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Locked Inside: Episode 1 Walkthrough

Locked Inside: Episode 1

[REPLAY] NotDoppler - Locked Inside Escape: Episode 1 is another point and click room escape game developed by Marc Baldwin for Not Doppler. You are locked inside a room. Interact with the objects inside the room to find a way out. Once you escape though, is that the end? Good luck and have fun!

Play Locked Inside Escape 1

Locked Inside 1 Walkthrough


1st finally! Let's play!


You got suspiria .\/.

a live game yeah
Hi all

So far

Got 2 pieces of key
Piece of plastic toothbrush
Lighter (out of gas)
glass beaker

C H O Co Lu Te
In table of elements, looks like chocolate !!!

Hi everyone, just starting

Go password for safe.

It's CHOCoLaTe

name: lewis
password: chocolate

Found the ever important screwdriver!

hi all, just starting, hope its fun :-)

Found Coin in safe

Hooked bunson burner to gas outlet, tripod over, beaker on top, lit with spark from lighter and put red plastic in beaker

ok I got the bottom drawer out, now what??

wher do you find bunsen?

Made a new key from the broken pieces. Not sure what its for yet.

What's with the cd on top of the book shelf that you can't get??

there's something on top of the bookshelf but I can't grab it

Bunsen burner right of the 2 drawer dresser.

made key open top drawer were is screwdriver?

I'm Out! To be continued though.

how do u make the key???

And how did you figure out the login was lewis? I can't find the bunsen burner either.

put key on soap and fill with melted plastic.

theres his name on one of the boxes next to the sink Scrumper

got bunsen burner, power of posting!

never mind found out but where screwdriver??

Login is Lewis because thats the name on the box addressed to the room you are in 2A.

Ah, ok. Thanks Herman!

Screwdriver under computer table. looks like a screw.

Use coin from safe on screw under table. Screw is screwdriver

whre do i find the pieces of key and the lighter???

not bad~

Thanks' guys I am soo crap at these games lol

ok i have the melted toothbrush in the beacker, how do I use it to make the key? I only have two pieces of key, is that all there is?

I've just one part of the broken key- from bokshelve- but can't find the second part, where is it ?

nvmd, just found it !!

Nm, figured it out.

And sorry for the typo, meant beaker not beacker :)

Scrumpet, put each key piece on soap bar to make impression, then pour melted plastic into soap.

test test...i just subscribed...was too lazy til now...but only playing with gettin ur help is unfair...maybe i can something back...finally after years..:))

Out. The cd on the top of the bookshelf was never used, I hate when games do that!

ok, finally out too !! thanks all plz:-) where did you find the second part??

Welcome calafati, and thanks ReeRee- love your name! lol

ok, finally out too !! thanks all

second part under the sink

Thanks Scrumpet!!!!!!!!!!!

thy, but thats the one i have got :-) i clicked everywhere, cant find the 2. :-(

thx that some of u are out i cant help ...but in the next game..i promise..:)

Look for other piece of key in the books

Sue, the other part among books
Calafati, you're welcome

Thank you ReeRee :-)

You are welcome Sue

...and ty bellver. Finally out yeah!

hey everyone!

um...where is the gas outlet??

anybody still there?? just starting after working in the garden!

i found it!

:-)))) i am not alone, please help me sweety, i am looking for this gas thing

       Anonymous  11/20/08, 8:20 AM  

This may sound dumb...but where is the safe?

the safe is behind the frame with Room 2a, do you know, where the gas outlet is????????

       Anonymous  11/20/08, 8:23 AM  

To the left of the bookshelf.

Thank you, did you find the safe now?

finaly out :-))))

I have the drawers out now what?

NVM I got it thanks for all the great post it helped me alot

Liked this game...can't wait for the next one

Surprise with the end..I like it!!!

The following walkthrough to Locked Escape: Episode 1 was kindly provided by the author of the game, Marc Baldwin.

Click on boxes towards the back, find the beaker

Click on the note on the box in view where the beaker was and note the name lewis, room 2a

Click underneath sink to find part of a broken key

Click near bin to get piece of plastic

Click between table and draws to find Bunsen burner

Click on bottom draw to open and find tripod

Click on bottom shelf on bookcase to find lighter

Click on middle shelf to find other part of key, its between two books

In view of clock and table of elements click towards bookcase at the bottom

Goes to view of a gas tap

Place Bunsen burner on gas tap

Then tripod

Then beaker

Then piece of plastic in beaker

Then use lighter to light the Bunsen burner

Click out of the screen and come back

Take beaker of melted plastic

Go to sink

Look at bar of soap, use pieces of key to indent the soap

Pour the melted plastic into the soap

Click on the newly made key

Click on the periodic table of elements, some of the squares are green, look them up and you will find that they are: c o h co la te - rearrange to chocolate

Because of note on box room 2a and picture has room 2a you can deduce that the name of the person living at this address is lewis, and the password is chocolate

Log on to computer and get key code for safe

Click on the edge of the picture to reveal a safe

Enter code and get coin

Go underneath table and unscrew bolt with coin

The bolt is actually a screwdriver sneakily hidden

Open the top draw with they plastic key and unscrew the screw, then click the draw to remove it

Do the same with the bottom draw

Click the middle panel

Escape through the gap in the wall

Good game!

Brilliant Game! Very clever! Welldone!

Have u enjoyed it ADMIN?

cool game thanks guys....

this game is awesome! love all escape games

hi is anyone playing

how do you get the safe?

thanks, aaaaaaaaaaaand out!

Anyone wanna play?

how do you get gas for the lighter?

good ideas, but the navigation was a mess - 3 stars

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