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Submarine Escape

Submarine Escape is another point and click type escape the room game from GamesHandbook. "You are the last sailor to survive an explosion on a submarine, you must escape the sub before it fills with water and you drown." Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  11/18/08, 6:48 PM  

Is anyone playing yet?!?

cool live game yeah

cheese in cupboard, clip in second drawer, knife, spry in cupboard.
Put the spray in microwave, close the microwave, click button and you can go to another room.
Sorry for my english.

Now i have one key but you need 2 for the door.

Click bottom right you can go to the missile room...stuck

Live Game. Hope I can help!

In near the start!

Calendar behind blender with May first marked - also known as "May Day", and mayday is a nautical call for help.

Tried cutting hands to get a finger for the scanner! Didnt work..

yeah! live game! restarting already!
i've found a clip,wich i used on left kitchen door. cheese,knife,some cleaner that i've put in the microwave and it exploded opening a new door.
some code in the man's laying on the floor pocket.
i saw the calendar but nothing else.wth about you?

paper with code in pocket of one of the bodies in the second room.

If I click calender or dead man in hall with code in his pocket, I get stuck and can't go anywhere else. Is this the same for everyone or a glitch?

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:10 PM  

What is with the cheese and mouse hole?

A18837 in the pocket of the dead sailor

MacMommaDukes - if the "x" in the top right does not close the view, restart. It works for me.

The mouse likes the cheese, but I have been unable to stab him when he eats.

give the cheese to the mouse and it will give you a key for the door,but im stuck there!

put cheeze by hole in wall in second room got key


       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:18 PM  

I have no clue what to do with the code or with the key..it's so frustrating!

i think we have to find out the code with the calendar and the paper code, but still don't get it.

Admin, please stop spamming.

I just blocked your site for all of the systems that I support. THAT is how I react to spam.

key in the bottom hole of door
need another key

has anyone figured out the code yet?

Live game! Hi all!

unwanted_soul, Where did you see the second key? I put the second and third pieces of cheese in the hole, and they just disappeared.

Hey all. Stuck where everyone's stuck. Same keypads on 2nd room & missile room doors. Just wish we knew how to use them.

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:23 PM  

what door are you talking about with two keys? i am so stuck :(

The key can also go in the top hole

same for me here! i put the cheese and it desappears. I only got one key from the mouse

I only have one of the keys im stuck too

Jennifer, once you blow a hole in the wall of the 1st room, click on hole to get to 2nd room. That door needs 2 keys. 1 by putting cheese in rat hole, he'll drop key.

Thanks hythere, did't realize I wasn't seeing the full screen. This makes it much easier!

has anyone noticed that if you turn right in the second room you can see the missile room? need code for that one too ^^

hi everyone...seems like we're all stuck in the same place...wish we had a little more time to hunt or more information to go on..

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:27 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

woo hoo. Just starting hope I can catch up. Floria here

did anyone else notice that the code thingy by the missile room has upper case letters when you type in it and the control room one has lower case letters when you type in it?

has anyone else noticed the window on a sumbmarine (kinda wierd)
first time posting so hi to everyone

OK, nice to catch a live game for a change.

Has anyone used the knife?? Must be something we're missing that the knife can be used for.

all I can say is I must be a cat, cuz I've died at least 9 times already

yes,i noticed that too but don't get it.hate codes.here from argentina.there isn't any help in other pages neither.

funja, If there is a screen door on the way out, that would show that the windows were a joke.

I have not used the knife yet

checked Nordinho Forum, they are stucking at the same place as us

I'm just gonna swim til someone figures a way out...don't know what else to do...snorkel, anyone?

i wanna open the case over the missile door and i think we have to save de other pieces of cheese for later.
can't we go up trough the stairs?

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:44 PM  

and im owt !! Easy game , jus gota think owtside the box a lil . =]

i tried changing the letters from the code in the mans pockets to what they would be alphabetically but no luck! anyone else got any ideas yet?

