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Hoshi Saga 3 Walkthrough

Hoshi Saga 3

Hoshi Saga 3 is third part of Hoshi Saga , really funny addicting point-and-click puzzle game from Nekogames. "Hoshi Saga" means "Search a Star" in Japanese. Point and click every places in every stage to find stars. Good luck and have fun!

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Fun way to pass the time.

Hey all, hey diana
level 91 is funny :)

now im starting to get the hang of it. quite fun

Havnt done one of these for a while...good fun and hello everyone! Not often we play at the same time.....
May go back and play the old ones!

Need help with #71. The one with the girl standing.

Sorry I meant number 79. Any help would be appreciated.


we need to make stairs there if I remember

Thanks megipoland. I did that the first time, but I guess they weren't steep enough. I appreciate your help. On to 80 now.

I've made #79 in that way

I finished all the levels except that darn jumping dude and the stripteaser.

hahaha..#91..you were right megipoland.

Just did 91...oh!!! Had to do it again just for a laugh!!
The animation is amazing...

Hi....anyone still here? I can't figure out what to do on 91. Help! Please?

need help on stage 73 plz

#91 - Speak quietly but carry a big stick ;-)

stage 88 and 89 ned help too

73 be a spider and weave your star

The girls knew what to do with 91!!

Martin :d

thanks for the hint, guess i clicked everywhere but "there" lol

And the guys would have all got through #96 with no trouble at all.

Got #99 at last!!

Stuck on stage 73,93 and 78

#73 Drag and loop the line on the dots to make a star

93 is killing me!!!!

wht to do with 95? the woman tha is touching her her?

in 78 you drag the hook at the bottom of the scrolls to make a whole star, each scroll is part of a star

* her hair

95 you very quickly toucch both navel and (something on head that makes her arm go up?) so she exposes her star shaped titties.

96 is too quick for me and 97 i can't find a clickable space anywhere??? argh!

aha thank you, didn't notice the navel

anyone have hints for 96 and 93?

in 97 you just do nothing and wait

#97 Just leave your mouse off the picture for awhile ;-)

in 96 you have to be quick
after a few times you know where the numbers appear.. 2 is on the left and 1 on the right

in 97 ( i think) i assume ... oh wait while i write blog creatures crawl out!

never been good at patience...

93 hit V 5 times

any clues for 78?

i mean 93.. done 78....

too bad 100 is so easy

hit 'v' 5 times? not getting it? any more hint?

number 93 press the letter V five times on your keyboard

is there a clickable space near v somewhere, i can't find it?

not on the screen but on your own keyboard

i've hit the v key 100 times, there is not clickable spsace on the v-key??? oh the pain!

ohhh, hahaha, ok, i'll try that!

only the 'too-quick-for-me-' "strip tease" to go for me???? Has anyone passed that one? and what's the last one to have install???? heebeegeebees?

i can't get passed the @, must have drunk too much tonight? all the same, how many t-shirts can a grl wear?

it IS all possible! even after too many wines...

OK, done those, now stuck on 88 & 94

#88 all dots have to be "loaded" to connect to eachother

#94 bring 1 piece of the star at the time on its place.

also stuck on 94. can you explain it in another way dromenvangster?

any help with the trampoline?

ilka, you have to click and hold when he lands on the trampoline, then release when he goes up. there is a rhythm to it

Thanks lasers pew pew pew, unluckily i have no rythm :S But im persistant and will keep trying ;)

Not what i expected, some kind of super collapse the first game,
starting at level 71 ?

Help on 82?!?

Hey, Martin :D

Help on 82?

lala, keep your cursor at the very end of each part and then put them in the right spot

THANKS lasers pew pew pew!

you're welcome. stuck at 99 now

all done now. this is a great game. gonna play part 1 and 2 again.

Stuck on 91 (hanging girls), 73 (where you have to string the star around the nails...the cord won't reach) and 99 (p1 etc.). Any help out there for meeeee? :o)

Oops...POP! Got 73 and 91 now! :o)


on 99 you just have to keep trying. p1 goes at the top, then rotate the star into place

Thanks lasers :oD Once you said P1 was at the top, that got me there! All done! :o)

Need help for 82,88 and 96.

82, you have to put the pieces in place one by one, if you get them right, they will stay put with something that comes then.

