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Schneeviech Escape

Mulchi - Schneeviech Escape is another new German point and click type escape the room game developed by Mulchi. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone here? HI!

let's start

just finished dinner, let's go!!!

......Any German Here? Sprachen Sie Deutsch????

Found a screwdriver by entering hour on clock... Very strange!

a memo written 'Prog. 7' in the rubbish basket

a 110010101 (sort of) password below the picture

a box with place to enter a password....

sorry can't understand much german....could anyone help??

the number could be binuclair (or something like that)

Hi all just starting...

can remove the code under the picture with screwdriver to reveal a black square hole...but nothing happen

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:06 AM  

Yeah, I'm from Germany :-)

I'm a German, too....

Hi James, could you tell us what does it wrote on the red book on the shelf?

Wanne start but getting a blank page ? Alternate link ?
Any1 having the same problem ??

alphanumeric passwords are safer

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:10 AM  

Left side says "Alphanumerical passwords are safer". Text under the book after you clicked on it says: "That's true! Maybe this will help me!"

I am german too - black thing on picture is a key hole.
red book says that
0 Alpha
1 numerical
2 passwords
3 are
4 safer.

But i think it is something with an akronym so you should use not the translation here :-)

I understand german. Can't find screwdriver. Wat is the name of the animal on the computer?

thx zara

i got so far:

a hammer at the bottom row boxes at the large shelf

a screwdriver after entering the time into the 'clock'

sorry,mieke, i dont have an alternative link ...can u refresh it again?

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:13 AM  

That's a Degu (from Chile)

@ Shuchun ... is there another link to play this game ?

Finally a language i do understand and now i cant play :((( ... blank page.

refreshed it 5 times already, gone try more then :D

There is just no link in the adresbar at the top, when i'm opening the game.

Where's the hammer?

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:15 AM  

@ Paul: How did you get the hammer?

this game is not to play. its pixe serch

if i find one i will post it later..sorry for that.

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:16 AM  

Got it... pixelhunt time is on!

Used the screwdriver on the picture (110 etc.).

when you are facing the shelf of boxes, click the lowest row, 3rd box from the left (actually i'm clicking quite randomly and can't remember exactly the place)

I hate pixelhunting :-(
is hammer bottom shelf or not?

Any hint for the hammer? Been clickin like crazy..

sorry should be 3rd from the RIGHT

then you'll got the hammer
but don't know what use

Thanks Shuchun ... perhaps, people who are playing, wanne be so kind to put the link of the page in here ? Is that possible, so i can copy and paste it :D

This comment has been removed by the author.

TYVM jameshetfield1de for the effort hun, but still not working ... well gone try it when theres alternate link then :(

GL an Have Fun all.

thanks Talie, have fun all

clicking, clicking.. still no hammer :o(

Found flashlight

Oops, it's in my inventory. Wonder how long I've had it! LOL

no hammer for me either. in the bottom left corner of the shelf it sais: in this corner it's too dark to see anything

Tanja click the 2nd box (from left). Something happens, I hope!

Flashlight? Where? Please share :-)
Too much pixelhunting for me!

flashlight is under bottom right corner of computer

This comment has been removed by the author.

A saw under bed, in front of the window. (sorry, my english is terrible)

@ mieke
Do it with firefox
I had the same problem

number in bottom left corner of shelf, you can find it using the flaashlight

Thanks,thalie for the alternative link
@mikek, i add the alternative link for you.

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:29 AM  

In the side view, click the bed between matress and wood, somewhere around the midle to get a saw!

but still no hammer....help?

code 738 next to box in bottom row

Thanks for the link Thalie,
now i get to see just some adds on top of page, the rest is still blank.

Dont let me hold you from playing hun, gone try again later perhaps the server is goofed up here, or will wait till there is alternated link.
Or perhaps i could just help you guys out with translation :D

giuliana are you italian?

I finally can join in the game at the beginning and its a pixel hunt! I hate that!

found knife under computer table

light the bottom left corner of the big shelf and found a 3 digit code...but still falsche code (i suppose this means false code in english?)

Found the hammer somewhere...

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:33 AM  

Yes, it does ;-)

yes simona

yes Paul

heeeelp!can't find the knife,the saw...can't find anything!I'm stuck with screwdriver,hammer and flashlight

elora can you tell where exactly it is? i couldn't hunt the pixel

the little animal is a degu...

