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Bloons Tower Defence 3 Walkthrough

Bloons Tower Defence 3

Bloons Tower Defence 3 is the third version of Bloons Tower Defense 1 and Bloons Tower Defence 2 tower defense games from Ninja Kiwi, who is also creator of popular Bloons and Hotcorn games. Click on the items on the right to buy them and put them in the maze. Good luck and have fun!

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am i really first???

oo i am yay xD

1st time 2nd!

won't load for me...Outta here


Round11 its very easy game for now

Round 20 :))

Round 33 but ı boared, by

How do you beat round 20?

1 more game be4 going to bed

Not my kind of favo game, but have fun all.

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I love these games!!! looks awesome!

On easy...pretty much any board:

Two spike throwers...upgrade....until you have them both as glave throwers. Then add a boomerang guy...again upgrade until he is maxed... then one or two cannons...upgrade fully. Then add the 850 dollar range booster...then just sit back until you have the super monkey...upgrade to fusion. Once you do that, upgrade the range on the super monkey, then upgrade the 850 tower to call the monkey storm. If you don't want to use the monkey storm on level 49 or 50, just add another super monkey, and upgrade to laser vision. You beat it every time.

Never used the ice, the tacks, the glue, the spike-o-pault.

soooooooooooooo close!!!!!!!!!
wanna know what happened?
Well i was about to go to lvl 50 when i was at lvl 49 with 7 fully upgraded tacks, 2 fully upgraged regular dart monkeys, the orb that freezes balloons and boomerang guys, 1 fully upgrated catapult, cannon and radar that boost something of stuff like monkeys, and plus 1 non-plasma attack or whatever super monkey and 100 health and suddenly i didn't know what hit me but i lost all my health (i think it is a M.O.A.B.)

btw i was on that red level

round 78, dam it took me like 2 houres to get there till 14 moabs ran at me and i didnt ave enough fire power to kill em all. a little helpfull advice when reaching levals 40+ it is very usefull to plant pinaples everywhere and blowing em up. thats how i survived 9 of em moabs. Oh and yes there is leval 78, theres a button u press to go past last and final levels.

i have gotten to round 68 its not hard at all, its actually really easy just save your money and get the super monkey and upgrade it as much as you can and get another one and it will help alot :]

I completed this game. :)
I was off school with a broken leg and had nothing better to do so...
I used the little monkeys then went on to those pink 8 spike things and upgraded them then bombs them upgraded to missiles. I used road spikes at the end if one got through but i rarely had to use one.
When i got enough money i started using the super monkeys and on one the blue easy track, by the end i had 6 normal fully upgraded monkeys. Four monkeys with full upgrades bar the laser vision. 4 fully upgraded missile throwers. 2 boomerang monkeys (fully upgraded). The ball throwers full upgraded. those things that send out 8 spikes (fully upgraded). these were my most useful ones with both of their pop counts reaching over 6000. :)
Hope this helps someone!
Someone needs to develop a money cheat!!


THIS time i defeated rounds 1-58 with full heatth and a MEGA HUGE wave of bloons pwned me.
the tower i had were all fully levelled up.
the towers+the number of them:
Tack Shooter=25
Super Monkey=1
Monkey Beacon=1

btw it was on the 5th stage

I got all the way to level 66 without losing a health on the first stage. i basically started out with 3 tack shooters. fully upgrade them. you buy one, upgrade the top, than the bottom, than buy the next one and repeat. after i got 3 fully upgraded tack shooters, i bought a cannon. upgraded the top all the way first before the bottom. got more tacj shooters. i say around 10 tack shooters, buy another cannon and fully upgrade it all. than i just kept buying more tack shooters and cannons. in the end, i got:

40+ tack shooters
4 Cannons
all of them fully upgraded. pineapples are really important(and super fun).
DO NOT BUY catapults, ice towers, dart monkeys, or boomerang monkeys. they are a waste as they are slow, hits one a time, and totally pointless. and if your computer lags a lot, that is another reason.

