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October 13, 2008

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Ferkakta by Night Walkthrough

Ferkakta by Night

Ferkakta by Night is another new point and click type room escape game supported by Pixelatrix games. You're a lowly Ferkakta Central Services trainee, you're working the graveyard shift, you're blogging as hard as you can, yet you still can't satisfy the big boss. But a story is breaking and if you can be the intrepid blogger who gets the scoop, who knows what's in store for you? Maybe you even get to keep your job. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:44 AM  


       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:48 AM  


how to find another places in the game:
click the map and choose the place where do you want to go

I've never contributed from the beginning of a game! Let's go! =D

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:52 AM  

Need the code for the door to Freds bar

That's where I am, too...

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:56 AM  

i have a fish and a donut or something

another one already! awesome.

im dumb. where is map?

nvm. found it. that elusive little arrow made me miss it.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:00 AM  

OK got a chicken and a bone as well, still doesn't seem very useful.

the map is in the trashcan under your desk in the cubicle.
I have a map, a fish, a donut, a bone and a chicken.
I need a code!
I'm thinking it might be on the train schedule...

got the donut and the fish. now what? i'm soooo stuck!

where's the chicken? and the bone?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:03 AM  

i'm with you on that one. i found a phone number for Dr.Bloggiestein but i don't think it helps at all

nvm. got it

Ugh. Where is this stupid code??

gotta go be a productive citizen. will check back later. good luck to you all!

ok, cant find code anywhere, ive even tried throwing bones and chicken over the mansion and graveyard railings to see if theres a dog,lol.
getting desperate now
evening all by the way

haha cazz. I tried that, too! lol
Good afternoon. =)

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:14 AM  

yes, I've tried the old bone dog/skeleton trick. Doen't work does it.

There is a number on the wall next to the car. Tried it on the lock pad, but didn't work. Tough to read.

The lunch bag is dim, not like the map, which appears more solid. I wonder if that means that we need to find more things to put in the bag?

one of the fish skeletons (sorry i don't know the right word!) in the dumpster makes the cursor change. i wonder if that means something

That vodka bottle is laughing at me...

Hi guys! I guess I'm not too late for a new game!

I noticed that too, paulina.

cant find a number near car and wots with the vodka bottle

hi all. Need help! New to I stupid? Cant find chicken and bone! Click, click,click....

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:25 AM  

Chicken/bone left at Fred sucks

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:26 AM  

totally stuck, everything is locked or shut! cant find password for door

The password must be from the train station schedule somehow, but I can't figure it out.

Man... I've been playing for ages, and when I finally get to a game as it's just starting, it's one of those annoying ones where you get so stuck that you wonder if there's a glitch. )=

Tried adding all the times together with and without all the platform numbers. No entry yet.

Tried adding all the times together with and without all the platform numbers. No entry yet.

i can't find chicken or bone either, the word near the car says fred sucks...still looking for the code, seems we need 2 keys

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:28 AM  

When at the keypad to Fred's click in the lower left hand corner...find the down arrow... and get a clue for the keypad

thanx iconocast. Feel incredibly stupid. missed that arrow.....was all the vodka I had out of that bottle!

iM GOING TO LEAVE there better be a code please :)

Great find, sunkast! =D

sunksit you're awesome!!

Thanks sunkist. And we're in the bar.

found the code and am in now

i tried the phone number but no luck...someone smarter than me will have to figure out the code

Yay! First time posting. Always too late, but often read comments for help when I get stuck!

trying to lure the security guard away with food...

Warning the code


       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:35 AM  

security guard doesn't have to be lulled away... look for those sneaky arrows again

I think we probably have to put something in his coffee.

Walking around the mansion, in the guard house, Placed doughnut with coffee, made coffee, now looking at some code next to the security camera. Stuck.

arggg now stuck trying to get rid of security

I can't push the buttons in the guard station. )=

Cazzamoo. What is the code please.

3725,was 4th train time i think

so I've made the coffee and put the donut with it. I don't know if I need to pour the coffee or what, but the buttons still aren't doing anything.