88, You have to get all the balls to light up at the same time. The balls light up when you let them roll to their starting point. They keep blinking as long as the distance you made them roll. So you drag them, the one that has the longest route first and so on.

I can´t get 72, I feel so stupid, help please? It's the one with the vertical stripes.

julianne, just pull up from the bottom of the screen, in the middle.

Thanks lasers pew pew pew, but it's not working for me, nothing is dragable, drats! I'm gonna keep trying.

Still not working, could you please tell me the exact spot where I should click to start dragging?

in the middle of the screen, about 2 cm from the bottom. hold your left mousebutton and drag up. in fact you can drag any part of the middle of the screen up. this level is really easy. maybe you have to reload the game and see if it works then?

yup, I think I have a bug in my game then, nothing moves for me, I'm reloading now, maybe I'll get it then. I don't want to have to do it all over again though, haha.

reset my data, didn't work, I think this game is bugged and it really bums me out that there is nothing that moves on my screen. I'm gonna play the earlier series I guess.

Julianne, I had the same problem but I got through it by clicking "Give up" then loading 72 again.

I can't get the string to reach on 73 for the life of me! HELP!!

I need help with 73 also...

73: don't cross the string when you're weaving your star.

Don't laugh guys but what is supposed to happen on 1 lol?

what to do with the hanging people??? sigh

FOR 1 you have to clear the whole stage

How do you not cross the line in #73?

I know how to draw a star, and you have to cross lines...

I don't get it!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can't get 89 done.. anyone have a hint/tip for me?

Anyone else have problems loading the game? :( It only wants to load stage 71.

can't get 89, please help me! ;(

Yeah Heather, I had same problem.I played from 75 down to 71..It took forever to load each level.Then it was only question marks in the boxes, couldnt select any level..Sure hated it to, was looking forward to going through all the levels..Actually tried on several different occasions..Same thing. So, Im done with this before I can even get completely started..lol...Dont know if its stupidity on my part, my computer, or the game itself..

Level 89 is all timing. Evertime the guy's feet hit the trampoline, you need to hold your left mouse button in and then release quickly. Do this four or five times in a row and the guy will bounce up past the top of the screen and bring down a star

99 is driving me crazy. I had a star made, but the sides weren't equal. Is there a trick to this one? Or is it just a matter of having to keep at it, until it finally falls into place?

73 drives me crazy too but thanks to notyour i found the star! It should be a "star fish"-like star, not the kind when we usually draw. Hope it helps.

for 99: p0 should be in the cross (origin), and p1 should be the top of the star.

hey guys I got all i could except for 78

btw- I'm fine with people giving answers to me---you don't have to be all cryptic and stuff

(ps:1st time posting AHHHH! im so excited:])

I need help with 92. What do I do with the second circles? I got the first one in the middle and now I have 2 and they won't stick to the lighting thing. Help?? I feel really stupid because everyone else could get it...

NVM. Sami got it. :)

i hate 88 and don't get the 83...

No, i wanted just to say that i really really hate 88, cos they get stuck and won't move! It makes me crazy

89 is all about timing, but koob was wrong. You have to do this about 12 times before the little dude gets the star. Here is the catch:
Klick - the lil guy jumps in the air. When he is in the air hold quickly the left mouse and when the dude is back on the trampouline (or whatever) and he's knees are bent then loose the left mouse. First 3-4 times are harder, cos he comes down too quick. But after you can gather yourself a bit longer to loose the mouse:D
Still hate 88 tho...

help with 77 pls asap

i cant believe im blogging eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i figured out no thx to you guys

hey anybdy on?:(

on 77 you remove the zeros and lift it if anybdy cares

Level 89;
With the trampoline man, click so he bounces, but, when the trampoline, has gone down, then you click again, and so on, 'til he bounces to the top :)

Just thought I'd let everyone know that there's five rewards for everyone who completes all the stages and watches the ending credits. After you're returned to the title screen, go back to the stage select and the rewards will be at the bottom of the screen, just below the levels. From left to right, they are:

-What appears to be a "making of" for each of the stages in Japanese
-The ending song with lyrics, sung by Hatsune Miku
-What appears to be information on the artistic materials used in making the game
-An optical illusion: Drag the screen on the far right over the pattern in the middle to see a spinning star
-A short film showing how to make an origami star

caught this one from the random section

working link: http://hoshisaga.jp/hoshi3/index.html

thx for all your creations, Neko ☺

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