i got to round 49 and lost!!!!! i had 2 super monkeys, like 4 fulltack shooters, 3 fullcannons, 4 dart chimps, 1 fullboomerang, and maybe some more things... BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!! ermm....yeah.... super monkeys pwn...

rock on Pigsandkiwis!!

i got to round 50 then i just stopped playing cuz i got bored.

round 50

seriously you guys, how do you post a comment on this page? i do not understand how to scroll to the bottom of the page and click add comment because it's not there!

i dont know either

level 58 then game kind of froze. all fully upgraded exept a super monkey
super monkey:1
monkey beacon:1
boomerang monkey:3

I got past level 50 on the first 4 boards on hard. I mainly use tack shooters and cannons, and then super monkeys. The catapult is not good, b/c it takes too long to reload between shots. The monkey beacon w/ jungle drums and extended range works very well, esp. for super monkeys. It increases both attack range and attack speed for everything in its range.

Wow. And I thought I was doing good when I got to level 64 or 65 last night. ... Can't remember which one, but I lost when I got 2 short strings of moabs with a string of 20 of them in the middle!

I got up to level 55 it is hard as

My friend got up to LVL 60 and he had like 10 missle launchers and 2 super monkeys and 1 fully upgraded monkey beacon

i got to lvl 91 i had 7 full super monkeys 15 missles

Get tacks like three then missiles than one or two boomerang they break through I e and have ice by every bomb or boomerang save for beacon then super monkey upgrade kick ASS

I beat this game at least lik 10 times

I got 2 lvl 49 with 1 life left!! I died!!!!!

SHUT UP. I need cheats not a chat room!

I got to level 1-94 I kept using the monkey wave:)

level 56

thats total bull shit i am a gamer and i have never been to level 94,,,,,,,,,,,plus you tuch yourself a night also you prowl little kids and foundle them when there sleeeeeeeping. and you are fat and your tows look like your nose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hit me yessss uhhhhhhh i i i i like that hoooooooooooo. sorry i just banged your mom wopsedasy

i got to lvl 59 in my computer class. Fun game. im trying to futher. LOl u guys suck who says they can get by lvl 20. haha u suck if u cant wow losers!!!

What tricks?

the game is so easy who ever cant beat it is horrible

20000000000000000X dam!
everything but 1 fully upgraded!
10 tacks
2 boomerang
1 spike-a-pult
2 fully upgraded super monkey
1 non-plasma super monkey
lvl 60
i think pop count is over 20000


oh forgot i had a reg freeze no upgrades at all

i foloed ur guys' advice and it worked thankyou

keep popping bloons austin!!!!!

Fully upgraded tack shooters within tight corners pop the most balloons for the money. Cannons that have the bigger bombs and fragmenting upgrades are the best longer distance balloon poppers for the money. Using these two types along with two monkey beacons I was able to get to level 74. I had to use lots of pineapples to defeat the MOABs after about level 60. If I had done a better job laying the pineapples on level 74 I probably could have gone further.

U guys all suck I'm in lvl 93 right now with 56 fully upgraded super monkeys and over 1 million dollars. I can't believe you think you're far when your on lvl 58. But hey I tip my hat to the xktcx for completing all 150 lvls u are truly awesome man. Like hot rod says stay sweet

I got to round 112 no cheats... and for whoever asked i have developed a cheat for this game it's quite simple ill explain if u want me to just comment so i no whether to or not

Got to round 60 here is how:
buy as many tacks as you can and fully upgrade them. When you get to about round 17 you should buy a boomerang guy and fully upgrade it because at stage 20 you get lead bloons and he can pop them. After this just keep buying heaps of tacks.

In the end i had 32 tacks fully upgraded, 2 super monkeys fully upgraded and 1 boomerang guy fully upgraded.

round 78;

Had 3 fully upgraded super monkeys
6 full cannens

then a swam of 14 odd big things; Dont know what there called :P

i started with heaps 8 dart shooters fully upgraded, then sold 4 them and brought 3 cannons.

upgraded them all. got enough money for some super monkeyss; and so on.. super easy !! Grate Game !!! Loved It

I got to round 112 and it got boring.

I got to round 112 and it got boring.

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