the answer to everything?!? Please.

bill, google 'what is the answer to everything'

what to do in the one that you have a lot of locks a one key??

got it. power of wikipaedia.

NVM, got it

The answer to life, the universe and everything makes sense when you know the question...

what's with the panic room??

got it

that's the "Don't Panic" room, just look up a couple posts

You answer your own questions before I can see them...

luly, look at my hint to bill. Then type answer between key and arrow.

cory, what am I looking for in the differences room?

differene room... help???

48 make sence

I found the different word, but what to do with that??


okay. so i've completely lost my lock and key in the room after the panic room with no idea how to get them back. Man, a reset button sure would be nice.

luly, nordinho said there is two words.

yeah, I'm still stuck there as well

This comment has been removed by the author.

in the difference room??

yeah, difference
That happened to me too Bill, I just restarted the whole game

Yes, two words in the difference room.

I have found, wind
Iplaythegame is written down the side
no idea what that is at the bottom
anybody got anything else?

wind is in the middle

I saw that too cory. Can't read the bottom.

at the bottom says play the game

that's Iplaythegame backwards at the bottom
makes sence because the room seems to be split by a mirror

Do you know the other part of it jacky?

I agree with you tosca... riddlegames24

shanon, years without posting a good escapegame

the only game I know of is "The Game"
You all are now playing it, you can never win
If you ever remember the game, you loose
The goal is to get everyone in the worl playing

I don't have another word, but maybe it has something to do with looking in the mirror.

don't understand your comment, cory.
I never remember the name of the game, but don't know why did you post it

the name of the game is The Game
It's a long internet joke
The Game, you just lost it

really!?!?!?! how did you know that???

Because now you remember the game, so you loose
I don't think it matters here anyway, it's just the only thing I can think of for I play the game

ok, i'm goin' now, byeee

Anyone have any thoughts on diferences. I typed windunwind and hit enter and nothing happened.

what is difference? may be color

The left bottom difference, there's some faint lines behind, is this the hidden word, who knows, cos I can't read it.

I'm still at a loss...

those lines are the mirror image of the figure eights just above it

eatezel is right! its a clour then wind then it will go to the next level if you have it right...? :-)

Got it, yes, next level.

well at least that room is gone now

yes i will go to the next level

you can type at the top left...?

What color? What's it start with?

yes, right next to the key and one letter next to the key hole

i think its a chess board and you have to type a space on the chess board like 'B2' etc?


Mac, forget about the game, you lost it anyway

what's important are the words in the middle

only one is a different color, and one is a different word

what are they?

Mac, i think there is only two or three colours to chose form on that page, just try each one with wind after it, no spaces needed

Lol, I get it geez.

theres 4 places to type, two next to the top key and two next to the top keyhole (one above the other) x

and like the last room, I have to be over thinking this

So, we do have to type in grid terms?

Do I need caps?

thats what i guessed but i dont really think it's working somehow lol, im off anyway good luck everyone! x

I imagine that the top place is for the 'X' coordinate, because it has two places to type and there are 13 across, leaving the bottom for 'Y' because there is only space for one number and there are only 4 squares up....

But I could be thinking too much

That's it cory! I got it and it jumped to next screen before I knew what I did.

well remember please, I'm still putzing around here!

No letters, all numbers.

Input location of key and lock.

13 across and 4 DOWN.

Hurry, I need help with big black letters.

now I know I'm an idiot, because it still isn't working....

Let me try and remember, the key was at 13 and 3? The lock I think 6 and 1.

13 6
3 1


left side is 8 on top and 1 on bottom and right side is 7 on top and 2 on bottom



Whoa, it must change everytime. The numbers I gave are what worked for me.

did you type where the key is next to the key, and where the lock is next to the lock?
or did you try and pair the two up?

Ok, evlwmn do you have any clue to big black letters?

k then count the boxes across for top number and down for bottom number and put them next to the key or keyhole

No pairing up, cory. Key coordinates for key only and same for lock.

nothing on black numbers yet...totally stumped for the moment

me too, no combination is working for me.... argh

It looks like there are really BIG black letters behind all that mess, I can't quite make them out.

Cory, tell me what location your key is.

1-13 left to right. 1-4 top to bottom.

k haven't figured out what this does yet but if you move mouse over top left corner a large red X shows up and then dotted line extends towards the right and if you click the X it all dissapears and if you let it go nothing happens on big black letters

well I restarted and they do move each time
this time the key is at 10-4 lock at 2-1

Cripes, that is weird. And my x and line won't go away.

Then for key 10 on top line and 4 right below it. Same for lock.

hmmm this is weird ... maybe its on a timer and I just clicked at the right time...

Ok, I clicked the dotted red line somewhere and then it all disappeared.

for crying out loud!!!
don't use 02 for 2
told you I was over thinking it

looks like the big black letters spell minus 4 but what to do with that

looks like the giant letters in the back say "minus 4"

Lol, you silly. I never thought you were doing that.

