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Rif Escape 1 - Papa Walkthrough

Rif Escape 1 - Papa

[REPLAY] Rikaizm - Rif Escape 1: Papa is another point and click escape the room game developed by Rika for Rikaizm. In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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second and hi ruff

Hi Slaps, let's go!

hello :0)


I have got a diary, a key, two notes (43 and 73), a pencil (used), an envelope, a magnifying glass and a box.

ruff where is the pencil

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:11 AM  

The window for this is tiny! Have the same things as you Ruff

pencil is behind the telephone beside the bed.

I have a diary, key used, a rope, magnifying glass, a blue thing, and a letter

I used the key and got a bunch of yarn.

If you click the blue thing, it'll turn into a box.

how do you change the blue thing into a box?

hola... 1st time postin'
took me a while to subscribe :)

I used code on computer and heard some noise. Has anyone found out where the noise has come from?

nvm figured it out

Slaps, I just kept clicking it and it turned into a box (or maybe a cube).

hello everyone!

Done... what a strange game...

damn... first live game and it doesn't work!!! just a blank square in middle of lots of japanesse words =(

siiiiiii, finally working... hope there's still some people there to help me throu

Have no idea where the click sound came from when I entered the code on the computer.. any hints?

Ok I am totally stuck now

marije - turn to the right from the computer screen

ok with you from now on:)

Go right from the computer screen.
A gold key appears after you input the code (for the left cabinet of the dresser).

where do i use the paper ?? very stuck

Oh duh ^^ thanks james

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:25 AM  

Found something on the bottom left side of the white night stand.. a switch for something, maybe?

Key to the diary is on the BACK of the diary (how stupid is that?).
Also, tab key works for this one.

I must not have the code yet i have 43 and 73 do I need another piece of the code

The code note was torn in half, and the numbers were written without spaces...

Apparently, the USB drive is NOT for the computer...what else hasn't been opened yet (aside from the door, hint hint)

I'm out!

Darn it! I can read a little Japanese but the font is so small I can't read what it says! :-(

First - Sorry about the earlier double post. (How DO you edit a comment?)

Second - Out

Still don't know what to do with the windows..

it seems harder than it is...happy birthday! ;D

You don't need to know what it says - you just need to assemble something in order to leave :)

marije, take the tiny note from the window frame.

marjie...near the top left corner of the window there is something...it's white so it's hard to see...

Oh yeah, already did XD Don't know where to put the present though.. (no matter how easy the game is, I always manage to get stuck somehow :P)

Oh i'm out! :D

hey guys... stil a lil behind... how did u figure out any code? all my papers r in japanesse.... i need help there... besides.... what blue thing? =P

give the present to the lady inside the left room.

paulamdq, you will find two tiny notes with numbers on them.

and out

put the usb stick in the (switch? lol) on the left side of the white night stand

I sometimes like to know what the storyline is. Too bad the font was so small.

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:41 AM  

Hi Everyone!!!

tx ruff... ive got the key (still don't know where to use it)and found the blue box... lots of items missing... let's keep trying

i enter the code and it clicks and i still get no where. help please

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:44 AM  

Where is the USB stick?

hate it when there is language i cant read.... i give this one no go ... bye

Hi all! USB not fitting into PC

After you enter the code into the computer a key appears in the light and that opens one of ur drawers or cabinets :)

ok... need items... where's the usb? guide me like i'm blind... this window it too damn small

Tab will help you..

out lulz

Need help on getting out. Got present wrapped click on door and all I get is arr ha How do I open it Please

ok... find key in lamp... usb(used in the side of the furniture... drwner opened... and wth is that?

Its ok Ive done it.

need help... stuck with wire usb magnifying glass and blue box envelope and diary too

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:52 AM  

what us the code. I have a silver key, diary, a piece of paper with 43 on it, pencil, envelope, magnifying glass, blue box, and another scrap of paper with nothing on it...havent used none of them

ur missing the other paper - look near the bed

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:53 AM  

i found that paper right under the bed on the left leg right?