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:35 AM  

also having trouble findin the knife...

anche io giuliana!non riesco a trovare la sega(saw è sega vero?)...dove devo cliccare?

tra il materasso e il letto, quando guardi verso la finestra.Clicca qualcosa accadrà. Per quanto riguarda il coltello ho problemi anche io.

Is the knife near the floor or..?

to find knife, face the window, and click under the top corner closest to window

the knife is sticking under the table, rather in front of monitor. I think I tried cutting the plate with the saw and it said the knife waas sticking there


found it. Thx blue. well, are we sure we have to escape? I'm just searching items..

Shuchun, could you look at this page http://flash.plasticthinking.org/

Its the German page, but i cant find the link to play the game, could you look also please.tyvm

Got it! Items are really difficult to find.

stupid knife where are you?I'm clicking like a crazy woman under that table and nothing...

got the knife thx elora

facing the window, near the top corner near the monitor under the table.

prego simona. Hai trovato sega e coltello?

I haaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeee pixel hunting!

still stuck...and still can't find hammer

ora si giuliana ma non so come usarli...

we've got a lot of tools....but never know where to use them...

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:44 AM  

Anyone else willing to become a founding member of the Anti Pixelhunt Federation?

I think I found hammer between the second and third box from right near back of shelves, can't remember for sure.

elora, try to click at the middle of the front face of the box at bottom row 3rd from the right, to get the hammer

James i'll join...

can someone help me with the knife? and the 3 digit code? pls...

tried to smash the window with the hammer but it didn't work! I think I'll cut my veins with the knife!

found another code on bed using knife! facing the picture use the knife somewhere around the middle (good luck)

the alternative link still doesnt work for you?

Anti Pixelhunt Federation sounds good to me. I wonder if there's any medical term for aching pixelhuntfinger..

Hammer: Bottom row of boxes, 2nd box on left. Click at the right front corner where the top of the box meets the bottom of the box

got hammer...thx blue
but can't find use for it.
tried window, monitor, radio, shelf...absolutely clueless now

I have clicked between boxes toll my fingers hurt and still can't find hammer. Has anyone gotten the code for the box yet?

1101= d
0010= 2.
It's possible???

the code under the painting with flowers means 132 I think...hope it's helpful

still no knife :(

With all these tools we should be able to open the code box!!

nikki can you tell more details on the bed code with knife? I HATE PIXEL HUNTING!!!!!!

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 6:52 AM  

Can't find the code on bed and have to leave now. Good luck to all of you, cya at the Anti Pixelhunt Federation press conference ;-)

what's the name of the animal on the wallpaper of computer in english?it says "de...", maybe it's a password

:((((( i can't find the stupid knife. boohoo

I've been all over the bed, can't find code.

i wish! i'm trying to do it again to find it. i just started at the top and started working my way across and down. i'll try to find it again.

for the knife...facing the window use your flashlight inder the desk where it's dark. it just appears in your inventory

I belive the animal is a Gerbil

thx nikki :D

Stupid question, but what does "prog." mean in German?

Hey I found a pixel! j/k This is maddening

well code in bed is 324

cannot find anything. about to break the computer

jc you're hilarious! i can't stop laughing right now!

With all the pixel hunting this game has stopped being fun.

Someone has actually already posted that the animal is called a degu

the animal looks like a squirrel to me, it has the right number of letters for code on box but nothing happens

nikky the code on bed is under the painting or in front of me?(I don't know how to explain what I mean...)

stuck with 10.000 codes and items and no use of it all!!

simona i just started at teh top of the bed and worked my way across and down. not sure where i found it but it's 324

What an awful game ... not for me. Bye and good luck!

I'm about to cry...can't find any use for tools and codes

let's cry together simona...

is everyone still playing?

I give up, time for sauna anyway. Good luck and have "fun"!

I have to study now,there's an exam waiting for me on monday! I'll come back to play,anyway...good luck to you all!

found all the tools, what next, cant use them

i hv to go as well...see i f we can continue some time. thx all of you

hi everybody! anyone still playing?

still here clicking away,, but I only have alittle bit of hair left on my head

I'm still here ...very frustrated..LOL

playing? banging my head on the table rather.
just been on a german gameside and they seem to have found a "fehlersuchgerät" on/ in the bed...sorry can't translate it...kind of device I think to find mistakes in machines or cars

and not able to write english anymore...gameside...sorry...page

yes! found "leitungs und fehlersuchgerät" on the bookshelf, when stadnding in front of it in the middle

fehlersuchgerat = mistake-search-machin

Hi, I'm just starting, kinda

thanx tosca...it can be so easy;)
well obviously it can be used to find electricity in walls...when used directly above socket from radio it beeps...
my english is getting worse every second

In wich screen (BOOKshelf or the big shelf) you found the device and where to click?

its on the top from the big shelf.. in the middle

god i kept clicking for 20minutes!!! I couldn't find ANYTHING without reading the comments, thats sooo sad!! And somebody can help me with the code on the bed, where did you fin it?

its the big shelf and you have to use the front view...than click over the shelf near the middle...pixelhunt of course...