Platform number and scheduled departure time (mine was for Detroit). Don't know if they are different in each game.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:42 AM  

Security Code Warning

next to the security camera push the symbols in the order 3122.. the third from the left in the top row, the 1st from the left in the second row... the 2nd from the left in the 3rd row, the 2nd from the left in the 4th row... its the order you came in and made the coffee and donut....

make sure your coffee cup is combined with the donut

I make the coffee, then I go away from the scene and when I come back it's empty again and it brews again. Not sure how to get the coffee into the coffee cup. Also can't press any buttons.

what's with the code next to the monitor?

wots with the coloured tiles next to the monitor of guard, the bottom green ones are of the chicken,doughnut and fish that we have got

so smart sunkist!! thanks!

We had the donut, put it with the coffee and hust outside the guard shack is the flag with the same symbol as the red figure above the donut and coffee on the symbol chart. All that seems to be missing to fill a column is a purple triangle.

how did you find that code, sunkist?

Sunkist!?! How in the &%*# did you figure that out?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:46 AM  

trail and error... i tried putting them in order of what i did, can't remember the first two since i'm past that screen.. but the last two things i did was make the coffee and put it with the donut.. so that accounts for the 22

there's a safe behind the picture over the fish bowl! don't know what to do with it though

That code doesn't work for me. I pressed lock picture, fire picture, coffee picture, and donut picture. And nothing. And I can't even really press the buttons--just click on them.

you can move the picture over the fishbowl and also the picture upstairs over the plant. They have different dots colored in a different color - not sure what they are yet.

Bunch of code boxes with what look like mentos. haha. Colored boxes behind some paintings as well.

stuck with code on door where sum1 is snoring and theres somthin behind pick above fish bowl, but cant click anythin

stuck with code on door where sum1 is snoring and theres somthin behind pick above fish bowl, but cant click anythin

found a ring by the curtains...and some matches...and a torch

Got a code writen on the back of a card upstairs under chair, FIDO

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:50 AM  

and out... interesting game

i'll stick around if you need help, this one got complicated

put matches with Torch

there's a note in coat, saying look for the angels. any clues?

where was torch?

I tried clicking the colors in the squares where the colors appeared in those two pictures, but no luck getting the door open with the color pad in front of it - anyone have any hints?

upstairs under cabinet under pic of Mr. Q

im stuck with the color code door.....

ty, missed goin that way completely

now this is annoying.

What about the door downstairs with the number code on it? Tried Los Angeles time - likining to Look for the Angels, but that didn't work.

sunkast. wanna give us a hint with the color coded door?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 10:58 AM  

Color Ball Code... must find 3 pictures that hide the combinations before trying

if you have the 5x5 grid you note where all the groups are g1 is one ball g2 is 2 balls and g3 is 3 balls- try and enter group 1 first-then group 2- two balls from the top and down and then group 3- 3 balls from the top and down- if this doesn't work try the next combination group 1 then group 3 and to finish group 2- then just keep swapping the order until it opens , like g1 -1, then g2 -1,2 then g3- 1,2,3.. or g1-1, g2- 2,1 and g3- 1,3,2

I'm guessing we have to go to the crypt, but I don't understand the codes for the door with someone snoring or the door with the colors. Are there only 2 paintings you can move to see a hint for that? What about the painting that looks like a reproduction?

ah, ok where is the 3rd painting with the two balls, I am missing that one completely.

i only have two pictures with codes though..+-

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:02 AM  

FIDO is another code... think in terms of a=1 b=2, etc

Now I just need to find the third picture...

its in that other room. got it.

OK, feeling really stupid -- how do you pour the coffee :p

hence the bone, duh...

so, i got into the room with the dog and got the last bit of code. used that to open the color-coded door. found some information, a key, and the pillow moves but i don't see anything under it. now stuck

grr, still can't get the colored panel open!

out! yahoo+

Getting quite frustrated. Where exactly does the bone go? I've clicked fifty times now on the dog, his bowl and the floor, with no luck.

the owl was creepy :)

us the chicken instead of the bone

Nevermind. I guess I'd prefer a chicken over a bone too.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:12 AM  

the dog wants something with a little more meat than the bone

What are you supposed to do with the owl? I've tried the fish and it doesn't work. Also, where does the ladder go?

stuck in the graveyard. got the tr, bl, ml, tm code. now what?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:15 AM  

whats the code for the doors

the falling skulls were cool too.

ok got the color panel finally, had to go back and read sunkists hint a little more carefully - thanks!