Kmommy use pencil on blank paper get another number. Use the number with the one you have got for comp code

still don't know where to use 2nd golden key... cant give any present neither, xenia... i'm also geting that aaaahhhh, how do i open the door?

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:55 AM  

nothing happend, i put in 4373 thats what i got,,urg!!!!

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 8:56 AM  

got it, it was 7343!! thanks

paulamdq, put the yellow toy in the blue box, then wrap it with yarn, add the envelope to it. Give the present to the person in the left room.

type code in computer. can't find key. please help

Paulamdq If I remember correctly key is used to open a drawer you get a pressie to put in box. Kmommy put code in computer try it the other way round you will hear a click then look at table lamp to right of comp you will see a key

well... what abot that view under the red couch? find nothing there... how do i deliver the present? what about the golden spot under desk?...i'm stuck

elbottso, zoom out of the computer screen and zoom back in. Click the right arrow and key is on lamp.

       Anonymous  11/6/08, 9:00 AM  

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got outl...Thanks everybody!!!! you guys did great helping me mwasz,..

Maybe they should have spent more time on producing a better game and less time on advertising for Firefox and Google.

I got out easily and I usually have to wait for a walkthrough.

Too easy and poor quality.

Thanks Ruff:)

so far i got... diary (japanesse), rope, letter (jap), magnifing glas and wraped present... stuck

Just use Google Translate to "sort of" translate the story. It says:
"Dad is a hero.
One Sunday, after a long time he had slept till noon.
I was awakened by a phone call from.
"How long are sleeping.
Today is the birthday of a child's, were provided with gifts,
Book early to come to the restaurant."
Not only hot, sir!
I forgot!
Children have a gift to quickly go to the office
What did we get?
Where are they? ? ? ?"

I guess that the story is about a parent must find the toy gift for the child's birthday; otherwise, he/she won't come out of the room to go to the restaurant.

Paulamdq Try clicking the envelope (letter) then pressie. And click on left door

paulamdq, just put the letter (birthday card) inside the present and give it to the person inside the left room.

i'm glad you took the time to do that ruff...it makes a lil more sense... so... what's w the car in the drawner? it could be the present, but i can't take it... can't deliver the damn box!!!

paulamdq, you can't take the green car. Have you found the dirty yellow toy.

Where or how do you get the yarn?

xenia... ruff... i've tried that, cant combine them... dont know why i play thisgames... make me feel so dumb

I think the only thing I do not have is the yarn. Anybody can tell me how to obtain it! (Hola Paula! jeje)

yeah... i found the yellow thing... maybe that's why the kid doesn't want the present... the should have gave him the car! lol... let's keep tring to combine present and card...

Paulamdq Dont feel dumb believe me without the help I would not be able to complete many. Have you put pressie in box and wrapped the yarn round it.

paulamdq, try this: click the blue box, click "about item" to have the item view, click the yellow toy, then the blue box (still in big view). Click the yarn, then the box. Again, click the letter, then the box. A new present should appear on the last slot of your inventory.

hola pil... qué es un yarn? saludos desde mar del plata, argentina!!! :)

yarn = hilados

Hola Paula! Yarn is a kind of strip or floss (hilo o cinta) but I cant find it!! Saludos desde Bs As!!

duh... i'm out... i already got it ready for delivery... i was kinda waiting for the letter to dissapear, since it's suposed to be in the box... anyway... thanx guys... couldst have done it without you...

Good luck Paulamdq I will leave you in ruffs capable hands he explains better than me.

Pil, use the silver key to open the right cabinet door to get yarn.

xenia, thanks for your compliment. By the way, Ruff is a she.

Thks ruff the matter is that when I have clicked the diary which have the key with tape, the diary opened up and I never get the key!! Now I could not close the diary to get the key!

I think I must restart the game! buaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

so... new vocabulary: yarn: cintapara envolver... it looked like an ordinary rope to hung the damned kid if he didn't got out of the f...... roooom...lol. I guess i never play live games cause i play at night, never in the middle of the afternoon. Hope to find you guys again... besos a todos!!!