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:46 PM  

I tried that too Sarah, but no luck yet!

Danny, can we get a clue for the codes plz?

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:47 PM  

Come on danny put us out of our misery :)

danny,how did you figured out the code? was it even necessary?
please help! im goin' crazy!

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:49 PM  

Change code in mans poket to letters that looks like the numbers

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:51 PM  

danny, i tried that already with no luck. 7L 3E 8B. what are we missing?

i tried that and no luck! anyone else?

yes, tried that forwards and backwards and upside down too. Got another clue?

i've tried that many many times. o tought it like this:

i can't imagine anything else!
in wich door do we have to put it?

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:53 PM  

Come on danny hook us up! Lol I'm going crazy here :)

me too jennifer, actually...i'm pretty sure we ALL are! lol!

I have tried all those and even tried it with the A upside down as a V. No go.

I'm also trying all combinations of LEBBIA....ugh!

Me too pazcott!

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:57 PM  

worked for me


       Anonymous  11/18/08, 7:57 PM  

HA! i haven't tried it yet, but i think the A is actually a 4 (h)! just wanted to hurry up and post

i even tried them in alphabetical order! lol! grrr!!!

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:00 PM  

okay, maybe not. worth a try. danny, are you going to help?

well,maybe we've sth missing. danny,what did you do with the knife? is there anything we need to solve before putting the code in?

danny! your watching us suffer with a smile on your face!! lol!

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:01 PM  

seccond key is in cheese btw

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:03 PM  

are you just messing with us???

i supposed we didn't do sth before putting the code in. and how did you get the 2nd key from the cheese? do we have to cut it?

hi all, was trying to play this, but i hate being timed in ayway, so gave up :(

i tied cutting the cheese (lol) and it didnt work!


       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:06 PM  

jus plaaying wif you's ahahaha =D haha im acturlly up too where u guys are =D

tried cutting/melting/feeding mouse the cheese, but no luck with 2nd key!

couldn't find cleaner to put in mirowave. So where is it?? HELP??


I tried cutting the cheese....couldn't....:)

door code:
Try first US submarine name.

Chris: use paper clip to get cleaner

chris, the cleaner is in the cupboard w/the keyhole in it, first u have to use the paperclip on it to unlock

Don't know about everyone else, but I didn't find that so funny. Especially when you give false instructions knowing people will sit there and try it.

danny is a cheese

sriously not cool

yeah zenon! now we're getting real help! come on guys! let's do it!

i agree w/mrs. joe, and mr. enigma 100%!!!

I quit. We've been working with no progress for 1 hr. and fifteen minutes. Don't like having to restart over and over either.
Good Luck, I think you'll need it.

xenon: did this tip work for you or is it an idea? I tried "turtle" with both doors to no avail!

the first us submarine name is Nautilus!

danny, i thought..everyone's purpose here is to help one another..

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:14 PM  

Is it Alligator, Xenon? I don't want to start over AGAIN if not. thanks

Nice etiquette danny. Go play somewhere else.

to blondzombi
Try ussalligator.

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:16 PM  

nautilus didn't work for me.

thanx Xenon!

BTW the first US submarine was the Turtle!

Tried Nautilus/Eagle/Turtle but not working for me! Sarah: did nautilus work for you??

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:17 PM  

THANK YOU, Xenon. Oopsie, I started WWIII!!

no, Xenon said its the uss alligator and it worked!

chris had trouble too. Paperclip in middle drawer, use on cabnet with lock. Spray bottel in there. Put in microwave

USALLIGATOR doesn't work for me either. I do`n't know what im missing. please anyone post a walthrough!!! (if you were capable of going out jaja)

Thinking about giving up! Can't find 2nd key/use for knife/mystery code in pocket...brain frying away here!!! lol

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:21 PM  

it's uss - ussalligator

thanks xenon for being nice unlike danny..