Yeah, minus 4 what?

it's all about which dot you click on

Dang it, I have to go to work soon.

I was thinking that, but no matter which way I count out 4, it doesn't work

unless I've been counting to 04....

k which dot

Lol, cory.

got it

how many dots are there?
what number is 4 less than that

Got it, thanks cory.

any ideas on the 4 keys? i can get the screen to rotate and the keyhole to change places, but beyond that i've got nothing.

any ideas on the keys?

I tried placing a key over each, but every time you turn the screen, the keys reset

Holy moly, that scared me when the screen rotated. I bet we need to figure out which key goes to the lock in each screen.

the keyhole always appears right in front of one of the keys when the screen rotates

the four red dots don't move with the screen...

omg another difference screen

evlwmn what did you do to the four keys?

Hah, nevermind I got it.

good, gimmie hint

got it

rotate all the screens and notice at what number screen the key is closest to the lock. Then put the keys on the red squares in that order.

put the keys on the dots

I don't know how I passed that one, but now I'm in a different room,

not the cornor difference one

Cory, you passed the new difference room?

oh man you dont know what you did for the corner difference?

I found the difference, how do I make it work?

nope, I was clicking around looking for a place to type and it switched

click/look around the bottom right

Whoa, I made it work. Not sure how either.

Mac - think about it this way: is the difference that something is missing or that something is added?

I got the answer for the next room, the clean one, too

I'll let you know how the one with the star goes

oh I did it too was clicking like crazy down on the lower right side and it changed rooms

Yeah, it is bottom right. Look 3 lines on left of screen, 2 on right.

What am I supposed to type or whatever in that black box?

It's too tiny.

erase everything that is already written, it doesn't matter

your hint is written on the bottom of the screen in black

and backward

i know what the bottom text means, but i typed it in and got nothing....

I don't understand.

Mac - Google the text string and you should see the answer.

the bottom text is c8h10n4o2


I must not be reading it correctly, hard to see.

that and it's backward
I tried a couple others first, but they seemed to difficult,

Shoot, I have to go to work. I will try this later. Thanks for your help guys.

omg ...mac I finally got it to work
clear out all the letters (backspace till everything is gone) then enter caffeine

good, now help me build the house

lol I am trying to get this triangle to look like that one and its really close but nothing is happening and Im gonna have to go feed the kids lunch

um I got 2 of the squares separated from the others

that's where I'm stuck too
and I might have to feed myself
.... stupid house

ok lets break on the house and go eat...bb in about an hour

there's a very faint red grid in the background....not sure if it has anything to do with "the house" or not.

I've been trying to use that as a framwork, but it doesn't seem to be helping me at all

it appears that lines will only form between dots inside of the same grid square

that or I'm seeing things

got it. use the entire screen. keep the dots outside the grid.

not even sure how i beat the next one, but i did, just clicked a lot.


This comment has been removed by the author.

once you get them to the outside of the grid, slowly move them in until they form the pattern you want.

got a bunch of floating red dots now...
and I don't know why

i've got a white square moving around in a square patter with "mirror-mirror" in the background.

yeah, I don't know what happened there
I was going to try and trace the patteren, but it switched screens on me

not sure what i did either, but now i've got all the red dots.

k got the kids fed and got past the house ... do you have to click the red x like crazy or something?

there is another picture of the room in the bottom right cornor, clicking makes it grow
I just tried to get it as close to size of the room until it let me past

beat it. red dots is the last level

This comment has been removed by the author.

lol stuck on the white square

woohoo, gimmie hint

random clicking ftw I guess

no idea on how I passed the white square,

red dots it just seemed like I randomly clicked dots until it said I won

ok Im done was clicking like crazy and accidently clicked outside on a link and lost it so Im not starting over :( thx for the help

there is an escape game that we have been missing out on with our random clicking
I'll see you there

i need serious hlp...im stuck in the dont panic room...

I can't do the house one...anyone able to help? :o) Thanks.

You have to ask yourself one question. Is this worth it?

I have no clue how I passed the white square level either. Thanks for the help with others though :)

On the last level, there is one red square that is slightly transparent. You have to click on that red square. The only reason I spotted it is because I happened to be zoomed in when it drifted across my screen, lol

hi, is anyone playing here?

I'm stuuuck. Anyone kno what's the deal with the white square one? I noticed the tiny print says "who's the fairest of them all?"

clicked billion times to everywhere for white square screen but nothing happened.. please try to remember how you passed :,(

Hello - stuck on White Square. Anyone can help. Any hints?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Clicked so many times in Whilte square puzzle. PLEASE HELP!!!

Finally came out of White sqaure.. Click on right side of the screen

I am out...... Yippie

Sugandha - Thank you for hint. Where exactly? Going crazy here.

Are you still here?

Any playing? I am still having trouble with the coordinates

the key is in the upper most rt hand corner--13 to the right and 4 up
the lock is 3 over and 3 up

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