Pil, there is another silver key inside the top right drawer beside the bed.

OOPS sorry. Im off before I embarrass myself further.

xenia, don't be embarrassed! Hope to chat with you in another game!

no pil... don't restart... esa es la llave del diario... ya la usaste... la otra llave está en la lampara despues de que metas el codigo enla pc... con esallave abris una puerta abajo del espejo, the da el usb... y el resto... lee los post en que los chicos me ayudaron

Ohhhhhh MFG!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Lady Ruff!!! Out now!! I ask myself why I did not try the drawers next to the bed!! *shame on me*

Lol!! thks so much!

Gracias Pauli!!! Besote!!!

uuu... don't think i can post in spanish... sorry... feels much easier :), bueno... me voy a comer

Pil, you're welcome! I came back to post a translation and I ended up staying to help a bit. It is still too soon to post a walkthrough!

That was a fun game! Thank you everyone again for the tips!


This was a fun game.. Thanks for posting Megi..

Great tips and hints everyone, especially you Ruff,good going girl!! thank you

OMG, I HATE Japanese!

hello.. just starting.. =)


step 1: click the lower part of the bookcase where the plant is then click again to grab the gift bags. zoom back out.

step 2: now click the top of the book case to grab a diary. click on the diary then click on about item and then click around the diary to flip it over. u will see a key but u cant get it b-cuz it will reveal somethin in japanese. close out.

step 3: go right twice and click on the arrow that points up to the window and grab a small piece of paper then click the down arrow to zoom out. click on the the bottom drawer to grab a magnifying glass then click the down arrow. click the middle drawer and grab the envelope then click the down arrow. the top drawer has an 3d car i guezz and u cant do nuthin with it so leave it alone unless u figure it out ya-self. zoom out.

step 4: click on the left side of the dresser and u will notice a rectangular shape thing. zoom out from there, u will go back to that later. zoom out.

step 5: click on the lower side of the bed and grab another piece of paper. zoom out.
now go back to the top of the dresser and click the phone. the click again on the phone and u will see a pencil. zoom out.

(note: click the second piece of paper u found and click the about item. take the pencil and click the paper to reveal a 2 digit number. also do the same thing with the 1st piece u found and u will see another 2 digit number. put those 2 together and u will have a 4 digit code).

step 6: now look at the dresser again and click on the top right drawer and grab the silver key. zoom out then go left.

step 7: now take the silver key and click the right cabinet and u will get a yarn. get it.

step 8: go back to the starting point where u started and click on the computer. remember the 2 pieces of paper u found to get a 4 digit code? click the screen to enter that code then click ok. once u entered the code u will hear a clicking noise. zoom out then click the computer again and go right. grab the gold key from the table lamp.

step 9: now go back to the cabinet where u got the yarn and take gold key and click on the left cabinet to get a usb drive then zoom out.

step 10: go right then click the left side of the dresser and again u see that rectangular thing that u saw earlier. put the usb drive there and the bottom drawer will open to reveal the toy. grab it.

step 11: now look at step one and remember the gift box u got when u started the game, and click on it then click the about item and that blue thing to create a box. (helpful tip: click the bottom right blue thing to make the box).

step 12: now click on the box again and click on the about item, and click on the toy to put in the box then click the yarn to add to the box. then click the envelope and u will hear a click.

step 13: finally go to the two doors. click on the gift box then click the left door that was locked and ur done!

if i missed anything please let me know.....

@ skorpio_untamed ...
Gr8 walkthrough !!! TYVM
... Happy Birthday :)

hey mieke no problem =) and thank you i had fun on my birthday

thanks for the walkthrough Skorpio

is there something wrong with the arrows as it is not letting me go left and right so cannot get to the window is the game buggy?

there's a right and left arrow but also if u look up there is a arrow that points up to get to the window

thanks Skorpio

no there is still something wrong as I am only able to see the bookcase and the bedside that is the only places the arrows are letting me get to

go to the one that has two cabinets and three drawers with a mirror and a green floor lamp in the middle and the chair and u will see a window there.

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