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:21 PM  

And don't press the button, unless you want to start over

think we need to know morse code..

xenon you star!!!!

yes!!! at least i have the 2nd key! thanks xenon! you're the best!

I think that the blue screen is giving us a message in morse code

Hi, I'm just startin

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:23 PM  

i tried hibbel and lebbih for the launch code with no luck.

ussalligator in lower case... get 2nd key... open door... enter code from pocket... re-enter morse code... launch missile... how to get in missile room?

the launch code is the code from the mans pocket

oops! WW3 underway for me too!

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:24 PM  

i'm outta here. at least we got a little further, but what a waste of time. I hate starting over and over. good luck y'all. hope to see you at the next one.

yes i was wrong, i missed one S, sorry! and now what?

then the big blue screen gives u words in morris code! does anyone here know morris code?

Code on computer comes from sailors pocket. Then seem to get morse code on screen.

morse code... 5691

must get inside missile room to catch a ride out

anyone else glad to see Danny silenced?

Think I'm gonna bail! Nice playing w you guys...except one, not mentioning names!!!

I think I'd rather drown than continue with this game!!!!

did anyone else find scuba in control room

you can then dive into water near missle room and se more dead people and the captains name which i think is the password

Maybe Danny was really ADMIN

funja where was the scuba?

funja, I do not see the scuba gear. Trying again so I can look around without water in my eyes. You're not doing a Danny, are you? (Had to try out a new phrase, not really accusing you.)

top left panel in control room
then i cut off the captains finger and put it on scanner but i still need password

left door, above computer monitor

well.im gone too. this game sucks,restarting every time is exausting.
goin' to bed.is 2.30 here in argentina. too late.
hope you can solve this "!·$% game.
night everyone.

Right there with you funja. Was going to leave but now we're making progress.

after scanning finger, the password is johnleguerre

hey guys i got into missle room

thanx for the help everyone! but im gonna stay and try to figure this one out!

I love it! Doing a danny. lmao

im in there too, but what now?

do we just wait for water to fill?

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:39 PM  

Just need to figure out how to strap myself to the missile...anyone see rope anywhere_

I think that we might need to find something to strap us to the missile "D27".

shoot! i forgot to strap myself on! lol!

use ussalligator for second key, enter control room enter A18837 on keyboard, then enter 5691 on the keyboard (morse code on other screen) get scube gear look at rocket D72, go to missle room where door is put scube gear in water use look at capt john leguerre cut off his finger also next to him get belt, use finger on scanner type in johnleguerre for password use belt on missle D72

this may sound stupid.. but how &where exactly should i cut the captain's finger? thanks.. ;p

how do we strap it on he he thats what she said

good job Tim!

thanx tim and everyone else for all the help!!!

Just drag the knife to the Capts. finger. It'll stay in place. Click a few times to chop...finger will fall to floor. Belt is on a nearby sailor, kind of below Capt. Click several times to get it off.

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:47 PM  

Cut the thumb multiple times

Crap! Apparently he needs 2 belts.

You need the knife to cut off the captains thumb

while you are there with the captain, get the belt off the guy on the right, you'll have to click the belt a few times

use the belt on the D72 missile after you launch it

Finally finished!! When you cut the captain's finger off, there are two other dead guys in the same room. Make sure you grab BOTH their belts. Then, go back to the missile room and place 1 belt on D72. You should see your character. Than place the other belt on him. If you entered in the codes in the computer upstairs, any remaining time should skip to a 3 second countdown, and you're home free!

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 8:51 PM  

@%&$ You have to use two belts!!!

It took some time but we got it. Good job all. I'd stick around to help but morning comes fast. All the instructions are here, just scroll.

the second belt is on the guy on the lower left (by the lady) while in room with the captain.