Found angels, have another 2 letter across, 4 letter down code, and sword, Used ladder to get code...any help?

where are we supposed to use the sword?

Can i have some help with the colord dots i have read the hints, and it still makes no sence to me.

Feminin21 - If you number all the dots starting from top left to bottom right you will have 1-25. Click the dots in this order. 25, 3, 8, 15, 18, 24. That should open the door.

On the angels - the code TL, BL, ML, TM = Top left, bottom left, middle left, top middle.

Now I'm stuck below the crypts. I've got the letters E, I, O, O, S, K, and what I think is a J or a C.
I'm guessing I have to go into the room with the ghost, but I can't figure out how to make the ghost go away! )=
And what do I do with the faces? Like the ancient greek-looking faces...

How do you know which angels to press in which order?

Casey, that is what i did but the door is not opening for me.

embo - there is a rom with a keyboard on the wall

NVM forgot to click on the door. Thanx Casey!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:30 AM  

what did you do up to that point to get where you are.. i think i can help but i'm not sure where your talking about.. and it's a c

tried the tl, bl, ml and tm with the angels to no avail

I know, kevin. Do I have all of the letters? I've god o, o, i, e, s, k, and either a c or a j

I have no idea. I'm looking into a dark room and there's a ghost flying back and forth in the doorway. I've tried going into the room, but my virtual self is apparently a wuss, because it refuses to walk through the ghost.

i assumed you used thr ring to go down and get all the numbers?

any help on the angels?

I passed through a room with a deflated soccer ball to get to where I am.

lori, it's TR, BL, ML & TM. Not TL.

k. worked out the letters and got the rope. now I'm wondering where to use the rope...

I am at a door with the alphabet, assuming the letters go there but in what order?

hint: are you hungry? you have all the letter you need.

Hi Lori,

had a different code as well. Look at the paper on the big hole. T=top, M=middle, B=bottom, l=left, r=right. Think mine was top right, bottom left, middle left and top middle.

combined the skull and the rope...

lol thanks, kevin. =)

put it with the skull you found.

Nevermind, got the letters worked out.

Hopelessly lost and hoping for some help. I have the sword, have opened the angel crypt, but cannot go down the hole. Does the torch (flashlight) need batteries. And if so, where are they? Or do I have to use the matches to light something. Very confused.

the paper on the big hole - I totally missed that direction - these darn arrows!!

Thanks so much

bill, it's like a maze. it goes all over the place. just click the arrows.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:42 AM  

i wish someone could post how to solve slider puzzles, I cant stand them!

Just going around in circles now. Can't get past the hole. Can't go certain places because it is too scary. Can't go down the hole as I can't get my torch to be accepted there. ARRGGGHHH.

Ugh. I'm still stuck with the skull on the rope.
I'm so embarassed. I normally don't need this much help. )=

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:48 AM  

skull on a rope is used in candle room... look up

and then help me with this slider puzzle, i restarted the game to help people, but I can't get past the puzzle this time! lol

which puzzle was it, sunkist?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:50 AM  

it's a slider puzzle in the room you need to use the skull and rope to get into.. it's the last part of the game.. you have to reconstuct the skeleton hand

so when you get to it write down each step, lol

How do I get out of the bloody graveyard?!?

Stuck with the slider puzzle as well...awful!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:52 AM  

bill -the map

what candle room? in the crypt?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:57 AM  

yes you have to find the set of stairs in the crypt... i think its after you slash the spiderweb with the sword

Finally!! Worked for me to have the top 3 right and to fool around with the rest...don´t know how exactly though.

Could someone tell me where to find the rope please?

What do I need to accomplish in the graveyard in order to get down the hole in the angel crypt?

got the gouda.

Hahahaha I LOVE IT! =D
@sunkist: sorry, I don't really have any advice about slider puzzles. I just work with them until they work. =/

Where do i find the rope?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 11:59 AM  

if you've opened the angel crypt, all you need to do is combine the matches and torch to go down

OMG. I just now figured out that the matches can be dragged to the torch (which is actually a torch).