Yes got it

on one position the device sounds otherwise (between the shadow and the door) there you can use the hammer

finally got the numbers from bed, now what to do with it... ;)

If you zoom your window, it's not so bad to pixel hunt......

leithian... in the view with the bed and picture check the bottom corner of the bookcase have your flashlight/torch highlited in your inventory

witch - where did you smash the wall?

thanks jc, already got the other code, but combining them in the safe/box is not working for me! or do I need to do something else?? feel really dumb with this game...

ok my radios working...but what to do now?

code for the box has not been figured out yet

oooh, well thanks anyway jc, needed all the previous comments to make it through lol

ok people thats enough for me... good luck, happy hunting

ohno jc, don't leave me alone!! stuck at the radio...

so the hole under the plate from the picture is a keyhole. so we just have to find the key haha

I tried with the cyphers behind comma and the codes we have ...nada

code for box: 10d7eg4u

107,4 is number from the radio in programm 7, degu is the animal. in the book stand 0 for alpha and 1 for numeric, applied with the code of the picture

I think for the radio you have to select number 7 (hint in the trash) and that gives you another code.

ups, was too slow... nice, witch!

You're a geniuswitch

how do you get the radio to work?

At the door, where was asked for a USB-stick, now they are asking for a cardreader (to open door?)

nikki did you smash the wall already? find the spot with the search-machine and then connect the wires with the screwdriver

yes tosca it says "without a cardreader it won't work"

can't find the spot to smash the wall!

you have to do it with sound on! if you start from the outlet of the radio, go straight up, you'll hear a beeping sound. if you find the right spot, the beeping gets faster. sorry for the bad english

no wait, just in the beginning straight, then a little to the left!! highlight the search-machine first!

the spot should be near the beginning of the shadow. hope I could help a little

ok, last try, from the middle of the trash, go right up, until your cursor is near the shadow, but not yet touching it!
man, I'm not good at explaining!

the spot is 1,5 cm right from door and 4 mm under shadow

hello and sorry but ... what is the search machine?

leithian you're explanation was great! thank you so much!

it's a device to find electric disturbances. it's in the big shelf!

nvm found it thanks to all!

looks like we're missing a usb cable. anyone have any ideas?

haha nikki, already thought my explanations had driven you away lol

what are we to do with the other two codes? anybody figured that out?

just wondering that same thing myself!

cause when I input them again, it's not mentioned "wrong code" like before

well have to go now, hope you guys can figure it out! see you soon!

Okay, i seem to have picked up a data card. Not sure where I found it, but it was when i was fiddly with the code box.

Did anyone use the saw?

jameshetfield1de said...
Anyone else willing to become a founding member of the Anti Pixelhunt Federation?

I want to be the president of the APHF !

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 11:18 AM  

i'm a german.... i can help

If you click with the saw : window vieuw - 1 cm high from underside and 2 cm left, seen from middle of window the bottom goes open to put a code.

Yes found key with code 738324

Got USB stick and OUT

I think you figure out a way to use the card from the box with the spot next to the door...

Anyone playing?

Got Datacard, but do not know how to use it!

Tchus! (that's for german players! lol)

When you have the datacard, follow my instructions with the saw on the wooden floor at wondowscreen.
I needed 10 minutes. Heavy pixelhunt.

Thks Tosca, but what I do not understand is whether I must click (w/saw) on the window or below it.

SAW on wooden floor

Everyone making a note? MULCHI makes lousy games!! Pixel hunting to the max. With no reason to click anywhere, must click each pixel of the screen (with each item selected & without) in hopes something will magically appear in inventory or a clue will be revealed. What a waste of time & energy!

THks Tosca, sorry I must read carefully next time... Start clicking on floor...wish me luck!

Yey!! Got the key!!! tks Tosca!

And Out!!!!
Thanks everyone!!
Danke Allez!!
Gracias a todos!!
Grazie a tutti!!!