That was cool!!!! It was tough, tho

This game is bad. It's too much of a pixel hunt. It's not an enjoyable game! You gotta click in just the right spot, for example, to go back to the staircase from the missile room. The interface is bad, as you dont know where you can and cannot turn. If there were more games like MOTAS, or the 2keys games..

thanks legs 219 and everyone..finally out..whew!

       Anonymous  11/18/08, 9:19 PM  

The first key you get from the mouse via cheese method
Second key comes from the control room keypad and the password is ussalligator.
After that click the cupboards when you walk in the Control Room.
Take the scuba tank and go out of the room. Click on the rail on the bottom right of the room. Go downstairs and drag the scuba suit to the Water Opening at the bottom right of the screen.

You reach some under levels and see some bodies. The bald guy is named CAPT. JOHN LEGUERRE but, thats not the password to the missile control room.

Im stuck at there

could not have finished the game without everyones hints on codes and stuff
the code to missile room is johnleguerre.the word capt. is not to be used

is anyone right there? iam gonna start this now...... :-)

Hey rockfort i´m starting now too...

Hi, just coming home from working and start now

Have a key

hey i started world war 3...:-(

Oh, I too, now i need a missle code

The code is from morse code on the screen.the code is 5691.But where can i get the finger for the other door?

Ok.I´m out.Thanks to you guys who solved this game...while i was sleeping;-)


1. Click on Cupboard above grey thingy to get cheese.
2. Click on knife on counter.
3. Just below knife on counter are three drawers, click on middle one and get a clip.
4. Use this clip on locked cabinet.Get Spray bottle.
5. Put bottle in microwave and close door, click drak button. It explodes leaving a hole on the door to your left.
6. Enter through the door and come to passageway. Put cheese on mouse hole. the mouse drops a key, pick it up. (Be quick else mouse takes the key back, you can still try it with two more pieces of cheese)
7. Put key in the control room door.
8. Click panel on left wall..put ussalligator as password and get second key. Put it in control room door. click knob to open door.
9. On far left on the wall click first cabinet and get scubagear.
10. Click on keypad below the falshing screen and input A18837, a morse code flashes. Again click keypad and input 5691 to activate missile. Come out of room.
11.Back in passageway click on railing on the right of ur screen.
12. Click on Scuba gear and drop in light blue water, you reach lower berth.
13. Click knife and click on hand of bald person (captain) keep clicking till finger drops. Pick it up. Also CLick on belts of other male bodies. You should have the finger and two belts in inventory. Click on X to exit.
14. CLick on panel next to missile door. Put finger on scanner
15. Put password as JOHNLEGUERRE
16. Click on Belts on at a time and then on Missile D-72.

Collected this walkthrough from the above comments...hence thanks to all

Poor game.
1. Timed escape game = no no
2. Sequential keyboard (as opposed to qwerty) in order to slow you down = no no
3. Have to click on the shape of the items instead of having a box to click on in order to slow you down = no no


*get the knife
*the cheese on cupboard
*paper clip in 2nd drawer
*use clip on the keyhole on left side cupboard,then get spray
*put the spray inside the microwave and click button, it will explode
*go outside
*put the cheese on mousehole and get the key
*enter ussalligator to get the 2nd key
*put the both key to enter the control room
*click keyboard and enter A18837 followed by 5691 for morse code
*get the scuba gear
*go to the missile room
*use the scuba gear,let it float in the water
*use the knife to cut the capt.'s thumb (the one with the name tag)
*get the belts from the 2 guy which is in prone position (facing the floor)
*use the thumb and enter johnleguerre to open missile room
*use the belts to missile D72
*and you are out!!!

***thanks for all the posts!

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yeah,thanks guys! last night we were so frustated! now i finished it with your hints.

Thank you sapna and lehberg for the walkthru. I kept messing up and now I escaped that darn sub!

Thanks sapna for the walkthrough.

how do you get to keep the knife in place. I tried everything and it keeps going back in the inventory thanks

Please, i'm getting crazy here... where do you get the ussalligator password??

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