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Telephone Booth Escape Walkthrough

Telephone Booth Escape

Telephone Booth Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee. You are caught in a public telephone booth, with a 'runaway' crane coming towards it at high speed. You have to make use of the clues given here and escape from the booth in a minute's time. Good luck and have fun!

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Telephone Booth Escape Video Walkthrough
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first, waiting already all day for new game. see you all soon?

I always need some time, but time do don't have in this game. Looks like a game like the lion cage. A Crane crashed into the phonebooth while I was looking around for stuff. Better wait for the real good escapers and hope to see a walkthrough.

lets do this

succes daniel.. i only found a blade and part of a screwdriver and BENG i was crushed already...

found a blade and a metal rod, unhooked the phone... and crushed again!

same as you marie

oke, i'm frustrated already. Too little time don't you think?

tab works, but it's not helping much... and I can't use the metal rod once it's in my inventory

Yep, this is weird. I hate games with time limit, it makes me stressed. I am playing for having fun and i don´t like to look at the clock all the time.

There is a clickable spot to the right of the phone when you're zoomed it. Can't figure out anything to do with it though. If you haven't taken the phone off the hook, that spot is on the wire, but the razor doesn't cut it.

heyy!! just staartiing

Yes, you guys I know what to do with the razor... In 3 cuts you can cut the yellow front of the telephone and behind that there is the handle of the screwdriver and the coin.. but no time to try because of the ugly crane

Out! Finally! Here's how you do it:

Look down and grab metal rod.
Look up. Grab razor blade.
Close up on Telephone.
Use blade and cut 3 times on the large yellow rectangle.
Click into it and you'll get a coin and a handle.
combine handle & metal rod.
Unscrew the 4 screws on the telephone front.
Click on the telephone receiver til it falls off.
Insert coin into coin slot AND AT THE SAME TIME click on the telephone cradle a few times(Where the phone used to be).
You'll watch the coin get stuck and a piece of wire come loose.
Take the wire, turn around until you're facing the door, pick the lock, and your out.

just a minute!!!! you can't even inspect the place!! this suckksss

looks a bit buggy

i unscrewed the front panel of the phone, put a coin inisde but it killed me after :(

Thanks for the walkthrough. I found already the things behind the yellow "door" and openend the telephone with the crewdriver.. put in the coin and then.... again that very nasty crane

it's not cutting for me :(

use the razor to cut the yellow cloth on the phone booth starting from the right top corner

It takes three swipes (again from the right corner) to cut away all of the cloth

Click on the change box now uncovered

Collect coin and handle

Put the screwdriver together and unscrew the face of the phone (the larger screws, not the smaller ones next to the numbers)

Unhook receiver

Put coin in the coin slot at the top of the phone

Before coin reaches middle of the phone booth, click the receiver until you see the spring drop (the spring is where the coin stops if you don't click the receiver).

Collect the spring

Turn around and pick the lock on the booth

And you're out

54 secs and 68 clicks

Ok I got it, you have to click the right spot. I'm out!

I escaped finally in 48 seconds with 48 clicks (one click a second haha)grace to the WT of mst3kr.
Thank you !!!
Arggg what a nasty game, lol.

STRESSFUL! But I finally did it.

Timed Games Suck!!! All they do is make you start over and over each time maybe finding one new thing. Eventually you'll get it but it takes away from the game to keeping restarting....seems pointless :(

I'm playing on my laptop with only a touchpad!! It's soooo slow an i get killed all the time!!

Stupid, arsed timed games.

Games like this one and others where there is a bomb I don't even bother with. I would say that they are all a waste of time....but time seems to be the thing that this style of game is missing.

I was hoping it would be as easy unbuttoning my shirt and finding a superman outfit underneath, no such luck. Die die die...Thank god I have a cell phone.

Gr8 game ... out in 51 secs and 48 clicks.

I don`t like timed games. I`m too slow. I can`t do this.

I finally did it! 58 sec and 38 clicks. Very stressfull.

39 seconds, 44 clicks :D

Even using the walkthrough it's pretty tough. If you don't get the razor bit spot on, you're going to struggle. Thanks to all for your help. Out in 46 secs & 46 clicks.

This game is so fast that I got killed a couple of times. Finally with the walkthrough I got out by 3 seconds before the phone book getting crash.

Haha! 38 secs, 54 clicks!

Out with less than 4 sec to spare!!! Would still be getting squashed like a bug if WT's hadn't been posted....thanks guys!!!!

this a very good game i finish this 35 sec and 47 click walkthrough help me lot

Link doesn't work anymore......and the game site is completely un-navigatable......every link leads you to something else instead of what it's supposed to.....sad...

i hate timed games, they make me TENSE!

i would like to take the bastard who made this game, neat the shit out of him/her and then drive a crane all over him/her.

not only is it timed it's also buggy - i click like mad at the yellow rectangular (yes starting from the top right corner but then what??) and it only slashes once

ok am out finally but still hate the game and whoever made it!!

worst game i ever played if you ask me

This game was nerve wracking but I made it out. Thank you for the tips everyone!


Hello People of living addict!(P.O.L.A)

45 seconds yeah but only with your help ...

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1) Pick up the metal rod from the telephone booth’s floor.
2) Pick the blade from the roof and place it along with the metal rod.
3) Slash the yellow sticker thrice with the blade.
4) Click on the box behind the sticker.
5) Click on the coin inside, and on the screwdriver handle.
6) Attach the metal rod to the screwdriver handle, and undo the screws of the dialing board.
7) Click on the receiver and drop the coin in the slot.
8) Click on the receiver cradle thrice, and the coin gets jammed half way through.
9) Click on the receiver cradle thrice, and a spring will come loose, pick it up and place it with the inventories.
10) Use the spring to open the lock of the telephone booth door.
11) Leave the booth before the crane crashes into it.

how do i do pt 3

how do i do escape the phone booth pt3

its hard

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