I found this from the maker of the game. He better used screenshots.
Good luck to you all.

1you click in the view to the door with the monitor quite briefly on the right beside the monitor base and receive the flashlight
2you click in the view to the window with the desk briefly under the tabletop approx. 1 cm of the right table leg remotely and receive the knife
3you click in the view to the window between mattress and bed frame in the slit approx. on middle height and receive the saw.
4you click in the view to the cupboard front about the right corner of the second box from the left quite briefly above the uppermost record of the cupboard and receive the management searching device
5you click in the view to the cupboard front briefly under the lid of the second box from the left them completely below stands and receives the hammer
6you read the time in the clock above the desk (eighteen o'clock 21) and types this by the device in the cupboard (view cupboard front), while you click the device. If you activate now the button, official the device the time to a place in the cupboard. If you click now on the time in the cupboard, you receive the screwdriver.
7you mark the flashlight and click in the view to the wall picture in the left lower corner of the cupboard between wall unit and the box and see the tip 738 in the corner.
8you mark the knife and click in the view to the wall picture on the mattress in the left upper corner (approx. 2 cms from the left and 1.5 cms from above remotely) and finds in it the tip 324.

9you mark the saw and click in the view to the window on the wooden floor about 1 cm from below from the edge and 2 cms on the left, seen from the middle of the window.You find=
Ground safe deposit
10you give in the ground safe deposit with the flashlight and the knife to found tips 738 and 324 in this order and receive the key.
11you click in the view to the wall picture on the wall picture. Mark now the screwdriver and click on the gray lid below in the picture. If this is away, you mark the key and click with it on the key hole and receive the map reader-USBStick.
12you mark in the view to the door the management examiner and go without clicking around the wall outlet of the radio. The management examiner will cheep if you are about the management. Now you pursue thus the management upwards, then a piece to the left, then further upwards. Briefly under the shade in the cover the management examiner will faster cheep, you notice this place to you. Then you mark the hammer and hit exactly at this point a hole in the wall and find a broken one cable. Repare it with screwdriver.
13you click in the view to the door on top on the wastepaper basket and find the tip program 7. Then you click on the radio and in this as long as on the red button, until program seven was put. You take down the frequency 107.4.
14you click in the view to the door on the monitor and peruse to you the ICQ entertainment. In this it is asked for the animal in the desktop picture. If you give rodent with Google, you find on the first sides immediately the animal, with "de" beginning. IT is degu.
15click in the view to the door on the book back of the red book. Peruse to you the tip, therefore you find out that the password consists of letter and figures (alpha-numerically). By the line data you find out that zero stands for alpha (letters) and one for numerical (figures).
16click in the view to the wall picture on the picture and read the binary number (from zeros and Einsen). Now you can combine from four places of the radiofrequency and four places of the animal on the desktop about the binary number the password of the box in the cupboard:
107 komma four and degu
one (numbers) = one (radiofrequency the first place)
one (numbers) = zero (radiofrequency the second place)
zero (Booking). = e (degu the second place)
zero (Booking). = g (degu the third place)
one (numbers) = four (radiofrequency the fourth place)
zero (Booking). = u (degu the fourth place)
17click in the view to the cupboard front on the box with the fastener. Give now here the combined password and find the data map.
18click now in the view to the door on the small gray connection beside the door handle. In the close view you mark the USB embroidery one with data map and click over again on the connection on the wall. The embroidering is connected and you can escape with a click on the door handle …

OMG is this ever a PIXEL HUNT!!! I've been clicking like crze for about 5m. frustrated, about to quite when i looked over to the right and saw that i already had the items i was cliking for!!! i hate that you can't see part of the item when you're clicking for it!

ok even with the walkthrough, i'm otta here.. too much of a pixel hunt even with all the explanations.. next game!

the only thing I'm having a problem finding is the management searching device. totally do NOT understand "4you click in the view to the cupboard front about the right corner of the second box from the left quite briefly above the uppermost record of the cupboard and receive the management searching device"...can somebody help, please?

becks : I think it is just click above the cupboars with the boxes. It is somewhere up there.

I can't find the right spot for the saw, i've been clicking for 20 minutes now, it's so annoying!!!! and it's not like I haven't been reading the comments about that, please somebody help, is it really that hard to find the spot?

power of posting, I found it ;)

out. now I'm so frustrated that I want to play another escape game to make up for this one....

Yes it is hard leithian
On nordinho they posted a screenshot, but even than.

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