I'm not at the slider puzzle yet but a general rule for slider puzzle is to work the puzzle from top left to top right, then next row down from left to right etc.

Rope is behind door with letter code...and thnx for your help sunkist!

Yeah, I did the same. My method with slider puzzles is to get a row right and go from there. I started with getting the left row right, then fiddling with the other 6 tiles. You can pick any row, but I'd suggest using an edge (ie, not the center row or column), because then you'll just mess it all up while trying to get the rest in order.

Set the gouda in the museum cause it's light out now but stuck again.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 12:05 PM  

send e-mail from office

Think of your "profession" Casey!

Thanks Sunkist!

How many letters do we need to get through the code door? I have eight: K, I, O, Z, E, O, S and J. Am I missing any? Please help!

You have too many. J=C and get rid of the z.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 12:09 PM  

ruff- j and z are not correct.... think of something that goes well with milk

any1 here?? goin' to start!!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 12:10 PM  

I can`t figure out the letter code. Please help me!

woo-hoo! out!!

Can't get the sword. help please.

Volker and Sunkist, thanks so much. Got it now.

hey any1 can help me?? only have a fish and a donut

Out at last!

Look at the first posts luly...hard to spot the arrows to extra places you can go. They only appear when you scroll over these areas! Next to the car in the alley is a door with password and you can also find train station and another bin. Hope that helps for the start?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 12:26 PM  

I have combined the rope and the skull and what now I`m stuck.Help!

Ania, go to the candle room, look up and use your skull with rope there.

AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. This sword is so frustrating. What am I missing? Any help would be really appreciated.

clownspike, you need to find a shovel first. Use the shovel to get the sword.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hello, i'm still stuck at the colored balls... tried every combination like you all said but no luck, any help please??

Thanks ruff but i've been everywhere and never come accross a shovel.

Hey everybody, thanks for the post/help so far..I cant find the shovel to get the sword either..

clownspike, go to you map and click grave yard again. We start from the entrance, go left, then right then left. You would see an owl on the right hand side. The shovel is to the left of the road.

ive got fish light ring bone skull and sword dont no what 2 do now

iris, for the coloured balls, did you get all the colour ball positions from all three painting.

Casey said...

Feminin21 - If you number all the dots starting from top left to bottom right you will have 1-25. Click the dots in this order. 25, 3, 8, 15, 18, 24. That should open the door.
13/10/08 20:24

Think Casey´s post was the best help for the door (hope the order doesn´t change)...have you found all 3 pictures before starting the code? You might have to.

Can someone please tell me where i can find the matches?

Nice one. Cheers for the tips. Off to drink a nice bottle of wine now.

thanks ruff got the sword,on to the slider puzzle now..

iris: you should find 3 sets of grids with colored balls on them behind the abstract pics in mansion. one set will have 1 ball, another will have 2 balls and the third will have 3 balls. go to the door and enter them in order; 1 2 3. it should open. let me know if it doesnt work for you

Ruf and Volker, I found the pictures ages ago (feels like it, arrgg) and tried the combination of Casey and sunkist, nothing works for me... I like to go further with the game but i need stuff from that room

well it beats me, but suddenly the combi did work, strange... i'm going into the room of the colored balls no... see you later...
(i always need help, hihi)

iris, my colour ball combinations are exactly the same as Casey's. If it does work for you, it may be a game bug.

Really stuck now. have got to graveyard but couldn't find matches. HELP PLEASE!!! :)

I'm leaving the game to see a tv soap (Lipstick Jungle)... see you next time and many thanks for all the help.. Bye bye

LOL, all that work with the slider puzzle for a block of cheese..Now I dont know where it goes..Clues anyone?

twinkle, go inside the mansion, go upstair. There is a dresser facing you, open the third drawer and you will get the matches.

i am stuck with rope and skull. do i use it in the candle room thats in the catacombs? because i cant look up in that room.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ruff, you are my hero, thank you, can't think how i missed that one! Stupid me! xx

vbranam1, return the cheese to the museum.

The skull and rope is used for opening a ceiling trap door in the candle room. The up arrow is very tiny, move your mouse slowly aross the top.

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